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Why is a stalwart like Famitsu not on metacritic while other sites I've never heard of keep popping up (eg. CD Action and Inc Gamers within the past 6 months)? Fam's usually one of the 1st sites to post reviews too.

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To be fair, there's also discussion not about the score but rather some of the arguments being presented. Check out G4TV's 5/5 review. Perfect score, but terribly written. It questions whether or not any hardcore gamers even own a PS3, the safety of your credit card and how Fruit Ninjas would probably make a good Move game. I'm not even kidding.

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Guy brings up COD, Battlefield and Halo right on cue like an overprotective poppa, but their relevance to this review is notta. Review the game and its own series. No need to namedrop COD anymore than namedropping Resistance anytime COD's story isn't a complete afterthought. Funny how that never happens though. Why is Fight Club Black Ops immune?

His AAA comment not only shows his ignorance as that term isn't used in the game industry the way he uses it, but Resis...

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Omg, and the keywords are literally right below the spoiler font so if you have even the slightest bit of peripheral vision you'll be kicking yourself. Like me. :(

Seriously, don't spoil it for yourself. When you get to the pic of Auger vision, skip all the text between that and the next pic.

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True about the 2nd act discrepancy though. Where IncGamers absolutely wouldn't stop hating on the 2nd act, IGN considered it a stand out saying "this is the darkest and most violent game in the series, and almost the entire second act of the game will have you on the edge of your seat." They also said "The studio's team of writers have crafted a storyline that continually gut-punches you with its emotional resonance and unexpected moments, particularly in its second act...

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Yet she admits she almost did, so she's not that smart:

"Even though I am tempted to lower the game’s score because of the Online Pass, Insomniac should not be penalized for Sony’s policy, especially since it seems they are aiming for a multi-platform future."

Resistance 3 score saved by Insomniac going multiplat'. You know, I don't even care about the 5/5, this is one of the strangest, tangent laden reviews I've rea...

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She also said "..and the multiplayer will likely satisfy the under-served PS3 online gamer."

What does that even mean? Underserved? I'd wager that 90% of online shooters are multiplats with the PS3 currently having a majority of that last 10% with exclusives like MAG, Killzone, Resistance, Socom, Payday and next year's Starhawk and Dust514. I don't think she watches her own show.

"because we love giving Sony our credit card informa...

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Very happy with the three free Resident Evil PS1 Classics as I've been thinking of picking up digital copies anyways (I still have the discs). This is perfect! I wonder if my old PS1 save files are compatible with the PS3 downloads?

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Heh, true that. When you're open 24/7 that's one of the perks. Unfortunately here in Canada everything's closed today/tonight for Labor Day so no midnight buy for me. Have to wait 'til tomorrow morning. :(

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The PSN community keeps growing as well, so the whole 'viable competitor' and 'vote with your wallet' argument goes both ways. I for one will not be subscribing once my free trial expires.

$99.99 family pack for more than one account is way too much imo. In my 2 weeks on Live + the dashboard I've already found I cannot perform simple tasks like:

checking sent messages
adding a text message into friend requests stating who I am (alr...

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How so?

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So you're a camper?

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My fave MP FPS of 2011 so far, hand's down. Looks/sounds/plays better than Crysis2, Homefront, Brink, F3AR, Operation Flashpoint etc.

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It was the beta. They tweaked things during the late beta so common sense would dictate that the already pressed retail disc would need the same patch. They also said that they're adding a new DAY ONE (there's your hint) game mode as a beta thank you http://us1.campaign-archive... . Hardcore classic which is a classic no-perks no-boosters game mode. So the...

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[QUOTE] ...its not speaking about the PS3[/QUOTE]

Which is why it shouldn't be stickied on a site called News4Gamers imo. It's irrelevant. Not everything Sony related is N4G news. You don't see stories about how Sony extended their deal with the Brocollis to distribute more of the highly successful Bond movies going forward including next year's, so why this? Corporate structure, TVs, why? You don't exactly need to buy a Sony TV to play videogames. I have ...

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Free? I'll have to take a look later.

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Thing about Sledgehammer is they are unproven, they have no track record as Sledgehammer regardless of who works there. They have no original IP, and it'd be pretty darn hard to screw up a yearly copy'n'paste multiplat franchise that sells in spite of itself. I don't know one person who's ever bought COD for the charachters or story.

As such...they need to be mindful of what they say, lest they become another Ninja Theory. They're easily replaceable, w...

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Yes MS deserves credit for launching XBL, but you can't rest on your laurels either as Sony and Nintendo have already learned.

As far as copying, I frankly wish they'd copy Sony sometimes and do things like time stamp achievements, let me check my sent messages, type a message in friend requests, offer a web browser, cancel subscriptions right on the console and not via phone call, copy videos and pics onto the harddrive via USB and not just view them temporarily, giv...

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XBL does not have demos of everything, only Arcade games where I spend little time as they get most of the same multiplat demos PSN gets.

Even as far as their own exclusives, There are NO DEMOS of Left4Dead1, Mass Effect1, Gears of War1, Gears of War2, Fable1, Fable2, Fable3, Halo 3, Halo3:ODST, Halo Wars, Alan Wake etc. Game Marketplace --> Titles A-Z.

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It's peanuts compared to games in the Assassin's Creed, Bioshock and Yakuza series. Even XBox 360 games-on-demand average around 5-6GB. I have six of them. I guess after DCUO, it takes a lot to scare me.

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