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"Disagreers gonna disagree."


Gabe Newell is not a game designer. He's the managing director. #4.3
They're slow because they take their time when they do things. When you're not constrained by budget or publisher pressure, you can afford to go out of your way to make sure that your games are as close to perfect as they can be.

That's why Half-Life 2 took 7 years to make (and was basically scrapped and restarted at one point). That's why Team Fortress 2 took 10 years to make.

Their games these days are built around creating communities. Sing... #5.2.2
Valve operates in way unlike any other company in the industry. They work on whatever interests them. Right now that means pushing PC gaming into new frontiers with Steam VR and the living room stuff, as well as creating vast ecosystems for user generated content in Team Fortress 2 and DOTA2.

Valve have been doing single player games for almost 20 years. It's not unreasonable to assume that they're a bit bored of it by now and want to pursue other things. #5.2
Yeah it's pretty crazy. Nvidia and AMD have been packing insane amounts of compute power into their GPUs for years, but they've never really had room to spread their wings due to the drawcall bottleneck. All of a sudden all that power that's been locked away is suddenly at developer's fingertips.

It's still unrealistic to expect every developer to start pushing PC GPUs to their limits due to the manpower and budgetary constraints, but having all that extr... #1.1.2
This is the biggest advancement in PC graphics in like 10 years. So stoked for this. #1.1
You could say that about literally any gaming community out there.

While there's definitely a lot of weird sub-groups of the greater TF2 community, you have to admit that 8 years of dedication and fandom is a feat that few other games could ever hope to achieve. #13.1.2
Motion capture is pretty much the future of production animation for everything.

It's taken a while, but the industry is finally starting to realize that mocap is not a means to an end, but simply another tool to use in production.

Any production that requires hundreds and thousands of animations is simply way too time consuming for even an army of animators. What mocap allows development teams to do is to quickly prototype all sorts of motions and action... #1
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$250 is probably a safe bet. Sony's going to be aiming to take the the low-end VR market. The Rift will probably be around $300 and the Vive is looking like it'll be the targeting the premium $400 price point. #16
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Wat. TF2 is like the gold standard for gaming communities. #13.1
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Why, because competitive gaming on consoles is becoming even more irrelevant? #1.1.2
Have you been living under a rock?

Games like DOTA2 and League of Legends are the most popular games games in the world right now.

To put in in perspective, there was nearly a million people playing DOTA2 at the same time today. #1.1
Draw calls has to do with a lot more than just the number of objects on screen. It goes hand in hand with lighting, number of objects, animated objects and more.

A draw call is basically any action that requires the CPU to tell the GPU to do something. #14.1
The public beta test for DX12 is Windows 10. #6.1
Neogaf is toxic.

If you want support for building a PC, is probably the best place to start. #3.1.1
Negligible. #6.1
200% increase on consoles is a complete pipe dream. You're looking at 20-30% max. #2.1.2
God forbid players show interest in games on another platform.

Just because I might consider playing Bloodborne, doesn't mean I'm going to go out and drop $400 on a machine to play one game. #5.1
Yeah Fox, let's just not have any controller innovation ever again, right? #1.2.4
You know you can play PC games on a TV right? #1.3.1
Whenever I read comments like this one, I tend to get the impression that you're a parody account, but I'm never certain. #1.1
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