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N4G gets super salty about multiplayer games getting good reviews for some reason. Overwatch is one of the best pure-shooters to come out in years.

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I haven't really been paying attention to this game, but it does look really solid. All that speed and crazy first-person locomotion... Looks like my kind of game.

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Every platform has limitations.

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If you're not mature enough to have a conversation on the topic without pulling the SJW card, there's really no point in debating it.


Of course it happens, but do you seriously not see what's wrong with what you're saying? How about, instead of worrying about getting sued for discrimination, you try not to be a terrible human being? Is it really that difficult for you to treat people in the...

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Not hiring someone on the basis of their gender or gender identity is discrimination. Same as race and ethnicity.

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It's actually pretty amazing how short Mighty No. 9 has fallen of its original mark. For a game that pulled in like $4 million in funding, spent three years in development - only to look like that...

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So... what you're saying is that you would openly discriminate against a group of people if you were in a position of power.

If you live in the western hemisphere, I wouldn't recommend doing that. Most decent countries have anti-discrimination laws.

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TF2 died after it became free to play? The game's almost 10 years old and it's still got 55k players online at this very moment.

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This figure is just referring to how many people use the engine, actively or otherwise. I'm not working on a game right now, but I'd probably counted among them because I have used Unity for (game related) stuff in the past.

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I paid $40 flat for it on

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@Kal-V3 Have you played TF2 and Overwatch? TF2 took 8+ years to develop and was a smash hit the moment it launched as part of the Orange Box. Overwatch is literally a carbon copy of Team Fortress 2 with a Blizzard spin on the loadouts and characters.

They even said in the making-of documentary that TF2, Quake and Unreal Tournament were the building blocks for Overwatch.

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Well, the game is a spiritual successor to Team Fortress 2 which is still going strong after nearly 10 years. With Blizzard's track record for post-launch support, I'd wager this game will have a pretty long lifespan.

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Valve have diversified themselves quite a bit in the last ten years. They tend to go after problems that no one else goes after. In addition to that, they're still a modest ~350 person company, so I assume they're spread a bit thin, but that seems to be the way they like it.

After TF2 went free to play and the crazy success that Dota 2's been, Valve haven't had much of a need to make standard games anymore. The impossibly high expectations set in place for H...

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You say these things like they're exclusive to EA. Corporations buy smaller companies every day, and it's exactly as you put it; they do so to fill gaps where they lack resources.

"They bought Dice to kill competition, and to own the frostbite engine to make games on. "

They bought DICE because Battlefield was EA's hottest shooter, and they wanted to turn it into the face of the company. DICE was bought out years before Frostbite bec...

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Really. That's your definition of abuse? You're aware that "conservative" literally means "traditional; stuck in the past; averse to change".

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The fact that people actually take issue with this is pretty laughable, to be honest.

"Hey friend, let's play this new game called Law Breakers, it looks pretty fun!"

"Sorry, bro, I can't buy it. You see, this game includes gender neutral bathrooms, which doesn't align with my political ideologies"

"u wot m8?"

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It's almost as if game development is an art form. Of course it's going to reflect the values of the people creating it.

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Can't wait for the sequel, Battlefield 1 2.

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I'm hoping they go both directions with the new Battlefield. Alternate timeline World War 1 setting with some future tech and Titan mode mixed in would be frickin' awesome.

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Yeah, because more players = better game, right? Let's throw balance and game pacing out the window for the sake of of check mark on the back of the box... Sounds brilliant.

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