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Different developer. I expect little more than a knock off. Techland's follow up to Dying Light is what my money's on. Even the Following was solid.

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As usual, I disagree. I think it looks like a DC fan's PvP dream! Fantastic roster, My kid can't wait for this. I'm day 1-ing it for Darkseid. Looks like an improvement on every veritable front.

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Install base has nothing to do with commercial success the way you're looking at it. It's all the same to the publisher/developer. No one gets a software bonus for +/- attach rate. No one uses that barometer because then everything ever sold becomes a "failure".

By that attach rate logic one could call the highest selling CD of all time, best selling burger, highest grossing movie, best selling book or automobile all failures because they on...

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[QUOTE]The PS4 doesn't have one 90+ exclusive this year[/QUOTE]


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gangsta, krib, it did over a million on PS3. A million for a single console jrpg doesn't qualify as "not selling". The revisionist history some of you guys are peddling in this thread is mind boggling.

Eg. The producer himself said the reason they went to PSP is because it made for quicker turnarounds on games as they didn't have the 3 years minimum to make a console sequel, even with re-used assets 180d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment

Quoting Wikipedia? Might as well say "cuz stone cold said so". Joking aside, it still sold a million. You were implying as if to say no one bought it, and then suggest that having "legs" is some kind of bad thing. Coulda just said "cool it's coming to Xbox".

Numerous games from that era had exclusives on handheld. Killzone, Resistance, LBP, Motorstorm, Metal Gear also had Portable Ops and Ac!d. Valkyria wasn't alone. It didn't light...

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@lawson actually sold over a million on PS3. That's good for most games, doubly so for an exclusive jrpg in 2008.

By your logic, do you also think Metroid's direct sequel went to Gameboy cuz no one bought the NES game? Thats not how it works. You think Uncharted Golden Abyss went exclusively to Vita because the user base didn't support it on console? MetalGearSolid Peacewalker was a direct sequel to a critical and commercial hit that also went s...

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"It's been over a year since we heard anything, something something lost/forgotten something something outdated/overhyped like Last Guardian"

Some advice, before this submission gets failed. Do your homework, don't make the readers do it for you!

The simplest of queries reveals that Oct/Nov 2016 David Cage announced he finished the script. Just LAST MONTH (Feb 2017) the studio tweeted they'd just finished all the motion capture for t...

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MLB The Show is 1st party and the last one averaged 85% with over a million sold. That's significant. The 2017 follow up comes out soon.

Dreams by MediaMolecule is 1st party and has been in development for a few years. It's due for a release date. SuckerPunch as well. Knack2 was announced last year for this year I believe.

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Tearaway is the best game of the bunch. 60fps, MediaMolecule, best use of the PS4 controller touchpad/lightbar/motion sensors to date, doubly so with a PS camera and phone app so as to stick real world vid and pics into the gameplay.

Ie. you're wrong.

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Trophy Haters need to just take the 'L'. If your level sucks, that's on you. If other people enjoy rattling em off with their friends or sharing accomplishments on message boards, great. Far more productive they're actually playing these games instead of incessantly whining on the internet with nothing to show for it

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I own Halo Wars. Hated it so I pulled the plug like 5 cheevos in. Sequel's not even a blip of a blip on my radar.

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Read the article. It IS mostly EU sales he's talking about gametrotter. Several links to the EU ps blog digital sales and talking about breaking the UK top 5 elsewhere (chart track).

On a WW scale, even the usually undertracking vgchartz already has TLG at just under a million (960,000). Since when is a quick million on a niche title cause for concern? Its not.

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Glass half empty article already? The glass half full side is TLG is selling faster than its predecessors, and it's never been a commercial series to begin with. Digital psn sales in EU aren't a large enough sample pool. Everyone I know bought it physical, and I'm in NA to boot.

The quip about putting future games into doubt is ridiculous as TLG is tracking to outperform both its predecessors lifetime, and GR2 only just came out. But that's the internet for ...

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Canada here and I got charged tax on my "go gold $1 for 1 month" promo I'm currently on. Shook my head. Haven't paid tax on PSN since like 2007. Downside is the exchange rate sucks.

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Yup, that works, that's the same idea as what he had on snap except its on the left side instead of the right which doesn't matter. Good to know.

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Nope havent seen it, haven't been over there for a bit. If they still have some sort of picture in picture overlay then he may have dodged a bullet. That'd be good!

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Buddy of mine used it religiously for cheevo tracking. This will be a bit of egg on his face.

Seen snap come up before on list wars, so the "glad it's gone" reaction has me a bit perplexed. Used to read about it as a positive. Now that it's gone it's another positive? How does that work?

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According to vgchartz estimates (which was the article that started tracking round here the other week), TLG did over 480,000 week one on PS4 while FFXV did 'round 260,000 on Xbox1.

After week 2, TLG was at 700,000 while FF on XB1 was at 365,000.

Besides, you're comparing a series that's peaked at just over a million to a series that's done tens of millions. Different weight classes.

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Good to know, thx for the link

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