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Kids a good jumper so that's a plus for the platforming. Animation transitions are smooth. Commands are cute. Sense of scale is enormous once you get outside and are faced with some genuinely precarious leaps of faith (no conveniently placed straw carts here lol). Classic Ico art style. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Jesus enough fapping about the Witcher!

The gameplay in Witcher 2 was so inventory micromanagement heavy I can't even be bothered to go back and finish it. Series has average combat at best. At best.

Not everyone's into lord of the rings, swords&sorcery fantasy type stuff. Let Detroit do its own thing.

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You say the Xbox doesn't come with a "ton of shit like the PS4" or have a "ton of foreigners", but the games the author's talking about are *literally* on Xbox. Skyrim and MGSV, the games the author name drops, are quite literally multiplatform. MGS is even made by Japanese developers. You're putting words in the author's mouth he never said.

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Martyrdom and Last Stand, man how long's it bin?

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Sounds like the biggest map in the game! 4 targets could get hairy for a SASO run. Little nod to Absolution too with the scarecrow disguise, which I will be using on at least one big bad

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Meh, I have little to no interest in the Pro. Until games become seriously gimped on OG platforms or hardware failure forces me to upgrade, I'm good at 1080. Don't have a 4K tv anyways.

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Looks like an emptier, kiddy NMS with some LBP crafting. Kind of a Nintendo in space art style. I guess young kids might like it, til they get bored of playing with rocks.

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I'm fine with this. I own at least 8 of them. Burnt out, needed a break. Seeing the backlog of Unity, Syndicate and Chronicles continue to grow during my hiatus just put me off that much more. Games shouldn't feel like work.

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Glad to hear they've made a profit. It's still something I wanna play one day. Hopefully it makes its way to PS+ so more people can check it out. Build up that fan base for their next project.

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Consoles aren't PCs.

The 20 million install base on Xbox and 40 million on ps4 aren't all gonna buy mid-gen upgrades just for resolution. This is still uncharted territory for console. Not every ps4 game is getting a ps4 pro patch. Witcher 3 isn't. The jury's out on how much customers and developers will embrace this. I keep hearing this isn't a new gen. Lemme know when it is.

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Unless they make exclusives for the Scorpio, all its games still have to run or be optimized for the OG Xbone which from a power standpoint is still less than the ps4. Unless they wanna throw away the millions in attach rates they already have, I don't expect anything earth shattering software wise until publishers see it sell through.

If the Xbone S remains Microsoft's strongest selling unit, that's their audience regardless who has the better specs. Might as ...

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Xbox has been cheaper than PS in Canada for a decade now so no, price isn't the "only" thing that makes something successful. It's one thing, but not the only thing.

"Better" can be subjective. Gold wasn't worth it to me last gen cuz I wasn't about to pay twice for the same damn thing (need an additional subscription for each additional account to play online on the same 360).

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I'm guessing cuz it's so close to Last Guardian. Less than a week between them. It's inevitable that TLG steals some thunder.

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Looks like it's a crushed blacks/calibration issue, fixable by upping the gamma/brightness, tweaking sharpness or changing rgb from full to limited. The lines in the stones are still there in spots if you squint but even the overall gamma is darker so that plus the shadow black crushes it out, creating the effect of lesser textures. I had to re-calibrate my kids' new tv for a similar reason. The effects and light sources seem to be upped though.

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Urgh, plz release it in NA at some point too!

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LOL! It's like Max Payne crossed with angry drunk Superman from Superman 3

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The PSPro has toslink. It's the slim that didn't.

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Charlie Oakley, shoulda known.

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Minecraft looks and plays like a dinosaur yet did just fine. More than fine. The thing about controls, is you eventually get used to them within the context of the game.

Resident Evil, Heavy Rain, Metroid Prime, Silent Hill all had tank controls yet went on to be critical and commercial hits. MGS2 and MGS3 had fixed cameras that were "last gen" compared to newcomers like Splinter Cell. Witcher 2 and 3 have long been criticized for bad combat controls, but people w...

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Your data is sooo old. Bloodborne's load times were patched and significantly reduced over a year ago. I should know. I waited to buy the game til it was patched. RECores were always longer.

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