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Nintendo has been rather sparing with the dev kits prior to the reveal announcement.

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There's a big difference between adapting a sports game for the Switch and a AAA space RPG. I don't even think Frostbite supports the Switch yet either, but that'll obviously happen soon-ish.

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You got a personal vendetta or something?

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There's definitely gains to be made, but claiming that it's going to double performance is pretty outlandish. Frankly I'm surprised they didn't have 16 bit floats before. Seems like a no-brainer.

TFLOPS is a purely theoretical measurement, but in practical terms if you're writing a GPU bound program that operates on 32 bit floats, you could switch the type to a 16 bit float to which would half the amount of precision that float has, but you free up some...

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The capability has existed in games since 2002 but the difference is the display technology can actually display 10 bits per channel instead of 8.

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Grants and tax breaks. But most digital media companies can get these sorts of tax breaks as well, so it's not exclusive to one industry.

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I hope people realize that PCMR is like 99% satire.

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"Not really. LGBT make up 3 to 5% of the population."

1 out of 23 is 4%. Hardly against the odds.

"Says who?"

Says Blizzard themselves. If you watch Gamespot's The Story of Overwatch they talk about it at some point that they made the characters as diverse as possible to reflect their playerbase and to cover all their fan-service bases.

"You can't be so naive as to think that a gorilla...

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It's called world building. You don't need a set of set pieces or cut scenes for a game to have a story. You're confusing that with a narrative. Pre-round banter is as much a tool for story telling as an NPC in an RPG game telling you about the happenings of the town you're in.

And it's not so much the question of "why", but rather "why not"? The diverse cast of characters is reflected in the game design. Overwatch has 23 heroes, each...

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I take it you haven't really played Overwatch? For starters, it's 6 on 6, and it does in fact have a story. The characters interact with each other at the start of pretty much every round. They'll spout off about past events, or the current locale and give hints about the world and the relationships the characters have with each other. The lore (i.e, trailers and comics) serve to add depth to the characters beyond their in-game voice line.

But let's get real...

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Honestly the best part about Blizzard revealing Tracer to be gay is seeing people freak out about it.

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Crytek expanded way, way too aggressively after the success of Crysis. Instead of focusing on what they were good at, they chased the COD/console market and their games took a noticeable dive in quality and it almost cost them their entire company. Hopefully a hardcore downsizing can focus their efforts a bit on improving CryEngine tech and maybe making a proper sequel to Crysis.

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That all depends on the complexity of the graphics they're rendering.

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You've gotta remember that people on N4G are so easily triggered by this kinda stuff. N4G is the Tumblr of conservative gamer dudes.

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Overwatch is a Blizzard game, so expect it to still have an active playerbase 5+ years from now if Blizzard stay active in supporting it.

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Because mutliplayer games can generate continuous revenue for years after they launch. It's really not hard to comprehend the value of multiplayer games.

Single player business model looks like this:
Launch game at $60 USD and it sells 3 million copies over its lifetime.
Maybe squeak out 1-2 episodic DLCs at $20 a pop. Those sell maybe 1 million units total.

That's a pretty typical example of what happens with single player gam...

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It's not exactly uncommon for governments to support high skill, high demand jobs though. Canada's whole film and games industries are predicated on hefty tax breaks and grants from provincial and federal governments.

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It'll be interesting to see the next few years of Ubisoft from the inside. I'm optimistic for the next few years of Ubisoft games. I genuinely like the direction that most of the games are going in, but only time will tell how they'll actually fare in the market.

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Female protagonists = political correctness? What a weird world you must live in.

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You're also seeing her from the worst possible angle. Trust me when I say that no one looks attractive when the camera is pointing up your nostrils.

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