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Every time you say that, Kevin Butler makes a quarter

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Looking forward to what they show at TGS

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Oh I'm definitely getting Dreams, no question. I have all of MM's games. Top notch.

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Nice art style. I wonder if there's the equivalent of a 'creative mode' like Minecraft or LBP where you can just build with unlimited supplies and movement, or is it all story based?

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Competition's good.

One of the reasons I feel last gen was better than this gen, is the competition was FIERCE. Everyone stepped up their game, everyone plugged a hole and brought something new to the table. The forums were migraine inducing, kinda like now, but the product was better. IMHO.

All we need now is Nintendo to make it a 3 way dance again

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Curious about this one. Hope they patch in split screen one day ala Minecraft

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When it rains, it pours. In the court of public opinion, I have to say that August/September haven't been kind.

PS+ price increase ($20 in some territories), NoMansSky backlash, PS Slim backlash, PSPro backlash, some sporadic PS Now on PC backlash, Bethesda backlash, unscheduled maintenance backlash, GT Sport delay, couple console exclusives going multiplat (The Witness, Firewatch), losing back2back NPDs. It's been a $*%#show 'round here.

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For me, nope. Not without toslink. I am recommending it to people that haven't been able to afford one yet, based on the $50 price cut. That is if they can't find an OG for cheaper.

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Looking forward to it once again. Farm equipment + 47 = someone's about to become fertilizer!

4 targets? Betcha there's an opportunity to smoke em all on one fell swoop, heh.

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Good lord, this site again? All Charlie Oakley writes about is Xbox > PS4 articles. Ok I get it, but this is like the 5th one from thisgengaming I've read on here since yesterday! One of which has changed from approved to failed Take a day off

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I was thinking more along the lines of copying all the patches, installs, themes or games over. The saves are easy.

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Would this be a cut 'n' paste or copy 'n' paste transfer? Ideally I'd like both systems to have the same content, at the same time.

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I wonder what the issue is? Sony has always been pro user generated content (LBP, inFamous 2, Buzz, Folklore, Modnation Racers, Dreams). Weird

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I think he's quoting the CAD price

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Say what?! If this is even close to accurate, it's bloody impressive. Did not expect this type of game to break a million week one. They struck oil in space, lol

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How is this approved? This is like, 10 years old lol! Right around the time Aaron Greenberg started making a name for himself by trolling PlayStation all over social media. Are we honestly going back there?

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Nioh's open beta demo just ended. I wouldn't call it rough by any stretch, it looks and plays like it's ready to go. Community manager said 2016. So judging by how betas go (Titanfall2, BF1 and COD's betas all either ending/starting/pending with retail release dates of Oct/Nov), I'd say we're looking at a TGS Nioh announcement for November to fill the hole left by GT Sport bouncing. Give or take.

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Throwing Last Guardian under the sales bu$ seems a bit disingenuous while saying it's "nice" to have direct sequels to two commercial underachievers (Forza Horizon 2 and Gears of War Judgment didn't sell great by franchise standards). Not all games have the same commercial goals.

I can tell you already the marketing budget for Gears will be exponentially higher than Guardian's. When the commercial expectations are higher, so is the risk of failure if ...

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Halo 5 came out over a YEAR ago. Uncharted 4 came out less than 4 months ago. Check back with uncharted after you've given it the same shelf life you've so generously given halo.

For arguments sake, according to VGChartz uc4 has already almost matched it in a third the time. It's not a question of will it sell more, only when.

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