Disagreers gonna disagree.


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Bad vibes? Again, the only thing that irks me the wrong way is the price.

It doesn't matter to me whether or not the game turns out to be good. I'm sure plenty of people will like it, and it's got the Sony marketing team behind it, so it's pretty much guaranteed to get an 80+ on Metacritic. To me it just looks ok.

You guys act like people can't have differing opinions on N4G.

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I could go on about how the game doesn't appeal to me, but I'll get drowned in disagrees anyway. Beyond the whole infinite universe aspect, it seems like a very dry, boring survival game. The player locomotion and gun mechanics look like a cheap Unity game, yet it's priced as a AAA blockbuster.

I'd probably be a little bit more forgiving on it if it wasn't $66.49 on Steam.

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Right, I forgot being slightly critical of a game that's marketed as a PS4 exclusive is a sin on N4G. Do you guys still like to pretend a PC version of NMS isn't coming out as well?

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Right, because not hopping on the ridiculous hype train for this game means I'm mad about it or something? I don't get where you're coming from with that comment.

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Yeah every trailer they release makes the game look less and less interesting. That and they're charging $60 for what should ultimately be a $30 game.

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You will be very disappointed unless you're doing some hardcore CAD, CG rendering or video editing.

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AMD is making APU/GPUs for all three console manufacturers and they're still barely staying afloat. They're shipping a good volume of product, which is good for business, but the margins on console hardware are razor thin compared to the discrete gaming and enterprise GPU market.

Nvidia has done some less than stellar things in recent years, but it's not like they're morally corrupt. They're the worldwide market leader in GPUs and they're obviously g...

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Consoles are built as cheaply as possible. Both Nvidia and Intel cater more towards the high end consumer market and enterprise solutions.

At this point it doesn't make much sense for either of them to get into the console space where their profit margins would be razor thin.

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Problem there is Battlefield is a very mature franchise at this point. They've been refining this formula for over ten years, and if they change too much they risk alienating their established player base.

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There's a certain irony to these kinds of posts on a gaming news comment section.

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Repetition is a fundamental part of gaming though... It make take you 10 hours to get decent at a game like Overwatch, but it'll take you a thousand hours to actually master it. The sense of competition and mastery is what drives people to play games for hundreds of hours.

I've spent about 90% of my total gaming time in the last 10 years playing 7 or 8 games (Counter Strike: Source, Battlefield 2, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, 4 and Roc...

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Blizzard seem set on keeping the FOV hard-capped at 103. I'd prefer something slightly higher (I prefer 110 degrees horizontal in games that support it, but it seems like a fair trade off. You get 21:9 support, but you don't get the FOV advantage, and because 21:9 is wider, it causes you to lose some vertical FOV.

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Oculus have done nothing but damage their public perception and community since launch.

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That's customary for pretty much all Steam users. I've such an immense backlog now that I'll never play half the stuff I've accumulated over the years.

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By 'require', he probably means 'to run at 1080p60 ultra settings'. Actual RAM requirements are still pretty low, because most games scale down to run on budget hardware.

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It's true, but it won't work for all cards. It has to do with how the cards are 'binned' to meet production schedules.

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League of Legends is notoriously cancerous. Last time I played it though, there was no voice chat built into the game. So at least there you don't need to hear screeching children scream horrible shit over a mic.

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L4D ended up being a free expansion for L4D2.

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G2A is a fraud ring with zero oversight. Many of the keys purchased on G2A are bought using stolen credit cards which are then charged back, costing the developers money and time (also money). There's no way to know if the key you are buying is actually legit or not, unless you pay them for a guarantee.

If you're going to use a greymarket key site, at least use a trustworthy one like Greenman.

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What the hell is wrong with you?

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