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For this one, I may actually preorder the (expensive) collectors edition with the Trico statue and various trinkets. I haven't preordered or bought a collectors box of anything in years.

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Every so often it does the PS3 startup chime, you know that orchestral strings/horns note you get as the xmb loads. Thing is, I still have my PS3 hooked up right next to the PS4 so I forget it's coming and I'll hear it randomly and wonder if I accidentally turned on my PS3 LOL!

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Still some well rated 3rd party exclusives that creeped over this year alongside their PS4 counterparts such as Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Guilty Gear Xrd, Blaz Blue Central Fiction. But the sun has definitely set on pure PS3 exclusives, last year's excellent Yakuza 5 being the most notable in recent memory. Heckuva run.

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I platinumed Dying Light:The Following enhanced edition recently and loved it, so I went and bought the Dead Island definitive remaster after MUCH hesitation and deliberation. Wasnt crazy about what I played 5 years earlier. BUT...I took a chance, put 8hrs of co-op into DI:Definitive my first night and have to say I had a good time.

For a $12 remaster, it'll scratch the zombie itch. Dying Light and The Following are on another level to be sure, but they used the DyingLi...

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They want to know your N7 ranks from the ME3 multiplayer? Oi, it's been a while, but I played the hell outta that PvE co-op! I'll have to reinstall and check. Had different ranks on PS3 and 360, liked it enough to max out my galactic readiness with both communities.

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TLOU remastered did this too. Had 30fps and 60fps modes.

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Clancy Brown is the new N7? Wow, good voice!

Lex Luther in the Superman/Justice League animated, the corrupt CO in Shawshank, crooked Military dude in both the Flash and Daredevil last season. Hmm, maybe watch your backs Ryder twins, lol.

Although...there's a line in the new trailer where someone says "you're the NEW pathfinder", which might imply that Pathfinder Clancy won't be long for this brave new world.

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Gears had more games out. At a glance at vgchartz estimates, Uncharted 3 outsold Gears 3 by a wider margin than Gears 2 outsold Uncharted 2. Gears Judgment only did Golden Abyss PSV numbers. It's only estimates, but counting The Nathan Drake Collection and Gears Ultimate I'd say they're pretty even keel.

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The thing about the Scorpio scapegoat, is if you honestly cared that much about what "plays all multiplats better", you wouldn't be using the PS4 for only 1 or 2 games.

RE7 in January isn't game enough? Phil Spencer ain't gonna turn down 3rd party VR games for not being "full" enough while bombs like ReCore still make it past QA. It's hypocritical.

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Game publishers often state how much money they make off of what, but digital to them also counts millions of microtransactions and DLC, not just $60 games. That skews the numbers. Rockstar made like $500 million off of GTAV online this year, so their digital revenue is gonna be understandably bigger as they haven't had a new retail release in years.

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All your "evidence" supports is that you and I have very, very different friends lists if no one on your's has bought a disc in 2 years.

I know, see, hear of people buying discs all the time, especially with price matching and sales being more frequent. Target just had a buy 2 get 1 free. There's never been anything remotely close on PSN/xbl other than spend $100 get $15 back, of which I have more credit for right now with bestbuy rewards.

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When they put it that way, it makes sense. They're not gonna spend a ton of money to re-engineer the entire game for 60 when realistically, they won't make any of that money back. R&C was technically finished by late 2015. The next one will be developed with Pro in mind from the ground up.

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Most games last gen ran 720p native. Hell, Halo 3 was 640p native. I assure you 1080p native with 60fps and/or 4K (upscaled or not) looks better. It's a murky art style, won't win graphics awards but neither did any Souls games.

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Well, by Tecmo/team ninja standards (ninja gaiden) it's AAA. They dont have EA money, but years of development investment including the recent alpha/beta cycles, and now Sony announcing they'll be publishing it...should push it over.

Sony footing the publishing plus being an exclusive = more money for advertising and explains the sudden emphasis on Pro settings and release bump from 2016 to 2017. Sony wanted it to invest into their new hardware which means the budge...

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The always online sucks and I and everyone else have taken them to task over it. They said they can't change it so best to hope for is they won't do it again. No platinum sucks too as it's still a full retail priced game.

What's been good about it though, is I've had sporadic downtime in my gaming this year that Hitman has filled more than once when a new map drops. I've replayed the levels more than anything in Absolution already.

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Says the Pokemon go player

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Still have my copy of this and part 2. Classic action horror

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Free gold weapon for participating. Nice.

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Depends on the game. If hard isn't required I won't bother, the break is nice.

Some games are definitely satisfying on hard, but others aren't (hello cod:[email protected] grenade spam). I dont play R&C to stress over. I've got Nioh for that :p

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I've enjoyed it, it's become something I look forward to each month or so. Season finale on Oct31 comes just as I've had my fill. It's been an experiment that I have to say, worked.

At its core the Hitman franchise (not counting Absolution) has always been just a bunch of disassociated maps one after another. Blood money, contracts, silent assassin. That's their niche they're playing to with this one. Bite sized self contained stealth sandboxes.

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