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I'm definitely a little Batman'd out myself. We still have that Telltale games Batman coming out soon along with the Arkham remasters, plus Batman VR. At least Injustice 2 is tackling some new characters from the larger DCU.

Flash woulda been a good VR tech demo methinks if they were looking for a first person cowl to stick you in. Just imagine seeing the speed

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Betcha they were playing the demo with some kinda god mode debug just to show off the set piece. There were a few times they coulda taken him out but he had a horseshoe up his arse. I guess dying on a stage demo would be embarrassing, heh. GOW demo guy coulda played better too imo. There were a couple times I was like "stop hitting air and get in there"!

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I looked up that black-heihachi ID. You only have 80 trophies total (!) and in the past 2 years have only earned one...from FTP Spartacus Legends. You have zero for PS4. I'm surprised you threw down tbh.

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So Insomniac is doing Spider-man?! Didn't expect that as all rumours pointed to SuckerPunch. Hey if they can give it the same fresh coat of paint that Rocksteady gave Batman, this might just be the first Spider-man I'll play since Ultimate Spider-man on PS2. Marvel's been lacking in the games dept outside of Lego.

Digging the WorldWarZ running zombie flood in the 'Days Gone' demo. Looks to take more of an action approach compared to the limited ammo of T...

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Platinum? Yeah I have almost 80 of those, including two from KZ. I like the MP. That control patch if I recall was a toggle you could turn off in the menu. I never played it like a twitch shooter so I never really had a problem.

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Killzone 2 was great. Always enjoyed their class based MP, and Warzone was a first last gen. If you don't like it that's on you. Odds are good there are games you like that I couldn't care less for either. That's why variety is good

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Horizon looks fantastic! Looks like Guerilla are on to something special again. I'm finally onboard.

Detroit looks to continue the choose your own adventure genre of heavy rain and until dawn. Nice variety in these nonstop trailers.

Resident Evil 7 in January I didn't expect.

Great start...

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Old man Kratos Passing the torch! New IP in "Days Gone", TLG October 25...That's how you open!!!

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Sailing 5mph in a straight line under a rock arch, is not exciting. They sold it like a carrier landing in Top Gun NES, lol. The legendary ship battles in AC4 & ACRogue would give them a coronary.

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If they insist on showcasing MP gameplay from multiple perspectives, don't use scripted "please subscribe" wannabe actor types who would in all honesty, get muted in most lobbies. Yikes. Just play on stage.

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The thing you gotta take into consideration is that a lot of people *just* bought their current gen consoles within the past couple years/months/days and probably aren't too gung-ho about doing it again, so soon, before they've had a proper return on their investment. The only big reveal at this conference seems to be just that, new hardware. Some people were hoping for more software surprises. Can't fault them.

Personally, the Sea of Thieves trailer with the st...

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I'm pretty sure they still care or they wouldn't have bothered making an xbone S AND a Scorpio. They clearly still want to sell hardware, preferably their own.

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Looks like everything's been upped a notch, and the roster additions are spot on so far.

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Black Manta!! I called it! More plz

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Character poll choices = blue beetle, captain cold, swamp thing.

Hmm, for me it depends on whether or not there's another character with freeze powers. If killer frost or mr freeze are already in it, it'd be redundant to have another so I'd go with swamp thing. If there's no other freeze gimmick character then captain cold all the way. Gotta build up Flash's rogues. Villains need to represent

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I predicted Supergirl, Atrocitus and Grodd and they've just been confirmed, so I'm feeling lucky. I'll predict an Aquaman villain: either Black Manta (odds on favorite) or Ocean Master.

They've already shown Aquaman is back in the new teaser and said we'll be seeing new locations in Gotham, Metropolis and Atlantis. It's only logical. The time is now.

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That's how you do an exclusive. Was unlike anything else on console at the time.

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"who else is left?"

Well, you could start with Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. A unique exclusive with a high 87% critical avg that comes out TODAY. I dug Dragon's Crown so I'll be getting it. Just not sure which edition I can afford.

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Article starts to read like a stealth puff piece after a while.

Calls GT antiquated, Driveclub a failure, the Order a commercial flop even though it's skirting around 2 million. Asks what PS has left compared to the "momentum gaining Xbox One." I can see where this is going.

He name drops Gears, Halo, Fable, Forza, Sea of Thieves but won't mention Media Molecule by name, only that they're "the studio that was formed from former ...

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What's with the rash of these whatculture articles lately? From no one having the Bloodborne platinum (which many do including myself) to a hate-list?

Multiplayer exists only for microtransactions? Gotta dispute that. I haven't spent a real cent yet and wouldn't even know how.

I've unlocked a ton of currency by just playing MP and SP normally and have opened cheats/skins/weapons/mods/boos ters/art/renders/models/taunts and MP characters .....

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