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Competition is good. Monopolies aren't. We could use a good 3 way race again. 4 if you wanna count Steam or whatever. Nintendo needs to bury the hatchet with third parties and get in the ring.

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I applaud refunds BUT...asking for a refund after 50hrs in is just trolling. I've platinumed games in a quarter that time lol.

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They got a taste of the moneys, and they likes it

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I guess technically those two'll be winter titles. Winter list incoming?

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Miniaturized Warzone on a well stocked picnic table...

Nope did not see that coming

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I'd rather have the pint of beer. Least I can get a buzz off it. This gives me nothing.

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[Quote]Sony need to adjust their pricing so that they don't take a loss[/Quote]

Whoa whoa, how would they take a loss from a digital fugazi like PS+? It's not a physical product, it's not developed and published, it simply locks or unlocks features like online play, sales and some pretty lacklustre "free" games that I haven't even been bothered to download in ages.

It takes up no space and costs them nothing when I'm not usin...

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We don't get paid based on exchange rate. Economy doesn't work that way. Our wages aren't 20-30% higher than yours to make up for what Sony's charging at the till, which is more than MS. We're also taxed more. There's no Florida tax shelter up here.

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"Last time you checked?" Which was when, never?

Canada has had income tax, and been taxed to death actually for as long as I've drawn breath. I think you're confusing Canada with Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Texas, South Dakota, Washington and a couple other states actually!

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What rainslacker said. +1

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Where I live, this actually makes 'em $10 more than the competition.

They sure like that "market conditions" tag this gen. Funny though how Xbox never seems to be affected by those very same conditions.

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Yeah, like $20 here in Canada!

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I own both those titles. Thx for coming.

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That'll have to be the compromise, I forgot about that route. Probs cuz of the chance of some sound degradation, but it'll have to do. All devices into the tv via HDMI and then an optical out of the tv into the soundbar or receiver.

I've had my receiver since 2007 so an upgrade is in order, it's just one of those expenses I haven't been able to justify yet. I'd rather put the cash towards a 4K 60" first, that'd be an easier sell to my wife. ...

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Thx, I appreciate that!

I hear ya on legacy support, but by the same token we're not talking digital coax or analog here. Digital trends' top recommended soundbar from Apr 2016 doesn't even have an HDMI in/out, it's main is optical. Toslink ain't dead yet. Sony's own HTCT780 soundbar supports digital...

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[QUOTE]One big change is no optical out port for audio. It's HDMI only folks![/QUOTE]

They're removing features? I thought we were past that BS. Critics will have a field day with this info.

My receiver only does digital optical so this means I will never own a slim. Sucks cuz if my OG ps4 ever dies, i can't replace it with a slim. The Neo better not pull this crap too. I'm perfectly happy with my 5.1 as is.

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Still have my copies of most of Nintendo's remakes. Metroid Zero Mission, MGS Twin Snakes, REremake, they were retro pioneers for a while there.

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Co-op is a must, via online and couch co-op split screen. SP squads as well for the campaign ala MassEffect, Ultimate Alliance. That's a good starting point.

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So next Tuesday? Nice. I'll be grabbing this alongside Inside. Curious to see the progress.

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