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The 1st level in GOW3 alone was far from a static environment. Compare the rollercoaster Kronos level to the aptly titled 'Walk in the Park' finale in Crysis 2. Why must all non-PC games suck all of a sudden now that Crysis 2 is out? I don't get the competition here.

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Funny you use the expression 'walk in the park' because trophy/achievement hunters at their respective .org sites are currently running through like 95% of Crysis 2 on Supersoldier by just being invisible. Equip the extra stealth and extra energy recharge on your suit and just sprint to the finish line.

Far as visual diversity in Crysis 2, I didn't see much. It's all NYC. There's levels near the end of the game that look just like levels at the beginning o...

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I just realised, they gave it 7.5/10 which translates to 75/ wtf did metacritic post it as 74 for?!

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I miss survival horror. Really hope the new Silent Hill will deliver if RE has already decided it wants to stay Rambo.

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Halo Reach got its 1st DLC in a month and a half too y'know.

It's actually pretty standard nowadays. Lots of games (eg. Dead Space 2 and Dante's Inferno from EA) have same day DLC or DLC already on disc, like Marvel VS Capcom 3 and RE5.

BF:BC2 made you pay extra for maps day one if you bought it used. LBP2 had DLC of sorts (Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves) before it even launched. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit had THREE DLCs just between Feb 22-Ma...

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No one buys Assassin's Creed and Dead Space for the MP. Pitchford's right about the ceiling part. I'm one trophy away from a platinum in Dead Space 2 and have never even touched the MP. Never will.

Thing is I always see comments, even from critics about wanting things like splitscreen co-op, but then when games actually do it (see KZ3 & Motorstorm Apocalypse) the same critics don't even care anymore. All that development time for something almost trivial.

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Yakuza for me as well. Storytelling is non-existent in Crysis (just passed Dark Heart). Hard to transition from an action RPG with 4 fully developed leads back to a silent protagonist. Should've staggered my purchases more.

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Great deal.

Finished it last week, all the substories too. Amazing charachters and world. A throwback to when a good game was a good game and no one cared about AAA, metacritic, NPD, DF/LOT or even political correctness.

Movies can't even really show smoking anymore, but here someone's lighting up every other cutscene, lol. There's even a cigarette finisher and special alcohol fuelled takedowns. Solid Snake would be proud.

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Seems he's too defensive over his review (as evidenced by the fact this article even exists) to be able to objectively see the visuals' flaws. I lol'd when he brought his friends into it, saying other IGN staff side with him. Is this a popularity contest too?

I'll just pick out one of his arguments. He says it's the "best" partly because of large levels. Thing is there's literally nothing to see or do in 3/4 of the level space. Yakuza/GTA it...

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Hey, Europe gets a Yakuza 4 dynamic theme! Me want. Hope it comes to North America so I can get it. Never understood region specific avatars/themes *cough* Demon's Souls *cough*.

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Splash damage.

Still the funnest MP I've played since BF:BC2 last summer. Wonder if it'll be free to PS Plus in NA like it is in Europe?

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Me too. Same reason I made it through Far Cry 2 which had its own problems online etc. The pop-in/pop-out in Crysis though is really starting to kill the pretty (I'm on Dark Heart right now). Even in this video, at 28 seconds during the copter crash rewind, watch a big honking shelf suddenly pop-in on the right. To the video's credit though, the game does look really good in slo-mo. Some of the sparks and particles I never even noticed during my playthrough.

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Guy was a bit feminist and thought it was oversexualised. Thought western audiences didn't need the hostess bars as he felt they were degrading. Can't believe he docked points for that, lol. They actually exist in Japan. This ain't about the west. Small beans anyways when western games like GTA4 have you paying prostitutes to work you over who you can also kill afterwards to get your money back. Yakuza has no such violence against women in the sex trade, but instead loses points f...

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True Crime NYC replicated all of Manhattan WITH pedestrians and traffic and that was last gen'. So no.

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I just bought Crysis 2 on Saturday and have already had TWO patches yet the AI is still glitching for me today and the textures still pop-in and out every few steps. More patches to come, obviously. I have to give credit to KZ3 in that its SP didn't need any patching whatsoever. Crysis has issues that launch titles from 2006 didn't even have.

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I sunk 5.5 hrs into the online tonight and I can safely say that online at least, it isn't. It really isn't.

Random example: looking up at the sky on the Skyline map, I can literally see the stitches showing. You can see vertical lines all the way across and how it's divided into sections, like the way a football field does every 5 yards. Guess they didn't think people would look up there, but I was watching the jets and choppers do their thing. Oops.

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I just bought Crysis 2 today. Burnt out on FPS's but the "awesome graphics" hype got to me I admit. Had to see it for myself. So I went into it expecting heaven on a silver platter the way some people have gone on and on about. Played MP for a few hours just now. Methinks the hype police owe me an early parole from 'meh' jail, lol.

Liberty Island map at night with all the tents may be the fugliest map I've played since the Quantum of Solace DLC.

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IGN's really dragging its knuckles this year. Love how they give their guys 4 options but 3 of them are just different wordings of "I didn't like X". Gee, that's not leading or anything, lol.

I can't relate to literally any writer they have anymore. Miller thinks Homefront rocks. Complains about story and charachters in KZ3 yet he whined about Yakuza 4 which overflowed with personalities, motives and intertwining 411's. Such a turgid bunch.

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Except the Goliaths came first (2008).

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Looks great!

The effects from the wind 'n' dust to the tiered explosions and lighting all create a nice ambience. Lots of ways to flank. Shooting's tight, frames are smooth, the lack of red screen/grey screen damage fadeouts are most welcome. I'm getting tired of games where the color leaves the screen as you take damage. In R3 the image quality stays high. Looking forward to seeing the boat section.

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