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the guy who gets all the data and updates the site said that there were major shortages this week for the ps3 in the link i just put up there.

Here's the whole forum topic about the sales it if you wanna read more:

The low number...

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that site is a nintendo haven if anything..

the admin and mods dont give much of a crap about m$. if u go to the site and look at the forums you'll see what im talking about...
most people there agree that the 360 will be passed in sales by the ps3 and are only asking when.

they're die hard nintendo fanboys over there.. look at the forums.

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FFVersusXIII is gonna have a world map if i remember right.. i think i read it in an interview or sumthin.

edit: yep, found it. third sentence of the paragraph.

Nomura says that with the help of the disc space on Blu-Ray and the Hard drive in each PS3, The evolution of Final Fantasy XI...

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the guy who wrote this is an extreme pro-nintendo/pro-wii guy, just look at his profile...
that site is absolutely TEEMING with nintendo fanboys, it makes me sick.

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vgchartz tracks retailer to customer, while the 10.5 million number is from sony to retailer.

and if anything, the site is super pro-nintendo. the forum is full of pro-nintendo people, and its fairly obvious that the people the run the site are also pro-nintendo if you take a look at their user profile on the site. It is EXTREMELY far from and "xbox fanboy" site.

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This would've been the week for the 360 to finally outsell PS3 in Europe.. but it didn't work out.

i don't think it's possible for the 360 to outsell PS3 anymore for the rest of the year on a week-by-week basis in EU. With GTP5 releasing tomorrow, PS3 sales should be up next week because of the bundle.

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its either this next week or the week after that when it will be launched in Japan, so people are probably waiting until the new silver one comes out.

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Wii is at ~70000 or ~80000.
they accidentally added Sunday into this. and thats when they received a big shipment of wii.

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"the 6 it does best (for now)"

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when you vaporize a diamond, it disappears

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Nothing lasts forever

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so is this for PS3 or Wii?
cause i don't remember if they announced it officially yet...

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bubblez for u 2

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sad panda

hopefully they'll announce something in addition to this.

edit: @2.1 i guess thats why they did it then...

maybe they'll add dualshock 3 and the white model for NA and possibly Europe in February.

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new SKU or two??? maybe DS3 controller???

some kind of price drop is gonna happen....

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But since it's two biggest titles, SSBB & Mario Kart, will be released before June, there will be no reason to buy a wii until christmas after those releases. Wii fit will sell well in Japan, but it is the wrong demographic for America and Europe, America especially. So wii fit's release in the West won't be anything special. In this nintendo respite, Sony will release its biggest titles of the year, and with the inevitable price drop to 299 during this year, the ps3's media capabilities ...

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two major magazines releasing FFXIII/ Versus scans in the same week. =)


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did ps3 launch in march 2007 in Australia?

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