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The Yakuza series never gets enough attention. Yakuza 3 was somewhat lost in between GOW3 and Heavy Rain. Sly Cooper's been out of sight and mind for a while now too, until the recent HD Collection. Great series that one. #16
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Yes! Kazuma Kiryu in Yakuza 3 is criminally underappreciated. So many moves that are not only effective but entertaining. Pulling out teeth with pliers and a cigarette to the eyeball are two of my faves lol.

The guy is a BEAST with weapons and the environment too. If his nunchuk combo won't get 'em you can always just throw the baddies off a bridge into the river. How many enemies out there are so intimidated by you when you play that they wind up apologising and giv... #1.2.1
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It's really quite good for a console MMORPG. I expect more 9's in the future.

As to some of the criticisms directed at the review, many reviewers do NOT finish the campaigns of the games they review anyways, and they don't level up online to max either. Ask 'em yourself. If people can give positive reviews of LBP2 before the community at large has even been able to make levels (on account that the game's not out yet), then you have to give some leeway for... #23
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Loved Heavy Rain. Refreshing and realistic. No alien invasions, no marines, no Wolverine-esque "recover naturally from bulletshots" super healing, no dungeons & dragons or convoluted menus and magic weapon wheels.

Where this guy felt his disconnection or betrayal, I felt more drawn in. People have grown accustomed to cliches. The evil laugh, moustache twirling villains that telegraph their moves and intentions from a mile away. This game went a different route,... #9
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I have zero interest in Crysis 2's graphics so far. I've played a hundred games set in NYC or NYC knockoffs, have no interest to go there again. #7.1.4
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Gameplay is simple but fun. You start with nothing much but have different ability and skill trees to level and more weapons to aquire from stores, random encounters, emails and prizes. It's a lot like the XMen Legends/Ultimate Alliance but open world and with 3D camera control. #2.2
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Loosely inspired by is more like it. It (Shattered Memories) is so different, I mean s-o-o different, only the names are the same. Because of this, the charachterizations and story don't mesh with SH Origins and SH3 the way the original SH1 did. It's basically an elseworlds tale, like the movie.

I'd still recommend the original SH1 on PS1 as the definitive Harry/Cheryl/Cybil/Dahlia/Lisa /Kaufman story. It's available in the PS Store as a download for anyone w... #8.1.2
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Demo was meh. #14
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Indeed. #8
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Will buy eventually. Platinumed Bionic Commando and enjoyed Rearmed very much as well. #3
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Silent Hill Origins, Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 3 are a trilogy to be played in that order. Recurring charachters and themes.

Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 4 and Silent Hill Homecoming can be played in that order. They were all stand alone stories but they did make the odd reference to the aforementioned trilogy and eachother. Example: Silent Hill 4's antagonist is serial killer Walter Sullivan who was referenced in journals in Silent Hill 2 and 3. The protagonist in SH... #8.1
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I hope so. Then I'd buy it. #5.1
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I had a great time, it was much better than I expected. I'd buy it, but the monthly fee is a hinderance, as is the fact the game faces extremely stiff competition from a dozen other AAA exclusives that don't have said fee. #8
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I still own every Silent Hill game including Origins and Shattered Memories, except for the last one (Silent Hill Homecoming) which has the distinction of being the only SH romp I've ever traded in after beating it.


It's a long way up from hell if the developers wanna dig the franchise outta that mess. I wish them luck, especially without Akira Yamaoka. I'll be there though, crossing my fingers. #7
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How are "many of them" just a cash grab and poorly done. There are what, three of them, lol?

There's GOW (which was awesome), Sly Cooper (which was more awesome), and the Prince of Persia ones which are PSN downloads only.

The Splinter Cell and ICO collections I will be buying. This one, probably not. I already platinumed TR:Underworld for the PS3. Too soon to be a classic. #3.2.2
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Heh, wow! Didn't expect the story trailer to actually be as good as it was. Music worked, good cuts, charachters and dialogue were good (I just watched Malcolm McDowell in Star Trek Generations the other day). Color me impressed. I can already see improvement from KZ2. #33
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"Above & beyond for you people?" Unless they wanna wax my car or cook me dinner, I can safely say they've never done a thing for me and probably never will. The sense of arrogant entitlement coming from them and their acolytes the past few weeks has been nothing short of epic.

If you pine for more journalistic respect, you can start by editing with the same tenacity that you count RDR bushes with. It's not 'EUROGAMMER' (paragraph 7 of the article... #3.4
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Both! They have exclusive servers for PVP and PVE, plus you can open yourself up at anytime too. It's like Demon's Souls that way.

Really good beta. I only wish there were more people doing boss missions as I had to fight Queen Bee's level alone, but you can respawn forever while enemies in the boss rooms don't, so u can chip away and inch forward. Regular missions it was always easy to come across people to help you.

So much to do, so ma... #4.2
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Some of your metacritic scores there are off by a bit, some by a lot.
KZ2 is actually 91 on meta', not 90.
Demons Souls is 89 not 86.
Resistance 2 is 87 not 85
GOW Collection is 91 not 80
Uncharted Drakes Fortune is 88 not 91
R&C Tools of Destruction is 89 not 94

Just clarifying. #4.4.4
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No excuse for peeps not to get this game now. It's one of the best this gen', even better at $15!!! #23
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