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Lego Marvel's great, but it's a far cry from their output 2 gens ago. PS2 had Hulk Ultimate Destruction, a couple Xmen Legends, a couple Ultimate Alliances, Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, a couple Fantastic Fours, Ghost Rider, the best Punisher game ever. And even those games had cameos themselves, such as Black Widow and Ironman in the aforementioned Punisher game. Maybe Spider-Man PS4 will Kickstart a new direction

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I always default to the ISA M82 in the Killzone series, especially online in 2&3. I like the look, feel, balance, range. It's the gun I think of when I think of KZ.

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Wait, what? It's out in a couple months. Hope that last 30% is just polish and fine tuning, that they're not still missing tracks, cars or who knows.

I'm sure if Capcom had a second chance at SFV they'd have delayed it until they had more content. Dat backlash! Don't release an incomplete game PD.

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Spot on article. Game has moments that I still remember to this day. That room needed a downright exorcism by the time the credits rolled.

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So that's where Sam, Sully and Nadine went after Uncharted 4. Gotham, lol!

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GOW3 was a great ride for me. I platinumed it twice. Cronos remains one of the most epic set pieces ever.

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I think you and I have the same friends, lol!

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It means people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I get it, you think trophies are worthless and I'm buying into "something they want me to think." In return, i think some of you need to get off your high horses and worry about your own equally worthless pursuits. Agreed though, exchange over.

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So much redundant whining about this game. Imagine if all journalists wrote articles every time someone liked something they didn't? "Why soccer actually sucks, why I know baseball's boring, country music is a bait and switch, I don't get the appeal of milk, driving cars gets boring fast, TV is a poor man's movie theatre simulator." It'd be endless and useless. Kinda like all these articles.

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Hey I just like getting the most bang for my buck and that includes trophies if I like the game. I'm a completionist, so its worthwhile to me.

Don't need to be lectured on a videogame forum of all places about what's a worthwhile way to waste time. In 8 months you've posted almost half as much as what took me 8 years. Safe bet neither of us are winning a Nobel prize any time soon.

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Well, fact is the way they've allotted scores & values the past 10 years *has* been influenced by things like price. Retail vs indie. Cost can and has influenced gamerscore. How else do you think they come up with the infrastructure of what game gets 200g, 400g, 1000g, a platinum etc?

Whether its worthless to you or not is irrelevant. Parity will always be a point of discussion, and there's more than one way to measure it.

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How about you realize this whole article started with a leaked trophy list and that I'm actually --> on topic <--

No one said anything about not 'enjoying the experience', I'm just drawing attention to the fact Xbox owners paid for the same game but got 1000gs too. When you play enough games, you start seeing patterns and anomolies.

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Speaking of trophies, 13 bronze and 1 gold for $20 is pretty poor considering Xbox had a full 1000gs and even Limbo had 3 silver and a gold for $5 less. Make no bones about it, the PS trophy list got boned.

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If it's $20 I actually might wait for a sale. My next two weeks will probably go like this: if I drop $70 on NMS next week I'll wait for Inside to go on sale, but if I pass on NMS next week I'll probably buy Inside.

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Good to know finally. You have to click the exophase link in the article to see exactly what each trophy requires, but they're all basically the same 6-8 grinds repeated 3 times. Once for bronze, once for silver, one more for gold.

Wonder if the longest lifespan ones are cumulative or if it will require something crazy like playing some obscene amount of hours without dying in one run.

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Article got the info a little backwards. As of Mar 31st 2016 the franchise as a *whole* has passed 49 million in sales, not MGSV alone.

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I've enjoyed every episode/map as far as production value and gameplay, and look forward to the rest. The story is basically a non-story, but the hits themselves have been enjoyable with good replayability.

Biggest negative has been all the growing pains where every patch that fixes something seems to bugger up something else. Second to last patch messed up my favorite HUD setting, for the second damn time!

Fans are pretty vocal with letting IOI know ...

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A CFL game? That's pretty cool I gotta say. Great game tonight between Calgary and BC. One thing about CFL games is they know how to put points on the board. Should translate well to video games

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The disc is exclusive to Amazon for whatever reason.

That said I finally downloaded/platinumed it last week. Well worth it. Bring on part 2 in December!

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Themes great, coupled with being free there's Lots to like

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