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Nope havent seen it, haven't been over there for a bit. If they still have some sort of picture in picture overlay then he may have dodged a bullet. That'd be good!

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Buddy of mine used it religiously for cheevo tracking. This will be a bit of egg on his face.

Seen snap come up before on list wars, so the "glad it's gone" reaction has me a bit perplexed. Used to read about it as a positive. Now that it's gone it's another positive? How does that work?

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According to vgchartz estimates (which was the article that started tracking round here the other week), TLG did over 480,000 week one on PS4 while FFXV did 'round 260,000 on Xbox1.

After week 2, TLG was at 700,000 while FF on XB1 was at 365,000.

Besides, you're comparing a series that's peaked at just over a million to a series that's done tens of millions. Different weight classes.

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Good to know, thx for the link

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Pliers + heat move. That's all I'll say ;)

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If you're new to the series, you might as well start at the beginning, ie zero. It's as good a jumping on point as you'll get without a PS3.

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Never doubted this franchise for a second. All it ever needed was an opportunity.

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I'm convinced most detractors have no idea what the majority of video games actually sell on any given single console. Selling a million week one is so rare. If that's your benchmark and You're comparing this to movies expecting to hear about 80 million opening weekends, you've got the wrong industry.

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This series, this team has never sold more than just over a million of any title. Even with double/triple the install base. Half a million week one (not year one or month one) looks to be their best debut so far.

Context is everything, so I had the opposite reaction to the naysayers. The only ding is I thought it'd do better in Japan. It's still on pace for a million though, which is good news for them.

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It's a social thing. The whole "how did you get by before" argument is passé, considering they never had a LOT of things "back in the day". From 2TB internals to cloud. Things change.

Most people probably don't need most of the things their cell phones do, but they're not going back to rotary either. Neither are gamers, if the Wii-u was any indication. Minimum standards have changed. Especially when it comes to electronics and features. ...

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So the choice of a 30 year old game or.....not and....--> OR <-- .... a 25 year old game.

For one month.

Then it's blocked. Even if you're still subscribed.

*crickets chirping*

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This is the review I was waiting for.

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I'd flip flop Ashley and Vega's spots. No question.

Ash at least has life/death and romantic options, as well as appearing in all three games giving her purpose and continuity of character.

James reeked of focus group shoe horned dude bro. Derivative and cheesy with no redeeming qualities in what was an already anemic ME3 squad. Thank god I had Javik and could banish Vega to the hangar so he could flex in peace.

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Strong start to the year. Buncha good titles. Looking at another 80+ hrs for this one alone!

Digging how each fighting style/stance has its own music theme.

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Guy kicking down the door at 1:44 looks like an ISA guy. The orange, the armour, the hair :p

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Silent Hills for me. It was a petty, pratty lack of professionalism on Konami's part right after PT became a sensation.

Then they removed it from the PlayStation account history server so we can't even re-download it like we can other removed software.

Then the grudge match between Konami/Kojima/DelToro really began. Award show fud, social media blood, behind the scenes developer mud.

Scalebound hasn't gotten that ugly, yet....

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Heh, I hear ya. My which-to-get-first dilemna is between GR2 and Yakuza0. I'm torn!

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I know, that's a mistake by whoever submitted it. Probably jumped the gun cuz there's no discernible score ala OG Eurogamer. I'm on my phone and can't seem to submit a create report.

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Nice video. Game seems to be bigger, richer and longer than I expected. Looks like they've effectively doubled down.

I'm actually looking forward to trying the online treasure hunts. Reminds me of leaving messages in the Soulsborne games. Except here you leave photos.

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It's a review, not an article. Its under the site's games review tab. Whoever submitted it to n4g did it wrong and marked it opinion piece.

It doesn't say "one of the best". I read it word for word. It does say "2017's first excellent game" which for him it very well may be, unless he's also a big Hatsune Miku fan.

I don't even think this review is on meta anyways.

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