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That conference was LEGENDARY! They confirmed not 1 or 2 but 3!!!(THREE) of the most wanted, beloved, crazy gamer dreams... ALL AT ONCE FFS!!! This was I-N-S-A-N-E!!! Not to mention that all other games looked AMAZING too! Just Horizon and Uncharted could win this thing but this... this is HISTORY! Best conference EVER! Nothing will top it... ever.

*** anyone who is even trying to downplay what happened in that conference is pressed and salty as hell #fact ***

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Looks ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS! Snatch my wig and slay my poor soul Insomniac! :)

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MUST BUY! For the ones who say that it doesn't have multiplayer... it has UNCHARTED 4 MULTI BETA FFS!

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I can see the gaming community losing a lot of members from heart attacks if this comes true. Also diapers will be a very popular item.

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We need a full single player DRAGON'S DOGMA 2!!!

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!!!!!!HEAVENLY SWORD 2!!!!!!!

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The thing is that a Crash game now would be also a much easier game for ND to make. With a much smaller team and less money, time, etc they could easily pull it off. And commercially it would be an INSANE success! I see nothing but positive results by such an effort. The same goes for Jak too imho.

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I hope this is successful so we can finally have a full DRAGON'S DOGMA 2!!! Please Capcom! Let this be just an experiment for you and the IP...

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DAY 1! Everyone who played the demo was very pleased! :)

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At least they have wipers! lol

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It does look phenomenal but why does it have raidrops on screen during the 3rd person behind the car view?! It drives me crazy! It makes no sense either! Add an option to disable them Evo!

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That's too bad. Thanx for answering though! ;)

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Does anyone know why there are raindrops on screen during the 3rd person view from behind and if we can somehow disable it?! I love the game but it is really annoying imho... :(

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Soooo excited about this!!! LOCALIZE IT!

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BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! omg omg omg OMFG Please Sony make it happen! OMG OMG OMG This NEEDS to happen! ***faints***

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OMG I played that demo a MILLION times until i got my copy of the full game! Loved it! :)

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DOWNVOTING the site and "article".

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