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What about Yakuza, krib? Please enlighten us as to what you think you know about Sega’s ongoing 13 year franchise that Sega doesn’t know themselves http://www.playstationlifes... .

Got enough room in there for your other foot?

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Didn’t click and don’t need to. The open world hub is tight. Narratives are everywhere thanks to Mimir in the boat. Talks about everything, even the lore of guys you don’t see like Surtur and how a paranoid Odin is trying to manipulate Ragnarok to happen on his own terms.

The spirits around the lake all have stories that expand on the characterization of gods like Thor, the dragons all have histories too. All made possible by the open structure and finding people places an...

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Still buying it, but admittedly I haven’t had that day one moment yet in these GI walkthroughs. Granted it’s only been tutorial type missions, and the obnoxious commentary coupled with alpha bugs break the immersion a bit.

The wilderness environments look sweet tho’. I’m already seeing places where I’d like to veer off. But I’m waiting for the hordes, personally. Good news is they said they’re revealing new horde gameplay next week.

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Using Cliffy B’s upcoming Battle Royale as a shining example might not be the best example, as his most recent MP venture (Lawbreakers) bombed. That’s what some of these writers forget, or overlook. Not everything is Fortnite.

Evolve, Battleborn, Paragon, Drawn to Death, Dust514. The scratches aren’t limited to shooters either. For Honor, Marvel Heroes. SFV, GTSport, Sea of Thieves were all about online MP, and the backlash was immense. The future’s still up for grabs.

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Between your “State of Decay #%^* all over Detroit” comment and all the State of Decay in this thread, i’m inclined to disagree.

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The devs have talked about upgrading the bike as you progress, which increases the maximum speed. Nitro boost is mentioned in the video. It’s not a sports bike though so don’t expect front flips.

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If it’s gonna suck, why post? Nonconstructive negativity.

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They’re releasing an hour, a year out? That’s pretty sweet. I remember being impressed by Bioshock Infinite releasing 15min! Gotta set some time aside to watch this later.

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Poseidon, Cronos, Hades came in GOW3...after FOUR previous games set the table.

This is part one of the Norse pantheon. Let it happen naturally. One of entertainment’s golden rules is ‘always leave em wanting more’.

You haven’t fought the Valkyrie queen. I can tell by your nostalgia over Ares and claiming no other fight was epic. The queen is arguably the tightest, toughest boss in the series. Sorry you couldn’t beat the eight other Valky...

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HZD isn’t a melee game any more than GOW is a bow and arrow game. That you chose to hack and slash through it, is on you. I’m sure you didn’t pick-axe your way through RotTR.

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Fight the Valkyrie Queen guys, then come back and tell us it’s an interactive movie that you only have to press triangle for.

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Heh, you’re telling me! I shopped there exclusively for years. Got great software deals. Have one $5 voucher left they gave me as a sayonara.

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Except BestBuy just cancelled gamers club and reward zone points here in Canada. No more loyalty program or anything, just a flat rate of $79.99

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I noticed this earlier today while comparing preorder incentives. Detroit: Become Human is AWOL on Amazon.

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Dang it, just as wind down my platinum. So many great moments, had to make do with ordinary screenshots. Fortunately I kept multiple saves before key areas and environmental changes.

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I wonder if a free-to-play Twisted Metal might be the way to go with that IP?

Tweak EatSleepPlay’s engine, slap on a Battle Royale alongside the standard MP fare, and make money the free-to-play way. Starter packs, booster packs, maps, skins, currencies, whatever. Then Sony could get another MP option out there without tacking it on to SP games.

So, keep the budget modest and expectations realistic. People might not wanna fork out $60 for car combat anymo...

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Xbox having a Smart phone app isn’t indicative of a brighter tomorrow. Playstation has phone apps too, but is also moving more software for Ubisoft ( http://www.playstationlifes... ) than Xbox One and PC combined. Gamepass like PS Now is still an additional subscription, not a replacement.

Nintendo doesn’t even have a ...

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A new Resistance would be most welcome. Hasn’t been an exclusive FPS of note on PS4 since KZ: Shadowfall, and I don’t see any on the Horizon (no pun intended).

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It takes years to make AAA’s. The ones that’ve dropped in the past two years started development years before that. The long game was already in effect. Still is as we’re waiting for Detroit, Dreams, Spider-man, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Days Gone, TLOU2, 13 Sentinels etc.

Then as those start coming out over the next couple months-years, we’ll start getting news on the next batch from Guerilla Games, Japan studio, Insomniac’s other team, From software, Team Ninja,...

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Krib, you’re comparing numbers from single console exclusives to multiplatform games across all consoles and PC. Look at one console at a time. Horizon and Uncharted sold more to the PS4 userbase than Overwatch. GOW just set a record. PuBG isn’t even the best selling game on Xbox.

GTAV? Multiplatform across two, TWO generations. I bought it and beat it for the SP. Online barely worked at launch. Shark cards didn’t even exist. The IP was already a bestseller before Xbox even...

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