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I feel the same way about all the commercial shooters that tend to release every Q4, but to each their own. Be glad you're not paying $79 lol, with another half for a season pass.

15gb install size is great. Even with a day1 pro patch (which should add a couple gb) I shouldn't have to delete anything.

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Sony didn't forecast that. Some random dudes did. Just saying.

It's Nov 2016, in other words Scorpio doesn't factor into a VR sales discussion. Peeps gotta stop dry humping products that don't even exist for purchase yet.

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Ugh. Looks like October wins its 2nd ps+ title defense. Maybe they'll have a good Xmas sale. 'til then its TLG for me.

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Hmm. Can't find the app, looking on iOS

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Guys, this isn't that uncommon these days. Halo 5, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, Inside, FFXV didn't have their embargoes lifted until the day before release either, ie hours.

Bethesda issued a press release recently citing the same thing for their games going forward

Doom didn'...

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Here in Canada, I'm sure the $79.99 price tag on new games has cut into a lot of publishers' day one/month one business. Going from $59 to $79 in less than a couple years has been...troubling.

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Cool if true. Q2 works even better for me as Q1 is stacked. Leaves something for the summer drought.

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I really, really tried getting into Dishonored again this year, but it just didn't age as well imo. Bit ugly, disjointed with all the loads between areas, boring narrative.

Tried Bioshock Infinite again too. So good I platinumed it, 2 1/2 years later. No contest.

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Yeah the GOW diss is remiss. Gameplay was always tight and responsive. The camera angles led to some fantastic views and scenarios, like fighting Cronos upside down and left side up. Context is important. 3D cameras don't automatically make games 10/10. Full control of garbage is still garbage.

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This is why I miss magazines. They actually had to do their job to get in print. People looked forward and up to games back then. Now they just look backwards and down.

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It has been a while, hasn't it! Bloodstone was my last. Odd too since Sony's had the Bond license in their back pocket this whole time, but haven't commissioned a game.

Everything or Nothing's probably my sentimental fave. One of the first 3rd person cover shooters dating back before Uncharted and Gears. Highly polished, never gets the credit it deserves.

63d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment imbedded on their page! Not a fan.

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Finally, been waiting for some Cdn prices. US chains announced their's over a week ago.

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Finally, new footage from around the 19 min mark! Fantastic animations, graphics look nice, peaceful yet dangerous with that windy desolate team Ico feel.

That Trico comes across like a legit animal. I know there's scripted things it does like having to go from point a to point b, but the twitches and turns it takes to get there look like there's improvisation too. I simply like watching him. His spine line reminds me of our own cat's back who died earlier this ...

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Gif mode? I'll have to try that out.

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Good list, and not just cuz I own every game on there lol!

Gotta shout out an honorary #11, Killzone 2. Highest rated FPS under Sony's auspices.

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I'm surprised MGS: The Twin Snakes has never been re-released.

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Does it count when your character gets lucky? Sorry, I mean 'hot coffee'?

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They should. They have before. It'll probably run the weekend, like a reskinned flash sale.

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Well I don't know what to tell ya. I'm not a Doom/Overwatch/Titanfall guy, so for me it's easier to understand.

None of those betas were fun. Shooting weapons I didnt care for in maps I didn't like against heavy metal mascots, bots, and over-saturated anime dudes? It wasn't for me. All the free weekends in the world won't change that.

No point to complain and bash, just do what I do and move on. I don't post in topics for game...

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