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I get the point but its splitting hairs imo as both systems emphasize some numbers while hiding others. Pick your poison, but to say trophy numbers are "ruined" is ridiculous.

On PS, the emphasis is more on various cumulative totals, how many you have of this or that. The metric there is a simple 1-1. If I have 6000 trophies and my friend has 1500, you can figure it out. Xbox is more about that RNG gamerscore and doesn't really value individua...

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That's an isolated situation as that's the only kind of game Telltale makes. They get a 1000gs nowadays just the same, so you could argue total gamerscore is just as irrelevant.

There will always be those easy 100g cheevos for doing nothing in Goat Simulator vs the piddly 40g I got for beating Alan Wake.

Not every PS game has a platinum. Telltale's Walking Dead Season 2 didn't. Indies don't get the 1000gs they do on Xbox, so you can&#...

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You know what I mean. Current gen AAA games market the service/get the headlines more than the decade old AAA's for discontinued consoles. Current gen is and always will be the focus of current gen.

I'm not talking about old vs new in terms of Bayonetta vs 2 cent indies. It's the new *good* ones that fuel the subscription competition, and yes that includes games like Rocket League and Outlast. Halo 3 might be higher rated than Sunset Overdrive, but fml if they t...

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At this point o' the gen, I don't believe anyone's truly looking at the 360/ps3 offerings as the deciding factor. If someone hasn't played Bayonetta or Tokyo Jungle by now, they were never going to.

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Nice. A reasonable size considering. Just waiting for some reviews and clips now.

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What? Gold silver bronze are as universal a concept as you can get. Olympics, world juniors, currency. There's nothing to not understand.

Same with the level system. It's what videogame RPGs have been doing since the dawn of time.

The more you level the longer it takes to get to the next level. Golds are worth more than silver which are worth more than bronze. Platinums give you an extra buff to boot. Seriously, just play anything with RPG elements. ...

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Gawd, please no more MK characters in the season pass! Subzero, probably Raiden, now Cyrax? Stick to more DC guys and gals like the first game. If I wanted MK I'd buy MK.

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Wow, it's been ages! Got Dragon Warrior free with a 1 year subscription to Nintendo Power back in the day. Good times.

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It doesn't run very very poorly on the OG, I beat it a few times. Runs better than SOTC did on ps2.

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Too much tabloid clickbait lately, arguing about the same things. Take the summer off.

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Tekken 7 on Xbox one is 720p

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Attach rate means zero, zilch, notta. Gamers are the only ones that make this straw man argument.

Box office pays the bills in Hollywood, not attach rate.

When a music artist sells a million downloads of their single or 2 million CDs, they're a hit. No one looks at how many iPhones or CD players are in the wild then says "bomb, only a million ppl bought that song yet there are a billion devices. No one likes that band."


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The flaw in your fatalistic logic is expecting every exclusive to sell the same and attract everyone equally in order to make a difference. Why would they or should they?

Someone could easily buy a system for Nier and Nioh yet have no interest in LBP or GranTurismo and vice versa. There's no unwritten rule that if you buy MLB The Show you're obligated to buy Horizon.

If a dude buys Gravity Rush and Ratchet&Clank, he's sti...

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@armageddon, aconnellan

Check again

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Either deliberately trolling or unintentionally dumb. Hard to tell the difference on here sometimes. It's literally only been out a couple months in the west. Numbers are great for a jrpg.

It's like, ya mind if I finish the other games I've been dropping a hundred hours on? Kind of a busy year on this side of the tracks. Not rushing to buy and beat everything day one. Jeebus!

[Quote]Nioh only passed 1 million in late February..[/Quote]

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MS did the same thing with Quantum Break (remedy), Ryse (crytek), Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac), Dead Rising (capcom), Titanfall (EA), and to a lesser extent ROTR (Squeenix).

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What? inFamous and Killzone have both had great games. Doesn't KZ2 have like a 91% average? Practice what you preach.

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This year alone I've already bought 5 retail console exclusives compared to only 1 multiplatform. My digital downloads were also 60/40 in favour of exclusives until Edith Finch went multiplat last week.

That's just where the must-plays are atm. With more choice, I've no need to buy franchise lows like Mass Effect Andromeda day one, even though I bought all 3 last gen, twice (PS3 and 360).

August has Uncharted, Yakuza, possibly H...

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Is that Simon from those whatculture wrestling vids?

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32 player Zones, so good.

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