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I read the quotes, and I think, no I KNOW you're reading too much into them. Unless calling something "good" is simply not good enough for you, in which case that's insecurity.

No one "bashed" your XBox, they're just saying that the latest version is the better one, not because of one thing, but as a whole. This can include any combo of textures, 5.1 LCPM audio, one disc packaging, to all the bonus content (including former... #28.1
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No time for 2010 leftovers. Too many great NEW games this year, and the demo bored me. #30.1
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Same applies to the 360.

GTA4 timed DLC didn't sell well enough according to Rockstar. Splinter Cell Conviction sold less than 2 mil', Crackdown 2 sold less than a million. Even Yakuza 3 sold more.

Mass Effect 2 sold less than Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. Forza 3 sold less than GT5, Alan Wake sold less than Heavy Rain. Fable 2 AND 3 sold less than LBP and GOW3. The numbers and press releases are out there.

So what's your point? #17.1.1
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Rest assured that "journalists" like Ben Silverman and Scott C Jones will argue it, if they aren't already.

Only one PS3 exclusive on Silverman's must-plays for 2011 on Yahoo, and Scott just hates the PS3 period. Still using the "glorified blu-ray player" defense. :o #1.5.1
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Level cap means nothing when there are 6 different mentors to hit level 30 under (see platinum trophy) and completely separate campaigns for villains and heroes.

Mentors each have exclusive missions. You won't do the Scarecrow story under Superman, the Metallo one under Batman, and you won't beat the snot out of Batman and Supergirl if you're being trained by WonderWoman. That requires the Joker.

No one should complain about content until they... #10.1
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MW2 map packs were trash. 3 new maps and 2 OLD COD4 maps that you're forced to re-buy even if you just want the others was such a scam.

Looks like the Activision $14.99 price point is here to stay, but for fans at least the Black Ops pack has 4 new maps and one new zombie map. 5 all new maps in total.

But yeah, W@W had 4 new maps per $9.99 pack. Paying an extra $5.00 for just one more map is something people are gonna notice. #2.1.3
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This is why Digital Distribution is not gonna be the norm for console gaming anytime soon. People can't stop bitching about installing the most menial things.

If downloading a 12GB game from PSN is already a "flaw", then there's no hope for digitizing dual layered mega-giggers like GOW3, MGS4 and KZ2. Just stick to the BluRay georgeenoob. #1.5.4
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This version is the full game on one disc with all the DLC included too. It really isn't worth reporting. #8.3.4
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4-5GB? Hardly a story. MGS4 did that years ago. Where were these guys when BioShock 1 & 2 pushed closer to 6 Gigs each?

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is over 4GB yet Assassin's Creed 2 a year earlier was like, a quarter of that. There's something to investigate. #21
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It's tricky wording, cuz by that standard the most successful PS3 game judging by my friend list is COD. Blech.

No one plays GOW, Uncharted, KZ, Resistance, Dead Space, GTA, inFamous, Heavy Rain, Bad Company etc anymore outside of the odd one guy, who's sometimes me lol. People move on to new stuff. I love DCU, but when all the AAA threequels come out later this year (Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted) I'll be all over those too.

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For sure. It's constantly rewarding you with lil' pop-ups and splashes telling you how good you are for solving cases and levelling up. Who doesn't like positive reinforcement? :p #5
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MGS1 was remade for GameCube exclusively, MGS Ghost Babel was on Gameboy, MGS2 was on the 360 later, MGS3 being edit-ported to the 3DS as we speak, and the series started on the MSX/NES. What loyalty? #7.1.1
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There's already one play/create/share game on the list so I'd replace ModNation Racers with Demon's Souls.

I'm actually surprised it's not on there. Game is NOT that hard, you just have to use your head. It's easier than making levels in LBP imo. Use your shield and ranged spells when you start. Be tactical. I'm 3 playthroughs in now and a freaking tank with a health bar that stretches into next year lol. The rewards far outweigh any early strugg... #9
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Nah. Get it now.

Servers were down a bit on Sunday but that was on purpose so they could increase the server capacity to let more players on. Decrease queues and High/Full servers. I still managed to go from level 17 to 22 by marathoning in about 3 different sessions yesterday. They're not down constantly if I can get to 22 on one guy and 11 on another in less than a week.

Sometimes if you just wait an extra few seconds for everything/everyone to full... #4.1
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They're increasing the North American servers' capacity as we speak (worlds are down). Most server populations are already on high, I was even locked out of a full one yesterday. It's like the unexpected response to Demon's Souls, the way that one went from zero to hero.

Hope it continues to sell well once the big PS3 AAA exclusive train starts rolling through (LBP2, KZ3, Resistance 3, inFamous 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Socom 4, Yakuza 4, Last Guardian, Unchar... #36
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I can deny, easily, cuz my wife has been addicted to COD through 4 games now, many prestiges, and never has hack problems. But whatever helps you justify your 360 purchase. #1.1.16
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The game is the real mccoy. Servers are PACKED! One of my 2 charachters was ineligible to play as last night because his server was literally full, lol. The other guy I made I got in but had to wait in a queue of almost 200 (10 min at least) to get in. It's way more stacked than the beta. People doing missions everywhere. 10 of us just beat the snot out of Bizarro last night, so fun when you all come together. #7
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Odd, I enjoyed Yakuza 3 more than two of the four games you mentioned as worthwhile. I'd squeeze in the Sly Collection too.

Hmm, for PSN games I'd probably swap out Echochrome 2 and Joe Danger for Dead Nation and Soldner X-2 personally #5.2
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Re. MLB10 The Show and ModNation...they're not ports on the PSP.

It's still Playstation for one and ModNation PSP has different courses and DLC. Gran Turismo PSP ain't GT5 either. Same with the PSP GOW, Resistance and Killzone games. LBP on PSP was a completely different game as well, different levels and music, everything.

A direct port is like Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past being on SNES and later GBA, but it's still a N... #1.1.2
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Yakuza 3, Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles almost made it in 2010, all sitting around 950,000 each. #9
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