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Reading about it and trying it proved to be 2 very different things for me. I'm rocking the controls. My only deaths have been intentional to test checkpoints since I have no idea when it auto saves. The camera on the other hand is my biggest gripe.

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Why does a game have to be best thing ever or worst thing ever? Oh yeah. It's the internet.

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Ueda's games chugged frames on ps2 too. This was fixed by the stronger hardware backing the PS3 remasters. TLG is no different. Runs better on the pro and if/when they do a PS5 remaster, it'll sing that much more. Easy prediction.

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A bigger population doesn't mean a console can't bomb. Wii-u launched at population's peak yet is Nintendo's worst selling home console ever going back 30 years. That's a pretty big "anyway".

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So far the best news about this movie has been them getting rid of scripts, directors and actors.

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Glad you edited your post but the issue is you didn't even comment on the review in question from, but rather posted your own article with spoilers no one was expecting, wanting or warned about.

What you should've done is linked to or written your own blog off site. No one came here for your end game spoilers opinion. As a reviewer, that's a cardinal sin. I only just got my copy yesterday. You didn't do me any favours.

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"None English speaking kid"? You can barely write it yourself.

Posting end game spoilers in your "review" isn't necessary, thats trolling and where I stopped reading. THANKS @#%*•#e!

btw if you played it yourself and didn't just YouTube, your "rinse repeat" comment after the mirror wouldn't be there because...***SPOILER*** he loses the mirror-shield right quick after that ***SPOILER***

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Can't say I saw that coming

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Just another revenant account that came back to get their digs in. He was calling it s#%* months ago.

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Q2 picking up right where Q1 is leaving off! Busy year.

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Actually it doesn't look like they are on metacritic. None of Digital Trends' recently reviewed games are be it Dead Rising 4, COD infinite warfare, Dishonored 2, watchdogs 2, titanfall 2, forza horizon 3, recore, or even Quantum Break. You catch my drift.

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Miss their 10 point scale from their Gametrailers days, but a perfect score is the same any way you look at it!

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This one guy I work with is a pretentious git who hates games, often leaves Time laying around. When I eventually see this issue, I'll be sure to leave it open to this 10/10, just so I can go "oh what's that there?" lol

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Why are you still here? Game's averaging around 83, comes out tomorrow, yet some of you are still doom 'n' glooming like its 2009. Go play Dead Rising 4 or something.

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"Expect tear ducts to work overtime." Hmm. Another Agro moment incoming?

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I'm breaking my streak and buying this full price. Rest assured I haven't said that very often this gen!

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That's a ridiculous question optimist. I don't know how much you think games sell on any given platform, but 5 million is a number few games ever hit, let alone in 6 months.

If install base ratio is your standard, and you're expecting 30million software sales for every 40million hardware...then everything is a collosal failure. You ready to call GTAV a failure for "only" selling 20million on an 80million install base last gen?? GTA Vice City a failure...

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You just gotta be willing to look past the rough edges, and you will find them. It will not win graphics or animation awards. But if you can look past those things, the heat moves are quite fun to pull off (pulling out a baddies tooth with pliers etc) and they tell a pretty good yarn. It's not for everyone, but I've beat 3 of them and I always feel satisfied looking back. *shrugs*

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And when your game has multiplayer AND a campaign with characters and plot, story completely matters.

Context: MGSV apparently had great gameplay, some might say best in the series. But once I learned how the doppelgänger story flailed and failed, nothing could would or will convince me to play it.

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