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lol another darkride blog!!

console market dips, yet it is the fault of kinetic. not one mention of his beloved sony.

just a fanboy backslapping blog to help them all sleep better for a couple of nights.

how f'king sad are fanboys. and no, i aint mad bro

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@ red-ranger

darkride is indeed the pedlar of xbox doom and gloom blogs

here is the best of darkride

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@ battleaxe

the thing is, you are a well known fanboy of the sony flavour! what you just wrote was a fanboys wetdream.

time to wake and change your undies i think

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lol and there aint much lower than n4g!

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after 6 or 7 years and 70mil each, who sells the most is irrelevant

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@ DOMination

i am sorry but no. i know lots of people that own both (like me), who all agree that the 360 controller is alot better and more confortable.

apart from the d-pad, the 360 controller is the best that i have used.... and i have use everything since the atari vcs2600. which was when i started gaming

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how much will you get from sony when they pass 100mil?

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lol "my ps3 brethren" dear oh dear.

really who gives a f*"k except for the usual zealots on here.

"Perhaps the combination of all those delicious PS3 exclusives and now this has somehow made them question the validity of their argument over the years, and now they're suddenly realising that it wasn't blind Sony fanboys that predicted this but reasonably minded Sony fans who just followed the facts, and looked beyond the NPD wall su...

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@ zombieninjapanda. the sad part is that they do actually believe what they are saying.

anyway lol at another ridiculous fanboy fest in the comments section. it's normally ps3 vs xbox, but this one is a ps3 (psn+) vs pc (steam) and ofcourse lets not forget the staple "ps3 exclusives" comments.... where would n4g be without a ps3 and all its exclusives comments?? smh

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wasnt it your very own smgamers web-site that was writing blog after blog not so long ago, saying that the xbox was a "console in decline" amongst various other hit getting titles??

i even remember the xbox logo in a toilet title picture...

70mil is really great! but lets not forget that both microsoft and nintendo have managed that also this gen.

so i hope that every commentator in here is pleased the other hardware manufacturers have already achieved this?

this gen is now winding down, so i would expect the sales of the consoles to be also!

but its all good. with over 200mil consoles sold this gen, plus some amazing games on all the platforms, i have enjoyed it.

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played it at my cousins last nite....

absolutely incredible on-line. i couldve bought it and cancalled my LE on amazon. but i cant play it until thursday due to family commitments anyway.

343 have made an amazing game for sure

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nice post darkride.

but i think you are correct about the next xbox coming next year. i also think that they will beat sony out the gate because sony arent nowhere near ready.

sonys sales arent spectacular either! so i dont think that that is the reason. i personally think that sony just dont have the reslurces (money) to allocate towards ps4 r&d. or the board has not made it a priority, or they want the ps3 to return even more before they sanction a new...

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dear oh dear..

they like every headset are STEREO (except ax pros), but with simulated 7.1 which is provided by dolby headset via the mixamp!

i have a headset that outperfoms the over rated astros try them with a mixamp, then put the atros on.....

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and n4g gives these sites lots of hits for everyone of these blogs. blame the community on here for continuing the cycle.

ignore them, and they will go away

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so am i. after playing reach, you could tell that they had lost all motivation for making halo games.

whereas 343 look like they are going to make the franchise into something special.

if it took going back to an indie dev to to get back their mojo, then its all good. because the halo games bungie made last gen were great. this gen not so much. and i would like to see them pumping out games of equal quality..

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wow the once a week live vs psn thread...

dont people get bored writing the same stuff which wont change anything??

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also perhaps the fact that all of sonys 2010/11 sets are not capable of displaying 3D correctly.

in 2D sony are good, but in 3D, their active sets are a joke. hideous crosstalk problems, and only decent 3D in the foreground and until around halfway up the screen.

i just wish that sony, and samsung would go the paassive route. my 2012 LG is fantastic. i love it, but i would get another sony or samsung if if they could give me 3D as good as my LG

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after reading the article, i get the idea that you will install one disc and play with the other.. not bad imo

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