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My kids instantly pick out the Sackboy plushies when we go through Toys'R'Us. They know the name already the same as Mario. Toy marketing definitely works.

Mario's in a league of his own though. Right place right time. The media helped make him an avatar of the entire videogame renaissance back in the mid to late '80s
http://www.youtube.com/watc... #1.1.5
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Unfortunately Yakuza 5 got the shaft (no western release) due to this game taking up the production money. What sucks even more is Ishin doesn't have a western localisation in the pipeline either, yet the non-canon elseworlds zombie spinoff 'Dead Souls' did :(

Being a PS4 title, Ishin would probably get fast-tracked for localisation first, which would leave the PS2/PS3 Yakuza series forever incomplete to guys like myself. Not even gonna look at this 'prequel&#... #1.1.1
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I disagree. It's all part of the GTAV I paid for. You can't just buy the single player portion, or just buy the online portion. My trophy list concurs, with all the MP trophies i now know I'll never get.

It's a flawed MP, tech issues notwithstanding. The amount of $$$ you lose for dieing in free roam/missions/survival is horrendous. You even lose banked bucks. Almost seems like a ploy for the microtransactions. They shouldn't get a free pass. #9.2
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My online experience has been nothing short of horrible. Lost morning I won't get back. I'd seriously dock a review point for this.

Horrible charachter creation based on tiny grandparent pics, weird +/- stat point assigning system. Musta watched the intro 5 times as it wouldn't load my skin, plus unskippable cutscenes. Was joining empty maps, no one was doing co-op, a flawed money system when you die (where are the ATMs for deposits?), then it deleted my charac... #16
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You've never heard of 'The Walking Dead'?

As far as Beyond gameplay, I had to press **more** buttons climbing the cliffside in the demo (analog directions and various triggers simultaneously) than I EVER had to climbing in the 6 Assassins Creed games I own.

Jodie got hit and fell down when I didn't duck or jump through obstacles during the forest chase. I also failed combat a couple times, because the screen doesn't prompt... #8.1.2
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[QUOTE] and I assure you, no one hates videogames more than this man.[/QUOTE]

Except maybe a website telling people what they want and how they should want it?

The demo was exactly what I wanted from a Quantic Dream game. Had to wiggle my analog stick to try and open the cop car door, just like I expected to press triangle to open up a car door in GTA5. Who are they to say Quantic Dream hates games anymore than say Rockstar, where I still can't get o... #11
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The gamestop cards still go to a SEN Wallet or Microsoft Account where funds are withdrawn from when you purchase something. You'd still be charged. Someone probably had an itchy trigger finger and downloaded it in a daze, before it went free. When you get something free from Plus, the checkout screens are different. Should be an easy reimbursement. #15.1
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Tabloid journalism will do that. It's the same line of thinking as if someone were to say "..if I win the lottery one day I'mma buy the Phoenix Coyotes and move the team back to Canada." Difference is Sports Illustrated wouldn't run a parenthesis daydream as a header to an article, whereas Official XBox magazine just did.

Sony owns the Ratchet&Clank IP. Ted Price and others have reiterated this ad nauseum. Insomniac and XBox have no say in the futur... #19.1
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I really enjoyed my playthrough. Top notch production values for a budget title. Gorgeous, original, great boss fights, varied environments and gameplay, good audio. Methinks it woulda sold truckloads more as a PS4 launch title. Quite shocked the Japanese market didn't support this, while One Piece Pirate Warriors stuff sells a million. #5
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Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Thunderbolt *has* been riding the 6's and 7's pretty hard the past couple years for PS exclusives:

Killzone3 5/10
White Knight Chronicles2 5/10
Resistance3 6/10
DCUO 6/10
Socom4 6/10
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time 6/10
GOW Ascension 6/10
Yakuza: Dead Souls 6/10
Starhawk 7/10
Twisted Metal 7/10
MAG 7/10
Unchar... #6.3.1
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WTF Sega! Yakuza3 & Yakuza4 sold just over and just under a million respectively. That's more than other japanese developed games like Dark Souls and MGS Rising sold on the 360. So what's the problem?

Saying they "owe it to PlayStation fans" for Ishin to be a PS4 launch game in Japan means nothing when they still owe everyone who bought Yakuza3 & Yakuza4 in the west some sort of closure to that story. Yakuza; Dead Souls was an eleworlds "RD... #25
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-2.7/10? Is this supposed to be a parody? Reads like some kinda LaLiLuLeLo conspiracy theory manifesto. Shades of the Col Campbell AI at the end of MGS2, lol #2
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That's the republican space ranger outfit http://www.google.ca/images... . They have their own TV series in GTA4 + GTA5, but no one ever mentions it. #3.1.1
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Ridiculous score on dragons crown. Its a modern day golden axe with rpg trimmings and excellent production values, budget priced. Not everything has to be (or wants to be) grand theft auto. #4
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Something, anything, from the Ninja Gaiden trilogy should be on there. Really popularized the sound test "cheats" where you'd input a timed button sequence at certain points during the title screen and enter a debug mode of sorts where you could go through the entire soundtrack and sound effects. Friend and I spent hours in the ninja gaiden 1&2 sound tests, which had fantastic and cinematic 8-bit tracks to boot. Even copied the NG2 soundtrack to cassette tape back in the day... #7
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Great news! His is the sound of MGS. Will be nice to have some kind of audio continuity/anchor grounding mgs5 amidst the new voice cast. #1
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2:1 sales on 360 multiplats is *not* common shady. Honestly don't know where you're getting your numbers from since they're out there. One local brick 'n' mortar store aint a large enough pool to draw any conclusions from. If you wanna see something 2:1, look up the Dark Souls estimates which favor ps3. #18.1.6
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Who else ran a comparison like DF?? This reads like a full-on under the hood tech analysis with 2tb of captured video. Eurogamer/digitalfoundry have never pulled any punches when it comes to the ps3. Quite the opposite actually. Even rockstar advised against the 360 full install. Clearly there are issues. #32.1
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Walmart Canada has the best deals this week, hands down. BioShock Infinite for $15 among others! #1
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When you can consistently predict a site's 6's and 7's in advance, you know there's a bit of a problem.
Last of us 7.5
God of war ascension 7.0
Dragons crown 6.5
Ni no kuni 6.5
Sly cooper thieves in time 6.0
Puppeteer 6.0
Killzone mercenary 6.0

Kinda weird they'd rate WWE13 higher than all these games. No accounting for some tastes it seems. #5.1
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