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"Disagreers gonna disagree."


"They dumbed it down to chase after the COD money"

Exactly. 'COD money' in this case is synonymous 'console audience'. #3.1.3
It's not limited to performance and graphics. Games designed for console audiences have to be simplified and dumbed down to the point that they're barely recognizable to their predecessors.

Crysis 2 was just one of the more egregious examples of that. #3.1.1
An offline version of EVE kinda defeats the whole purpose of the game. #3.2
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Works just fine on other forums. #13.2.1
I didn't mean it like that. I meant offer more cosmetic ratings than just an Agree/Disagree option (but don't count that towards how much a user gets to say, as that system is fundamentally flawed).

I've always been a fan of the Garry's Mod (Facepunch) forum rating system where you can rate posts as Agree, Disagree, Funny, Winner, Zing, Informative, Friendly, Useful, Optimistic, Artistic, Late and Dumb. Each rating serves a purpose or takes on a connotation un... #13.1.1
Ten years? We've had capable hardware for years already. We're just waiting on the software now. #2.1
If you're going to change the comment system and rating system, make it transparent. Merge the bubble and rating systems so that each post can be visibly marked with an Agree, Disagree, Funny, Dumb, Trolling and Immature rating.

Let people see who are rating them. Self-moderation doesn't work on a website that has the aggregate intelligence level of a kiddie pool. #13
Yeah Microsoft's lens solution is 2 steps forward and two steps back. Of course Oculus could make lenses like this, but they also have to consider the costs of bringing a mass-market device to fruition, and expensive optics that cut down the FOV of the HMD is not the best idea at this point. #2.1
It's a pretty apt analogy if you've actually experienced VR. #1.2
I'd still rather wait a few extra months than stoop to a console version of a game if I can help it. #21.1
Why the hell would it spell trouble for PC gaming as a whole? Other developers aren't gonna look at this and try to emulate it. All it does is spell trouble for WB and Rocksteady brand. #1
VR already is its own platform. What you're describing will take a few years before it's feasible. You can't just jump to step 5 without doing 1 through 4. #14.1
If Microsoft was smart they'd probably adopt something like this strategy:

Bring VR to Xbox One (albeit in a limited sense).
Push VR and AR on the Windows side with native support and features for VR and AR displays. Even if the Xbox hardware can only support simpler games, it's still a totally cool experience for consumers. Then for the VR/AR enthusiast platform (i.e, people with VR/AR-capable PCs, and the HMDs themselves), Microsoft would already have a stak... #1.1.4
@trauma Dude 3D and VR aren't even in the same league... VR is the real-deal this time around. As soon as they get this things into Best Buys and Walmarts, the common tech buyers are gonna have their minds blown wide open. #2.1.3
That's exactly what they're doing.

Some people enjoy the process of building a game along side the developers. It allows smaller developers to engage their audience and play test their games on a wide range of systems with a wide range of players before launching a feature-complete game for everyone else. The developers are also able to generate income so they can actually pay their employees and grow their team before launch.

It pretty much works out... #1.2.1
The game's not even remotely close to being done yet. #1.1
I don't think you can prone, but certain weapons have scopes/optics. #6.1
It's hilarious how wrong you are, Donut. #2.13
People that are seriously considering buying a Rift probably already have reasonably high-performing PC.

It's not like you have to chuck out your old one and start from scratch. I haven't upgraded my rig in years and all I'd have to do to be VR-ready is upgrade my GPU. #1.1
Haven't we known this was coming to PC since it was announced? #3
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