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What if Shinobi reinvented itself as something of a ninja sim, closer to Mark of the Ninja on Xbox? I quite enjoyed Mark

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Bioshock Infinite's true ending via DLC was a bit of a downer as well.

When it's all said and done, not only have all the Comstock/Bookers been killed in every timeline and alternate reality, but so have all the Elizabeths.

Player gets to witness the last Elizabeth (trapped in Rapture, alone and powerless in a time not of her own) get threatened with a sub-orbital lobotomy and then beaten to death with a wrench, by Atlas. Its l...

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Dunno, neither companion (Yorda, Agro) died in the last two games despite opportunities to go there.

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The 'bronze torture' section is spot on. Some games genuinely do have way too many bronzes at the expense of golds and/or ask too much for meagre payoffs. No way beating Uncharted 4 on Crushing should be a silver. That's gold territory through and through.

Oh, and Hitman shoulda had a platinum. It's a full priced season with a full trophy list. Way more effort to 100% than Walking Dead. Come on. Hitman Go has a platinum for less than 10 bucks!!

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I really hope this is true. Got the ultimate edition free on plus and had a great time, as did my kids doing couch PvP. Boon's earned a future buy from me. Guaranteed.

I'm Really hoping for a lot more characters spanning the greater DC universe. So much untapped potential for a fight roster. Booster Gold, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Zoom, Mirror Master, Atrocitus, Grodd, Atom, Supergirl, Beast boy, Black Manta, Brainiac, hell you could even do a take on the Rebirth stor...

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Agreed. Trying to read from my phone, impossible. Can't even find point #2, or page 2.

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sure it can. I platinumed the Order. Have no interest in this.

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Just use it on them. Some enemies only appear once though per playthrough though. i think you might have to use it on npc's too like the handyman guy that used to have plumber butt.

I just bought the game so I haven't gone for it yet. Been reading about it a lot though. Dreading that groovitron

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Doesn't have to be one playthrough. It's just a temperamental, BS trophy. The new game + (challenge mode) in R&C carries over stats and they patched the glitch where it didn't with 1.03. Maybe you got a glitch, pre-patch?

I had the cairns glitch on me in UC4. Had to do some strategic save file management and temporarily reset my stats, then it popped :/

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I've actually seen many games become *more* fun with trophies and achievements. There's things I'd have never tried, thought of or seen without the push.

eg. I'd never think you could summon a Kraken in Hitman, eat X amount of umbilical cords in Bloodborne for a new boss, brought Yorda a watermelon in Ico's closing moments, or pretty much done anything in Goat Simulator lol

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It always blows my mind seeing these stats over the years, how so many games go unfinished. Imagine never finding out Samus was a woman, that Big Boss was still alive, that Booker was Comstock or that it was all just Mario's dream?

I can't count how many times games got better later in the campaign and all the cool sights and sounds, mechanics and moments I'd have missed otherwise.

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The 'poker' achievement in Witcher 2 was like that. 100% luck based no skill required but maddening as sin. 30g, which was one of the higher ones in that game. I got it and still hate it.

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omg I LOVED their last exclusive on PS3, Dragon's Crown! Beat it on all difficulties and collected almost all the treasure/art. How did I not hear about this sooner, especially with the great reviews it's getting?

Vanillaware and George Kamitani just have this uniquely fresh yet old school thing going on, and it sounds like they put a lot of work into this PS2 game's mechanics to really make it sing. This exclusive needs more hype.

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"Filthy Lucre", I remember hearing characters say that all the time in Dragon's Crown. Had to look it up, lol

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I hear ya. Platinumed DC Universe and its shrunk from 100% to just over 20% lol! Driveclub's platinum % is even lower, I don't have it but I've seen others with it and I think it's in the teens.

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Oml, I've got a couple of those where I'm only 1 horrible trophy away from the platinum but it just ain't gonna happen. Lookin' at you Dead Space 2!

Got 2 one-from-done's already this year including Minecraft which the --> developer <-- actually broke a couple patches ago, glitching the 100 days trophy thus making it unobtainable on digital copies. Thx guys. Now how bout a re-patch?

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Umm, double that. On console it's $79.99 where I live, digital and retail

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You get one game on disc on ps4 but have to download the others? What's wrong with this picture. Nathan Drake Collection threw everything on there

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I simply disagreed with you on some points because I disagreed and I took the time to explain why. I'm not "twisting and covering it", I'm not trolling any "legit" gripes and its definitely not an N4G thing. Man, how do some of you get by? "That RCMP guy disagreed with me, insisted I was speeding. Why does driving have to be perfect, no one's perfect? He must be N4G."

One last anecdote on the rope origins. I get the gripe but it'...

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I loved the rope swinging and sliding. There's some exhilarating leaps of faith.

I wasnt a fan of Drake having a brother at first but its execution grew on me. Similarly, Chloe showed up out of nowhere in UC2 and Cutter came out of nowhere in UC3. Well, out of nowhere to us but not to Drake. It's kinda typical in Uncharted to pick up relationships already in progress.

Why didn't he use the rope in earlier games? It's the nature of the bea...

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