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Agreed. They dominated marketing and still do. They birthed the Doritos/Mountain Dew meme. Dominated product placement from movies (The Island, Transformers) to sports (UFC) to fast food (BurgerKing), to dashboard advertising. Stamps everywhere

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[QUOTE]Imagine if the 360 were a hit in any part of Asia, it wouldnt have been close.[/QUOTE]

So imagining is now a valid argument?

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@ FatDrink

It didn't stay the lead development platform though. It was in the beginning because it had a YEAR all to itself and the trend of devs not bothering to learn cell stuck, but one only needs to check DF or LOT to see more titles leading on PS3 in the 2nd half of the gen.

SF4, RE, FF, GTA5, BF, FC3, AC from Revolutions on, SaintsRow3, Portal2, HitmanAbsolution, TR, DarkSouls, DeadSpace, LA Noire, MK etc were all high profile and were lead and/or...

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Those do sound like great bosses lore wise. It'll be neat taking down Ludwig with his own Holy Blade, and that reference to Kos there that I last heard Micolash name dropping

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My kids love my old superhero games like Ultimate Spider-man, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Justice League Heroes and Spider-man 2. I'd want those before anything. I'm pretty much done with my PS2 library as I have enough contemporary backlog to last a year, so I'd want those for them. Still have two PS2s hooked up anyways on various TVs, so I'm not hurting

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Anytime :)

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Not so sure about Witcher. Bloodborne and MGSV both averaged higher amongst critics and didn't need multiple patches to work out the kinks. Wouldn't be surprised to see some split decisions.

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Are you being serious right now? Posting a blown up pic of messengers on the ground? How bout I post a closeup pic of someone's low textured leg clipping through a table in fallout 4 or a tree popping in, then we'll talk about scenes that dwarf others.

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Not really, as no one will ever see the ones you make on your phone unless they agree to a real name exchange after they're already on your friend list. It's a pain, as many don't like doing this. There's a couple people i know personally who haven't accepted mine and i've known their real names for years, lol!

So yeah. If I were to search you right now on PSNprofiles or the PS4 itself, I wouldn't see your custom pic. If you don't pick *someth...

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Well, i was happy at first but upon closer inspection, I actually have several avatars MISSING from the new ps4 premium avatars slot.

Specifically, several old ones i got for free. Halloween and Xmas ones like the bat, the jack o lantern, the santa hat skull, reindeer, ghost with witch hat etc. Can't remember if they were regular freebies or ps+ ones, but they were free and still appear under ps3 account management.

So, keep an eye out on your old invento...

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For the millionth time, not every avatar costs money! I have many free ones that I simply wanted to be able to load without having to rely on my PS3. Xbox charges for avatar items and profile pics too btw.

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The irony is Spector didn't make this headline for being proactive and trying to address this peeve within his own work, but rather for complaining that others aren't doing it for him. That's nice he made a game 15 years ago, but being a "pioneer" and being "relevant" are two VERY different things.

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I'd have to disagree. For me Far Cry 3 was a one-and-done. I platinumed it and saw no reason to spend any more time in that world whatsoever. It's random? that can also lead to excruciating boredom waiting for something to happen that never will. Especially after I've already picked the world clean and have no desire to count seashells without a narrative.

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Except t-hall's talking like that actually happens on some tangible, statistically proven regular basis. 'Boom' $60 dualshock replacement time. Er, no.

There's a lot of that in here, but I'm not gonna debate controller charge with people who only have 300 trophies and *maybe* 1 plat when i've butchered my controllers through 5500 and 74 platinums worth of hours and not one has 'died' and needed replacing in almost 10 yr...

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I just got a free copy of Remastered and platinumed it. You know what? It still rocks 5 years later. Top notch in the gameplay dept. Too many PC Principals in this topic complaining about violence, anger, saying they've "grown up". It's still a game. Playing arty games like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Journey or even Bloodborne doesn't make you more sophisticated in that regard. You're still sitting there on your couch watching TV.

The Bloo...

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Wait, what?! Why isnt Spidey included while niche scrubs like Sentry are? Spider-man was Marvel's merchandising MVP last year. With him joining the MCU in next year's Cap3: Civil War movie on top of that, there's no excuse. The game is based on the MCU movies after all. Make it futureproof

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No, the better deal would be buying an XB1 for $349 right now from Our wages aren't set by the American exchange rate, we don't get paid more to compensate for fluctuations, so $429 isn't a deal at all next to $349 or $399

Sony shoulda given their CDN customers the same $50 break Americans got. They could get the money back selling software at their jacked $74-79 prices along with Plus memberships.

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Interesting theory, meanwhile at the corporate HQs...

"hey Canada, we'll still sell you an XB1 on par, no excuses. Currently on sale for $349.99. No worries.

"we'll pricecut you but you'll still be more expensive than you were at launch. Excuse = market conditions, even though our closest competitor remains $70 cheaper in the same market at this very moment.


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Not when Microsoft is selling the Xbox One ON PAR up here. $349.99. $449 for the 1Tb

You can get a new XB1 bundle in Canada for $349 at BestBuy right now, while the PS4 goes for a minimum $429. That's on Sony. They basically handed MS the territory on a silver platter.

When you can get a 1Tb XB1 for only $20 more than a 500GB PS4, that's a problem.

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