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Good list, and not just cuz I own every game on there lol!

Gotta shout out an honorary #11, Killzone 2. Highest rated FPS under Sony's auspices.

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I'm surprised MGS: The Twin Snakes has never been re-released.

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Does it count when your character gets lucky? Sorry, I mean 'hot coffee'?

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They should. They have before. It'll probably run the weekend, like a reskinned flash sale.

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Well I don't know what to tell ya. I'm not a Doom/Overwatch/Titanfall guy, so for me it's easier to understand.

None of those betas were fun. Shooting weapons I didnt care for in maps I didn't like against heavy metal mascots, bots, and over-saturated anime dudes? It wasn't for me. All the free weekends in the world won't change that.

No point to complain and bash, just do what I do and move on. I don't post in topics for game...

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Ratchet has aliens on different planets, of course they can have like 50 different enemy types and get away with it. Uncharted is set on earth, with humans. We only have two genders and pretty much all look the same far as head arms know I feel dumb even explaining this to you.

Oh and they're called 'trophies' not "achievements". Your Xbox muscle memory betrays you.

SFV and Firewatch got nominated in other...

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This. What does a ban accomplish morally when their own mascot Kratos has been beatin 'n' bangin' half naked ladies for 10 years?

The Order:1886 had full frontal male nudity. So did Piggy from Manhunt 12 years earlier. Don't shoot the messengers.

Wait til someone tells them their console doesn't just take screenshots, but can stream too. Fully uncensored. Should I be worried now if Geralt gets lucky next time i'm on 'Live From ...

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[quote]the platinum trophy is essentially out of the realm of possibility. Nobody I know even bothers trying for it as we're all adults now and simply don't have that kind of time[\quote]

If you've got time to write about them on an internet blog, you've got time lol.

Most anything by Telltale games only requires you beat the story. Article fixates too much. No it doesn't take half a year per game, and yes I know you have a life, you d...

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Cool thing about Nioh, is if you like a set of weapons/armour you can feed other higher levels into it via 'soul match' to raise its overall level. I didn't spend much time with the blacksmith in the beta, but I believe that's the gist of it. You could probably keep that preorder armor indefinitely if there's no limit on soul matching.

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I can see it hitting a million, yeah. True it's a new IP and definitely geared more towards the hardcore than casuals, but if it hooks some of the NInja Gaiden/Onimusha/Soulsborne crowd, plus makes a good showing in Japan, it's got odds.

Biggest thing I see eating into it a bit, as it will everything, is Horizon:Zero Dawn a couple weeks after. Nioh'll need legs as Sony's marketing attention switches quickly from game to game to game (Yakuza, Nier, Persona e...

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Leisure suit Larry

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[quote]if you aren't happy with Xbox exclusives, I'm not sure what you are seeing on the PlayStation side that excites you either[/quote]

Well, I could tell you I've platinumed infamous: second son, flrst light, uncharted4, bloodborne, ratchet&clank, until dawn, the order, gravity rush, resogun etc.

I could tell you I'm looking forward to The Last Guardian in December, gravity rush 2 and Yakuza 0 in January, Nioh and Horizon in Februar...

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You can remap every button on PS4. If you want X to jump, make it so

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The "technical issues" they speak of are literally just team Ico's standard SOTC/Ico controls at play which are for better or worse a staple of that studio. They literally say the game has magic and substance that could very well make it worth the wait. Their words. They only hope players will look past the stubborn trademark controls like not always lining up a throw perfectly and trico not listening on demand.

Fortunately I'm experienced enough to adapt....

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There's good things in CD Projekt Red and Techland's futures. Nice bit of national pride right there.

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Just played through it again earlier this year on 'old school' difficulty and finished all the single player grinds. Still happy to say it turned out better than I expected.

Sleeping Dogs, it's too bad the studio went kaput. Might be a one 'n' done.

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Thx for the head's up, downloading it now.

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Your individual preferences aren't universal absolutes.

I find the controller with the built in audio jack, speaker, share button, motion control, touchpad and blutooth to be more innovative. Like you said, gaming's about several aspects, including fast installs, loading, and multiple accounts being able to play online under one subscription.

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Is there some new system for deciding what "hasn't really had a good game" means? Because critics have rated several console exclusives quite well since UC4:

OdinSphere:Leifthrasir 87%
GuiltyGearXrd 86%
DragonQuest Builders 84%
BlazBlue: Central Fiction 83%
KingofFightersXIV 79%

There's all sorts of games out there. If someone doesn't wanna play 'em or is just a "killer app" casual, t...

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I saw that HDR flub too. They should edit that out before the article gets traction.

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