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Agreed, i think Sony has several times said that NGP is not final.

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those are 2 reviews written by 2 different journalists, which means one like the game more than the other, there no differences between both versions.

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Goos score indeed, will get it after its first price drop, by than alot of games will be released.

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Will get one, when it's officially released, it's fishy that there are people who have out bid themselves 4 to 5 times, why would someone do that.

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Yup, but like Hitman said, they retails at 1500 which is still not that bad.

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Totally, i just recently beat MGS4 again & honestly it was as fun as the first time i played it.

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Or maybe they'll have a QTE style Boss Fight. :P

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Ahh, Charlie Sheen the lasted victim of "You Know Who", i hope you know who.

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Nice article, Cannot wait for Dragon Age 2. I've never been into these type of games but i picked up Dragon Age and realized how stupid it was of me to be away from this great title all this time.

Hopefully I'll be buying this on day 1.

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Was there anyone who didn't expected this, i say it will much better than Wii.

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PSP has always been worth buying, but now it's even more worth a purchase, with low price & only $30 for new releases and just $10 for some of the best handheld games ever made.

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AHHH, whats t he big deal, I'll be getting the 3DS but for the new upcoming games, not for the ones i can play on my DS.

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Socom 4, is day 1 for me, i have always been a big fan of Socom series, To bad i have the Move,Navigator & PS EYE, or else i would have bought that big Awesome Bundle.

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how do you know these games will be announced soon? If Halo 4 is announced, PS3 fans will be scared big time.

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Was Killzone 3, included. If it was then i am am devastated.

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I was just trying to be funny, which i clearly failed at..... But look at you, you just go on and bring my Mother into this, Real mature buddy.

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I knew Cliffy was lying about this crap; he's a Microsoft ass licker.

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Seeing how ridiculously Gorgeous Killzone 3 is, one can believe that KZ3 is 100%. but i still think there is more Developers can pull out of PS3.

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HUH, i got all three of them. i guess I'm just better than most.

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As of now, i think it will sell much better on 360, because The franchise already has an Audience on Xbox360, What mass Effect 3 will do is that it will gather tons of news fans for the Game, as it the first proper title that is being made and Released correctly on PS3 alog side Xbox 3 & PC. It not gonna be released a year later like ME2, which is why PS3 Gamers will grow interest in this more than they did in ME2.

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