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No Ironside? Aw, that's a huge disappointment, the guy made the role. Even when I see him in movies like Total Recall and Terminator Salvation, I still think of Sam Fisher lol. It was a good gig.

Perhaps he felt that Conviction was a good spot to say goodbye since it wrapped up the whole arc with Fisher's daughter and the end of Lambert's 3rd Echelon. Fisher is no longer a fugitive, everything has come full circle. Kinda wished they had moved on with a new charac...

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Thing that gets me is, no (soon to be) 70 million selling console in the history of gaming, has ever been called a failure before this gen'. I think it says more about today's sensationalist "million week one or its a failure" crowd than anything else

Do you know how many times Nintendo has been up and down? The Gamecube barely sold 20 million, N64 did 32 million. Sega Dreamcast did 10 million. 67 million is hardly a failure by industry standards.

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I'm not whining or in denial about anything. Just doing some math, looking at year-on-year stuff.

I'm not holding anything against MS, but neither should people hold the year late start against the PS3 and Wii when declaring losers. Same logic applies in reverse. Yet somehow in the past year of press releases, 67 million became > 95 million.

Look, in a week at E3 all three major players are gonna be spinning the n...

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PS3 came out a full year after the 360. Statistically that puts the 360 in last place for sales per total time on the market.

Think about it like this. Consoles are averaging over 10 million a year. Far as market equity, if the 360 didn't sell another copy after today, the PS3 and Wii would have still a full year to equal the 360's time on the market. More than enough time based on year on year sales trends, to pass that 2 million difference.

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A metric tonne of sites gave Uncharted 3 perfect scores. Miller doesn't stand out in that regard.

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[QUOTE]Yeah, doesn’t look very good for Yakuza 5, at least to me[/QUOTE]

Yakuza 5 releases in 6 months. His work is done. The engine, story, concept, direction is already set in stone.

I'm sure Y5 will make its way west. What would be really great though, is not having to wait a full year.

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Ah yes, Shadow Complex! That was a 360 exclusive too. Good game. Bought it right out of the demo.

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I don't recall any homicides when Quantum Theory, Joe Danger, Kung Fu Live (Impact), MGS3/PeaceWalker, Amy etc went multi.

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It's a good Move game, in that it does what it set out to do for $39. Too many people went into this expecting a PS3 Fable. Not sure why. The budget price and fact it's a niche, Move-only game, shoulda probably tipped them off.

If the reviewer was really getting that sore, he could easily lower the difficulty. There's 4-5 different challenge settings for precisely such reasons, none affect trophies. This ain't 'The Fight' or 'Kung Fu Live' we&#...

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One of the games I bought a GameCube for. Still have it, and RE Zero.

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Loved this game. Went in blindly not knowing what it was really, but when 'Metroid 4' popped up in the opening titles, I was sold. Heh.

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The Ninja Gaiden trilogy on the original NES was incredibly cinematic for its time. One of the grand-daddies of the modern day cut scene. Who's to say how many developers in their late 20's-early 30's were influenced by that, 10 years before Playstation?

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To some people sure, but Sly Cooper has had a better commercial and critical run than all the other games you mentioned. Wouldn't call it Earthbound or Fire Emblem obscure.

*3 PS2 games 2002-2005
*Successful 2010 HD Collection
*Playable charachter in PS Move: Heroes 2011
*Recent digital uploads to the PS Store with a freebie for PS Plus users
*Sly 4 currently in development set to drop 2012

His face has been out there the p...

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Heh, looks like Saejima got a haircut and Kiryu finally got a new outfit ;)

Akiyama returning is great too, can't wait for this. I so want a simultaneous worldwide release for once.

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Goldeneye was more revered by FPS enthusiasts and for its multiplayer though. As a Bond game, a 007 experience, it isn't anything special. Certainly not on the cinematic level as EoN.

Good fun for splitscreen MP, but not what I'd reach for when looking for the most authentic, pure Bond experience.

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Everything or Nothing ftw. It did so many things right as a third person action game for its time. Under-rated to a fault.

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Indeed, can't wait to see what they've done with the extra development time for this next true chapter in the story. It'd be great if they bucked the trend for once and launched it worldwide simultaneously.

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Of course you can die, Greg said he won, which means 3 other journalists didn't. Only difference is the meters go up instead of down. Think about it, we've' done this many times before. It's like a God of War boss battle.

The Hydra, the Minotaur or even Zeus... you fight a bit, and then you get a window to do a QTE thing (akin to a level 1,2,3 special in AllStars Battle Royale) that breaks down one layer of their armor, cuts a head off etc that brings you one ...

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Fair enough. Same reasons I waited tbh.

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Neither is MS, which makes the initial dig a bit unnecessary. Microsoft started its own 5000 person layoff in 2009 and more recently cut another 200 people in February http://www.huf...