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I don’t remember if the old games had button mapping as I liked square triangle and never looked back. But the PS4 *will* let you change it under system settings. PS3 couldn’t. I’d send you a screenshot of where to find it but I’m on my phone and fighting pop ups, lol

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You can button map on PS4 to whatever you want. If you want light and heavy attacks to be square and triangle you can do it.

Combos are always bare bones in GOW in the beginning. You unlock more as you play. By the end of every game you have more combos and weapons than you’ll ever need. Tutorial teaser’s not gonna show you the ending.

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I feel like a passing of the torch is imminent. This kid’s being set up to take over one day.

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Gotta disagree about the characters. I just finished Rise of the Tomb Raider last month and don’t remember a single character’s name.

If the scripted events (I assume you mean set pieces) didn’t bother you in TR they shouldn’t bother you in UC. What’s one collapsing tower vs another?

Linear isn’t a bad thing. Story keeps moving forward. Your replayability argument can be applied to TR as well. Once you beat it, why else would you come back to Geothermal...

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You don’t know what a QTE is if you thought that was a QTE fest. Have you ever done a QTE in a game before?

Linear isn’t a negative. People need to stop using that term as if it’s a knock. It isn’t. Starting to sound like a parrot that repeats random things.

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17 games? To date I’ve bought and beat 0, 3, 4, 5, Kiwami.

6 and Kiwami 2 aren’t out in NA/EU yet.

When they are, I’ll have played the full serialized slate of Yakuza 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. That’s 7. Mileage may vary (I don’t import non localized elseworld spinoffs), but those 7 are canon.

Kiwami 1&2 are just Yakuza 1&2 on PS4. Kiwami basically means Extreme.

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Except Target shutdown all Canadian operations after like, a year lol. Ugh

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[Quote] ..it’s mostly just about fathers [/Quote]

Remember when being a guy wasn’t automatically a bad thing?

[Quote]..the game scarcely gives women the space to be more than props or damsels in distress..[/Quote]

Does it have to? Mario’s been doing this for 30yrs. Just did it again last year, saving the princess again who was taken again and forced into marrying Bowser. Ok that got a little dark lol! But so what? 2017 still had a pleth...

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Still take my kids there, even just to window shop like I did as a kid. Looking for new DC imaginext figures that toys r us never stocks. Don’t know about the states but up here, we rarely get new waves of anything. Their own fault for not having competitive pricing or merchandise. Buncha bollocks

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Good times as always. Reliability you could set your watch to. Gonna play it in June after GOW and Detroit.

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Watched a Super Metroid 100% speedrun on twitch recently. Good enthusiastic crowd, donations for charity, not bad.

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Indeed. They’re pretty good with tying things together. Yakuza 0 even had little blurbs in the ending on where these characters would end up, dead or otherwise. Was surprised when one of the last ones (Yakuza 5?) skipped the recaps.

Yakuza 3 arguably had the best recap reel imo, with actual PS2 cutscenes mixed in.

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Three of those games are estimated to have sold around a couple mil’, give or take. You don’t need to sell to the majority, you just need to sell.

Eg. Until Dawn Producer Pete Samuels said “it’s definitely surpassed expectations” https://ar12gaming.com/arti... and that was back in Oct 2015. Month earlie...

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Shouldn’t this be on console by now? What’s the hold up?

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Anyways for what it’s worth, I enjoyed last gen more than this one too. I know the point you’re trying to make.

The evolution from last gen to this gen hasn’t been as revolutionary as the transition from PS2/GameCube/Xbox to PS3, Wii, 360.

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Why would you list MLB15 The Show at 80% metacritic but not MLB16 The Show at 85%? Or MLB17 The Show at 85%?

Until Dawn isn’t 1st party. Neither is Beyond Two Souls. Neither was The Order. You can download Indigo Prophecy on Xbox 360, they don’t own Quantic. Sony doesn’t own Ready at Dawn either. Deformers is on Xbox. Anyone can commission Supermassive games to make something. The Last Guardian is 1st party.

When ppl say “PS4 has games”, it’s also referr...

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Noticed in my early access copy hehe, that it has recaps of all the numbered games except for Zero. Plus the game itself starts right where Yakuza 5 ends, with some of the same video. Then the timejump gives everyone the same mysteries to solve.

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Don’t worry about being better than Days Gone, which isn’t even out yet. As a zombie co-op game, it would make more sense to compare it to other zombie co-op games like Dead Island, Dying Light, Dead Rising, Left4Dead, H1Z1.

On that front, the demo I watched doesn’t yet surpass Dying Light, and that came out years ago, still getting free dlc. For $30 it’s ok. I got the initial 400/400GS on State of Decay 1 for $20. But simply throwing co-op on it for an extra $10 isn’t some...

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Persona 5 hasn’t had a single patch in NA afaik

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