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Was being run by Pakistanis, WCCF is a US based company now. All their review stuff is received through retailers and companies based in North America.

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11,500 GFLOPS..

ITS OVER 9000!!!

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Massive GPU for people with a massive wallet.

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NVIDIA cards faster than AMD and that too with Mantle enabled?

Looks like the upcoming Driver is going to be a complete beast. Can't wait for it! DirectX 12 will deliver more performance once it hits.

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Good to know..

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Name = CEO Steve Ballmer

Picture = PS4 logo

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TF2 is the abbreviation used for Team Fortress 2. :p

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Got both on PC. Running great at 2560x1440P.

Battlefield 4 runs at steady 65-75 FPS range all the time with the GeForce GTX 770.

Titanfall at 60 FPS with Adaptive V-Sync. I prefer Battlefield 4 in terms of visuals but gameplay depends on player choice.

Both are way too different games, one is a fully loaded juggernaut with huge maps and vehicles and tons of areas to use as your advantage.

The other is a action packed FPS expe...

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Performance improvement on the APUs is impressive.

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Across the board, Kaveri mobile parts will support this too.

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True that and people expected NVIDIA to go silent with AMD announcing Mantle/TrueAudio/R200 Series?

NVIDIA is making a comeback at every front. They already have a low-level API known as NVAPI which John Andersson (DICE) already mentioned so there's no need for a new one.

They are pushing the boundaries with Flex (Unified Physics Engine) in Star Citizen, Project Cars and Witcher 3 (more to follow). Their gameworks dev tools are great no doubt but the if A...

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Premium users are already getting early access to the new DLC contents plus additional features such as Double XP, Weapon Unlocks to name a few.

The December 20th Patch has addressed almost 90% of the issues faced on the PC version of the game while the remaining issues would most certainly be fixed prior to the launch of Second Assault.

And there's no confirmed launch date for Second Assault, DICE already said that they would halt development of extra co...

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Some bugs are just downright awesome!

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Patch #1 December 3 = 890 MB
Patch #2 December 16 = 880 MB
China Rising Update December 17 - 4.4 GB
Patch #3 December 20 = 178 MB

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Hardly trash, its better than the last two games (Most Wanted and Run).

Visuals are stunning and this is currently the best looking arcade racer. The only downside is the 30 FPS which didn't hinder me from getting past the Racer career, now on to the Pursuit career.

If they can get a 60 FPS patch out then great, otherwise the game runs fluid and that's the most i want from a game.

P.S PC Gamer here!

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The UI looks sleek, i bet it will be an amazing experience and i will probably think of building a separate Machine for SteamOS.

My primary rig will still run Windows.

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Mother of GPUs!!!

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TF2 was the best 2 bucks i had spent on any game. I bought it during the engineer update in June 2010 and since then i haven't spent a single penny on Steam.

I have 2000 hours on the game and have bought upto 60 games with the in-game currency. I still have a back-pack with $675 worth in items ready for the next Steam sales. :D

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GTX 780 Ti - 225W TDP

Radeon R9 290X - 290W TDP (Uber Mode)

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Well its good to see both GPU manufacturer's engaged in price/performance competition.

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