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"Disagreers gonna disagree."


The lenses focus your eyes on the image in such a way that it's not going to stress out your eyes unless you have trouble seeing already. #1.3.2
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Nagalaga, VR isn't about getting from point A to point B. That would describe traditional games. VR is all about the journey and the quality of the experience.

If you think you're going to get anywhere near the level of experience that the Oculus Rift on a high end computer can deliver with Morpheus, you might be in for a bit of a shocker. #4.1.3
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Dude it's just a screen, some sensors and some circuitry. It's not powered by a nuclear battery. #1.3
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How is the Oculus Rift at all comparable to the Kinect...? #9.1
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Irrelevant. #1.1
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Nooo? Oculus is building an VR ecosystem, not just the hardware. Oculus is licensing out the years of research and software they've come up.

To say they're making a GearVR game is analogous to saying that a company is making a mobile port of their game. Since the GearVR setup is really just a smartphone affixed to your face, the game needs to be designed to run at 1440p60 on a tiny phone-GPU. They're still selling something, even if it's not directly to the us... #2.1
There's going to be a VR device on display in every Best Buy, Walmart and game store around the world within the next few years.

Do you really think Facebook is gonna pony up $2 billion to watch their investment fail to get consumers interested?

Do you really think that Sony is going to risk something like this if they're not confident in what they're making is commercially viable at a time when the company is seemingly circling the drain.
Reports from people that have tried out this prototype say that it's a huge step up from the DK2.

Screen-door effect is virtually non-existent at this stage, positional tracking is near-perfect, and the resolution has been given a significant bump. It's speculated to be 1440p right now, so it's not much of a stretch to expect the consumer version to be 1800p or higher. And just so you guys can get a better idea of how large these resolutions are, 1440p is 4x 1280... #3
Plenty of time to upgrade your rig before the Rift comes out, bud. #2.1
Yet it's still one of the most popular online FPS games right now. #2.1
Dude, lighten up. #1.1.1
It was literally just announced.

Maybe try getting your expectations in check with reality before you disparage what could very well be a major player in the VR market uptake in the next couple years.

Think about what you could do with a VR mount for something like Google's Project Tango. Imagine playing an augmented reality games through a VR headset on a device that has a 1:1 3D mapping of your house.

That's pretty much the coolest... #1.1.6
Did you miss the whole last couple years of mobile graphics development? You might not be able to get high end graphics and shaders in a mobile VR setup, but if you can push even a simple scene at 1440p60 with decent motion tracking, that's already infinitely better than Sony's old HMZ stuff. #1.1.4
Ooooor they're leveraging an established cell phone market and brand to expand their reach into mobile VR instead of just tethered PC-VR.

They're providing Samsung with the Oculus VR SDK and are contributing a bunch of optimizations for Android that could help create a real opportunity for VR on mobile. #1.1.2
Morpheus will undoubtedly be cheaper than the Rift. Oculus are positioning themselves to be the "premiere" VR device for work, gaming and other applications, whereas Morpheus will likely be positioned more to capitalize on the allure of the PlayStation brand, as opposed to the hardware itself. #1.1.2
...what were you expecting it to be? #1.1
Yes. Most developers, if they enjoyed working on the first game would love to work on a sequel regardless of how it was received.

The game was originally scheduled to launch in 2014, remember? They're not going to have the full team working on the game now that they're just polishing it up for release. Once the design and art assets are locked, most developers switch to a new project that (often times) aren't even public knowledge yet. #7.1.2
Is it that hard to believe that a person working on the game is eager to make another one? #7.1
Lol, okay. #10.1
Whatever GPUs you want it to have. There's space for three by the looks of the chassis. #2.1
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