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Umm, double that. On console it's $79.99 where I live, digital and retail

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You get one game on disc on ps4 but have to download the others? What's wrong with this picture. Nathan Drake Collection threw everything on there

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I simply disagreed with you on some points because I disagreed and I took the time to explain why. I'm not "twisting and covering it", I'm not trolling any "legit" gripes and its definitely not an N4G thing. Man, how do some of you get by? "That RCMP guy disagreed with me, insisted I was speeding. Why does driving have to be perfect, no one's perfect? He must be N4G."

One last anecdote on the rope origins. I get the gripe but it'...

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I loved the rope swinging and sliding. There's some exhilarating leaps of faith.

I wasnt a fan of Drake having a brother at first but its execution grew on me. Similarly, Chloe showed up out of nowhere in UC2 and Cutter came out of nowhere in UC3. Well, out of nowhere to us but not to Drake. It's kinda typical in Uncharted to pick up relationships already in progress.

Why didn't he use the rope in earlier games? It's the nature of the bea...

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I think it's ok, but ideally (for the way i play anyways) I'd say MP-only games could stand to be cheaper.

The team deathmatch experience for me has become somewhat indistinguishable. Ive hit a bit of a glass ceiling as far as loot, classes, maps. Nothing wows me. Even COD now regularly reskins and resells old maps as new.

SP games on the other hand, seem to put more money where their mouth is, at least production wise. More...

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360 didn't "obliterate" PS3 in software sales. Going by VGChartz estimates (which aren't much to go on in the first place) it's 972 million to 950 million. A one year head start monopoly tends to do that.

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I think I prefer the way they handled Sam's more subtle betrayal in the game over having him be this stewing looking-for-revenge big bad brother right from the get-go. Too much like Spectre, the last 007 film. Spectre got criticized a lot for the shoe-horned brother v brother angle.

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Chloe does get a mention. There's a letter from her Drake keeps in his attic, at the beginning of the "a normal life" chapter. it says if he's up for one more adventure she's game anytime and to contact her. Drake says something about maybe in the next life or another life or something to that effect.

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You literally made an account just for that? Like I said earlier....

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So many possibilities.

You've got off camera stories like Elena saving Drake, Sam after he got separated from Drake, Sully before tossing Drake the rpg, sully arriving at the auction, heck there's even 15 some odd years of stories between the end and the epilogue.

To that last point, there's lots of magazine covers documenting various successful expeditions by D&F Fortunes. They've almost become celebrities in the field of archaeolog...

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A cry for help if ever I've seen one

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Er, PS Plus offers more than 2 games you know. They get two PS3 ones as well so there's your four, plus any vita ones that may be cross play.

PS3 already had xcom years ago, and super meat boy was already free on ps4. This meatboy is 360

Goat Stimulator? LOL, that sounds way dirtier than what I think you meant

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I had fun with the MP. Only drawbacks were the occasional one sided domination, but I've seen that elsewhere. Coming off of Doom MP the same night, it was refreshingly fun for me

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A Dark Souls fans complaining about another game's framerate and aggressive AI? Now I've seen it all.

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It's a good worry. He's trying something new game design wise in that you have to build trust with the trico and he won't initially always wanna listen to you. Casuals may get frustrated. I'm not one of them though. Sign me up

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Not a basketball fan (go raptors though!) but my kids might get some couch pvp out of it. I'm curious about Gone Home. Lotsa good reviews, it's a name I've been hearing for a long time.

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Blizzard's never made a penny off me. World of Warcraft's only piqued my interest as a South Park satire, and a trailer for a B movie I'll never see.

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Not there yet. Got witcher2 free on Xbox and never felt the need to play past act 1. Too much time dropping inventory and micro managing encumbrance within layers of convoluted menus and a weird map to really enjoy myself. But hey, at least my guy got lucky.

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[quote] the world in uncharted is dead with nothing moving[/unquote]

And with that, we've officially crossed over into stupid.

Have an opinion all day and all night, but the moment you start lying (UC4 is actually brimming with moving grass twigs leaves vines flowers wind hair clothes rain pots pans chairs ropes clouds water rocks flies goats smoke flags lights mud flames mist etc), then the conversation is over.

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Most are bad? What on earth are you playing? Godzilla?

InFamous, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, MLB the show, Tearaway Unfolded, LBP3, Ratchet, UC4 are all good.

I'm on PSN almost everyday so no, thats not "always down" either.

If you're gonna go for the jugular, at least mention PS+, not a buncha fiction.

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