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That's like the Silence of the Lambs ending. Disappearing into the crowd.

His passenger can die. That was tension.

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Everybody and their pet rock are probably re-logging their master accounts and all their Nigerian sub-accounts lol. It's to be expected that the servers are getting hammered, especially on a weekend. They haven't even started on Japan yet. It's gonna be a busy week.

EDIT: Logged in 30 sec ago and I'm still fine.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Literally. They said their "performance analyser" broke and so they scored the performance category a tie based on their own guesses, lol. Thing is DF already said the PS3 version had less issues with frame drops & tearing, so it's more of an asterisk tie.

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What's with CVG's lack of comprehension in these lists? On the PS3 list they left off GOW Collection, MLB09 The Show & MLB10 The Show which are all 1st party exclusives and all have meta' scores over 90...and now they list BRAID as a 360 exclusive?! Umm, it's been on the PS3 for quite some time now. I should know...I bought it lol!

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Wow, some great footage there. Loved Warhawk and this looks like it has at least two sequels worth of evolution already in it! Impressive debut on GTTV.

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You're right, the misinformation (like the firewall/apache thing) is completely out of hand even though its been debunked. Problem is there's no penalty for people spreading FUD.

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It's $20 off at Future Shop this week, both console versions. I don't usually see price drops that big so soon after release. I wonder which retailers are making up the bulk of sales?

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Like I said elsewhere, poop always rolls down hill. Stringer, Tretton, Hirai etc aren't losing their jobs, so who does that leave? Everyone else. The money Sony is losing is gonna have to be recouped from somewhere. Marketing, development, R&D, special events and promotions, who knows. Worst case, staffing cuts.

Insomniac is making a multiplat' game that will also be on the 360, so for anyone still thinking this only affects Sony's top brass, there's you...

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This has passed the point of their original intent and they're now simply trying to ruin a lot of people's livelihoods (talk to some developers). Yet they want us to feel sorry for them? By making even MORE threats?

This has gone on far too long. It's costing oodles of money and poop always rolls down hill so guess who's gonna suffer the most, whose jobs are gonna be cut? The blue collar workers, not the Stringers and Hirai's. The people Anon don't e...

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Quote from Riedo Olivier on Gamasutra before more fanboy sensationalism sweeps over this place, the story isn't accurate as is.

He said..."Worth noting there's a bit of a misrepresentation (a mistranslation by Reuters?) of the latest breach: the data of the 2,500 sweepstakes contestants was posted by Sony staff on an employee-use server which, for some reason, had public access enabled. All the "hackers" did was post the address all over the net."...

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Yup. Expect 10 more tomorrow. :o

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I have 2 systems so either way I'll be raking 'em in. XD

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I hope that was directed at cyanide and not me, lol. By hitting reply I inadvertantly wedged myself in between your posts. :o

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Wisdom teeth then, or male nipples lol. Pick your poison. ;)

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Sounds like a PSN/XBLA version of Crash Mode from Burnout Revenge but top-down a la GTA Chinatown Wars.

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I spent a fiver for my Motorstorm bundle too and I had other O/S, so what's your point? O/S is like an appendix, a useless organ that was doing more harm than good and needed to be removed before it burst. Did you see what they did to COD:MW2?! COD4 was still glitching TDM last month. It's not a hacker's right or your right to ruin games I PAID for! I don't even know what relevance your point about piracy has. The needs of paying customers > the needs of p...

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For pure stealth it was better than MGS at the time imo. Splinter Cell utilized a fully 3D camera control when MGS3: Snake Eater was still using obtrusive RE style fixed camera angles. MGS3: Subsistence was so much more immersive after joining Splinter Cell, Hitman and even Sly Cooper in the land of right analog sticks. One case where competition definitely made future games control much better (MGS4).

Splinter Cell has lost its lustre in recent years with Dou...

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Last I read it got delayed from March until June 21st. Probably still stands as the ESRB ratings are getting locked down now.

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They're actually PC ports so it'll look even better according to Ubisoft

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How are the controls not up to par with the rest of the series when Apocalypse has settings for those exact classic controls you like, bumping with the shoulder buttons instead of square & circle? If anything the new control setting is better cuz I don't have to take my index finger off the gas to bump the guy next to me.

If you're talking about other driving feel and features, Apocalypse has better balanced rubber banding than Rift, better boost that can cool in...

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