Disagreers gonna disagree.


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Sean Tracy comes to mind. He's the content technical director at CIG now.

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You've got a serious stick up your ass about millennials . You seem complain about them and blame the ills of the industry on them in most of your comments. What gives, old man? Where did they hurt you?

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No, you really haven't. The facial animations and character models in Star Citizen are a level above pretty much everything currently available.

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That's not really surprising considering Crytek has been assisting RSI with custom engine modules. Crytek's recent financial woes has probably been super helpful for RSI because they're one of their biggest and most important clients right now. Epic wouldn't have been able to give them the same level of one-on-one support.

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But you can still play it right now.

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Battlefield has generally been a game of long engagement distances. Games prior to Bad Company had a janky knife and wasn't super effective. Then Bad Company 2 introduced the COD-like melee button, and then BF3/4 added melee takedowns, and now it seems that BF:O wants to go a step further and add some melee variety.

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You're not providing any insight to back up your opinions there. You're just sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling "NOPE, CAN'T HEAR YOU".

"Without new blockbuster games, you dont get new blockbuster experiences. Longevity hinders progression."

So your argument is that because PC gamers stick with games longer (increasing the value for their investment) that somehow prevents new experiences from coming out? What ne...

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Add to that N4G actively promotes this sort of polarized fanboyism. Facilitating wars between vocal corporate loyalists is their business model.

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"Consoles are progressive, PC's are regressive."

You couldn't be more wrong on that point. PC gaming is generally a year or two ahead of current console trends in terms of both hardware and software/services.

Complaining that the top 10 games on Steam are ancient is stupid. PC games have way more longevity and way more active communities than console games, and looking at the top 10 on Steam illustrates that point. Dota 2 and CS:GO have...

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Laziness is your own problem, not the problem of the platform. Having limitless flexibility with your machine is worth the extra 5 seconds it takes to sync a DS4 controller.

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Granted splitscreen rendering will obviously be harder on the system, but most developers opt to lower the resolution or graphical effects in split screen so that they can maintain a solid framerate.

Split screen gaming will not cause network latency, unless your connection is complete garbage. The amount of upstream data for a multiplayer game is generally somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-50 kbps (if that).

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So, how do you suppose split screen will introduce network latency? Previous GOW games had a terrible online setup where the host of the game had a distinct advantage over other players because their clients got to dictate the game logic and hit detection, but I'm pretty sure that even GOW uses servers for multiplayer these days.

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I play split screen Rocket League with my friends all the time. 4 players gets a bit cramped on a smaller monitor, but it's perfectly usable, and you can even mix and match controllers.

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Absolutely my favourite indie title of 2016. The atmosphere alone had me enthralled from the get-go and the puzzle solving is really satisfying.

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No, I'm saying that they tried to make an MMO FPS and it wasn't working for them (i.e, it wasn't fun). So, they largely scrapped the project and reworked it into what later became Overwatch. They did a whole video on how that happened:

I personally don't find games like Destiny or The Division remotely entertaining. The needlessly long grinds would kill...

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Overwatch started off as an FPS MMO called Titan, but then they decided to make it fun.

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You can't expect every developer to go back and update every existing game for PS4 Pro...

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Most games should run better on PS4 Pro by default.

Although, some games run heavier on the CPU than others, so games that are CPU-bound will not really perform any better.

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These sorts of issues are always overblown. If a game comes out and it crashes on someone's computer, there will inevitable be an article about how the game is "plagued" with problems, when in reality it'll work fine for 99.9% of people.

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The N4G community has a serious stick up their collective asses about competitive multiplayer games these days. If a multiplayer shooter launches with no 10 hour single player campaign, people here will bitch and whine for as long as the game remains relevant.

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