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Can't wait to fool around with all the new options! Folders are gonna get some use. Surprises that I'll also use include custom backgrounds on my profile page, and revealing all hidden trophies from the get-go.

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According to Ueda it's actually a lot of the same people that helped design Ico and SOTC. Ueda's own genDESIGN is formed primarily by developers from Ico and SOTC

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Yes!! Ironside's the boss

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Depends why & how they're done.

In the case of Tearaway Unfolded and Gravity Rush remastered, it made sense reworking them for PS4. See I don't own a Vita, so that's two new and critically acclaimed exclusive IPs I missed out on. Bought both PS4 editions though in the past year, and now I'm all caught up and then some.

They have a future sale from me guaranteed for Gravity Rush 2 this December. That's 3 sales they've made off...

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That and they need to start using it in more creative ways.

Offer some free PS Now game rentals with the monthly PS+ freebies people always complain about. Offer a PS+ discount. Offer free trials more often than once per account. Use it as a reward. Say you buy the Last Guardian Collectors edition, throw in a year of free Ico/SOTC streaming.

Point is, do things that might get people to at least *look* at the service again. As it stands, out of sight = o...

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Pretty sure most people, myself included, simply expect a new game from the same people that brought us Ico and SOTC. Team Ico has their own niche already carved out. Hello games doesn't and are new to procedural space gaming and AAA in general. Two different situations.

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Me neither.

Maybe when the base building gets patched in it'll pad the content issue, one of the more common gripes among critics.

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Mainstream media, meaning the non-gaming community, really seem to have taken a shine to this game.

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Bring back Michael Ironside!!

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About time.

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Gravity Rush 2 is my December game this year, no question.

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Flop based on what? One review score? Jim also gave Assassins Creed 2 a 4/10 and that's probably the most revered AC alongside Black Flag. Soon enough someone will give NMS a 9/10 on meta and we'll be back to square one.

If the argument is sales or consumption, rest assured NMS is lighting up my friend list and social media in general. Not just in terms of how many people have already bought it but are also posting pics and vids.

I'm still fi...

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Wow, what a dark dark way to start the game! Didn't see all that coming. The three years since Yakuza 5 have been...pretty darn depressing for Kaz and Haruka. All that talk of dreams in part 5 just went up in flames. Hope they get a happy ending now.

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Why re-release Fall of Cybertron without War for Cybertron? Honestly, it's too soon for either.

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Wow. There's patches, and then there's --> PATCHES <-- !

This almost reads like a remaster

I'm gonna watch some new streams on release night with all the fixin's before making up my mind. There's absolutely no reason for anyone not to erase their early saves from this weekend.

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Because they can

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5 calendar years passed between Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4. That's half a decade. Half a console gen. Horrible comparison, comparing that to Halo. Especially forgetting to mention ODST, Wars or the Anniversary remake in the process.

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The game has lore you uncover as you go, learning languages and talking to aliens etc.
"Pointless exercise in wasting time" is subjective. I feel that way about MP shooters. Playing the same map 2000 times while prestiging 10 times in the process is boring and pointless to me, yet there's a million other people where that's all they do all year and that's good enough for them.

The planets change not just in color, but in the wildlife, biomes, ...

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Embargo lifts late Monday night for North America

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