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Except that wasn't BB huey saw, it was the medic. The last time we saw the REAL BigBoss, he was saving the world in PeaceWalker and a couple kids in GroundZeroes. Huey was more a villain one could argue, releasing the pandemic on mother base and killing the mother of his kid. #8.1
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It sucks because it feels like Kojima trolled everyone on his way out. He left some of his charachters like Frank Jaeger (who we always heard was BigBoss' bff) grossly underdeveloped while thrusting a complete nobody into the spotlight undermining the Snake legacy in a way Raiden never even came close to doing.

For Medic to suddenly be the face of the franchise leading up to Outer Heaven, for the war between Boss and Zero never being something we saw (Skullface stealing h... #11
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My tastes tend to lean towards GT reviews more than the other big name sites like ign/gamespot, so things are looking good here.

It's funny, cuz for all the flack the PS4 seems to get 'round here as far as exclusives, here's another one it looks like I'll be buying. Good to see new IPs. #3
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Just to add to the lists:

Full avatar access/purchases
Profile quotes
Sorting trophies alphabetically by game
Offline trophy viewing
Social hub like Home
Custom themes and wallpapers
Saving movies/pics/music to hard drive #1.1.6
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You say MS has the future locked up as far as first party exclusives. Did the last few years of last gen teach us nothing?

The PS3 had a veritable onslaught of exclusives in the same year it launched the PS4. Xbox had nothing. You're betting the wrong way. 360 started strong too before slowly losing exclusives like bioshock and mass effect. Same is already happening with Titanfall 2. Exclusives are exclusives, first party or not.

Yes, we're about to... #23.1
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You seriously saying uncharted has more games in less years than halo?! I hope for your sake you're being sarcastic.

Video game names have been all over the place since forever and a day, going back and forth between subtitles/prequels/sequels/epi sodic and yes, numbering. They're all valid, just like movies and books.

Zelda link to the past, Zelda ocarina of time, AC Brotherhood, infamous second son, gears judgment, gow ascension, castle... #1.2.8
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It sold close to a million and a half on PS3/vita combined according to VG estimates. Over 900,000 on PS3 alone. If 1mil' is the benchmark it looks like it did it. #1.1.3
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Don't know why they still do hidden trophies in the age of the internet and social media. Especially where there's no spoilers involved.

It's a piss off looking at my friends' feeds under 'what's new' and seeing "so-and-so unlocked 5 hidden trophies in Bloodborne", and they won't even show you their pics. All they did was kill some bosses or find a booster. Why so shy?! #6
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Your PS3 trophies and saves DO carry over to PSNow on the PS4. It can access everything you backed up to PSPlus. There's a free 7 day trial where people can see for themselves.

My wish is they let you one day stream games for free that you already own as a solution to BC. They already have the infrastructure bought 'n' paid for. Why waste it solely on a rental service?

Sony, throw the fans a bone, give em a reason to laun... #5.4
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How is BB not AAA? Furthermore, how is it niche when even according to old vgchartz estimates its already outpaced other AAA games like Forza Horizon2, SunsetOverdrive, Ryse, DeadRising3, LBP3, The Order?

Not that niche has anything to do with AAA anyways. AAA is high end budget/production/marketing, when a developer gets top dollar invested into their game's production. Whether it sells or not is ancillary #11.2.1
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How does the fall lineup not exist when I've already got 3 exclusives in my sights alongside MGSV?

Media Molecule's pedigree speaks for itself, and critics loved Tearaway for the Vita, which makes Tearaway Unfolded a no brainer for me.

I love survival horror and multipath games like Heavy Rain, so I'm keeping a close eye on Until Dawn.

My kids love anything couch co-op and they play Fat Princess all the time, so Fat Princess Adven... #12
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Thing is I haven't seen a "vast majority giving a different answer". Even this story cites a public poll from a 3rd party.

Oh and for the record, MS had an IGN app on Xbox for YEARS before playstation got one or even advertised on console. You may wanna sheathe that Doritos/Mountain Dew/dashboard sponsorship pitchfork. #15.1
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"Not just normal fans but 30-40 year old men..."

Drawing lines in the sand according to age now? So I guess you're implying the Xbox conference was more geared towards the "normal" lol 15 year old demographic or something? That's not really helping your cause. #4.1.2
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"Is the duo due for a divorce?" They already broke up by the time Uncharted 3 rolled around. Elena still had her wedding ring but Drake didn't. Sully told him and he was like "ya ya I saw that". #5
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The hardly any exclusives argument is dumb. Especially when the Xbone hasn't had any this year. By that logic Sunset Overdrive should be tearing up the charts now with no competition, but it's not. #15.2.1
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Everything gets price cuts. I don't even buy games at $69.99 anymore. At least now more people might try it and make up their own minds. #22
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I *do* want an Injustice 2. I enjoyed the free ultimate edition from ps plus. Needs way more playable characters though and not just rely on batman peeps. First one had lotsa non playable background charachters ripe for the picking line Grodd, deadshot, parasite, atom, Hugo strange, darkseid, metallo etc. Ditch Ares and Scorpion. #30.1
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Thing is you said the batman v superman movie had them not being themselves. My point was they've disagreed verbally and physically many times before BvS. You haven't quantified how they're not themselves in BvS, especially since the movie's not even out yet.

We all know they'll be friends by the end. Movie's subtitled Dawn of Justice after all. By the end they'll team up to take down Lex and whatever muscle he has in tow. #7.1.10
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They are themselves. There's always been an antagonistic undercurrent because they're polar opposites. And opposites attract, lol

But seriously. Check out Dark Knight Returns pt2 on Netflix or the one where Vandal Savage obtains Batman's files for taking down every member of the Justice League (eg. kryptonite bullet).

There's also the Batman/Superman movie based on the 90s animated series where the two come to blows and keep o... #7.1.6
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They don't work. I have over 20 pieces of free DLC queued up and not a single car is allowed in the plus version. Sorry, plus "trial". Very disappointing. You can't even participate in your own challenges that you send to friends #5.1.1
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