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A CFL game? That's pretty cool I gotta say. Great game tonight between Calgary and BC. One thing about CFL games is they know how to put points on the board. Should translate well to video games

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The disc is exclusive to Amazon for whatever reason.

That said I finally downloaded/platinumed it last week. Well worth it. Bring on part 2 in December!

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Themes great, coupled with being free there's Lots to like

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PS3. I've played it more, used it in more ways and for far longer than any other console I've owned. Future proofed to the max, there's things it does and games it has that I still prefer to this day.

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Wrestling is arguably more niche. Especially in video games. To borrow a wrestling expression, they haven't "gotten over" since what, Smackdown: Here comes the pain?

It's great they're giving away newer games, but let's maybe see what the competition offers up for August before writing RIP articles.

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This isn't a PS3/360 disc though, it's a ps4/Xbone/PC digital download port. It has no resale value, no collectors value, no case no nothing. It's digital, so it's not a limited edition, it's not numbered, it's not exclusive, it's not even a legacy title in the vein of GTA, FF, MGS, Zelda. It is what it is...and what it is, is overpriced.

Price should be more competetive ala Rockstar's recent line of spruced up ps2 to ps4 games (bully, gta3,...

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You said Spectre was a commercial flop? You intentionally trolling me, or accidentally?

Spectre is the SECOND HIGHEST GROSSING Bond movie of ALL TIME

Spectre's WW box office is $880 million. Only Skyfall has ever grossed more (1.1 billion) in 007's 50 years and almost 25 movies. The next highest WW gross is Casino Royale at $600 million. 72d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment

Coming out 2 weeks before The Last Guardian is better than a week after, but either way my October day 1 goes to Guardian.

I'll get ROTR on sale later. Earliest I'm lookin' at is Jan/Feb 2017 before Horizon: Zero Dawn, and that's only if something like a Yakuza 0 doesn't drop first.

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I haven't bought an Ubisoft game since April 2015, and it wasn't even a new game, but an oldie on sale. My attention's been elsewhere.

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Umm, cuz that's not what comedies generally open to? It's more than Central Intelligence, Ride Along 2 and Brothers Grimsby did this year, or the first two GB movies' openings. It's a solid opening (quote CNN Money). Especially for something that's supposed to be hated.

It's more than TMNT2 and Independence Day 2 opened domestic (US). Look, I have no interest in seeing it, AVGN can breathe a sigh, but fact is it made some coin ...

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Aaaaaand finally, my hopes have been answered! Earlier in this thread I said I've been waiting months for Gravity Rush: Remastered to go on sale to prime me for the sequel and lo and behold, it JUST went on sale in the NA psn store at 40% off!!


Part of the Superhero sale, no doubt cuz of ComicCon this weekend. Yes! That's how ya do business. Announce part 2 and get more potential customers on board by upping the attach rate on part 1. Happ...

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I'd be down with High Moon returning but I don't know if Platinum still has dibs on another game. Devastation hints at a potential future villain

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Common knowledge? What exactly's been wrong with their music and movie divisions, which both make money?

007 Spectre made near a billion last year not even counting home video. Spider-man just popped up in the MCU via billion dollar Civil War with Homecoming filming as we speak for next year. Ghostbusters made over $60 mil' WW this weekend in spite and despite itself. Shallows is at $60 mil' against a $17 mil' budget, Angry Birds movie is at almost $350 mil&...

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Well damn, I had a feeling another exclusive or two would get release dates for Q4, and here we are.

Really hoping they offer up a sale on Gravity Rush: remastered again, soon. I missed the last one and am just waiting for a price drop. I wanna get cracking before I get distracted by something else like NMS or Last Guardian. No time like the present.

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Been so long since Ueda's last game. I still have memories of staying up half the night on my ps2 even though I had to work the next day, just to knock off that one more Colossus!

This game's important, not the least of which is because unlike 90% of AAA's out there, it's a one-off not meant to hock season passes, sequels, microtransactions, multiplayer, endorsements, awards, DLC, or cater to dudebros or hipsters alike. It's in its own time capsule, it&#...

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They didn't have to stay in their animal forms after season 1. They explained it story wise. Budget went up in season 2&3 with the show's success. Mainframe's work got better.

Beast Wars is arguably the best written TF series there's been. Forward and Ditillio made some great characters so I gotta disagree with you there.

Tarantulus scheming ala Starscream + researching the Vok, Inferno's glitchy loyalty, Dinobot & Rattrap'...

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Pricing's weird. Season passes are generally supposed to be cheaper, no? Pay in full up front, you get hook ups. Like Hitman.

Batman's is more expensive.

Only the first episode is on the season pass retail disc here. So not only do you still have to download the next 4 episodes anyways but you wind up paying $5 more, plus tax, than if you were to just download them all individually from PSN. What's the point?

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Well said. + bubble

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As far as the superhero/superpower genre is concerned, inFamous and Batman hold the monopoly and for good reason. Fun, polished, critically and commercially successful, homegrown. Why *wouldn't* Sony invest in it? Nothing to wonder about.

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I'll save it for next year's summer drought or something. Played its predecessor free on Plus. Not in a hurry.

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