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I've been hurt too much by recent Final Fantasy games to have faith in this 1.

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1 less chessey game, that's all.

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Looks good.

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Exactly, they're all Arcade, Pretend Racing Sim games.

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That's what i was thinking, is the BF4 Beta only coming with a Special Edition or something.

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I saw less violence in that trailer than Gear of War series, what is everyone whining about.

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Title Fight it is.

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Looks more like a Bad Photoshop to me.

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Question: Who The F**K Counted It Out.

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I really hope they announce the release date as well.

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This was inevitable, Sales are way too important to them & not the satisfaction that they made a wonderful game.

I saw the End of this series, the day they went Multiplatform.

Don't be surprised if Ratchet & Clank is cancelled next.

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Yes There Are.

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Like Patrick says: they freaking nailed it, i am so addicted to this game right now. Battlefield 3 & Uncharted 3 are the only to Multiplayer games i play right now.

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LOL, all i got from that article was.

Sony, had the most Exclusives by a mile, Pleased it's fan, cared for the Hardcore audience...... B-

Microsoft, Didn't have the most exclusives, focused too much on Kinect, No Mention of the Hardcore Audience....... B+


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Uncharted 3, after beating the Campaign, i'll be spending hours upon hours on MP.

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Dance Central 3.

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You seem like a man on a mission.

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I feel sorry for you, can't you just Enjoy a game without being a prick?

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LMAO!!!, funniest thing I've heard all day.

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