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I have to agree with this review.

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Agree with the last paragraph in the review. Not a must play like Leviathan imo, which expanded on the overall story by telling you how the cycles all began, what was up with the broken Starchild AI, basically who made who and why everything looks and acts how it does.

Omega was $5 more and is basically just an Aria loyalty mission circa ME2. Woulda been nice to keep her as a teammate, her biotic flare ability is beastly. At least you do get to keep that via med-bay equip....

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Hmm. Not the top 8 most would probably think of. As listed:

Shadow of the Collosus
Portal 2
Heavy Rain
Resident Evil 4
LittleBigPlanet 2

I'd argue RE4 was more "groundbreaking" for the GameCube, especially as a timed exclusive. Surprised no Journey, seeing as he liked other arty games like Ico /SOTC/Okami from last gen.

Doubly odd that OPM UK lists Okami ...

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Just downloaded it! Off to try it...

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The game *is* good http://www.metacritic.com/g... in a WipEout on Ac!d kinda way, but his comments? Not so much.

I've enjoyed videogame stories more than movies the past couple years. Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' was great for example, and I enjoyed all of Mass Effect up until part three's pre-Leviathan/extended cut finale.


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If ME1 going multiplat was an 'oh well' moment, it's cuz we didn't have articles like this every other month for years on end, having to shoot down rumors of its re-allegiance.

It was simply never as in demand as MGS4. That and the "whining/hateful ps fans" as you call them, didn't make a big deal out of not having it. The ME2 prequel digital comic (which 360 has too on XBLA) had all the most important decisions, save ...

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Portal 2, LA Noire, Saints Row 3, Just Cause 2, Tomb Raider Underworld, AC Revelations, BF3, Hitman Absolution...it's not just FF13. All the above have better something-or-others on the PS3 side as per digital foundry or LOT, be it tearing, frames, bloom, native res', whatever.

But as you've said, you don't buy any multiplats on the PS3 side ever, so you wouldn't know.

The article in general, is a pointless excercise...

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T'was a fun platinum. I'm glad I bought it. The level 3 supers are worth admission alone, lol. Love the Ape Escape hammer of god.

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Love stealth. Just finished a no-kills run in MGS4 the other month when they patched it for trophies. Hitman Absolution is a must buy for me as well (just waiting for Christmas sales) and I wanna get Mark of the Ninja too when it drops in price.

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They did away with that in a patch. When they patched it for trophies, you can now also install the full game for 9GB and do away with *all* the chapter loads. It even sped up the regular loads. Everythings pretty slick now, quite the enjoyable replay. Game aged very, very well.

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Read it again. Nowhere do they say that the PS3 hasn't got enough bloom, they say the 360 has too MUCH bloom.

It's not a 'technical fault' on the PS3 side as you say, they say it looks BETTER the way the PS3 used bloom, as it fit the aesthetic better and didn't crush details in bright areas, which were crushed on 360.

Other hit points include better edge smoothing and "higher quality normal maps and specular highlights on PS3&quo...

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Interesting how videogame journalists who probably make minimum wage or less themselves (sixthaxis staff generally write there for free), expect everyone to buy everything full price day 1 these days, and make week 1 the barometer for success even if it's between paycheques.

Recent games I haven't bought yet that i will someday:
Forza Horizons
Hitman Absolution
Assassins Creed 3
Halo 4
Okami HD


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No one here mentioned Halo though, and personally I've never called Halo milked. I own two of them.

Yakuza's different though. It doesn't sell millions, it doesn't have million dollar ad campaigns, merchandise, multiplayer or DLC. It doesn't light up metacritic, doesn't even have a character in Playstation Allstars (much to my dismay). It just quietly goes about its business. Overexposed it ain't. I have to boot up my Japanese account just to get ...

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Two of those were last gen'.

If you played them you'd understand. I'm glad we get them in North America *at all*. They're foreign language, multiple protagonist story driven eastern RPG free roam beat em ups, with 30-50 hour campaigns, minimum.

In other words, you get your money's worth, AND something different to the typical yearly fare, shooter/sci-fi or otherwise. Even Assassins Creed has more shooting than these. These are games that u...

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SSB didn't invent brawlers though. I just find it funny how fighters like Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, Marvel VS Capcom, SNK VS Capcom, StreetFighter VS Tekken etc can all co-exist and crossover concepts, characters and style...but SSB makes people territorial. The AP system and IPs in All Stars are different enough. Even the Metal Gear characters are different.

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[QUOTE]And, let's face it, because Sony doesn't have quite enough loveable characters to make up a full fighting roster, there are third-party inclusions too, like Big Daddy, Dante, and Raiden. [/QUOTE]

There are plenty more Sony exclusive characters out there though...they simply aren't in it for whatever reason at this time. I think for a first attempt the roster is pretty strong, and some 3rd party characters like Raiden just make sense.


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[QUOTE]wtf are u reading? lol... not the same article as me.[/QUOTE]


From the article:

"PC is the best choice if you have a powerful gaming rig, while PS3 inches ahead by a nose as our console recommendation."

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Looks like PC, PS3, 360 in that order. An overall technically sound entry from IO.

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Me too, insta-download

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Wow, who does this? They advertise Nuketown 2025 right on the back of the game case I got from Walmart (I never pre-ordered, all copies here seem to have the code in box). Removing it from playlists less than a week after release reeks of false advertising.

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