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Honestly, the "i've been waiting 7 yrs for TLG so it's too late now, it's niche, it's a write off" shade that a select few are throwing, is so lame.

Let's look at Rockstar, shall we?

It was a 5 year wait between GTA4 and GTA5, a 9 year wait between Max Payne2 and Max Payne3. Those turned out just fine. TLG's 7 year wait sits right in the middle.

It's been 6 years since Red Dead Redemption and 10 yea...

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Didn't see this coming. Sold my ps2 copy ages ago and regret it. Is this classified as a PS2 classics type of re-release?

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PlayStation isn't stopping me from doing anything. I don't even understand the title here. I just bought my PS4 two years ago, so I'm kinda still playing it. Wanting a return on my investment means I'm stopping myself from what exactly?

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MS isn't gonna keep developing these expensive consoles if people dont buy them. Xbone didn't sell a lot and the Scorpio isn't going to knock out 30million either if the new plan is console upgrades every 3-4 years for $400+ a pop and games you can play elsewhere.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually pull a Sega and open their software up to PS or Nintendo as well. I keep hearing about install bases and making money off of software as the...

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It's cuz of Flappy Goat. That trophy's horrible.

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Why would MS bother making new consoles at all then?

Hardware costs money to develop, money to market, they still need to sell X amount of hardware to not take a loss and they need to sell it at a certain price for a certain amount of time. Gotta ensure its cross compatible with whatever, gets the latest patches etc. Maintenance. Warranties. 6teraflop consoles aren't gonna pay for themselves if only 20million people buy it.

If the focus is PC and sof...

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No Man's Sky gets a knock from you for going to PC? Buddy, EVERY Xbox exclusive is going to PC! Didn't you get the memo?

Forza Horizon 3 is PC. GT Sport is NOT. Not sure why you called it a poor remaster either. It's an original game. 3 years since the last one. Forza does this every year.

Gears of War 4 is PC, Dead Rising 4 is PC, Scalebound is PC and delayed to 2017, Sea of Thieves is PC and delayed to 2017.

There's a...

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Valkyria Chronicles

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Sega confirmed in March that Yakuza 0 will release "early 2017". That would put it in Q1 which is Jan/Feb/Mar. My money is on January, or anytime before Horizon really.

Game's been out in Japan since 2015 so it's done, just a matter of picking a date. I'm sure they will announce it in the next few months, get the preorder up. I can't wait. Yakuza 5 was awesome you just gotta push further. I'd say try it again. It exceeded my ex...

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Halo MCC was broken for at least 6 months after launch to the point 343 was issuing apologies and even cancelled a tournament. You really shouldn't have that game on your "look at me" list.

Replay value not a Sony strength? LBP3 has 3 games worth of UGC, that translates to millions of levels. I thought you were all about that BC?

I can see you're not "talking about sales around 150k" or whatever you said there, otherwise you...

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Gears and Scalebound and Thieves were announced last year though. Forza is an annual IP like COD. What new games did Phil announce that are about to come out?

PS4 just dropped Odin Sphere right before E3 and post E3 still have Star Ocean, Dragon Quest Builders, The Last Guardian, No Mans Sky, Gran Turismo Sport and a bunch of PSVR exclusives like Batman. Horizon in February '17 along with a new Yakuza and Gravity Rush 2 probably in Q1 as well. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is a...

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More likely scenario is the quality was there, but they werent your typical murder simulators like GTA or COD with built-in hype, unlimited budgets/marketing and MP DLC support.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Valkyria Chronicles were both JRPG exclusives that sold well over a million on quality alone, but ask a dudebro and they're probably still unheard of to them.

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Odin Sphere has an 87% critical average. Quality has its own appeal.

Whats the stereotypical western market anyways? Profanity laden MP dudebro shooters with a season pass and endorsement deal? Carry on indeed

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Everything you're saying can also be applied to Microsoft who plucked random titles from franchises on Playstation, and made them exclusive to Xbox.

Splinter Cell Conviction forever splintered that franchise on PlayStation. One random Xbox exclusive in a series that was multiplat before and after.

They nabbed an exclusive Ace Combat and Beautiful Katamari for 360 too.

Nabbed Dead Rising 3 after Dead Rising 2 was on P...

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Spider-man 2: enter electro was a PlayStation exclusive back in 2002 or something. This isn't the first time Spidey's been a PS exclusive.

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That's a point so many keep missing. Phil too. Why pigeonhole E3 as merely a showcase for the next 6 months? I'd rather see next year's offerings.

I already know No mans Sky, The Last Guardian, GranTurismo sport, DragonQuestBuilders, StarOcean are coming later this year with probably at least one more exclusive like a Dreams or something. Case in point: Odin Sphere just dropped and I didn't expect that.

Point is you don&...

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I get the frustration, but what do you mean by "have to buy a platform most do not want or care to buy"? I don't recall any town hall meetings where *most* Marvelites agreed on anything, let alone what console they should all avoid.

Xbox had an exclusive Aquaman game back in the day that I wanted and couldn't have, not to mention exclusive DLC like Hulk in Ultimate Alliance. If it matters, peeps will just buy said console or wait for the next game like I h...

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I sometimes get the feeling that some people just don't like games all that much and this hobby isn't much more than an outlet to complain. This is horrible, that's mediocre, this is nothing new, that's a lost interest. Man. Read a book.

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Ever read the Old Man Logan comics? They're making a movie now btw. Well this is old man Kratos, and I'm really interested in the life he's lived in the many years since he destroyed Olympus, Atlantis, Hades and everything in between.

He had a new wife, new son! That alone is crazy to think about. An insurgent of sorts from an opposing mythology, being a refugee trying to live quietly way up north in a new mythologically charged land where he's probably not ...

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I'm onboard with this, but the news has definitely rustled some jimmies out there!

The Xbox crowd on are lighting it up. PS4 conference sucked, has no games, nothing to play but Uncharted, PS isn't a man's console, Sony's a fraud for making this exclusive, nothing they show at E3 ever comes out. One guy bought two Xbones and is upset. Throw in an obligatory list with Halo/Gears, and wow.

I never thought of this as a ...

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