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How are "many of them" just a cash grab and poorly done. There are what, three of them, lol?

There's GOW (which was awesome), Sly Cooper (which was more awesome), and the Prince of Persia ones which are PSN downloads only.

The Splinter Cell and ICO collections I will be buying. This one, probably not. I already platinumed TR:Underworld for the PS3. Too soon to be a classic. #3.2.2
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Heh, wow! Didn't expect the story trailer to actually be as good as it was. Music worked, good cuts, charachters and dialogue were good (I just watched Malcolm McDowell in Star Trek Generations the other day). Color me impressed. I can already see improvement from KZ2. #33
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"Above & beyond for you people?" Unless they wanna wax my car or cook me dinner, I can safely say they've never done a thing for me and probably never will. The sense of arrogant entitlement coming from them and their acolytes the past few weeks has been nothing short of epic.

If you pine for more journalistic respect, you can start by editing with the same tenacity that you count RDR bushes with. It's not 'EUROGAMMER' (paragraph 7 of the article... #3.4
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Both! They have exclusive servers for PVP and PVE, plus you can open yourself up at anytime too. It's like Demon's Souls that way.

Really good beta. I only wish there were more people doing boss missions as I had to fight Queen Bee's level alone, but you can respawn forever while enemies in the boss rooms don't, so u can chip away and inch forward. Regular missions it was always easy to come across people to help you.

So much to do, so ma... #4.2
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Some of your metacritic scores there are off by a bit, some by a lot.
KZ2 is actually 91 on meta', not 90.
Demons Souls is 89 not 86.
Resistance 2 is 87 not 85
GOW Collection is 91 not 80
Uncharted Drakes Fortune is 88 not 91
R&C Tools of Destruction is 89 not 94

Just clarifying. #4.4.4
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No excuse for peeps not to get this game now. It's one of the best this gen', even better at $15!!! #23
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Ironic isn't it?

Lens of Irony, lol? Wait, saying that'll get you banned! Quick, call someone a PS3 fanboy to save face, because apparently THAT is still allowed. #41.1.1
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How can you cherry pick parts of a game? Umm, pretty freakin' easy if you read your own reply. If there are parts where the PS3 looked better or performed better, and there ARE judging by the DF analysis, it's funny that LOT didn't count those.

Going by your own reasoning, it's a fact that LOT didn't play fair. They avoided the screens and videos that DF tackled head-on. Why? Can't ask 'em under penalty of deletion. Subtle. Now... #33.1
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Oh hell yeah, the DS2 demo slaughtered the ME2 demo! I'm not sure why people are still overanalysing this year old boot. There's only so much I could tolerate standing around talking to Lucasfilm rejects. To each his own I guess. #31.1
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No you're not the only one. I've beat the game 3 or 4 times, platinumed it, done stuff in both pure white and pure black tendencies...never once was R2 or L2 an issue. Strong attack (R2) worked super, I never had to parry (L2) and I beat Vinland and all of them.

People tend to project their failures onto things other than themselves, so they make articles about L2/R2 instead of about using or equipping different spells/armors to cut down your damage taken, or learning... #29.1
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They left out MLB10 The Show too which had a meta' score over 90.

Sly Collection is 87, ModNation is 82. All three were higher rated exclusives than Yakuza 3 which they included. Personally I liked Yakuza 3 more, but just sayin'.

Either way, lots of titles to choose from. Not a bad year. #11
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You saying that going below 30fps is better than going over? How is the 360 dropping to 24 fps occasionally more solid than the PS3 going up to 36 occasionally?

GOW3 does the same variable framerate thing strategically. Even GT5 fluctuates but they're never jittery transitions. You act like it's going from 20fps to 45fps to 25fps in 3 seconds but that's not the case.

I ALWAYS unlock the framerate in BioShock 1 & 2 via the... #1.4.5
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Minor tearing in the overscan due to unlocked framerate. The framerate is higher on PS3, hitting over 40 at times. Watch the Digital Foundry H2H video. They did it to be smoother so you're wrong there. 360 falls to low 20's too, but it never tops 30 whereas the PS3 does. Many cutscenes in the H2H show the 360 fall to 24fps while the PS3 stays at 30.

The 360 doesn't tear the same but drops frames harder and more often because of the different v sync. Watch the vid... #117.1
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Well when people are saying things like "it's too bright on PS3", sorry bud but that is a capturing/calibration problem. They draw conclusions from those pics when they marmle about "deeper blacks" and "washed out" screengrabs. Wtf does 'source' have to do with crushed blacks (360's AC Brotherhood) that are otherwise not there for people? Their pics are obviously snapped and displayed on something.

RGB Full btw makes things DARKE... #115.2
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All good brother, no harm no foul ;)

Some more examples for the heck of it, at the 4 min mark the PS3 hits 38, 44, 32, 36 fps too while the 360 stays at 30...but then you see the trade off where it dips to 26fps etc.

Right after though the PS3 is back up to 38, 34, 36, 40 fps. The 360 dips too (24 fps at 5:06) but stays at 30 most of the time, never going higher. #1.4.3
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Whoa, you're wrong about one BIG thing.

They NEVER said the 360 had better framerate. They said the PS3 does. I'll quote before the misinformation starts:

"...with v-sync dropped on PlayStation 3 but a higher FPS throughout overall. An uncapped frame-rate produces some unexpected spikes in the graphs."

PS3 unlocks the framerate to keep it running smoother during dips to below 30fps (a dip which happe... #1.4.1
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A bad port that has better lighting and framerate + all DLC on one disc?

Love how 360 guys ride the framerate train when it suits their purposes (Forza VS GT5) but then jump off it at the first sign of trouble. Suddenly a higher/more stable framerate (PS3's common dynamic v-sync instead of over scan v-sync...go to NeoGaf) is brushed aside in favor of static screenshots. Make up your minds! #106.1.1
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It's cuz they still use component cables and Full RGB requires HDMI. I haven't used component since 2007, and it's almost 2011. I bet you my life these so-called "experts" game with HDMI, especially if they want their LCPM 7.1 and Dolby True HD, so why they don't H2H by 2011 standards is a mystery to me. It's like, if you have an Ethernet hookup on your PC, why ignore it in favor of your dial-up 56k? Nostalgia? lol #63.1
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Bronze in game library? DC Universe Online, LBP2 and all-in-one sets of Mass Effect 2/Kasumi/Overlord/Shadow Broker/Zaeed etc and Dead Space 2/Extraction aren't exactly a shabby way to ring in a January. #61.1
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Yeah, I usually go to my friend's place and vice versa and we compare on a TV and system that we know is calibrated the way we like. Then you get a better idea.

Calibration aside, I always get brighter whites anyways because I game on an LCD and he always gets a higher contrast ratio because he games on a newer Plasma. There's always concessions.

You don't. A lot of games have different defaults however, that's why most... #14.1.1
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