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You do realise that Dylan Jobe formed Lightbox after Incognito, making PS3 exclusive Starhawk. Others from Incognito formed EatSleepPlay under David Jaffe and made PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal. Sounds like a win/win. #6.2.1
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Sony need to work more on 3rd party partners?! My catalogue begs to differ. NiNoKuni, Dragons Crown, Beyond, Heavy Rain, FF14 online, Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza, Xilia, Resistance, Demons Souls, MGS4, Heavenly Sword etc were all developed externally. I've been playing Warframe like mad for weeks, and that's *still* a 3rd party console exclusive. FF14 online is just as much a 3rd party exclusive as Titanfall (Crossgen and PC).

MS didn't loosen its g... #1.1.8
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Sony *owns* the Sly and Ratchet IPs though, full on. They can commision anyone they want to make them, as they did with LBP3 which isn't media molecule. Same way Bungie no longer makes Halo and Epic no longer makes Gears, but MS still owns them. #2.2.4
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LBP3 will "cater to a small audience"?! What small audience? The first two games sold millions and won numerous awards including a GOTY from the Academy of interactive arts and sciences, which is like the oscars (voted by industry).

Far Cry never put up LBP numbers on any given console, yet they're getting a #4 this holiday. With the usual COD/BF/AC yearly cash grabs coming as well, I'm all for something sans headshot.

I d... #1.1.17
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Infamous isn't a "perfect example", as it's one of the better selling open world superhero games. Better than Prototype and the last countless Spider-Man's. infamous 1&2 also sold more than the 360's closest exclusive counterparts, Crackdown1&2. Look it up. Yet MS just announced Crackdown3. Why wouldn't Sony continue as well?

The last Gears and Forza games haven't even hit 2 million themselves, so if infamous doi... #3.1.4
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Hmm, I like the shooting gameplay the way it is. These aren't twitch shooters. The slippery-fish COD type of gunplay would feel weird to me. Even multiplayer is more methodical. #3.1.1
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I have two controllers for everything, 360 included. You honestly saying people only buy 2nd Playstation controllers cuz the charge is so bad on the first one? What about MP, from Playroom and LBP to every single sports game ever? What if I told you my wife simply wanted a pink dual shock? What if the elevated cross d-pad on my 2nd 360 controller was simply better than the flat d- pad the console came with?

Further, who drains a dualshock a day? If you hav... #19.3.1
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Truefan, psn had dedicated servers for many games last gen. If people didn't notice then why would they now other than marketing? From Warhawk and Resistance in the early years to MAG and DCUO in the later ones, they were there.

As far as pushing the envelope (drivatars?), PSN consistently had the highest VS player counts. 360 didn't have any 256 player games like MAG, or even the 60 player matches of Resistance2. Never had any MMOAGs like DC Universe or cross platfor... #3.7
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True. I'm still surprised how much more customizable and diverse my ps3 is compared to the ps4. From dynamic themes, UI folders and trophy sorting to the zooming on the web browser, they lost a few things in translation. Slow to patch 'em back in.

Lack of apps like youtube and no cd/mp3 playback or folders to upload photos and movies to has been jarring. I can't even access my paid avatars on the ps4 which is #%*. I have to change avatars on my ps... #6.4.2
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What store exactly, let's you return opened (and now used) videogame hardware for a refund simply because you're bored? That's a rental. #22.1
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Seems like a lot of potential distractions tbh. If I was doing round 15 of escalation in the new transformers game and my team mate kept dying cuz he was too split between his smartglass/app snapping/skype and twitch combo chatting instead of watching my six, I'd boot him lol. Put the girlfriend down and revive my @ss! :p #19.2
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Agree with the article about the apps. Xbox always had more and better apps. Still does.

Disagree about batteries for the controller being a good thing. They're not. It's dinosaur tech and a nuisance at the best of times, trying to find batteries anytime in life.

From my flashlight at work to kids toys at home. I hate it. I understand it for kids toys, but my $50 xbox controller isn't as disposable as a $15 motorized Thomas the train or a remote c... #24
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Not really. I'm not a fan of added/hidden expenses, and having to pay an extra 25$ for a peripheral (as per the article) to allow you to plug headphones into your xbone controller is kind of a burn, especially when you have to buy batteries for the controller too.

I don't need a snap option. Would prefer to simply see my friends' xbone achievements from my 360. PS4 ain't immune to criticism either mind you. I miss sorting trophies alphabetically by game and b... #7.1
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Might as well say "I don't see anyone over the age of 12 being interested in videogames". It would be just as condescending to the hobby. A good game is a good game #5.1.2
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FYI, I subscribed to psplus for the first time in December 2010 to get exclusive access to the DCUO beta. Loved it so much I bought it at launch on 01/11/2011. Downloaded a FREE Sam&Max game too just because.

The hack happened Months LATER. I bought Portal 2 to pass the time when it did and did the SP in Motorstorm Apocalypse as well. My trophy list corroborates everything. To say plus only exists because of the hack is fubar.
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God of War Ascension came out head 2 head with Gears of war Judgment last year. God of War sold more. Uncharted 3 came out head 2 head with Gears of War 3 before that and Uncharted sold more as well. The thing about seeing, is you have to look. #78.3
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Sixaxis is still around, the ps4 controllers have it. Contemporary games still use it. The Last of Us had it. Move's motion control light is also integrated into every Dualshock4.

Wonderbook is one niche game out of a thousand. Estimates peg it just over half a million. Following a year when AAA sequels like Metal gear Rising, Metro and Lost Planet failed to reach even *that* much on the 360, it's a drop in the pond #1.1.33
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TLOU barely had cutscenes for exposition and narrative. It ain't MGS. Vast majority of conversations happen in-game as the characters walk around. The cutscenes generally pop up to show close ups and scenes that involve non-gameplay elements like driving the truck, and even that required gameplay to get it rolling. Anyone who played the game would know this.

replayability remains subjective. I only finished Gears2 and Halo3 one time each. I platinumed all... #1.1.35
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[QUOTE]..Delson Row..[/QUOTE]

Stopped reading there. Can't take a review seriously that hasn't even done the bare minimum research required to spell the protagonist's name correctly. Repeatedly. However finds the time to bash unrelated games and make assumptions on customer satisfaction and 'dusty hardware'.

In other words, it's "Delsin Rowe" http://in... #34
My fave game of last year! One of my favorite platinums. So much end game content. Driving around the map in my go-kart was a nice wrap up. #13
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