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My LBP3 profile takes up over 600MB. I'll repeat that. My LBP3 cloud backup on PS4 is over 600MB which is over HALF of my cloud storage for only ONE game...and I haven't even created anything yet!

Pure clown shoes. Just tonight I had to delete some stuff and I've only had my PS4 a year. They need to flip the proverbial switch on this.

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Which is what I basically paid for it. Got it at walmart with a free $20 walmart gift card. Only reason at all I day-one'd it. PS4 games/consoles are too much in Canada as is. Anyone on the fence, I'd say wait until the inevitable sale. Then have your lost weekend.

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I don't have the infinite time that some do to replay games once I've platinumed them, or pour 30+ hours into a story with monotonous fetch quests and backtracking every day off I get. The Order gave me exactly what I was looking for and filled a void. That's good enough for me.

As such, all the complaints about short story and no replayability are moot. Some critics demand time sinks, but I could just as easily argue they have too much time on their hands to beg...

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Umm, my kids? They love Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Ultimate Spider-man.

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I paid $60 for Contra and you can beat that in like 15min. There's even an achievement for it on xbox.

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So it's the same as every FPS, only you press 'O' to melee instead of R3. What's the issue? I've cleared rooms in Batman by spamming nothing but square, and that's a game built around melee.

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It's ridiculous, especially considering how many PS exclusives dropped in 2013 alone. I easily bought half a dozen retail. Fast forward 2 years and suddenly everything hangs in the balance on the shoulders of just one?? And a new IP to boot? Just no.

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More original IP exclusives from 3rd parties too like Heavy Rain, Beyond, Heavenly Sword, NiNiKuni, Dragons Crown, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles, Demons Souls etc. All million sellers. Very grassroots.

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Batteries are dumb, end of. It's 2015. iPad, iPod, iPhone, all use a USB plugs to charge, same as my laptop. Same as my last gen ps3 gear. You battery fans still using rotary phones or what? What next, the benefits of morse code over blutooth?

What sealed the deal for me was when BOTH my 360 controllers would at times become disconnected when the rumble feature apparently nudged the connector loose. Never had a PS controller disconnect on me mid-game due to rumble.

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Last gen's Prince of Persia reboot bugs me too. Cliffhanger, then the paid story DLC promised some resolution but ends with another one, and nothing ever got resolved. They never came back to the game to this day. Died on the vine.

Ubisofts original Splinter Cell trilogy had quick little nothings for endings too. A proper game ending became like a lost art.

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I hope it's nothing short of amazing. Sacrificing LBP to Sumo Digital was a very high price to pay, critically/commercially and technically. There's only one MM

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Define "failed", because Killzone Shadowfall sold more than Forza5 h2h. Driveclub sold more than Forza Horizon2 and Sunset Overdrive, even Knack sold more than Ryse and they both bombed critically. Titanfall is on 360, DeadRising has always been a meh series. I don't see year one as being anything extraordinary for either brand tbh.

As for the googling part, Sony just did 18.5 mil' so why on earth would they do multiple price cuts in year one?! I couldn'...

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What a dumb, dumb move that would be. Not the smartest way to win back fans after the public flogging they took post MassEffect3. How many times can one franchise and the suits in charge of it, stand to be ridiculed?

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I platinumed it in like a day and change, last august. It's the least grindy of infamous plats and I've 100% on all of them. There's not even a good/bad playthrough. The trick to the arena is just spamming levelled up rockets. AC Rogue though, now THAT became a tedious plat.

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I swear, no one complains as much as gamers. "Yeah you look good naked, but I expected more from a wife. This just looks like girlfriend 1.5. You still have nice teeth, but the lack of volumetric lighting on your #%* just pulled me out of the overall experience. Same old mechanics, I guess I was just expecting more based on your pre-alpha selfies."

Anyways, looks good to me. Tight gameplay too. Jungle's gonna sound ace with surround.

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Naw, wayyy earlier than that. Konami had metal gear and castlevania games on the nes 10 years earlier that never appeared on Sega master system or genesis. Capcom's Mega man was exclusive on Nintendo for a while too. Tecmo's ninja gaiden stayed on nes, sunsoft's blaster master 2 was exclusive to sega's system I believe. The list goes on and on.

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MS did it with Splinter Cell Conviction, Ace Combat, Dead Rising, Saints Row, they bought Minecraft and had timed deals on Mass Effect and Rise of the Tomb Raider. You live by the sword you die by the sword

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Sounds desperate

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PS3 had like 6 third party console exclusives last year alone.

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Not from my POV. Last year alone Sony had 3rd party console exclusives ni no kuni, dragons crown, beyond, tales of xilia, ff14 online, tekken revolution plus timed downloadables like warframe and outlast. They've never been one to break the bank on securing just one IP is all, ala Minecraft.

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