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"Disagreers gonna disagree."


I mean you technically could, but you'd be dealing with like several seconds of lag between input and reaction on screen. #17.1
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No it won't. Untethered VR is a few years away (mobile solutions like GearVR not withstanding) #3.1.1
Why not just get a PC at that point #6.1
Or they'll just sell an updated PSVR for PS5. #15.1
Ubisoft Quebec and Montreal are Canadian. Not sure what you're getting at there. #3.1
Depends how you want to define "depth". If you're talking about unlockables and superfluous cosmetic shit, then yeah, it doesn't have a lot of depth.

The gameplay itself however is deeper than the Marianas trench. If you're a competitive person, this game is more addicting than heroin. #2.3
Comparing 3D to VR is like comparing 2D to 3D. It's a whole new dimension to gaming, dude.

3D in gaming had very little support on consoles; mostly because previous gen consoles couldn't handle the it very well, but it also required a $2000 TV at the time. All that to add a little bit of depth to what is still just a 2D image on a screen.

VR already has more support lined up than 3D did on consoles in 5 years. It's a paradigm shift in interactive... #2.4.4
Well, you can blame VR for that. The requirements for really good, immersive VR are going to go well beyond what current gen consoles are capable of from the get go.

Last gen games struggled to maintain 720p30 towards the end. Current gen games are already struggling to hit 1080p30. VR requires an immense amount of pixel pushing power, because for VR to work, you need to have the performance headroom to drive 2.5 million pixels at 60+ FPS.

And that's jus... #2.4.2
How long do you honestly expect console generations to last? Like LordMe said, last gen was excruciatingly long for people who were keen for the industry to press forward.

The PS4 and Xbox One to a greater extent are already starting to show their age, and with VR pounding at the door, developers are going to want a LOT more horse power than either machine can provide. #2.4
I'm still fully expecting this to be a $20-30 title. $60 for this is absurd. #6
It's just a switch you can flip in the game files. Basically VR mode = enabled and you're good to go. #2.1.2
Why would they waste their time doing that? #37.1.1
It's already existed for over a year. #2.1
Lol I can't believe some of you people are actually complaining about this.

Are you playing this game to play it, or to see half a second of low-resolution ass during a combo animation?

The new camera changes look better anyway. #37
That's generally what premium means. #3.1
If you want community made content, there's really only one platform that supports that. #3.1
I don't think anyone was expecting a Vita port considering Sony themselves have all but abandoned the platform. #1
1:1 tracking doesn't preclude it from having input lag. The Move controllers are way behind Oculus Touch and the Vive controllers. I don't even know why you're bringing up Kinect. #9.1.8
If PSVR turns out to be the best VR of the three I'll eat my hat. There's just no feasible way it's going to be a better experience than the Vive or Rift when it's running on 3 year old laptop hardware.

And unless Sony have miraculously fixed the PS Move's input lag, I don't see how it's going to have the best controller setup either.

Basically all this guy is saying is that PS VR is in a "league of it's own" because... #9.1.6
The video and audio are out of sync #16.1
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