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Last game was very Bat centric. Fom Joker, Harley, Bane, Catwoman, Batgirl, Nightwing and Batman as playables (not to mention alt skins like Damian Wayne), to multiple bat maps and various background bat villains.

Now that that's outta their system, I'm hoping for a wider range, especially in the villain dept. Eg. Grodd, Darkseid, Brainiac, Bizarro, Atrocitus, Parasite, King Shark are all contenders for the brawn. Zoom, MirrorMaster, Deadshot, Black Manta, Captain C...

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Umm, Dead Rising 3 and Street Fighter 5 BOTH share a 78% metacritic average. So it's a wash.

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I'm over Dead Rising. State of Decay 2 on the other hand, I'm curious to see. Downloaded the original day one.

Forza Horizon is solid. Id say they're my fave racers after Burnout Revenge and Burnout Paradise.

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The problem with including a guy like SubZero (or Scorpion in the last game) is that you're taking a development spot away from another, better suited DC character. Literally anyone would be better. The DCU is quadruple digits deep.

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If there's one thing the 80's taught me, it's that Transformers > Dino Riders

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I've bought a few in my time, would love more but dat price tag. $79.99 used to get me a collectors edition, now inCanada it's just the barebones entry level no frills edition. Not even a manual anymore lol.

Always wanted that Sic Parvis Magna ring, I regret not getting it

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Picks are too safe. If you aren't a Bethesda or Bioware stalwart, don't click.

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The PT curse continues

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Neil's right. How many games have you playing as the proverbial good guy, who by the end kills 1000+ people to save 1? Wouldn't the same rules make Mario the longest running serial killer in gaming?

Fire, hammers, bombs, magic, dinosaurs, throwing guys off cliffs and stomping their brains into their shoes. Dropping them into lakes of fire. But he giggles like "hee hee" and has plushies, so pounding Bowser's kids into dog meat is ok. Nope, nothing to se...

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Odds are good, especially with the movie increasing its awareness in pop culture. Heck, Lego Batman 3 had a task force X (suicide squad) DLC pack, and that's Lego!

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5 more that come to mind for whatever reason:

Thomas Jane did the main character from 'Gun' I believe, as well as Frank Castle in the ps2/Xbox Punisher game. Nice Easter egg.

Kevin Sorbo playing Hercules in GOW3 was a nice Easter egg too.

Speaking of God of War, Michael Clarke Duncan played Atlas in that series, followed up as Blackmore in Suffering: ties that bind.

Seth Green as Joker in all three Mass Effect...

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What if Shinobi reinvented itself as something of a ninja sim, closer to Mark of the Ninja on Xbox? I quite enjoyed Mark

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Bioshock Infinite's true ending via DLC was a bit of a downer as well.

When it's all said and done, not only have all the Comstock/Bookers been killed in every timeline and alternate reality, but so have all the Elizabeths.

Player gets to witness the last Elizabeth (trapped in Rapture, alone and powerless in a time not of her own) get threatened with a sub-orbital lobotomy and then beaten to death with a wrench, by Atlas. Its l...

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Dunno, neither companion (Yorda, Agro) died in the last two games despite opportunities to go there.

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The 'bronze torture' section is spot on. Some games genuinely do have way too many bronzes at the expense of golds and/or ask too much for meagre payoffs. No way beating Uncharted 4 on Crushing should be a silver. That's gold territory through and through.

Oh, and Hitman shoulda had a platinum. It's a full priced season with a full trophy list. Way more effort to 100% than Walking Dead. Come on. Hitman Go has a platinum for less than 10 bucks!!

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I really hope this is true. Got the ultimate edition free on plus and had a great time, as did my kids doing couch PvP. Boon's earned a future buy from me. Guaranteed.

I'm Really hoping for a lot more characters spanning the greater DC universe. So much untapped potential for a fight roster. Booster Gold, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Zoom, Mirror Master, Atrocitus, Grodd, Atom, Supergirl, Beast boy, Black Manta, Brainiac, hell you could even do a take on the Rebirth stor...

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Agreed. Trying to read from my phone, impossible. Can't even find point #2, or page 2.

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sure it can. I platinumed the Order. Have no interest in this.

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Just use it on them. Some enemies only appear once though per playthrough though. i think you might have to use it on npc's too like the handyman guy that used to have plumber butt.

I just bought the game so I haven't gone for it yet. Been reading about it a lot though. Dreading that groovitron

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