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"Disagreers gonna disagree."


Then you're in for a treat. Killing Floor is an absolute riot when you play it with friends.

Had a few LAN parties in high school where KF took center stage. I've never heard so many of my friends yelling and screaming in frustration/terror as we tried to beat the final wave and patriarch. #2.2
These GDC presentations are generally for the developers in attendance, so probably not.

There might be juicy Power Point slides in the weeks following if we're lucky. #1.1
Cheating in an unreleased game is a grey area. You're there to test the game, and part of testing that game is finding exploits and bringing it to the devs' attention.

If they start banning people for every little exploit they leave in the game, they're going to really piss off their more dedicated community members.

If your players are using exploits in a beta game, fix the exploits, don't ban the players for taking advantage of them. That... #1.2.3
In the full game that's fine.

But this is an early access title. It's a dick-move to ban your players for using exploits when the game is still far, far from finished. #1.2
My bet's on 13. #7.1.2
Give it time. #6.1
Dumb writer doesn't know the difference between trolling and an easter egg... #7
Are you typically a fan of free to play mobile racing games? If not, I don't think you're the right market for this. #10.1
There's no way this apartment is 20 GB... That's insanity. I doubt this level amounts to anything over 2 GB, because most of what makes this look good is the lighting and shading. #8.1
Ehh, HoloLens core appeal is going to be on PC. Microsoft envisages HoloLens to be a new platform for computing, productivity and communication; not a rinky-dink Xbox One gaming peripheral. #7.1
No this game is like if The Witcher 2 got a sequel. #2.1
It's going to be out this year. It takes a good amount of engineering and testing before you can release the first commercially viable VR headset. There's a lot of problems to solve that have never been solved before, and a lot of features to pack into a device that is still supposed to cost around $350.

Holo Lens is only isn't coming out this year either. They're simply shipping the first round of prototype hardware to developers, which is where Oculus was 3... #9.1.2
Why comment on something like this when you have zero clue about what you're talking about.

This is just about the most uninformed comment I've read on here today. #9.1
What the hell are you on about #13.1
Do you really think the PlayStation brand is gonna drive more conumser awareness than Oculus partnering with Facebook and Samsung?

These types of VR devices are obviously going to be niche markets for the first couple years, but you're going to find 10-100 times more VR content available on PC than on PS4, and that's what's going to drive early adoption more than anything. #2.1
I never played much of MAG, but you'll need a good deal of non-verbal communication if you want to succeed in a game with the scale of PlanetSide 2. #3.2.2
No that looks like PS4 gameplay. #3.2
Yes please. I've been annoyed with these kinds of sites and submission since day one here. #3.1
I've been thinking a lot about this recently as I've been playing the new BF4 maps. It all comes down to pacing.

COD matches are frenetic 10 minute clashes followed by 2 minutes of sitting in a lobby. I usually play 1200 ticket BF4 matches which tend to last about an hour. That hour long battle becomes the reward for me when I'm playing. I don't care if I win or lose, or I top the scoreboard or fall somewhere in the middle. As long as the game was well-fought... #1
I heard it was because the R* employees wanted a Christmas break. #1.4
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