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Its timed we wall know that ...but i'll show my support for the Dev's Crystal Dynamics buy Not buying this game when it finds its way to PS4 after its timed exclusivity contract has expired.

I unlike sheep gamers don't care about every time sink bandwagon fad of the month game and when crap like this happens or is pulled i move on with my life and wallet.

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Typical MS the Cancer of the gaming world.

Same crap last gen same crap this gen and stupid people will defend smart people will /facepalm

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Pretty sad that people will try and sue a company over a games graphics.. Nothing better to do with your lives?

hears a hint play games get a life and try your hardest to find a wife and have a family and learn what life really is and not be daft loser fanboy suing a company over graphics oh sorry false advertising waaa waaa.. waaa.. shoot your self.

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"InTheLab + 1h ago
I lose respect for devs who dance around the money issue and there is no more than that.

Insomniac....the same people that ran 60+ players in the same map back in 2009 on the PS3, but they have a problem with the more capable PS4?

Did Sony use cloud computing and Azure servers to run 60 players in Resistance 2. Let's not even mention MAG.

It's all about the money and I'd res...

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PSN Xbox itunes ext are Great imo! I don't like using my cc for small cash things or like adding my personal info into anything so... yea and what if your young and don't have any other way to buy something like a game or dlc if you don't have a cc?

AND!!! i recycle them with my paper/plastics i just pack them in with other small paper/plastic to get recycled like all should be doing and if your not your a slob.

keep the world clean!

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Considering everyone and there mothers are Scouts... yawn... "lets all be Snipers!!"

Going to be funny to see everyone screaming for Titans thats use big honking bullet spitters when hunters and warlocks can't stand the heat and get 1-2 shotted lol

Dont believe me? wait n see.

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I truly truly find all and any kind of bad press or complaints insults etc just out right stupid and know its spurred purely by jealousy.

Last gen all u ever heard was "Its a Halo killer!" and the XBOX nation ripped what ever game apart after it failed to succeed...and i/we/PS fans had to read non stop on sites like this.

NOW...... Bungie made a True "Halo Killer" themselves since they had a chance t...

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hmm can't figure out if Truefan has abandoned the XboxOneSinkingShip pr campaign and is championing for Nintendo.. now?...

or just pulling the the enemy of my enemy is my friend dribble..

As for being ot Japan never buys something they don't need till they need it its not like they well most have the cash to blow on a giant paper weight till they have a reason to turn it on.

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If i had a XBOXone and i don't but if i did i woulnt trade it in cuz some games make it worth it kinda ish..

I remember way back when i bought XBOX 1 for Halo and only Halo but got to play my first Edler Scrolls game and bloody hell been playing all there games since then granted on ps3 and then on PC but would have never gotten into them or got to experience them if i didn't keep my Xbox 1.

So bleh... but to each there own

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I'm fine and dandy with just Logo's imo, yeas i remember the days of mascots and booth babes and mascots are nice but they kinda leave you thinking its all the got.

Like you think Disneyland you think a mouse, last gen you thought Xbox most of the time Master chief came to mind and that and theres a lot of expectations of the mascot and the games hi/she is in and if they suck there are laughable... or in the case of Kevin Butt somebody Forks up HUGE.. "you sunk ...

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"Of course" - In la la land thats what u meant to say right?

"No more mandatory Kinect for people that disliked it " -True.

""""X1 had the better launch games and are finishing this year with Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Ori, K.I season 2, Forza Horizon 2""

""""And for 2015 and 2016 Scalebound, Phantom Dust, Halo 5, Quantum Break, probably D4, Gears ...

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..edit.. not wasting my time.

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Like always MS follows.. the rest.

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Every generation or every couple of months same dribble..

PC insecurities in justifying the price of admission and superiority over said lesser electronic devices.

Yes PC's can do wonderful things like play games very pretty and what not support for mods, upgradable etc~

Consoles.. just play games first and for most .. sure not as pretty as a PC but pretty damn good for what they can and can't do.

its like yea... My i...

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Lets also not forget about all the Oblivion/skyrim/fallout dlc..

Cry more that's all I have to say.. sucks when the tables have turned.

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A little to early for F.U.D if you ask me..

This is why I'm a closet gamer this gen cuz you people/internet/fanboys make it look bad to be a gamer you make us all look like dorks nerds and idiots.

Enjoy the games live your life Shut the hell up.

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/la~sigh... First world problems.

and so life goes on..

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This gen of gamers give me a flipping break...

Deal with it..

Don't like it? get bent go away find a new hobby.

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" The Xbox One price drop isn't just to boost sales, says Microsoft " and Girls showing there boobs on the internet isn't for attention.. ether..

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I won't buy this game since i will not support it, since its been in development Longer then my friends have had children and got f'married.


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