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Gaming has been going more and more digital over the years, the same as music streaming (MusicUnlimited, XboxMusic) and video streaming (Netflix, CinemaNow etc). To discount game streaming so completely seems shortsighted and a lil' arrogant, especially since Pachyderm is old enough to remember gaming from a time before online when this was all just a pipedream.

This is just another step in the evolution of media delivery. As a subscription service, Now seems like a good... #87
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Well when did you start subscribing? A month ago? Two? Because I haven't bought any new games for a couple months either, but I've bought *dozens* of new games since I started my psplus subscription years ago. If I want a new game I'll buy it. I was subscribed all last year yet still bought NiNoKuni, sly4, GOW Ascension, TLOU, Dragons Crown, Puppeteer, Beyond, GTA5, BioshockInfinite, AC3, Hitman Absolution all brand new, and a couple downloadables too. Being a plus... #2.2.4
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Milked??!! Ummmmmm. Killzone only had 1 ps2 game. It only had 2 ps3 games (killzone2 and Killzone3). 1 PSP game. 1 vita game. 1 ps4 game. These are all different gens, different platforms, and the most *new* games they ever released on any given platform was TWO. Games like assassins creed meanwhile have new console releases every year. Even Gears in comparison had 4 new games on the 360 in the same time Killzone had 2. #1.13.6
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LoL! The Resident Evil one is sooo true #2
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Uncharted 3 came out the *same time* as Gears 3 and has been free on PS Plus since E3 2013. It's up right now. Gears 3 should MORE than qualify. 2018 is halfway through the next gen! #1.4.2
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@ bennissimo

That "superior functionality" cake is missing a few ingredients. For starters it won't let me compare achievements/games with my XB1 friends. When I log onto my 360, every XB1 game is compiled into one generic gamerscore with a tab I can't even click on. No idea who's playing what anymore. PSN however lets me compare PS3/PS4/Vita trophies and games on any system, in the same list. Even on my iPhone app. I don't feel as disconnected from... #1.1.20
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I'd rather "rent" a game I like than "own" a game I don't like. There's no joy in me getting to keep stuff on GWG that I don't want in the first place. All I wound up getting that I actually wanted was Crackdown, and after I beat it in a week and orb-collected it out, that was it. I haven't touched Crackdown since. Why would I with my backlog?

For me It's about playing new games, not collecting digital dust. That&#... #1.1.14
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What excuses? PS3freak is right. The PS4 situation in Canada is entirely different than what you're taking pics of in southern Cali'. Why so serious #1.2.8
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Justifying netflix behind gold because gold is a service? Netflix is its *own* service. A paid service. It doesn't need another paywall to work. It'd be the exact same experience on xbl silver.

Service wise, nothing about watching on gold makes it functionally better than tablet/PC/smartTV/vita/Wii-U. All it is, is artificially trying to inflate the value of their paywall by keeping things locked behind it that other hardware doesn't.

I can't... #1.1.15
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Dbl post, sorry #27
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[quote]Unfortunately people (you seem to fall in this category) place a superficial value on games based on their price[/quote]

Not at all. I have no aversion to Indy games. But I've played enough to know that something cheap doesn't automatically makes it avant garde or better. A 10min hysteria project doesnt really hold a gameplay candle to 10hrs of sleeping dogs.

I've downloaded lots of free Indy minis via plus that I wouldn't have played o... #1.1.13
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The paywalls aren't the same. Free to play psn games like dcuo still work without plus and still will on ps4. On Xbl I'm locked out of Doritos crash course 2 of all things with my silver. I'm also locked out of the web browser with silver. A browser. Something every smartphone and smart tv comes with. I'm also locked out of all the apps like netflix, even though I already pay for netflix.

The games with gold are by in large of lesser retail valu... #1.1.9
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This. MAG for example could live on with bots. I always hated waiting for those 256 player matches to queue up anyways.

The fact all 3 Resistance games are going offline next year despite their 8 million install base, makes me uneasy about investing too much time online in general. That's a lot of progress to lose overnight. #12.1
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@mhunter/mikes lemonade
Maybe not everyone finished sotc, but I'd wager even fewer stick through the MP of most games like bioshock2, crysis2, deadspace2, or even games like twisted metal and starhawk for that proverbial hundred hours of implied value.

MP value is just as subjective. Fact is you can usually go through every online map in any game in one sitting. Team deathmatch is always the most populated mode it seems, objectives be damned. Then the inevitable D... #1.1.11
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2013 was and still is utterly stacked with games. My backlog has never been higher.

This year went out guns blazing with old IPs (grand theft auto, gran turismo, metal gear, super Mario), new IPs (TLOU, ninokuni, dragons crown, beyond), reboots (DMC, tomb raider, bioshock infinite), prequels (god of war/gears of war), sequels (dead space3, crysis3, saints4, AC4)...and a new gen launch to boot. There was something for everyone #7
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I liked the dark turn the dog part took. Didn't see it coming. All that frisbee for nothing, heh. The rest of the episode was a bit predictable. Surprised no one checked on the shed earlier considering it sounded like someone was getting slowly murdered in there #4
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Puppeteer had lots of fun, tiered boss battles as well. Was always doing something a bit different with the simple mechanics. Would've stood out more as a next gen launch title IMO. So much better than Knack.

Dragons Crown had some simple but effective throwback boss battles as well. Not a lot of cute tiny bunnies out there that can insta-kill every character on screen at the same time, heh.

For sheer spectacle, I still replay the first boss battle vs th... #5
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Err, the Resistance trilogy sold around 8 million. Disconnecting the online on such an attach rate strikes me as odd considering the servers for Prey on the 360 are still up and running and that game barely sold 300,000 over 7 years. Empty lobbies since forever, but the online is there. Shades of when Demon's Souls was scheduled to go offline before the community vetoed it. Sony seems a bit quick on the draw.

It's too bad. R2 co-op was epic. It'll be just as weird... #29.1
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You do realise Edge gave Forza 5 the same exact 7/10, right? #1.9
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1) This is only for the UK
2) Game dropped on a friday, as in literally just a couple days ago. Most games drop on a tuesday. To call GT's launch week short is an understatement. Easy there Eurogamer. #13
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