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I had fun with the MP. Only drawbacks were the occasional one sided domination, but I've seen that elsewhere. Coming off of Doom MP the same night, it was refreshingly fun for me

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A Dark Souls fans complaining about another game's framerate and aggressive AI? Now I've seen it all.

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It's a good worry. He's trying something new game design wise in that you have to build trust with the trico and he won't initially always wanna listen to you. Casuals may get frustrated. I'm not one of them though. Sign me up

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Not a basketball fan (go raptors though!) but my kids might get some couch pvp out of it. I'm curious about Gone Home. Lotsa good reviews, it's a name I've been hearing for a long time.

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Blizzard's never made a penny off me. World of Warcraft's only piqued my interest as a South Park satire, and a trailer for a B movie I'll never see.

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Not there yet. Got witcher2 free on Xbox and never felt the need to play past act 1. Too much time dropping inventory and micro managing encumbrance within layers of convoluted menus and a weird map to really enjoy myself. But hey, at least my guy got lucky.

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[quote] the world in uncharted is dead with nothing moving[/unquote]

And with that, we've officially crossed over into stupid.

Have an opinion all day and all night, but the moment you start lying (UC4 is actually brimming with moving grass twigs leaves vines flowers wind hair clothes rain pots pans chairs ropes clouds water rocks flies goats smoke flags lights mud flames mist etc), then the conversation is over.

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Most are bad? What on earth are you playing? Godzilla?

InFamous, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, MLB the show, Tearaway Unfolded, LBP3, Ratchet, UC4 are all good.

I'm on PSN almost everyday so no, thats not "always down" either.

If you're gonna go for the jugular, at least mention PS+, not a buncha fiction.

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Who says the cheats have to be tied to the trophies? Spawning a rhino has nothing to do with finding all the collectibles. Having a money cheat to buy all the vanity items like clothing has no bearing on finishing difficulty x,y or z.

These rockstar ps2-ers are dinosaur games that I've already owned and finished multiple times anyways. Big part of the appeal for me has been replaying these games without trophies getting in the way and disabling ...

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Picked up Bully and Max Payne from their set. May get Manhunt during a lull. Good fun, especially since cheats don't disable trophies. There's something liberating about that.

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Great, another contrarian. Maybe the original?

Tom chick.

Don't even have to click, he doesn't like games I do and vice versa. This'll be below 50% once again, although this ship sailed 5 years ago. Uncharted 3? Why even submit this if not for clicks

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Black Ops 1 was the last COD I actually played through for myself and didn't just buy for my wife, like I do every damn year lol.

It was good, and I had a good time with it. When I had a free month of Live earlier this year I fired it up again and had some fun. Glad to see it go BC

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This game took the idea of online into a most welcome and much needed direction.

Rather than being a MP at odds with SP, something separate, it enhanced the SP to its true potential. Huge coup for the PS3

Hope they fix it and keep it running. This is one of those legacy games.

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Agree on that count too. I initially dreaded the MP grinding needed for TLOU platinum but in the end, I had lots of great matches and moments. It's probably my fave naughty dog mp to date

I dreaded the MP grind for the Bioshock2 platinum as well, but same thing happened there. I was pretty good at it and had lots of fun in the process. Another happy accident

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Agreed. I put hours upon hours into the ME3 coop PvE, on both consoles! All the free map and character updates kept me coming back. Loved it, unexpectedly so. Loot became addicting.

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It's the fastest selling Ratchet to date and is averaging an 86% critically, so it's a hit. I wouldn't call that meaningless.

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I'm in chapter 10, something tells me that's not a person I should be reading about just yet.....

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You're in the wrong thread then.

Holy gawd, the negativity around this place lately.

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At the auction, couple ladies drinking champagne actually had some in their glasses; it'd move around as their glasses tilted, nearly spilling. Saw it after zooming in by accident.

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Been almost 5 years since the last one. I actually find UC4 refreshing after going so long playing everything BUT Uncharted.

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