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Cities Skylines was the first city sim I ever tried and its hard not to fall in love with it. Once you get past the initial learning curve it's deeply relaxing and one of the best games to play when you feel like being productive without actually doing work.

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Every game that is made is an evolution of games that came before it. Calling them copy pasted from MGS5, GTA, etc is a bit disingenuous. Splinter Cell defined the stealth genre as much as early MGS games did, and Watch Dogs is a spin off of the Driver series which was GTA before GTA.

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French law stipulates that a controlling company has to make a full takeover bid if their shares of another company reach 30% (or some other arbitrary number). Vivendi have been essentially held at bay for now because they don't have $6 billion in cash to throw at an acquisition right now.

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It was, in practically every way.

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Vivendi recently bought out another large company, so their cash reserves are down to basically nothing compared to where they were at a few years ago.

"However Ubisoft won't come cheap--Reuters estimates that Vivendi may have to pay $6 billion to wrestle control of the company away from the Guillemot family. Vivendi's net cash plummetted to $540.355 million as of March 2017, down 1253% since 2015 where it had $7.31 billion net cash."

AI in some games absolutely does have emotional states. NPCs can be calm, angry, anxious, optimistic/happy, sad, etc. It changes their voice lines and how they react to the player's actions.

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A $65 PC CPU is still going to be more powerful than either console CPU. An open world RPG simulation is also significantly more taxing than a game like Destiny 2.

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It's not really as easy as just making it optional. If a game is CPU-bound, 60 FPS isn't something that is easily achievable even if you drop the resolution below 1080p.

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Artificial intelligence in games today doesn't go much deeper than simply reacting in predefined ways to players' actions. The AI in TLOU is really no different than any other similar game from the past 10ish years. Some devs do a better job of masking how simple the AI with having them cover to avoid the player's fire, or have a few more behaviours to react with, but nothing has really changed since the advent of path finding AI.

Modern advances in machine lea...

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Bungie do use their own engine. It's built on top of the same framework that they used for their Halo titles.

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To give you a bit of industry context, in most cases multiplayer games are on CPUs than games that are heavy on simulation for AI and world systems. Developers obviously want their games to hit 60 FPS, but CPU bottlenecks are going to be a big limiting factor in this generation of consoles.

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I don't think arrogant is the right word. Principled and disorganized is basically what sums up Valve these days. Their hardware and development teams have done some truly exceptional work in the past decade with
with Steam, L4D, Portal and Dota 2. Their Source Filmmaker software for TF2 played a significant role in developing my animation hobby into a career in the game and film industries. And then there's the Steam Link, SteamBox/OS, Controller and Vive. These aren't ...

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People tend to leave studios regularly, so you need to hire people to fill the holes.

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Roughly translated from naked corporate PR talk, they probably are referring to player engagement. Player engagement is the new marketshare for publishers vying for consumers' precious free time.

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8 million and it's not even officially released yet. Give it like 2-3 months and it'll probably crack 10 million before it even hits consoles.

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The Switch isn't anywhere near powerful enough to cope with something like Far Cry 5.

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They didn't really utilize real-time mocap as far as I know. Maybe for pre-vis, but Naughty Dog's motion capture pipeline is pretty traditional in that they capture the data offsite It then has to be processed by a small team internally or externally before it is then animated together.

Ninja Theory do all the mocap in their studio and stream both body and face data right into the engine as they capture it. It's still cleaned up and polished in post but they...

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Cameron pioneers a lot of the capture techniques, but doing real-time mocap for games was largely unproven before Hellblade.

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File size doesn't have much to do with graphical fidelity. It's more indicative of the volume of data in the game.

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I feel like that's a given. The cinematic adventure genre is pretty much the easiest thing for competent developers to nail. String some well made levels together with high production value and a cohesive linear narrative and boom you've got yourself a hit. Naughty Dog are the masters of their genre, but I'd love to see them try to branch out a bit and create a game that's a little more dynamic.

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