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No way it's a 10 with that MP. Tried a couple of the user map missions too and wasn't compelled to keep playing.

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Interesting, but GT's competition buying the name and video library isnt quite the revival I think most fans were hoping for. It's like when WWF bought WCW. Wound up being WCW in-name-only. They buried it, creatively.

Most of those GT guys reformed as EasyAllies I believe. Need them back to make it truly mean something. Not much faith in an IGN "raw/smackdown" brand extension. In the end it's still IGN.

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Are they still releasing that Sly Cooper animated movie? I remember the first trailer and then all the attention moved to Ratchet.

If they are still making a Sly movie, I'm hopeful a game would follow.

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What ever happened to the little guy from Knack that they made an announce trailer for, saying knack was coming to ps all stars? Wonder if they just decided to hold off until a sequel?

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Agreed. Guy who wrote this: you already wrote this. Drop your cards on the table and walk away. If your hand is weak, fold. 10 addendums (and counting) in the comment section isn't strengthening your position, merely weakening it.

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Edit: dbl post

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I don't have a problem with naughty dog stealth. Never did. TLOU was the best survival horror/stealth hybrid i've played in ages. Sorry pixelgate.

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Troy can do whatever he wants. Everyone else does.

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For one, lets not confuse "honest review score" with "blatantly transparent trolling".

Oh, too late.

I guess saying the game aspires to be a toilet is now professional? SJW that.

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Well, this is a video game site. People don't generally come here to talk about who St Louis will play in the next round, or Game of Thrones.

*insert's Tyrion's speech from GOT this past Sunday about the lost art of conversation* :p

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Looking in their comment section, the Post literally has another staff member of theirs vehemently disagreeing with this guy's article, but in a serious way and not satirical. Starting to think this guy is a legitimate troll that meta just irresponsibly gave the keys to the castle, and that the score will stand.

Sets a bad precedent. Meta can just make up their own score to anybody's scoreless "graphics are too good, too much detail I don't know where to ...

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Is this a mistake on metacritic's part or some blatant trolling? Reason I ask, is the washington post already posted their review yesterday, 4/4 which is 100%. It's a legit review by a Lou Kesten using the posts usual scoring system. I'd post the link but im on my phone.

The, I don't know what you call it, article with no score and no actual review of the game listed under "comic riffs" shouldn't be on metacritic when an actual 4/4 review under...

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There's literally a trophy for doing a speed run in 6hrs or so. How in is that a "little too long"?!

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They brought the confusion on themselves by posting an incomplete review with an "in progress" score that they said wasn't final.

To me, it always felt like an opportunistic publicity stunt to stay in the headlines long after everyone else.

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As if Kevin Feige, the Russo's and fans in general haven't been begging to have Spider-man back in the MCU ever since Marvel was forced to sell him off to avoid bankruptcy. Credit where it's due. You don't exactly see Fox meeting anyone half way.

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Orrrrr, the most likely scenario will occur. It'll sell well, both to repeat customers and new ones. As will the original ps4 seeing as they both use the same software, and sku's will continue getting price cut as the gen rolls on.

The Internet tends to romanticize worst case scenarios. "The end is nigh"! For the general population, AKA people who don't freak out on message boards all day, it's just another Tuesday.

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Clem shone in season 1 because of her relationship with Lee and how that evolved. The two of them together. She had an actual arc. Great stuff.

She was utterly average in season 2 and was the same at the end as she was in the beginning imo, with everyone once again dead around her. Calling her tougher than anyone on the show is silly. She's a death magnet. Let's see her after getting shot a few times or legit $%#kicked, before giving her a ti...

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Season 2 of the game was a let down for me compared to season 1. The characters weren't as compelling. As such, I have little interest in another season with Clem. Passed on the Michonne spinoff too.

The TV show had a strong last season by Walking Dead standards. Can't wait to see what happens now with Negan.

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I'm so so so sick of Call of Duty and the science fiction turn it's taken the last few years. If I want a science fiction shooter I'll play Killzone or Resistance.

That being said, COD4 was a game changer and I played it to death along with so many others. Sold it ages ago, twice. I'd buy the COD4 remaster for sure. Was my wife's first online shooter and she's been hooked ever since. $110 though? What's that in Canadian? GTFO

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