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Miss their 10 point scale from their Gametrailers days, but a perfect score is the same any way you look at it!

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This one guy I work with is a pretentious git who hates games, often leaves Time laying around. When I eventually see this issue, I'll be sure to leave it open to this 10/10, just so I can go "oh what's that there?" lol

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Why are you still here? Game's averaging around 83, comes out tomorrow, yet some of you are still doom 'n' glooming like its 2009. Go play Dead Rising 4 or something.

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"Expect tear ducts to work overtime." Hmm. Another Agro moment incoming?

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I'm breaking my streak and buying this full price. Rest assured I haven't said that very often this gen!

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That's a ridiculous question optimist. I don't know how much you think games sell on any given platform, but 5 million is a number few games ever hit, let alone in 6 months.

If install base ratio is your standard, and you're expecting 30million software sales for every 40million hardware...then everything is a collosal failure. You ready to call GTAV a failure for "only" selling 20million on an 80million install base last gen?? GTA Vice City a failure...

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You just gotta be willing to look past the rough edges, and you will find them. It will not win graphics or animation awards. But if you can look past those things, the heat moves are quite fun to pull off (pulling out a baddies tooth with pliers etc) and they tell a pretty good yarn. It's not for everyone, but I've beat 3 of them and I always feel satisfied looking back. *shrugs*

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And when your game has multiplayer AND a campaign with characters and plot, story completely matters.

Context: MGSV apparently had great gameplay, some might say best in the series. But once I learned how the doppelgänger story flailed and failed, nothing could would or will convince me to play it.

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The missions in this series aren't repetitive.

Last one had you hunting bears, investigating baseball corruption, ultimate fight clubbing, racing chickens, doing a singing/dancing competition, prison break snowmobiling, taking tourism photos, entering a snowball tourney, cooking in a kiosk, taxi cab drag racing and kungfu gauntlets. Nothing else on the market quite like it.

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They always are. Last one scored 83%. The games are more than the sum of their parts, demos never translate well for this series. Once you're in though, there's so much to see and do. Story's are great.

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True. If you don't like one pick, there's 200 more just around the corner. Plus another dozen or so "game of the year" re-releases that publishers award to themselves.

Personally I find it disingenuous that anyone would do a GOTY wrap up at the beginning of December thus leaving high profile releases like FFXV, TLG and DR4 off the card. How bout next time we wait til all the pieces are on the board, VGA's? There's 12 months in a year.

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Neither does multiplayer.

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Cheat books, cheat VHS tapes lol! Game genie, you name it.

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Still have mine too! 4 classics on one disc. Never selling that one. No way no how.

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Several times. Just before Halloween iirc

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1.1 million already? Did not see that coming. Neither did vgchartz apparently.

Vgchartz = 350,000 PS4, 120,000 PS3 Japan, 300,000 vita Japan. Incomplete numbers for a total of 770,000 before digital. Undertracked by 330,000.

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I feel the same way about all the commercial shooters that tend to release every Q4, but to each their own. Be glad you're not paying $79 lol, with another half for a season pass.

15gb install size is great. Even with a day1 pro patch (which should add a couple gb) I shouldn't have to delete anything.

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Sony didn't forecast that. Some random dudes did. Just saying.

It's Nov 2016, in other words Scorpio doesn't factor into a VR sales discussion. Peeps gotta stop dry humping products that don't even exist for purchase yet.

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Ugh. Looks like October wins its 2nd ps+ title defense. Maybe they'll have a good Xmas sale. 'til then its TLG for me.

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Hmm. Can't find the app, looking on iOS

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