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Meh. I'd replace that sloppy second GTA4 DLC with Yakuza 3, Sly Collection, GT5, 3D Dot Game Heroes, even MAG. In a heartbeat. Too much yearly recycled stuff on that list (RockBand, StreetFighter, COD). #13
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Yeah. I think Mercs 2, Crackdown 2, Far Cry 2 and Force Unleashed 2 were all sequels that took some of the lustre off the originals, a la The Suffering 2. No desire to see a part 3 to any of those, except maybe a Suffering reboot. #9.2.1
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I agree. Far cry 2 makes me wanna cry. The online is still pants and the campaign was forgettable. Everyone talking in fast forward and every checkpoint in the game resulting in a skirmish. The weapons locked up WAY too much, I could go on, but at least it looked nice...during the daytime. #7.3
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I disagree about the no new IP thing. In the past 12-14 months alone we've seen:

ModNation Racers
Heavy Rain
Demon's Souls
White Knight Chronicles
3D Dot Game Heroes
Alan Wake
Metro 2033

Tons more new IPs launched this gen' before that, from LittleBigPlanet and Mass Effect to Dead Space and Dead Rising. I think we're good in that dept. ;) #1.3.1
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Not really. Sly Collection is awesome! #4.2
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Surprised that Jeff dude said niche audience. Can anything that sells 2.5 million units in 4 days really have a niche audience? Even the demo sold 5 million. If that's niche, most games are downright underground lol. #2.2
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Loved Rush and hated Conquest in BC1, but I LOVED Conquest and hated Rush in BC2. It's a camper's paradise as everyone runs or tries doomed flanks in a straight line. It's like shooting ducks in a barrel.

In Conquest much like Zones in Warhawk there's more eb and flow, more skirmishes, not just trench warfare from point A to point B. Too many Rush games devolve into zombies where all the defending team does is just set up a perimeter and mow down wave after wa... #6.1.1
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CBC reports regular news, they have no pedigree in videogames. It's like asking EGM to write a report on Obama's bailout plan. #2
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Yakuza 3 ruled big time.

Warhawk ruled too but only sold 500,000 which is less than most retail discs on that guy's list (eg Valkyria Chronicles). Might wanna check your own numbers. #1.1.3
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It's cherrypicking. They did the same thing for 007 Bloodstone. Why stir the pot when you're missing ingredients? I say head to head the full game or not at all. See what else is going on under the hood that might explain the framerate etc.

Next they'll conveniently do a shadow head to head lol. But where's the resolution head to head? Where's the 3D head to head? Where is the polygon VS? The weather VS video? They clipped it prematurely. Lets talk about t... #62
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It's true Brian. Same reason COD can do 60fps but Bad Company 2 and KZ2 do 30. What's going on on-screen? COD couldn't maintain 60fps with Battlefield's Frostbite 'everything's destructible' engine or all KZ2's dynamic effects and detail. COD being less than 720p native with no such graphical features helps maintain that 60fps.

Love how Lens forgets to mention all those little things in this case like double the amount of cars on-screen at 1080... #8.2
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FFS, no one ever holds MS to any such quality assurance standards. The game is done. That's the best they as professionals could do. It's nobody's fault. Everyone thinks they're developers all of a sudden lol. Game has many advantages over Forza (native resolution, polygons, cars on track) and the cars look significantly better for it. Those screens with the yellow cars are proof. Freaking complaining about trees just takes the cake. *nuclear facepalm* #28.1
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If anything I'm dismissing the opinions of all the flamelurkers in here who have NEVER worn Jeux on their sleeve until 5 minutes ago and are now acting like they're the only score that matters or will matter. Like they have all this french integrity even though they BROKE the embargo, thus pissing on all their peers who honored it.

That's not balls, it's for hits, and all the ambulance chasers in this thread prove it. You're making Two-Face out to be a m... #56.1.4
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Another good soapbox by Sessler. One of the only gaming journalists these days that actually does journalism and not flamebait.

It is a very different world than last gen'. Sessler nailed it. That's why I love these HD collections too, great bang for your buck notwithstanding. #11
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Of course it does. Their claim to fame is what, being french? How the #$% is that relevant? When did the french become genetically pre-disposed to giving superior game reviews that no one's cared about before today? What about the most popular game site in Poland, Sri Lanka or the Phillipines, lol? Lets keep this multicultural!

Up next: the most popular site in the Bushuduwa tribe weighs in! 6 clickclickderks out of 7! Post THAT article. :p #102.1.1
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Hey Dude111, I've never heard of them either. They're not on meta' so saying they're the biggest of the irrelevant sites ain't saying much. Really.

If scoffing at people that feel the need to shout "overhyped piece of shit" based on one fringe score makes people fanboys, then count me in. Enjoy the smell of your own farts in your ivory tower. #56.1.2
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Wow Tuna. Shouldn't you still be playing Fable 3? Wasn't 80% the new 90% for a while there? Or was that 70% (Crackdown 2)? #81.1.2
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Funny Tuna, could've sworn I just platinumed the Sly Collection which just came out.

Good ol' fanboys that apparently know my purchases better than I do. #79.2
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So if I'm understanding some of you guys, one 8/10 score (actually 83% if you translate the stupid 5/6 dice score that makes a 90% an impossibility) is bad for GT5 and not good enough for a definitive racer...but the eight or nine 80/100 scores that Forza 3 got on meta' are just fine? Umm, yeah. Okay there. #16.2.2
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I just bought the Sly Collection (an exclusive) last week.

ModNation is not a game? It has a higher meta' than both Crackdown 2 and Fable 3. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. #5.1.2
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