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You don't know that about Halo, timotim. There's no history there with the Playstation brand so there's no ingrained loyalty, or rose tinted glasses for that matter. Can't assume that one game could come over and just conquer all.

Eg. MetalGearSolid2 didn't exactly light up the original XBox (620,000 estimate) the way it lit up the PS2 (5.58 million estimate).

Same with Mass Effect 2 on PS3 (850,000 estimate) compared to Mass Effect 2 XBox...

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What's been forgotten?

Killzone, God of War, Twisted Metal, WipEout, Warhawk, Socom, Gran Turismo, Sly Cooper, Ratchet&Clank, Yakuza are all exclusives from the PS2/PS1 era with current gen games as well.

Betcha Syphon Filter and Jak'n'Daxter will come back eventually too.

Still waiting for current gen entries in the multiplat Suffering, Manhunt, True Crime and Doom series. I'd love to see a Golgo13 reboot...

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Uh, how exactly is the Sly Collection for 13 year old girls?

Fantasy is a big part of games. The industry was salvaged in the 80's by a plumber jumping on mushrooms 'n' turtles, an elf saving a princess from a big pig, eggplant wizards, an ape, a hedgehog, and a disembodied yellow face that ate pellets.

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It's all about the heat moves and context sensitive combat. You have to level up to buy the best moves or unlock em in challenges, and then fill up your heat meter with the admittedly meat'n'potatoes punches/kicks/taunts to use them.

Then the fun starts.

Cigarette to the eyes, golfclub tee off, handcuff takedown, human javelin, running up a lamp post, suplex onto a bike rail, triple dropkick, nutshot backwards flip kick, bicycle curb stomp, pullin...

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"There are plenty of gamers out there who probably don't even know that Modern Warfare comes to a system other than the 360"

Wackiest thing I've read in a while with no evidence to back it up. Evidence says MW3 already sold something like 9 mil' on the PS3. Black Ops did what, 11 mil'? These are the top selling games on BOTH platforms. You saying 11 million people bought a game they didn't know existed? Come on Miller, a lil' common sense. If...

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Yakuza? Simple. Great charachters, good stories, tons of gameplay, fun combat. It's like a River City Ransom/Shenmue meets MGS with RPG elements in Japanese. Nothing else quite like it.

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@Kingdom Come
Doesn't really matter what site I pick, it's pretty common knowledge at this point. GT gave Gears3 a 9.4 anyways. They liked it more than ExtremeGamer liked UC3 so I don't see a conspiracy there. If it wasn't their go-to MP game, it just wasn't.

A lot of people love COD, not just GT. Look at the sales. It ain't my pick for best FPS but the game has more fans than any other FPS going so odds are someone was eventually gonna admit i...

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I will always pick a physical copy over a digital one if at all possible. Always.

PS: Always.

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To be fair, this IGN article has the lack of exclusives as their #1 concern, so it's not just an N4G thing.

Hopper says he wants "more new and original experiences" and "great, high quality" ones. I don't think that's an unreasonable, oily skinned request. One can ignore the "no games to play" rebuttals, but wanting more quality games to choose from isn't in itself a bad thing imo.

Eg. Warhammer 40000 Space Marine...

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When one of the highlighted negative bulletpoints is "graphics aren't as impressive", I think it's fair to say they graded on a bit of a curve. Game just won best graphics on GOTY awards. That's one of the last things you'd think anyone would highlight as a negative.

First I've seen Assassins Creed Revelations being namedropped as an example of being better than anything this year, let alone its own history. It's not even a c...

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Why pick an offroad arcade racer like Motorstorm as an example? It's just a racer. I guess then one has to ask what the 360 equivalent to Motorstorm is, or ModNation, and what are *its* sales? Is there even an equivalent? That's the thing. A few million sales is still better than zero. It's not a one horse race anymore.

I don't think most people play just one or two games all year. Not everything will sell the same as a result. Personally I enjoy...

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inFamous2 came out just 6 months ago and has already passed 1 million. It's selling better than inFamous1 so there's no issue. They even said inFamous Festival of Blood is the fastest selling PSN game ever . You picked some bad examples.

Typical stereotypes though that dated articles like this c...

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Beat the game in two long marathon sessions back in '08. Just had to keep going, heh. Good times.

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Saints Row 3 actually *does* come with a free download of Saints Row 2 for PS3. I bought it 2 weeks ago. You get SR2 when you redeem the SR3 online pass.

AC Revelations still comes with a free AC1 as well.

EA's followed through in the past, including extra content with Dante's Inferno, MassEffect2, NFS The Run, Medal of Honor, DeadSpace2 as promised. The BF1943 flipflop with BF3 is fortunately more the exception than the rule. Twisted Metal Black soun...

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Gotta disagree about the multiplats blanket statement. Yes some games like Skyrim still run better on 360... but conversely Portal2, MortalKombat, LA Noire, Saints Row3, BF3, ME2, Dead Space2, AC Revelations fared better on the PS3 for performance and content. Outcomes aren't as predictable anymore, barring Unreal Engine games. Best to take it on a case by case basis of what games you actually wanna play. If one has no interest in sports games for example, it won't matter to them what...

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Arguably my fave in the series. Contributed so much to the mythology by making Big Boss and his origin playable. Risky (see StarWars prequels) but it paid off. I so want a Patriots game set between Portable Ops and Peace Walker, heh!

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Starhawk & Twisted Metal for the online. Dust514 as a cross-plat MMO FPS has me curious too. It's the only FPS even remotely on my radar atm.

Last Guardian should release, especially since it's Ueda's farewell game for Sony. They're not gonna keep him on a retainer forever.

Definitely getting Sly Cooper 4 as I already have the other 3. Same math applies to Yakuza Dead Souls.

Last of Us is a no brainer if it comes out in 20...

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You have absolutely no evidence to support those MW3/BF3 claims. Especially as it pertains to KZ3. KZ3 has already passed 2 million, same as KZ2. Good chance at surpassing KZ2 lifetime, along with the PS3 version of BF:BC2.

COD is an anomoly that also outsold Halo, Gears and Forza in 2011 so it's pointless to even bring it up. It's COD. BF3 wasn't immune either.

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You're missing some PS3 exclusives there.

MLB11 The Show has a 90% avg. That's a huge one to miss.
GOW Origins Collection has an 84% avg.
Disgaea4 has an 80% avg.
Yakuza4 has a 78% avg.

All higher than Motorstorm & Ratchet&Clank All4One.

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PS3 console exclusives that were buy worthy for me this year:
DC Universe
Motorstorm Apocalypse
ICO/SOTC Collection
GOW Origins Collection

No regrets. Also picked up 2010's GranTurismo5, Dead Nation and the Fight from the back catalogue. Only the Fight I'd consider skippable. The rest were enjoyable and I'm glad I pl...

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