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I would never question a question about never questioning Nintendo's software strategy. You know how insane I'd be...#PachAttacks

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What this means is that the Xbox 720 (or whatever it's called) will be the must-own, gaming and mutlimedia entertainment console and will "deliberately trash" the PS4 in every category. #MicrosoftWins

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OR Just don't make anything for Vita to being with. #NoSales

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Personally, I think the Wii U is already Insignificant and it's only Spring. #TakeThatReggie

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Next-Gen Halo being released on the Atari 2600. #HeardItFirst

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By announcing the Wii U2, and have Bono come on stage and perform a song using the new U2 Gamepad and then after the song he says "Take That USHER!".....

oh and then Nintendo can show another CGI trailer for the next Zelda, lol. #FunnyStuff

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Nintendo are in a whole, and until they can fill that whole with an increase in third-party software support and constant updates to its UI Interface and Nintendo Network, they will continue this downward slope. #YouKnowImRight

@PopRocks359...Thanks man!

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Hey Microsoft: #DealWithIt

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