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Great review, the most objective one yet. Sees the game for what it is, doesn't bring personal bias into it the way GiantBomb said they don't like superhero games and Eurogamer predicted community doom just 1 week in despite the game selling out (oops).

Too bad metacritic is so fast to post those reviews and stupid user ones on the front page giving the game 3/10 because they died in the 1st mission or on PvP (I'm not even kidding), and not the good ones from Examine... #5
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Game's not about levelling up just one guy to 30 as some people are complaining, but levelling up as many as you can. That's why they give you all these charachter slots for free and made seperate campaigns for hero and villain. Get the platinum, then I'll be impressed.

Game has 6 different mentors that each have certain exclusive storylines, and it has separate hero and villain campaigns that are quite different. Not only in missions but in who you talk to, who... #34
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You must not remember when Greg Miller at IGN said "The thing that a lot of people missed, however, is that Mass Effect 2 is indeed a better game than Uncharted 2, and I don't know how readers can be so blinded by their fanboyism to deny it. I need you to accept this."

In essence he said 'agree with me and accept what I say as gospel or you're a fanboy'. Thing is, I'm just not a big Star Wars/Star Trek,Battlestar Gallact... #2.1.5
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Agreed about the price editorial which came out of left field. Seems irrelevant in a tech analysis, especially since the PS3 ME2 came with a $20.00 coupon on Amazon which negates their argument. Then a guy's talking about a subjective preference for the 360 controller and how he'd never play Mario on a system other than Nintendo (?) like he has the option. I had to double check to see if I was still on the same site, lol.

At least it's a tie and... #1.1.8
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There's always a rotten apple in the bunch (Destructoid's 4/10 for AC2, GameCritics 4/10 for Heavy Rain, GiantBomb's 4/10 for DCU) but with only a couple reviews on meta' so far and better scores like Examiner's 8/10 and this one strangely absent, it can send the wrong message fast.

The game has a lot of unique things going for it and its community is already supportive. Bodes well for the future, and the score should reflect that optimism i... #1.1.1
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Yup. Nice to see devs and gamers open to trying something new on consoles, especially something good. #2
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Review's numerical value does not accurately represent the positive things said about the game in the review and the WEALTH of detail seemingly ignored while taking the time to talk about the 360 controller. Poor taste that, shoddy research notwithstanding (360 controller does work). But that's what reviewing an MMO 1 week in will get you. No lvl 30 endgame content talk or comparing the HERO vs VILLAIN campaigns. Cuz that would take TIME.

Shoulda reviewed PC and PS3 s... #10
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Any particular reason you're trolling another DCU thread? -1 bubble vote. Go play something from Atari. Their Transformers Armada game was actually quite good.

This is on the PC too btw, just like Gears, Halo, Mass Effect and Splinter Cell. And you CAN play it with a 360 controller easy by just plug 'n' play which the reviewer got wrong but felt dinging it for anyway. The PC boards have taken exception to it as well 1771d ago by P_Bomb | View comment
Trolling now KotC? It's an MMO, it's not a 5 hour campaign with a tacked on online that's a one-day-play. A lot of people don't review with that in mind. Euro didn't even talk about the online co-op like Raids and PVP. That'd be like reviewing Battlefield and not mentioning the unique frostbite (destruction 2.0) engine.

Examiner and GamerBuzz's 8/10 aren't on there yet either, so? Metacritic changes too. On GOW3's FINAL added review from Ga... #4.3.3
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Greg Miller loves it and has even given his 2 cents sporadically to counter Nick. #4.2.2
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Well if he liked MAG (really) and LBP (which takes forever and a day to make quality levels in) more than this, I wouldn't call him bias but maybe inconsistent. How do you review an MMO in a week anyways yet forgive MAG & LBP for having 60% or more of their content relying on potential?

Beta didn't mean game wasn't ready, KZ3 has an "open beta" Feb 3rd and its gold already. It's marketing as much as bug finding. It sold PS Plus subscriptions. You... #12.1
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This WILL be one of those exceptions. A superficial review from a guy who's claim to fame is getting fired. Bad combo. Disappointed this skewed 40/100 will be on metacritic. It is NOT an F.

He's docking for not having keyboard shortcuts, yet L2/R2 I guess are too much trouble?

Menu items are not clumsy, they're on a freakin' grid ala Dead Space to freaking Legend of Zelda. These are tried and true menus. If you're that m... #11
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Hmm. Both my PVE servers (Justice and Redemption) were still on 'high' as of last night.

Those people that you don't see anymore probably just decided to level up a villain now if they were doing a hero, or vice versa. That's what I'm doing. Now I'm on the server 'Crisis'. It's a whole new story and set of missions when you flip allegiances.

There is a created charachter cap too. If you're full you have t... #5.2
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Vocal minority is a term that sometimes comes to mind as far as people complaining on forums. Of course people on forums are gonna be troubleshooting their issues, that's what forums are for. Who's gonna log in just to say "everything's great, just thought I'd waste your time."

It's like going to the doctor's, seeing a room full of sick people, then assuming that small sample is representative of the entire population and there must be a plag... #1.2.3
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3 days? That's...not much. Even DCUO gives you 30. Free trial is good, but what's 3 days? Give em a week at least imo. #5
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Really. Google Don Reisinger and sit back with some popcorn. Blu Ray shoulda been dead a hundred times over by now for how much it got nuked by articles on here lol. If you still wanna go after Blu Ray in 2011, at least be original. #5.1.4
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Warhawk did that too. Huge, generally awesome maps that could be partitioned down into progressively smaller ones to accomodate smaller player counts and different game modes.

My only wish/gripe here with KZ3 is that you should be able to still play any game mode (Warzone/TDM/Operations) on any map ala KZ2. I don't like that they did the Bad Company 2 thing and made Corinth Highway objective only and the Jungle deathmatch only. Wanted to try TDM on the Turbine level, etc. #2.2
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Never the other way around? You haven't waded through many GT5 or ME2 threads, have you? You'd think those two games were running at 10fps with 8-bit textures and a 95% screen tear the way they've been deconstructed and demoralized on the PS3, lol.

Frick, pull up any GeoHot hacking thread from the past few weeks, throw a stone and you're bound to hit a vulture or two gnawing on Sony's bones! So whatever. #5.1.2
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I've never had combat lag as bad as the instance he talked about either. All that lags for me are the menus. A couple weird freezes here or there isn't automatically a system wide problem. I've personally lost audio twice but that's twice in like 40 hrs of play.

I'd rather they patch some of the texture pop-in while flying before trying to address a random lag teleport that could be due to your NAT type as much as a server hiccup. Metropolis is beautiful... #2
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On the PS3 you can see ALL the detail on the back of Sheppard's rig during the head to head lab escape, but the 360's suit is just crushed blacks. You see no detail. The brightness and contrast in the scene otherwise looks the same so I don't think it's that.

Also, the last few scenes in the vid' with what's her face, the PS3 side has more shadows so it does look like that version has new light sources. #1.1.3
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