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Looks like Microsoft is still needlessly gimping PC versions of their games.

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They don't have to be games.

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Supports and finances developers who are making VR content.

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"So what happens to those of us who don't have or want a Mouse and Keyboard? We just have to get our a$$es handed to us."

Pretty much. Get good, bro.

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I dunno how anyone could put a positive spin on this. Those Xbox One beta screenshots look dramatically worse than the original Mirror's Edge.

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Recommending 16 GB of RAM for an open world game in 2016 is hardly outlandish. 16 GB of RAM is like $70.

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It really isn't much of a change for devs that already make multiplatform games.

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Yep, definitely should have read more than the headline in this case.

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VR ads

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This is what everyone feared Facebook would do with Oculus.

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It's just cross promotion and branding. NVidia and Oculus mutually benefit from high end PC sales.

The only thing "Oculus Ready", or "VR-Ready" means is that it meets the recommended specs for VR.

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I highly doubt Oculus are getting kickbacks from PC sales...

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Seems like you haven't been around for long if you've never used FileFront or GameFront for mods and game content back in the day.

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Video games are not designed by comity. As always, it's a small, vocal minority of people that are pissed off about it. The majority of players don't care.

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The majority of the complaints have been coming from the trans community and Russians, which is kinda hilarious.

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"before it was just chaos, now there is a hierarchy"

That's exactly it. That's pretty much what Rust is designed to be. A survival game with some emergent social behavior.

Does it not offer a far more compelling meta game than if you were simply allowed to choose exact features about yourself?

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"but now people have segregated themselves into groups and only attack other groups based on what they look like now."

Sounds a bit like real life, doesn't it?

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It's kinda funny that in the wake of Blizzard bending to public pressure, people still rag on devs that stick to their laurels.

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Looks fantastic. It's hard to believe it's only a month away from release.

It's even harder to believe that the original came out almost 8 years ago...

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The point is to not give people the choice at all.

Also, what does this have to do with SJWs?

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