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They didn't care as it didn't affect them. Didn't affect me either, just got my 100 headshots trophy. The guns actually have a tighter spray than the ones in U2 as confirmed by Naughty Dog, so that aspect of the accuracy has actually been improved. As for the new recoil, you compensate. Burst fire over spray&pray. Learnt that in BF years ago.

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Considering he falls through a roof or off a ledge in almost every chapter, he should be walking a lil' broken. Even a window slams on his fingers in the airfield lol. He gets right pummeled in this game. Wait til the desert. I find the animations humanize him more.

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Forgetting a few there? I bought GOW Origins Collection AND Ico/SOTC in September as well. That's four more exclusive games right around Resistance 3, all with equally good critical averages (eg. Ico/SOTC has a 91%). Disgaea 4 has a higher critical average than Rachet so it's not exactly an unknown. WKC2 came out as well for those inclined, and there's still inFamous Festival of Blood and $20 Payday:The Heist on PSN which dropped right before Uncharted 3....

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If they had a problem with it they would've. If you play a lot of games you tend to get used to re-adjusting on the fly. Even going back to COD feels very loose and slippery for me after I haven't played for a while, and that has generous aim assist.

The game is still easy on normal, it feels like there's less L1 aim assist a la Killzone, but you'll adjust and be clearing rooms in no time, even from the hip. Unless you really suck I guess, but I'm not su...

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I look forward returning to it and helping out some new faces, provided that people are willing to take advantage of the opportunity and actually download it. Should be a no brainer, but I've been wrong before.

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Having just finished it, I can now say without a shadow of a doubt, not that I had any before, that the 5/10 on meta is pure trolling and should be scrubbed.

Why? Integrity. Didn't have the issues he said it did, pointblank. eg. He said you know less about Drake at the end than you did at the beginning. Considering you learn the fate of Drake's parents, where he grew up, how he met Sully and what he's been up to for two years relationship wise, I'm convinced ...

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Ironic you say that as Batman AC is mostly built upon a 'been there done that' foundation.

Having finished both, once you fly over Arkham City once it's 'been there done that' the rest of the game. That's your entire map, and you'll backtrack it and the subways beneath it two dozen more times.

Enemies always respawn in the same areas in the same numbers, the combat is exactly the same as Batman AA right down the the god-mode doub...

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The MP has been active for a month now via the Subway promo. Beta was open to everyone during the summer as well. Easy to deduce whether or not the controls are 'archaic' or if the MP is 'superfluous'.

Far as the Halo 50 on meta', I think McGroin meant the score from Gameshark not the overall avg.

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I think what's funnier is they've reviewed 3 games yet still don't know that circle rolls and square does the stealth kills. If you're rolling into baddies when trying to do stealth takedowns, that's not a "cheap undeserved death", that's you not giving enough of a toss to learn the controls after 4 years. At least respect the devs enough to learn the button layout before deriding them for "fuzzy game mechanics".

Adding a significan...

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Except Scott Jones himself converted it to a 6.5 on Twitter. To him a C is 65%, the same as in primary & secondary school. Metacritic took the liberty of deducting an extra 15 points themselves without asking him.

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Actually for once, I think the Metal Gear '!' marks are justified. There is a backstory here, unlike the Eurogamer debacle which was completely blown out of proportion and as people will now see, pales in comparison.

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I don't toss around the word fanboy lightly, so hear me out.

I've brought up Scott C Jones for YEARS before this. He loves his 360 which is great, it has some amazing games, and he doesn't play his PS3. Has given it 6/10 yearly scores forever on Canadian show Reviews on the Run http://www.reviewsontherun.... with Victor Lucas, calling it a glorified BluRay player he never turns on,...

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The Hulk and a Sushi Chef, lol? Wow.

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FYI it's US-only stats from NPD, not worldwide, which is why you see Homefront 360 on there but not the 3 million that Portal 2 sold ...among other examples.

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If you think the premise of LBP is built around collecting stickers, then it makes me wonder if you've even read the box. It's okay to not like something, but that's quite the claim. You didn't notice all the unlockable create tools and UGC online?

Mario's coins are akin to the bubbles in LBP btw, not the stickers. I've built endless bubble spawns that fill the screen. That's the point system, not stickers, and either way the ...

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Ah yes pits, bottomless or otherwise!

What else? The dreaded 1980's time limit, more for driving games nowadays. And the auto scrolling screen of doom where touching the sides or bottom would kill you even if there was a platform there like 2 seconds ago (ie. Kid Icarus), lol.

Running out of quarters at the arcades killed me quite a bit, heh.

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I don't even know if it supports Quinton Flynn

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Uncharted @ midnight

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Yup. Once the novelty wears off I find myself right back to quick travel (AC:B, GTA4, Oblivion, RDR, FC2, Y4 etc).

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Pretty sure Gears 3 has shotgun spam as well

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