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His post was talking about *Gamekult* scores, not Edge scores. And he's right. Gamekult did in fact give both LBPs 7/10

Might wanna edit your post. ;)

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Sony's gaming division is actually one of their best divisions dcbronco. It's not going anywhere. They wouldn't have promoted the head of Playstation to CEO and President of the *entire company* if he hadn't done something right. Sony isn't just games, like Nintendo. Their TVs hurt them the most last year.

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Why would Sony make fewer 1st party games when they own all those studios and established IPs? Makes no sense. They own them. They're not gonna pay 15 studios to sit around and do nothing.

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Define average.

Are Battlefield, COD and Halo "average" shooters for having several games with metacritic averages in the low to mid 80's alongside Resistance?

Halo ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Anny, BF2, BF3, BFBC, COD [email protected], COD MW3 all fall in between 81-88, same as the Resistances and Left4Deads. KZ2 has a meta of 91. 91/100 is average?

Far as sales, if my namesake was Forza I probably wouldn't be giving anyo...

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Actually, estimates have Gears1 at 5.9 million. Gears2 at 6.1, and Gears 3 at 5.1. Not sure where you got 7 from.

Halo 3 was five long years ago. Hard for anyone to imagine a world pre-COD4, but that was when Halo 3 swept up with 11 million according to estimates (not 13 million). Little competition back then. Uncharted, LBP, MGS4, inFamous, Demon's Souls, Killzone, Heavy Rain, GT5, GOW3 etc weren't even out yet.

Halo's numbers dr...

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RE4 HD was too flawed, shouldn't be included imo. Visuals weren't true HD, trophy/achievement disparity, some nagging issues. Sly killed it. 3 games 3 platinum sets, true HD retouch, 3D , new content, plus you can buy them individually from PSN as well for a tenner.

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Not if it's ranked online only. This'll be like that "play online 6 months later" trophy in Crysis 2. People had to wait 6 months, no way around it.

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Meh, kind of a weak list. Collectible trophies are a dime a dozen. Heck, I'll see their 200 GTA pigeons and raise them 350 inFamous blast shards.

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Yes, I can finally download videos directly from again instead of waiting for to port 'em over! Plus I can access their whole library again, like AVGN. It's been forever. Good update.

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"When you have to pay, your not gonna do this fee from xbox live just to cheat."

Sure they will.1600 XBox accounts were banned recently from COD:MW3 for hack/glitch/cheat infractions .

There's always gonna be people looking for shortcuts or trying to stick it to the man. No system's foolproof....

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Conversely, why does Zune take so long to load all the time when all I wanna do is watch my saved videos?

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I'm pretty sensible, and I disagree. It's mostly all the same stuff with a couple minor differences like being able to check your sent messages on the XMB but not on the dashboard, or beacons.

Off the top of my head, PSN and PS+ offer:
*in-game messaging
*party text chat
*free access to apps like Netflix
*online gaming
*beta priority
*web browser for Youtube to N4G
*cloud saves

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Multiple accounts are pro-consumer and a good thing imo. You can make multiple accounts on the 360 too, and you can take em all online with the family pass. You can also change your gamertag. Difference is the fees, which people pay regardless.

I've never heard before that paying for online makes your kill/death ratio or 1000/1000 more meaningful. True skill? Are you honestly implying my near 50 platinums don't mean as much as your 'X' complete...

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Nice that they added monitors to those two additional structures so that you can reclaim them.

Hope the final game has a good online tutorial like the one in Twisted Metal, as there are people out there who still don't know that the structures have monitors on them that will spawn vehicles for you or let you reclaim them. I went through the private beta without even knowing, lol.

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I'm not sure I follow. Scum that create new accounts that fill up your friendlist? They're your friends. You added them there. New accounts don't add themselves.

As for jerks online, once I leave a lobby I tend not to see those people ever again. There's lotsa rotations running out there. Lotsa people. Odds are slim that matchmaking will keep you with the same group forever, unless you're playing something like 007: Blood Stone which ...

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You once said:

"Well elite may be the better deal but it's still a rip off for offering paid services which other games offer for free. But hey it's call of duty so it's ok."

Doesn't that apply to MS too then with Gold? Like some guys above me said, Gold charges you for things that are free everywhere else, from online peer-to-peer to Youtube and Netflix. It's the original online pass.

I'm curr...

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Lookin' good.

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I took a chance on it (free digital copy of SR2 didn't hurt) and was pleasantly surprised! Played it through to a Platinum actually. Customization not as deep as SR2, but a waaay more polished experience overall, technically and artistically. They've got a good lil' open world engine to work with from here. Even the zombie stuff was fun. Good for them. I'll be back for #4.

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The $2 billion loss was due to the sale of shares from the S-LCD venture to Samsung which amount to $800 million, and the strong yen which appreciated by 10%.

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He is referring to the negative attitude people are having towards the gaming division specifically, not the overall picture.

Quote from the article:
"The $2 billion loss was due to the sale of shares from the S-LCD venture to Samsung which amount to $800 million, and the strong yen which appreciated by 10%."

Some people are talking about no killer game apps etc that ultimately have no bearing on this quote. You even brought up the 14 millio...

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