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I've used Acer and ASUS monitors for years and have never had a single issue with either

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This was done by a small team, not a single person :p

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I've been around French Canadians enough to know that "he is" and "he has" sound basically the same. This seems so needlessly hyperbolic and stupid that I'd honestly assume that what he meant was "we don't hired people with shitty attitudes".

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Photorealistic does not mean indistinguishable from reality.

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It's almost as if people have different tastes in games?

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Maybe it can't fix it, but it certainly helps smooth things over.

Previous console generations had radically different hardware architectures which basically meant that everything had to be re-done from the ground up to support the new advances of the hardware.

With this generation of consoles adopting the widely accepted x86 PC architecture, and using the same AMD CPUs and GPUs, developers don't have to scrap everything they built for the previo...

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Real-time photo-realism is as much an unattainable pipedream as reaching the speed of light. Realtime graphics will reach a point where it's "good enough" to be hailed as photo-realistic, but it'll never truly get there.

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You're kinda missing the point, man :P

It's not damage control as much as it is an expert providing context for why it is the way that it is.

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"Rich blacks commit more crime than poor whites, look it up".

I can't imagine why a company selling a product would want to distance themselves from that.

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If there's one thing N4G can agree on, it's a hatred and fear of the trans and gay communities.

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I'm a game animator. With a game on the scale of Andromeda, much of facial animation is automated. If the game has say, 20,000 lines of dialog that need lipsync and facial animation that can be an insurmountable thing to simply "patch".

The lipsync is likely done using a thirdparty tool such as FaceFX which is used to extract phonemes (mouth shapes) from audio wave forms and maybe get a few minor tweaks from an animator and pushed down the pipe. Then there'...

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This figure is coming from Sony so it likely includes digital sales as well.

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It's pretty bullshit to assume that Mass Effect suffered because of "diversity quotas".

The reality is that Mass Effect: Andromeda was made by an inexperienced team (the studio was literally made for ME:A) so I assume there's been some growth and production scheduling pains to go along with it.

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I'm assuming you don't have much of an idea about how game development works, do you Andrew?

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The engine is only as good as the content being fed into it. For large games like Mass Effect, the character animation systems have to be scalable enough to produce a large interactive world.

The reason why Naughty Dog games and animation is leagues above likes of Mass Effect is because Naughty Dog only has to author a few hours of high-quality cut scenes or game play vignettes on top of the core gameplay to call it a game.

Open world games have thousan...

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It does not.

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It doesn't really free up power on the console, it frees up manpower during development. None of this is really happening at run-time. It's part of Guerrilla's terrain decoration pipeline when authoring the game, they input some hand painted maps that define which areas should have biome characteristics. And because the placement of the world geometry (plants, trees, rocks, etc) is applied to the world based on some defined parameters, a few artists can create huge areas of the wo...

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Taking a lower resolution source image and scaling it up to a higher resolution is by definition "upscaling", regardless of what marketing buzzwords are being used to describe it.

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Yet you can see from the handheld nature of the product that it is in fact a mobile platform that doubles as a game console. Nintendo saying otherwise is just marketing.

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How was that not obvious from the start?

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