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"Disagreers gonna disagree."


Since when does download size correlate with the level of graphical fidelity of a game?

Hint: It doesn't. #1.3
If you're playing a multiplayer game for the story, you're in for a rough time. #1.2
I hate toasters, think I will stick to bananas. #4.1
Because this was shown at a Star Wars press event. Gameplay trailer will probably come around E3. #5.1
Truth be told the only thing that bums me so far , is the lack of space , when we all dreamt obviously of seamingless transition from space to planet surfaces . "

That's what we have Star Citizen for :) #1.2.2
You've gotta consider the big picture when you look at EA's marketing choices on this reveal.

Historically DICE has always shown off in-game footage in their trailers, and I'm sure they wanted to - but given that this trailer is supposed to be the first ever footage of the game and it's being revealed at a Star Wars press even, it stands to reason that they'd want to go with the cinematic trailer route.

I expect E3's trailer to be mo... #3.1.3
Not really. It means exactly what it means. #3.1
People just need to learn how to manage their expectations these days.

Once you learn to see through all the PR jargon and inflammatory headlines, you quickly realize that the PR is just smoke and mirrors for what is actually going on behind the scenes.

That said, there's nothing about the in-engine footage that tells me it can't look that good. Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition already look near as good in terms of lighting and effects, but n... #2.1
Even if it was just Battlefield with a Star Wars skin, that would still make for an awesome game. Especially when it looks as cool as it does.

DICE in the past has been capable of creating brilliant games. EA's not going to want to f up their big debut with Star Wars, so I trust that they've give DICE the creative freedom to make a stellar Battlefront game. #1.2
Probably not. #1.1
So? Getting rewarded for killing things is a pretty basic mechanic in an online shooter.

People were worried that it was going to be a Battlefield 4 reskin, but when that apparently doesn't line up with reality, now it's a Modern Warfare 2 clone because it's got its got its own version of kill streak rewards?

Come on. #1.1.1
Branding is a basic principle of business you know. #4.3
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I don't know what circles your in, but Brad Wardell is hardly an industry joke.

The dude's a brilliant technical mind and actively engages with his industry colleagues through Twitter. He tweets his day to day progress on making cutting edge game engines and these bottom feeder websites like Gamingbolt and Dualshockers pick up on it and turn every tweet into an inflammatory N4G-ready article. #3.2.2
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Engines evolve over time. The number they slap on it doesn't really mean much, as most of the improvement to the engine aren't really visible to the public. #8.1
There will be game-play. They're not going unveil it at the Star Wars even and not show a bit of gameplay. #4.1.1
Yeah this is one of those games that unless they do something really stupid with the formula, it'll pretty much be great.

The only thing we have yet to determine is how great. #1.2
Yeah, it's going to ease porting and crossplay, but I'm just saying that there won't be a super huge perf-boost. #7.1.2
Most of the benefits that DX12 brings to PC are already in place on Xbox One. You can't really mitigate weak hardware with a new API when that API is already in use.

Really the biggest benefit for DX12 on Xbox One is the cross-compatibility with Windows. #7.1
Engines constantly evolve over time. Just because they're not slapping a new number on it doesn't mean that it's not a new engine. #6.2
Everyone that knows anything about anything in this industry knows that this is a game changer for Windows. #2.2.1
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