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"Disagreers gonna disagree."


This is mostly due to the Ruble crashing so hard. #2.3
Pretty sure they're already region locked. You need to use a VPN if you want to spoof your location to take advantage of cheap games in other countries. #14.1
They are phasing Greenlight out. #6.1
If Hatred is too extreme for Steam, it has no chance of being published on consoles. #5.1
Point taken, but you assume that Valve removed Hatred because people complained about it, and not because Valve reserves the right to say no to a game that they themselves want nothing to do with.

If you want to buy the game, just buy it from somewhere else. #2.2.6
Greenlight is a terribly flawed system and Valve has already stated that they intend to kill it off.

I don't get how you still don't get that this is simply a PR move. Why the hell would Valve willfully allow themselves to become associated with this game?

As I've explained before, when Valve publishes a Greenlit game to Steam, they take on a certain amount of responsibility for it that they don't have when they distribute other publishers'... #2.2.4
You do realize that Valve often disallows games from being published on Steam for other reasons, right?

This isn't the first instance of Valve saying no to a game. #2.2
This is very different than Target pulling GTA V.

Target does not become the game's publisher when they sell the game. Valve does when the allow a game like this through Greenlight. If this game had a third-party publisher and it was still being refused distribution on Steam, that'd be a whole different story.

By allowing Hatred on Steam through Greenlight, Valve takes on the responsibility of the publisher, which means they are liable for any public... #21.1
What the hell are you talking about? I didn't even make a single reference to Hatred in this post.

If you want my opinion on it, read my other posts. This has nothing to do with "holier than thou bs".

Hatred has every right to be made, but that doesn't mean that Valve has to put themselves in a position that could lead to a PR nightmare for them. #14.1.2
It's not the distribution, it's the publishing problem. When a game like Hatred comes through Greenlight, Valve becomes the publisher of that game.

They absolutely do not want to publish Hatred (or Postal, or Manhunt for that matter). The difference there is that Valve is not the publisher of Postal or Manhunt, but merely the distributor. There's a ton of liabilities and risks that a publisher takes on when they publish a game.

In the end, it'... #1.2.3
Comment of the year right here, lol. #16.1
In Postal, you're controlling a severely mentally ill character with that has voices telling him to do things. Postal 2 was satire. #14.1
Valve's PR probably just wants to avoid the label of "Valve, publisher of civilian mass-murder simulator 'Hatred'..." when sh*t inevitably hits the fan in main-stream media.

As if they want to be the ones liable when the American media machine gets wind of this game gaining traction. Also, getting votes on Greenlight only goes so far. Valve still has to take on the responsibility of becoming the publisher of all the games on Steam, which in the case of H... #1.2
Probably because they're an easy target due to their apparent incompetence when it comes to corporate security. #3.1.1
With Sony's recent security track record, another crippling blow to Sony's corporate infrastructure seems like an inevitability at this point. #3
That's completely different... You might want to look into Early Access so that you actually know what it means. #1.1.3
This camera also has tons of other VR applications besides just hand tracking =D

Having what is essentially a mini-Kinect 2.0 mounted on your face allows developers to do 3D mappings of your real-world surroundings, with a 1:1 coherency.

How cool would that be in a game? #3
Often times, the players that buy early access games are well aware of what they are getting themselves into and like taking an active part in the game development process. #1.1.1
TripWire does not work for Sony... It was only recently announced that Killing Floor 2 was even coming to PS4. #2.3
No, they're moving in with EA's Nordic operations. #4.1
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