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Leliana returning isn't really a surprise. She has turned up in both games and in two of the four novels. Also, (DA2 Spoilers) she appears with Cassandra at the end of DA2 attempting to find the Champion of Kirkwall with the Seekers.

On a lesser note, I'm not sold that the rogue is Cole for DA: Asunder, but I would like the unnamed mage to be Rhys. I found him to be a more interesting character and he would serve as a nice counter-point to the Anders brand of "fr... #4
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Seems most people want Titanfall 2. Remember this moment in a few years, when we get sick of Titanfall after getting saturated in it. While there is little chance of a COD situation - one team making a new game in a year is near impossible - I'd rather Respawn wait a while until Titanfall 2. #21
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All DLC's ever? So RDR: Undead Nightmare, Burial At Sea, The Brigmore Witches, Lost and the Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony, Artorias of the Abyss, the Borderlands DLC and the Fallout DLC were all not worth it at all?

I see no problem paying a little extra for something a little different. #3.1
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Money? 2K aren't especially lacking in the funds department but development for two additional consoles, with two separate architectures, costs a lot of cash and takes a lot of time.

Saying that, I would love a PS4 version. #12.1.1
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Didn't know? The majority of the online gaming community knows most of these due to marketing and memes I.E. Liam Neeson.

Also, you would need to be either blind or stupid to not know Ellen Page was in Beyond: Two Souls. #8
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No one really said otherwise. The PS3 and Xbox 360 will be supported for a good while. It isn't like everyone goes "abandon ship" once a new generation is released. #12
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My favorite twist came in Jak 3, when you find out who the precursors are. I didn't expect to find out who the precursors were, let alone for them to be..well...that! #2
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You can only read translations of Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Price of Eternity~, however in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster you can listen to Final Fantasy X -Will-, which does a pretty good job of crapping all over the characters and takes place after Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Price of Eternity~.

If you are happy with the ending of FFX-2 I urge you not to listen to it. Let the story end there and enjoy it good and bad. The audio drama is sequel bait that does a great job at derailing the... #1.1.3
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Compared to all those other times Nintendo didn't market a Mario game? The ads for MK8 will be everywhere, from print to TV, let alone all the ads and articles that will appear online.

Nintendo know how to market a Mario game, so it seems almost useless to point out that they need to market one of the most recognizable gaming characters in history. The series has been going on for over two decades. I think they know what they are doing on this one. #10
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Depends on the gamers you speak to. Hardcore DMC fans hate it, fair enough, but people outside of that group tended to see it as a great action title. The problem is, the vitriolic fanboys were the ones who people listened to. #2.1.1
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I wouldn't really call any of those games underrated. Every one of those games reviewed well, for the most part. Metal Gear: Revengeance and DMC in particular were very well received by critics.

Not trying to knock your list, but I don't think of Metal Gear: Revengeance or DMC when I think of underrated games in 2013. #2
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By that logic Citizen Kane would be a great game because we all like sledding and not everyone has seen the movie.

It is a nice notion, but what works for one medium may not work for another. #1.3
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That's funny, mostly because I find the opposite. The majority of game comics I have read are tacked on pieces of crap.

Also, either I'm misunderstanding your intent or you didn't actually read the article. It was written assuming that these game series won't be continuing, so the only avenue to finish the story would be through a comic, not alongside the games. #5.1
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It is a hard balancing act. You have to listen to the fanbase, but you can't let them steer the overall design. If you hand over control to what the fans want completely you will never surprise them and it turns into design by committee. That rarely turns out well for anyone. #2
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That Dexter game. Just damn. I know Mark Ecco's previous game wasn't great but Dexter is a whole new level of hell to play. #3
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Yeah, they are prequels to DA:O. I haven't read them myself but I know they are about the adventures of King Maric, AKA Alistair's father. #2.2.1
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David Gaider (the series lead writer) made sure not to mention Hawke as to not make a "default canon". Basically he didn't want to make on version of Hawke "official".

It does however include Wynne and Leliana, as well as a few other expanded universe characters. #2.1.1
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It can be based on one person and look like another. People can look similar after all. #7.2.1
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Films can tell a good love story in an hour and a half. Why can't a game do the same over almost ten times that? #1.1
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Looks a lot like Rosario Dawson #7.1
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