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It's not lag. My wife and all her friends have been complaining to eachother about the same issue and all they play is COD. I don't play personally, but I watch and I've seen it as well. No doubt they'll patch it.

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You can transfer em via a USB flashdrive to your PC for storage or for other people to download, but you can't continue your PS3 progress on a PC unless you're playing Portal 2 and enable the Steam cloud saves. Great feature.

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The article is specifically about exclusives though. Games that wouldn't have existed without the PS3, not the other way around.

In any case, I'd probably swap out Saints Row for Mass Effect in that top11 there, Trainz.

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There's sales all the time, same as XBL. Also a category specifically titled 'price drops' under the 'special offers' tab in the store. Breaks it down by % and permanent. Recent permanent price drops include NFS Shift2 Unleashed, MassEffect2, PSMove Heroes, MOH FrontlineHD, DragonAge Origins.

PS Plus is definitely worth looking into if you're a big downloader. Name games like DeadNation, inFamous: Festival of Blood, Limbo, RE4 all had discounts at lau...

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Been a good run for new IPs that debuted as exclusives o'er this gen'.

Heavy Rain
Valkyria Chronicles
Heavenly Sword
Demon's Souls

Warhawk/Starhawk took an old forgotten PS1 name and reinvented it for the modern age.

The Play/Create/Share tag that started with LBP found its way into other exclusives like ModNat...

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[QUOTE]"They even had the nerve to re-release the best games on the PSP (the ones I bothered buying this stupid hardware for) on the PS3 and PS2"[/QUOTE]

It's their games, their systems. How is that nerve?

Not every PS3/360 owner has a PSP to play MGS:Peace Walker, GOW:COO and GOW:GOS on. I'm sure there are many people out there who are happy they were remastered for consoles. We got to play them first on the PSP anyways.

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For the record, Dead Space 2 is showing up as £23.99 on my European PSN side right now, not £47.99 as quoted. That's cheaper than what Paul Cadogen bought it for at retail. Oops?

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This. Europe and Canada don't even have it as bad as Australia either.

Sales happen at different times too. 2 months ago COD Black Ops was $39.99 on XBL for a week or two, then it went back to $64.99 which is more expensive than retail AND PSN (it's currently $59.99 on PSN). A month later it was $39.99 on PSN as well for a stint.

Factor in PS Plus discounts like RE4 which was $10 cheaper on PSN than XBL for a few weeks and Assassin's Creed 2 which...

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What games DO you like to play then if trading it in is something you're considering? Such a busy year, hard to imagine someone not enjoying themselves at some point.

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Taste is subjective and I won't fault you for what you don't like, but to write off so many games without some sense of objectivity will always earn you disagrees. Multiple accounts need not apply. LBP sells millions, wins several GOTYs including the Academy of Interactive Arts&Sciences', and is one of the highest rated series this gen (including this year) but isn't worth mentioning? That's worth a disagree I'd say.

The G...

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Nothing wrong with taking some responsibility for dying too. It is just a game afterall and deaths are part of the experience. I died a lot in Crushing. You died and took it personal, thus generalising the one moment as typical and thus your 6/10 rating. I'm telling you its atypical. Telling me that you don't care how many times I played it is kinda daft when I could just as easily tell you to at least beat the game once before scoring it on things that you haven't seen to fruitio...

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Reviewer says his review isn't strange when confronted about it, then seemingly closes the comments from further discussion. Can't post there. Speaking of technical flaws, StrategyInformer. Allow me to illuminate the review's flaws here on N4G then to Nakerman:

Big caption about fighting being a QTE. It's not. At all. On lower difficulties it has a prompt on when to press triangle or circle to counter EXACTLY like Batman Arkham Asylum/City. Are those QTE fight...

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That's not what got you killed. Cutter & Sully don't stop you from shooting/punching, they actually stay away from you until you clear that room. You admit you were in the tight stairwell. How you got jammed in there with 4 people is your own comedy/glitch. I never had that issue in my 4 times through there.

In Yemen, you guys split up in the smoke and they KILL ENEMIES for you, something you claim the AI doesn't do. Well there's a whole segment where they...

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Press releases & financial reports say otherwise. Heck, even use vgchartz if you have to. It appears PS3 console exclusives have actually sold more than 360 console exclusives tit for tat.

Compare inFamous to Crackdown, inFamous2 to Crackdown2, Heavy Rain to Alan Wake, GT5 to Forza4, MGS4 to SplinterCellConviction, GOW3 to Fable 3, LBP to Viva Pinata (and that's me being *extremely* generous based on an aesthetic since Live doesn't have a UGC equivalent), Uncharte...

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No exclusive has outsold any Gears/Halo? Umm according to vgchartz...which this whole thread is based upon...Gran Turismo 5 has outsold EVERY Gears of War game (1-3) as well as Halo 3 ODST and Halo Wars.

Beyond that, you're arguing about the negligible difference between 5 million and 6 million sellers while calling others fanboys. I don't follow.

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The blogosphere on this game is getting a bit satirical, especially since these types of articles are mostly of the "I'm right" variety without bringing anything new to the table.

The shout out to the Half Life franshise at the expense of U3 is nonsensical and out of time/place, especially while Half Life 3 remains in development hell. Speaking of not resting on your laurels...

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The levels in general are more varied and more replayable in U3 imho. More flanks, including swimming and diving. Hardly rushed.

Last half of U2 was snow on a train, snow village, snow caves, snowy truck caravan, snow temples, and Shangri La.

Last half of U3 is the streets of Yemen Arabia, underground puzzle palace, a ship graveyard, an ocean liner, an airport, an airplane, a desert, desert village/storm, a horse caravan through cliffs, and Ubar. More to do...

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AI helps me all the time, in fact there were times Cutter got the last punch and Sully got the last shot in on a guy I was heading over to. So you're wrong. You can use them to create flanks for yourself too.

The only instant deaths shooting wise are from certain red laser sight sniper headshots or RPGs that hit you dead on. On Crushing you can also die from a shotty point blank, but I've literally stood around getting shot up at times on normal and less, trying to di...

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Because when his complaints include the charachters talking like they're real and not knowing they're in a videogame and "can't die", it's pretty much pointless.

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Your points are subjective though and can just as easily be held against any of this gen's greatest hits, from Mass Effect and Portal to BioShock and Call of Duty.

A terribly low score however implies that things are straight out broken, not just subjectively, but *objectively*, on a technical side. Been reading game reviews for long enough to know that's pretty much the lithmus.

As for debating his individual points, they're rather aloof tbh. Lik...

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