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Damn, Too Much Hype, every Preview has nothing but positive. I guess we have a winner on our hands.

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completley agree, i hope Microsoft would announce some games already, so that our Buddies on the other side could have as much fun.

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With KZ3, LBP2 already out on the store shelves & games like Resistance 3. Twisted Metal, Socom 4, Last Guardian, inFamous 2, Uncharted 3 & many more. Sony & PS3 has pretty much locked in 2011.

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Good then.

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It won't fail, no product fails, they all make money for their companies.

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WTF, I'd like to Rent 1.

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I didn't enjoyed the game, i just ran through it & traded it in for Crysis 2.

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I really didn't enjoyed this game, got it on my 360.

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Forza 4, has kinect connectivity.

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looks good, i would definitely buy it, if i had an Xbox 360. But i highly doubt it'll is as good as GT5.

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I'm with you on this one.,........ i means i agre with you, about going alone to the Raccoon City.

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it definitely is, because i am sure Sony isn't stupid enough to have 3 Newly released handheld on the Market at the same time.

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I hope Sony would have announced these maintancene a few days before man.

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LOL, but i think all whores do get cars. infact they get it easily.

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I just cannot wait to play this game, quiet possibly the best Single Player game to come out in 2011, all the other games have an Un-needed MP mode attached to them.

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Dear God No. JK.

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I really do not care about the Achievements or Trophies, but if you ask me Trophies are much better than Achievements.

Please do not take this as a Fanboyish Comment. coz it's not.

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I know what will Rule my PC this year "Battlefield 3". :D

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Womens have been exploited for Money 4 ages.

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WTF!!! are you talking about.

Ubisoft got some hard Press due to this and That "We Dare" game.

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