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Space exploration would be sweet asf in VR!

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Not counting the Dragon Quest Heroes spin-off, I haven’t touched these since Dragon Warrior 3! I might have to jump back in, kill some slimes for old times sake! September’s a good slot.

Video preview looks gorgeous, all the blades of grass just pop. The fact they say the story ties into the original trilogy (which as I said are the last ones I’ve played), should make for a cool jumping on point.

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Solid month!

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MP doesn’t automatically flip the script. Sorry. Goat Simulator didn’t become a GOAT (greatest of all time) when they added 4 player splitscreen. No exceptions there, none here.

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Spawn camp banana griefing. Ship griefing. Angry Joe’s vid demo’s this. Producer Joe Neate is looking into it. He wouldn’t have said so if it wasnt a thing. http://www.mmogames.com/gam...

My question is, apologists aside how did the betas not catch this?

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Edit: Ryse, Quantum Break, Titanfall1, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, Bayonetta 2 haven’t jumped to other consoles yet either.

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The end? Not really, considering Ni No Kuni 2 just launched while Yakuza 6, Detroit, Spider-man, Death Stranding etc are still around the corner.

Others like Persona, Nioh, Nier, No Mans Sky haven’t had a peep about going elsewhere and they’ve been out longer than Hellblade.

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Agreed. Telltale’s is alright as an Earth 2 type of elseworlds “what if”, but it’s not the definitive version I’ll be coming back to. For various reasons. Too many characters get pissy with Bruce/Bats no matter what. Gordon, Lucius, Vicki, Waller, frenemies everywhere.

John Doe needs to grow a set with Harley already. Not a fan of Thomas Wayne as a pos crime lord. Bruce getting arrested both seasons.

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I like QTE’s when done right. Adds tension, some physical exertion to mundane things, keeps you engaged during cuts.

Never had an issue with them in GOW. Prying off heads with circle made you feel it.

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I didn’t wanna click on spoilers, but I assume it’s just one of those quick gag endings ala Nier Automata or Amnesia.

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Sites called Generacion Xbox (9/10), Somos Xbox, Xbox Tavern are just as dubious. If this game’s a 9/10, I’m your Uncle.

Five of the lowest reviews are sitting exclusively on the PC side with a 67%. They’re just splitting the weight.

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“J loving” what now? Yikes. Swallowed too much salt water when they blew up your ship.

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Doesn’t work that way. Double install base doesn’t automatically double every game’s sales. We don’t all have the same taste, same friends, buying the same games at the same time for the same price.

If install could do that, PC software would quintuple everything. But they don’t http://www.playstationlifes...

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Interesting read + examples.

The trolling aspect of it sounds problematic. Seen it come up a few times now (GI, Forbes, USGamer), combined with spawn camping (Gamespot) adding to the disadvantage of attempting solo/duo/PvE runs.

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Can confirm it works! Great time to get this, with their huge great indoors sale.

Thx for the head’s up!

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Why even bother then? MP is probably 90% of the target audience.

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More specifically Ultimate Thor’s Mjolnir, which is literally an axe on one side.

I predict Leviathan vs Mjolnir at some point. Smiting all around :p

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Shoot, there were so many flashbacks in MGS4! I even got the trophy for it, heh.

Apart from those “mash x” ones, or circle, whatever button it was...you can see an Ashley Wood clip from the ending of Portable Ops during Big Mama’s debrief in the church.

Where Big Boss was on the runway after his plane landed and the troops are in the background behind him as he faces Zero and that guy in the glasses. CIA director? And the rest of the Patriots sans Ocelot....

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Shades of Thor/Mjolnir from the MCU. That’s the first thing I’m gonna do!

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Well, Kojima made MGS4 and there’s flashbacks ripped right outta Portable Ops in that one. So it’s canon to MGS4 and that’s good enough for me, heh.

Kojima didn’t make Metal Gear Rising either but I still consider that the chronological sequel to MGS4. Survive on the other hand, ugh. I’ll take Metal Gear Ac!d over that.

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