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[QUOTE]As the reaper Sovereign stated before, his race is eternal, it has no beginning or end; its own existence is a mystery. [/QUOTE]

Not so after the ME3 Leviathan DLC. It's all laid bare. They have a definite beginning.

If memory serves me, The Leviathan creatures, the apex of their time, created the Starchild program thingy to groundskeep the universe for them as they were aquatic and limited in their ability to space travel etc. Eventually it went S... #6
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Agreed! I too felt compelled to platinum it, and I'm glad I did or I'd have missed out on all the endgame content, post story. Lot of lil' side stories to wrap up, and unlocking the go-kart for faster travel was awesome lol! It remains my fave game of the year that I didn't expect. Love happy accidents like that. #16.1
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My beef with the new cheevo system is when I'm on my 360, my friends' xbone cheevos don't show and aren't listed when I compare games. There's just one generic "xbox one" banner that has a gamerscore beside it that combines all xbone cheevos into one score.

Nothing happens when I click on it either, it won't let me see what next gen games they're playing and getting gamerscore in. Sucks considering on the ps3 I can still see my friends&#... #12
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Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, gonna go get the codes right now #4
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Well, it depends. Dead Rising has never lit the world on fire, and never passed the sales or scores of KZ2 (91%).

From metacritic:
DeadRising 360 = 85%
DeadRising Wii = 61%
DeadRising 2 Case Zero = 79%
DeadRising 2 Case West = 74%
DeadRising 2 = 79%
DeadRising Off the Record = 72%

The hype on DeadRising3 has been a bit generous imo. Especially in a post Walking Dead/TLOU/DeadIsland/State of Decay w... #5.1.3
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What Sony fanboy? The original comparisons & reviews were right all along. Its CraveOnline who reported it wrong. CraveOnline has since changed their headlines and article. Read the new edit, not the old N4G clip. Imo, a mod should edit "Comparisons Everywhere Rendered Invalid" out of the headline.

The difference is and always was noticeable, only proving how desperate some people are to bury Sony on the slightest whim of falsely reported information. I'm s... #59.1
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No one's "boasting about minimal features". Cerny said they do all those other things too, like apps. They just wanna put the games first this time, and they did, as is apparent with multiplat performance so far.

And the Vita has even *more* features than the PSP, so no ones boasting about abandonment on that front either. There is no irony. Sony has no need to hype multimedia like Bluray in 2013, when they've had it since 2006. #63.1
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TLOU (the exclusive you keep namedropping) actually sold MORE this year than the multiplats you so revere. On each console.

Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite, MetalGearRising, Rayman Legends, Diablo 3, DMC, Metro Last Light, Splinter Cell Blacklist, SaintsRow 4, Lost Planet 3. TLOU sold more on the PS3 than all those. Even the XBox editions sold less.

So by *your* logic, even LESS people buy multiplats. If theres n... #1.7.5
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hoo boy. vgchartz, what were you drinking?

1)Minecraft isn't even on Playstation.

2)Chrono Trigger, Crash3 and FF7 are mid-to-late 90s games. The ones on the PSN store aren't even HD remakes. Heck, you could just download them to PSP.

3)GTAV and GTAV Online listed separately?! You can't *buy* GTA Online separately. It's the same game. That + the online's been a PR nightmare from launch!

4)PS2 original... #16
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Then why'd they center the hub so much around chat, TV, apps, multimedia, avatars etc? Why the Bing and Skype? I'd rather have dynamic themes on the XBone over TV guides, especially since I just cut my cable. #25.1
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I'm on the XMB/dashboard a lot actually, so I always cycle my themes, dynamic or static. I'm always checking what my friends are playing, comparing trophies and cheevos, messaging, downloading videos and trials, going through pictures/music/apps, managing save files. Nice to mix up the icons every so often. Better than just a cold generic interface. My MassEffect1 Citadel theme on the 360 is still one of my faves. Every screen transition had its own backdrops. #14.1.2
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If you came to my house that wouldn't be an issue, as I'm not an idiot. Tell him to charge his controller for 20min every now and then instead of playing with a flashing red light on zero bars for an hour. Remedial cell phone/blutooth/laptop/tablet/i pod/camera logic here. #1.1.17
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[QUOTE]Stop whining you bunch of N4G self-entitled fags. When I get my PS4 I hope you all die so I don't have to play multiplayer games with you.[/QUOTE]

Wow, the sanctimonious return of Aaron Greenberg and community deathwishes, all in one day. Makes me long for the good ol' days, if there were any. #38.1
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[QUOTE]Yeah quite the classy bunch. Kind of makes me wonder what I'm getting myself into with the PS4. [/QUOTE]

Umm, why? You control your own friends list. Youtube isn't indicative of anything other than Youtube. Keep the internet in perspective #1.1.39
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[QUOTE]Of course there are some extreme xbox fans but there has never been a large segment on this site who follow and attack ps, hell all those referencing back when thr ps3 launched conveniently forget at the overwhelming "that game sucks wait until ps3 launches it will cook you breakfast"[/QUOTE]

Actually there have been a lot. I presume the ban hammer fell on em or they lasted long enough to have their bubbles reset to 5. Years of "PS3 haz no gaemz, Bluray... #1.1.26
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[QUOTE]...it's one any self-respecting adult would be embarrassed to hang on their wall at home.[/QUOTE]

One of the more immature if not offensive moral jabs I've seen a so-called 'professional' publication take at its audience. Unjustifiably I might add considering there's no frontal nudity unlike say...God of War/Heavy Rain/Dante's Inferno/GTA/Manhunt.

My wall/mancave/bookshelf/bedroom is none of your business Eurogamer. Stick to inn... #8
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xPhear is right. They patched mission replays and also dropped the score on the ducts mission from $9000 to $3000 I believe. #12.3.2
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50 grand is nothing when you start doing survival and end up losing more money than you make due to respawns increasing to around $2000 a pop. The apartment with the garage costs 80 grand alone, and is the go-to for trophy/achievement hunters.

Money's too conservative in free roam. Sometimes you just wanna jump out of a plane with no parachute lol. It's definitely gonna encourage microtransactions for casuals not into competitive playlists #12.1.3
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Consoles should come bundled with a game IMO, same as they come bundled with a controller. We buy to play, right? Even if you don't end up liking the game, trade it in for credit to something else. #14
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Someone'll have to set him up and frame him to take him out. He was arrested and bailed out in Uncharted 2, but that was local news at best.

Nate's advantage is he does his fighting in the middle of nowhere. No one's gonna moan the loss of a few pirates and mercenaries. Heck, even us fans don't even know his real name or where he lives. Pretty good at living off the grid.

Anyways, definitely an important charachter for Sony. UC4 will be a con... #5.1.5
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