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You stole these images from Game Informer.

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After all this, it would be pretty bad if they released this as paid DLC later.

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Really fair take on the game.

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Really well researched, analyzed and written.

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Yeah, that must be it. Good point.

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Music makes the game, and I am very much on board with this music.

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Even more reason for me to finally play Skyrim.

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Interesting. Always one of my favorite games when I was a kid.

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Such a shame. Really loving Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, though.

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Interesting. Skyrim, Black Ops, and... what's next? If I primarily played on PS3, I'd be pissed.

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Thrilled to see it is as good on the Vita as it is on the consoles.

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Definitely need to get through Revelations so I can play this. Hoping I like it better than I did Liberation.

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To the person(s) that disagree, please do let me know why. I'm glad to converse with you, but this doesn't exactly give us a chance to communicate efficiently.

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In case there is any confusion, my entire play was post-patch. I don't know what it fixed, but it didn't clean up major, game-freezing glitches. Of course, nothing can aid clunky level design that makes absolutely no sense.

Lots of problems with how the Full Sync objectives were put together, as many of them are where things are broken.

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Just want to be clear that you would give an 8 to a game that is so broken that you can't proceed?

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Just want to point out that our review rubric is pretty clear about what the scores mean. I've reviewed games that aren't fun and are entirely broken. You can check out my Bubble Witch Saga and Thundercats reviews, if you're interested in games that are pure crap.

AC3: Lib has a great character, some moving and poignant moments, but the bulk of the game is so cluttered with glitches, unexplained elements, poor level and mission design and story elements that eithe...

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Time to play, pin the tail on the drunk uncle.

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I like Musou games... might decide to try this one out.

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I want to point out that I do not begrudge those that were able to look past the problems with the participatory aspects of the narrative. The world of Dunwall is so well crafted that it's like watching a play on Broadway with high school actors. The sets and scenery are gorgeous, but the moving parts, the things that are supposed to engage you in the moment are lacking.

I very much enjoyed a great deal of the gameplay, but it was *only* that which compelled me to play on...

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Interesting look at the game.

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