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All I heard was the sound of one of your bubbles being popped

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How is it that a troll like yourself has so many bubbles, yet i see so many people on here get bubbled down for the smallest thing.

Honestly the amount of crap that comes out of your mouth is unreal.

Is this what trolls do now, act all nicey nice and when they have enough bubbles show their true colours.

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For christ sake why do people still want Nathan Fillion after last years comic con and the recent interviews which shows us that NOLAN NORTH, the guy who actually is Drake, would love to play him, even Richard McGonagle who plays Sully said it's really up to the fans to make that happen.....oh but no....where too busy trying to get Fillion the role still. We really only wanted him because we didn't think Nolan North was interested I mean when the movie idea was floating around for the...

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Well done blind FF13 fans, keep supporting Square, keep caling the ones who don't stand for this BS "haters" and keep letting them know it's fine to screw us FF fans over.......I guess Square won't be changing any time soon

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Squall has been through more then Cloud, it's the whole reason he's a jerk at the start of the game. It's what I like about his character developerment and why I think it's the best in the entire FF franchise. He goes from a jerk, gives you the reasons of he's like this at the start of the game then you see him transform to a brave heroic leader at the end.

His mother died at childbirth, never knew her, never knew his dad, put in an orphanage, grew close t...

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"Operation Raccoon City feels almost nothing like the actual Resident Evil games."

and thats why I hope it fails, I'm sick of Capcom trying to make a quick buck while ruining their franchises in the process.

If RE6 wasn't a co-op game I totaly understand why this was made, but it is and another co-op game exsists aswell. You would think they would of taken the co-op out of RE6 so thius one would of been for the people who liked the co-op in...

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I hope they keep it the same for the PS4.....they better not change it for something gimmick like

Why fix something which isn't broken

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"Logic you are missing the point of Pampoovey's post. His point was that gamers have REASONS for hating on some of the things you mentioned that gamers hate on"

Thank you, I was about to go on a massive rant when I read his comment but you've basicaly summed everything up nicely in a well mannered way...

So for everyone looking at this comment...thats basicaly what I would of proberly been trying to get at if I had replied.

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But some of things have reasons for being "hated" on

COD - It;s changed the industry where developers will do what COD does in their online games to try and get it's sales even though they will never achieve them and runing their online in the process, oh and they tack online on aswell for the sake of it. It's also made developers/gamers think of average selling games as failures because they don't sell as well as COD. Lets not forget the game dosen...

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Trust me it won't

The reason why the PS3 was so expensive was because Sony invested into the tec behind it (or so they say), like blu ray for example. I suppose it's true since it relates to what Sony usualy say about the PS3 being future proof...I mean out of all three of the consoles on the market today the PS3 seems like the one that could last the longest if it had to.

Anyway I'm excited for it, I like to think the PSV shows us that Sony l...

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Thing with Half life is that Valve has brought it on themselfs, they've consentely trolled and teased us over and over since the cliffhanger in HL2E2, where it's went beyond a joke it dosen't help when they put other games before HL3, I mean if they announce a new game at E3 this year then HL fans will be ticked off

We at least deserve a screenshot or some infomation on the game. I think this year could be the last chance they have to show something H...

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"It could be a remote control when you're watching TV, a browser when you're on the Internet, extra buttons and information when you're playing a game, or a portable display when you want to take your game with you."


To the left of me I have a TV controler.
When I want to use the internet I do so on my computer
Does the next Xbox really need extra buttons
The whole point I bought a DS was so I co...

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A Game changer...oh you mean like the Wiis motion controls, want to know what happened after a year and a half later....people got bored with it and judging by comments I've seen on the internet, wished Nintendo stuck with a controler.

The same will proberly happen with the tablet controler. People will be "wowed" untill release, then a year or two later people will have gotten bored with it and will want a normal controle...

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Have you actually seen the interviews in the past, before the game came out, how they said they were going to continue the game after the ending by releasing a ton of DLC like episodes in a TV series......they even had a third one planned


Remedy wouldn't of stopped the DLC, with Microsoft caring more ab...

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A release date

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Really my comment got done for being immature but the first one didn't even though he adressed people as fanboys, which apparently to the mods your not allowed to do.

This site is just random

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Well I want AW2, not to be like this action packed DLC

I don't understand the American Nightmare game coming out, it's like one big DLC. Yet when Remedy had loads of plans for AW DLC they were struck down my MS because of the "average" sales and only got two DLCs out. Wouldn't it of been a smarter move to keep going with the DLCs leading up to a massive cliff hanger and AW2s release.

I'm just glad American Nightmare isn't the...

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Theres acctually other interviews, more recent where she said she wouldn't mind playing her role in Ghostbusters 3.

She's like Bill Murray on the project....always changing her mind

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They should of made a Aliens game featuring Ripley

Sigourney weaver has said she would love to play Ripley again but she said Hollywood proberly wouldn't use her since she's too old.

Do a motion capturing game like Uncharted and ask her if she's interested to play Ripley in another form.

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How can you be a "hater" when it is in fact bad....the majority of people think so so it's not like were BS.

This isn't something really good like Uncharted and people are calling the graphics crap....that would be a hater

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