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Because reviews are a science?

Also, being popular (or big name as I assume you would put it) doesn't lend their opinion anymore credence than being "no name".

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How do you know it was great if you never got to play it?

I'm not saying some of them don't SOUND great, I just want to play devil's advocate.

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I think it goes hand in hand with the mentality that when someone is critical of games, that means they automatically hate them and want to control them.

Anita Sarkeesia, Matt Lees, Jim Sterling, Brianna Wu, Leigh Alexander. All obviously horrible people because they want to have a more interesting conversation than "X game sucks", "give me 60FPS or die" and "IGN is shit". /s

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Because there is a world of difference between views on feminism, even by those who identify themselves as one. It's like saying American's dislike war and then invade a far off country. There is a a large division in any group large enough in ideology, goals and means to get there.

On another note, Anita Sarkeesian has never said, or even hinted, that she wants to take your games away. No amount if images with red lines around out of context quotes will change that. ...

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This is great news. I loved Divinity: Original Sin and Larian were cool enough to not charge for the privilege.

While I look forward to it, I can see Dragon Age: Inquisition having a "pay-wall companion", much like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2.

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I do wonder why they label themselves as gamers when there is no such thing as a "musicer" or a "movier". Instead there are music lovers and film enthusiasts, indicating it is a part of a larger whole. Gamer makes it seem like that is it in its entirety, leaving nothing else of interest about you to note. If that is the case, it kind of explains why some of them are taking things to a new level of extremity.

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I think the real question is why would I WANT to want a guy suffer a panic attack, fake or not.

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But this was all announced months ago. Why is this news again? There is no new info here.

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We know the delay isn't necessarily a bad thing. It gives the devs more time for bugs, gives the game a more focused release window and gives us more time for other things.

Every time a delay happens someone is ready to go "but that isn't a bad thing".


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A very small percentage of "actual journalism" is corrupt, but we pretend like everyone from IGN super-reviewer to unheard-of-site newbie has been bought off, sold again and used and abused. I hope opinions on Youtuber videos won't turn into the same attitude.

I don't have any problem with people accepting money to do a video as long as they are open about it and still make it fair. I can't begrudge someone for trying to get buy and making some money. Fo...

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If it isn't already in the game as core, I'd love for the DLC to cover characters from the two novels set after the games (Asunder and The Stolen Throne).

It is cool and all that Cole will be a companion, but I'd like to see how Briala and Rhys shape the present world.

Then again, there is always a fourth Dragon Age game that could come after.

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Kickstarters not working out isn't a new thing. Many have failed, even after being funded. Yet every time some people come out and go "this shows Kickstarter is BS" or "Kickstarter isn't perfect, therefore don't use it". No, just go in with some healthy skepticism and keep tabs on the project. The vast, VAST majority of crowd-funded projects deliver a product and deliver them well.

I'm also not sure how legal what they did is. I'm sure ...

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The entirely of gaming loves to draw battle lines. There is the one between Gamers and EA, Gamers and Ubisoft, Gamers and resolutions, Gamers and frame-rates and Gamers and journalists. The thing is though, the percentage of gamers who give a toss about those things is actually very small. The average gamer isn't on N4G and just flick over the headlines of gaming websites.

Everyone has an opinion. All are technically valid, but some are less thought out and some are very...

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Never been into MOBAs, but if I ever chose to I now have no idea where to start. Do I got for LoL or DOTA as a complete moron to the genre and get insulted by the community, or go for one of the lesser games and risk alienating myself because I decided poorly?

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I kinda assumed he would be. It isn't MK without Raiden's flying hug maneuver.

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I hope they bring in more to expand the universe. The lore from the first game was interesting, but you never learnt much of what was going on outside of Earth. Darksiders 2 was a vast improvement as you met the Makers and went to other, more imaginative, realms with their own tales, but the last 2 "realms" were just extended dungeons.

I would love a grand epic, spanning multiple worlds, stories and characters as we finally learn more about the Charred Council, Samu...

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I have never been a huge fan of esports. I enjoy playing most of the games which are played, but I don't find enjoyment in watching high level play.

I hope that changes one day.

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I love how the description of Kaede Smith is ripped right from the Suda51 wiki.

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I think it is just a generic, faceless government goon.

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But it isn't circumstance, the plot was specifically written to kill those character. Circumstance would denote some form of life, which a virtual character obviously doesn't have because they have ultimate fates written by someone.

Given, it most likely isn't some grand plot by an evil sexist man-baby, however the female character are used as a shorthand to get Aiden angry because culturally we are conditioned to find violence against women more vulgar and anger ...

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