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Not exactly. From an Ubi' rep:

"This connectivity will be limited to the game's modern day section, where you play a version of yourself working for the Templar-fronted Abstergo."

So basically the Desmond type of sequences, probably less than 5% of the game judging by past titles.

[QUOTE]But it is completely up to you if you want to take part, Ismael stressed. For those who want to play offline, that opt... #54.1
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Yeah I'm halfway through Survivor now, and I still can't believe how scarce crafting items and bullets are! Almost every drawer that had something on Normal is empty now. There's even less melee weapons. Changes the gameplay for sure, livin' off 2 arrows, 1 health kit and a shiv lol. #1.5
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You're talking about digital purchases as in online retailers. That's a bit different though. Buy a game online from Amazon/BestBuy? They still send you a physical disc in the mail. It's about disc vs download.

There's no DRM on food and clothes either. #45.1
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This is true too. Mattrick had a rough E3, but he towed the company line, to a fault even. If anything negative happens to him it'd be as a scapegoat. MS knowingly sent all these guys into a minefield. Larry Hryb just ate his crow last week.

Yeah Mattrick coulda looked less sheepish when Lucas & Spielberg took a jarjar on hardcore gamers and videogame storytelling in their Kinect panel, but it was MS who decided to work with them in the first place. #19.1
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One day early works for me #9
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By the same token I don't want my AI partner costing me the match, as they do in Fuse. Especially on Survivor difficulty in Clicker nests. Ellie had to be incognito to a point. That being said she can still get caught/killed, as can Bill. Fine line. #3.3
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Dear Valve,

I bought physical copies of Portal 2, L4D, L4D2, Orange Box. Always will given the option.

Me #35.1
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She already has a retainer though. Not just as a mo-cap actress, likeness and VA for Sony's 'Two Souls', but her face is on the cover as is her name in bold. Sony/QD had her doing panels at Tribeca. She has the whole Sony marketing machine behind her. Considering she's had 2 years to say something but never did, it's splitting hairs at this point. She already works for them. #87.1
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Some personal highlights:

*Enabled V-sync to eliminate screen tearing.
*Find Missing Survivor mission opportunity timeouts increased from 30 to 60 minutes.
*All mission opportunity timeouts pause while not playing.
*The “Too many infestations!” to-do item is now properly cleared if you relocate your Home to a site with fewer than two infestations within 500m.
*Reduced frequency of “I brought you a pony…” line.
*Playable characters can n... #1
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In MAG's defense (I never got into it personally), it sold over a million as a new IP with no SP, on the strength of those 256 and 128 player matches alone. That to me, is impressive. Don't have to "set the world on fire" to be a successful online experiment. #1.3.6
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I'm afraid USA007 is right, it's latency and controller familiarality/market penetration. These things are run on LAN, nothing to do with fanboys or Sony paying ppl off. There was a business (that went under) about 10min from me that did nothing but LAN parties, tournys and pay-to-play. Time to pay the piper. #1.16.2
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He's in the 2 highest rated games of the year, so he must be doing something right. Booker & Liz, Joel & Ellie, credit to his pixel dance partners too. #1.4.1
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Yup. As Ocelot would say, "you're pretty good!" #6.1
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I'm holdin' off 'til next year, or gonna try to at least. The rest of 2013 I'll still be mining current gen games. Gonna try to wrap up this gen's loose ends while they iron out the inevitable next gen launch kinks. #138
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Wait til the 2nd patch. The 1st one didn't work as per the developers. Frame rate has taken an even worse beating too. Wait til the fixes. #3
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I'm diggin' it. Better than I thought it'd be for a freebie #1
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3 reasons it might not be the last:
1)Beyond: Two Souls
2)The Puppeteer
3)GranTurismo 6

:p #1
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'Died' is a bit strong. PS3 still managed a hefty chunk of quality 3rd party exclusives this gen:

Konami's MetalGearSolid 4
Insomniac's Resistance 1-3 and 5+ Ratchet & Clanks
From Software's Demon's Souls
Sega's Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza 3-5
Namco Bandai's Ni No Kuni and Tekken Revolution
That Game Company's Journey/Flower/Flow
HouseMarque's SuperStardust and DeadNation
Qu... #8.1
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I already got Halo 3 for free when I got my 360 two years ago. Same with Fable 3. Platinumed AC2 on PS3 forever ago, and Walmart was giving away AC2 free with AC3 anyways. Heck, even AC Revelations comes with a free AC1 on PS3.

It's a bit of a fine line, bragging about sloppy seconds. Old games are old, and them being free once before and elsewhere diminishes the bragging rights a bit. Walmart bundles the oldies away all the time (GTA Tales from Liberty City free with Max... #1.1.4
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Great intro! Picking this up in the morning. Have a $5 off coupon for BB. #9
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