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Because it's ridiculously fun with friends. Being one of the final 10 alive makes for some of the most heart-pounding moments of tension I've ever experienced in a game.

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This is not a gaming card. The Titan cards are for high-end computing and are usually employed by engineering and data science firms and are obviously not marketed at consumers.

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The difference between my examples and yours are that you're pointing out instances of shitty design and applying it universally to all service-based games.

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I'd argue that any game that exists in a live state post launch is qualifies as a service. GTA5 is a live that gets continuous updates, thus making it a service provided by the developer.

All GAAS means as a developer is factoring in things a live plan to continue growing the game after it is released.

Whether it's piece-wise DLC drops like in GTA or expansion on the single player story, or patching and completely evolving the game over time like ...

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The boxed 'product' business model of gaming has change significantly in recent years and isn't sustainable for an entertainment industry as broad as gaming. GAAS is pretty much going to be the standard for multiplayer and some genres of single player games going forward.

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Why would we want to stop GAAS? Are you arguing that developers should just ship a game and abandon it like a orphaned child like they did 15 years ago? There's nothing inherently wrong with service based games, and from a publishers' point of view a game is a product they want to drive continued investment in it to try reap maximum rewards. Yeah, that usually means post-launch monetization, and yeah, that means trying to hold players' attention for a longer amount of time. As lon...

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Really depends what your definition of a flop is. The game sold like 10 million units and still has a sizable player base and a steady stream of updates almost two years after launch.

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Wouldn't make a lick of difference for me.

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Losing $3B in revenue is like a year and a half's worth of revenue for EA. That would cripple them. they lost $3B in stock value. Big difference there.

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No, that was Bioware Montreal. Bioware Montreal only recently folded and became part of Motive after Andromeda launched.

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Of the three you listed, only Tomb Raider is a linear game.

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You really underestimate the Chinese gaming market.

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The PS3 architecture is dead though and very little supports it now. The base Xbox One and PS4 will continue to be the baseline target platform for way longer than 360 and PS3 were supported.

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There's no real reason to deviate from this model going forward as it's a win for pretty much everyone involved. Pretty much every iteration of the PlayStation and Xbox consoles is going to be the same x86 architecture. They can keep improving the APIs, adding transistors, cores and power efficiency for decades without changing the core of the systems.

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Are you gonna back this opinion up with anything tangible or is this just how you feel?

Star Citizen is without a doubt one of the most ambitious games ever realized. It's a space MMO and AAA single player experience being developed alongside each other by a team of probably 300+ people. It's been in development for like 5 years and they post monthly updates to show how things are actually progressing.

It's really not that uncommon for games ...

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Less saturation, and games didn't cost nearly as much to produce 15 years ago.

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This video is a good reminder of how awesome it is to work on games. Seeing the collective effort of hundreds of people build towards something that is fun to play is pretty good reason to go into work every day ready to get shit done.

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You can watch the progress of the game happen in real-time with their community updates that come out every two weeks. A project of this magnitude is destined to take forever to reach a shippable state because they don't have a publisher telling them they need to hit x date.

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Yeah so complain by voicing your opinion online and not engaging in that sort of behaviour. Publishers aren't withholding something necessary for life, they're selling entertainment.

As soon as you allow government to come in and regulate an industry like gaming, you open the doors to a whole bunch of overreach that no one wanted in the first place.

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Yay! We can always use more studios in Toronto.

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