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Something, anything, from the Ninja Gaiden trilogy should be on there. Really popularized the sound test "cheats" where you'd input a timed button sequence at certain points during the title screen and enter a debug mode of sorts where you could go through the entire soundtrack and sound effects. Friend and I spent hours in the ninja gaiden 1&2 sound tests, which had fantastic and cinematic 8-bit tracks to boot. Even copied the NG2 soundtrack to cassette tape back in the day... #7
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Great news! His is the sound of MGS. Will be nice to have some kind of audio continuity/anchor grounding mgs5 amidst the new voice cast. #1
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2:1 sales on 360 multiplats is *not* common shady. Honestly don't know where you're getting your numbers from since they're out there. One local brick 'n' mortar store aint a large enough pool to draw any conclusions from. If you wanna see something 2:1, look up the Dark Souls estimates which favor ps3. #18.1.6
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Who else ran a comparison like DF?? This reads like a full-on under the hood tech analysis with 2tb of captured video. Eurogamer/digitalfoundry have never pulled any punches when it comes to the ps3. Quite the opposite actually. Even rockstar advised against the 360 full install. Clearly there are issues. #32.1
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Walmart Canada has the best deals this week, hands down. BioShock Infinite for $15 among others! #1
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When you can consistently predict a site's 6's and 7's in advance, you know there's a bit of a problem.
Last of us 7.5
God of war ascension 7.0
Dragons crown 6.5
Ni no kuni 6.5
Sly cooper thieves in time 6.0
Puppeteer 6.0
Killzone mercenary 6.0

Kinda weird they'd rate WWE13 higher than all these games. No accounting for some tastes it seems. #5.1
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Where'd you get that from? The reviewer specifically says it's *not* floaty like LBP. And I quote: "..Kutaro doesn't have Sackboy's floaty and inaccurate feeling players might have bemoaned in LittleBigPlanet."

Then in the bulletpoint summary it reiterates: "Tight puppet controls" #3.1
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Always wanted that Ni No Kuni one for the Wizard's companion & Drippy! #6
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While it's not a horror game, Demons Souls scared me everytime I left the Nexus, heh. Just knowing I could be killed anywhere by anyone, or invaded! It sat on my living room table for a week before I mustered the guts to play it, lol. #6
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XBox Infinity. Better name, better logo, better catchphrases. Never a fan of 'XBox One'. You're only one once. Maybe their 4th console could be Infinity? The marketing practically writes itself. "XBox 4ever", see? Forever = Infinity with the #4 in '4ever' to signify the 4th console. I just did someone's job in my pyjamas, lol. #22
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Agreed. Even if you leave out the software all together and just base it on actual console specs or UI, I'm surprised they put cartridges over Bluray. Batteries over blutooth. Memory cards over HDDs. What was their criteria? #42.1
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Thing is, in the end I'll have played the PS3 more than my PS2 or PS1. Heck, I play my NES more than my Gamecube. As such, 7th for PS3 seems rather low vs Cube, which can't even get a port of MGS: Twin Snakes onto any modern HD Collections.

In comparison, #7 launched new IP like Uncharted, LBP, inFamous, Demons Souls, Dragons Crown, Valkyria Chronicles, Motorstorm, Resistance, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Journey etc, not even counting exclusive sequels to... #39.2
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I'm a comicbook fan, so DCUO is right up my alley. I have zero interest in the MMO's you mentioned, free or not. Different demographic. Remember that.

Superheroes are hot IPs in pop culture right now http://www.boxofficemojo.co... . Conan? Not so much http://www.boxofficemojo.co...... #5.2
I'd wouldn't call it 'wasting your time'. Platinuming it was the most fun I had online in 2011. I paid retail, but never bought a single expansion pack. No regrets. If the damn GB consumption wasn't so huge and often, I'd still play it. #4.1.1
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[QUOTE]Metacritic is where its at, and Forza mops the track with GT.[/QUOTE]

Sounds a bit egregious. So let's take a look-see:

Forza1 = 92%
GT1 = 96%

Forza2 = 90%
GT2 = 93%

Forza3 = 92%
GT3 = 95%

Forza4 = 91%
GT4 = 89%

ForzaHorizons = 85%
GT5 = 84%

5 GT games' overall meta avg = 91.4%
5 Forza games' overall meta avg... #7.3
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You realise that PSN also offers free games that don't require a Plus sub', right? DC Universe, Dust 514, Jetpack Joyride, Tekken Revolution, Buzz Quiz, random eps like Walking Dead etc.

For what it's worth, I already beat Dead Rising 2 three years ago, and Case Zero two years. #1.1.4
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My PS3 controllers still work since 2007, sorry Loki.

Ask me about how I intermittently have to disable rumble on BOTH my 360 controllers though cuz the stupid batteries get rumbled off their connectors, disconnecting me mid gameplay? It's 2013 and I'm playing Crackdown without rumble, because of batteries. 10 more years of this?

If you are though, random disconnects are a nuisance, especially online. They adopted bluray, why not blutoo... #62.1
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Know what I find convenient? Not having to disable rumble on rechargeable controllers (like the Dualshock) like I have to every so often on my two 360 controllers because the rumble dislodges the battery connection enough to DISCONNECT MY CONTROLLER DURING GAMEPLAY!

Had to disable rumble on Crackdown yesterday cuz everytime I'd lob a firefly, my screen would tell me to reconnect my controller. Then it takes like 10 sec to synch again, and bo... #1.2.14
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Critiques by their nature should be open to criticism.

Escapist gave it the lowest score taking exception with some of the art calling certain images "lazy" and "regressive", while arguably overemphasising the importance of story in a MP beat em up (are Golden Axe, Streets of Rage or Final Fight revered for their story?), so having an Escapist presented video come to their defense seems a tad self-serving. #1
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Great drop for Plus users who haven't played it yet! I bought Hitman for a twenty a couple months ago and platinumed it. Had a lot of fun. Some reviews were way too harsh imo. When in doubt stealth wise, as far as outfit cover being blown, hold the button that obstructs 47's face more. Helped me walk through many a mine field, like the hotel. #20
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