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Mostly because new IPs are extremely expensive and risky propositions.

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That only accounts for Steam though.Consoles don't have publicly available player stats and happen to make up like 90% of For Honor's playerbase.

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It's kinda funny how they turned the tables on this gen of consoles. Last gen had all the CPU power in the world coupled with crappy GPU. This gen of consoles has this abundance of GPU power with underpowered CPUs.

Assassin's Creed Unity is a really interesting case in point when you consider the number of NPCs Ubisoft tried to push in 2014, and we haven't really seen anything that complex since then. Next gen games are hopefully going to be more about systemat...

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Are religious cultists really a minority sub-culture that is worth defending?

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It's a game for kids.

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Games that are CPU-bound simply don't have that ability on consoles. If the main loop of the game is budgeted to run every 33 ms at 4k resolution, dropping the resolution doesn't magically allow for the CPU to run twice as fast, even if there's GPU power to spare.

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Man how do you even talk with that stick so far up your ass?

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FPS games in war-torn middle eastern countries are such a cliche these days though. Even if you had a Far Cry game with the plot that you described, it would still end up being way too similar to the brown desert military FPS games we're all tired off.

Pitting players against a religious death cult in rural Montana is a way more interesting take on the genre if you ask me.

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Call of Duty has a history with Steam and an active player base.

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Canadian game*

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Anyone who knows Activision saw this coming. They have a fresh IP for PC and they have their own client system that's been successful for them for all of Blizzard's games, might as well keep it locked to your platform and take that extra 30% of revenue.

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Have you missed the tens of dozens of games released in the past decade that have you shooting endless hoards of arab terrorists/OPFOR/insurgents/mi litias?

Or just unaware that these sorts of cults and ideologies exist on the US, like Waco or the Oklahoma City bombings, that are ripe for narrative exploration?

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The monitors speakers are there so you can plug a console or other device into it and actually have sound output.

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It's far from dead. Like R6: Siege it's still got a very active playerbase.

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It's live action lol.

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Not it's not. Dunia is a heavily modified CryEngine branch from over a decade ago.

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Far Cry uses Dunia which was originally a fork of the original CryEngine.

I assume it's in the fine print because the old licensing agreement from a decade ago.

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If you buy into the crowd funding you get to play the game that day. They are developing the game in modules all over the world with teams in the US, UK and Germany, so it's playable in chunks but it's not a cohesive game yet. If you follow the developer YouTube channels they do monthly updates on how the various systems of the game are coming together. Star Citizen is already one of the most ambitious games ever produced.

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Origin and uPlay both have achievements.

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Call of Duty has existing support and a playerbase on Steam. Destiny 2 being a fresh IP for PC, Activision's line of reasoning is they're trying to coerce more people to Battlenet so that they don't have to give Valve 30% of their revenue.

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