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Halo 5 came out over a YEAR ago. Uncharted 4 came out less than 4 months ago. Check back with uncharted after you've given it the same shelf life you've so generously given halo.

For arguments sake, according to VGChartz uc4 has already almost matched it in a third the time. It's not a question of will it sell more, only when.

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If you don't know already you were never interested in knowing. I know xbox's lineup even though I have no vested interest, so?

From console exclusives this year we're looking at Gravity Rush remastered, Gravity Rush 2, MLB16 the show, SFV, uncharted 4, R&C, the Witness, Star Ocean, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Guilty GearXrd, NMS, KOF XIV, DragonQuest Builders, The Last Guardian, Nioh, and a bunch of VR titles like Until Dawn: rush of blood.


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This is so getting banned in Australia, and a couple other countries.

I'll be a bit surprised if it gets by the ESRB unscathed in NA, seeing as they censored Manhunt 2 and the Punisher for arguably less graphic finishers than these, or at least equal. I guess the argument here is it isn't the player controlling Jason. Unless there's some play-as-Jason mode yet to be revealed

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Every "read full story" link I click on my phone goes to a "learn more about phishing", "report error" type of click out that forces you to click something to keep going. I just close the page. This place got hit with something?

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So am I, or a click out about phishing anyways that I can't bypass on my phone. Every other site I visit is fine. N4g has been assimilated

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I like to watch my friends play sometimes. I pick up things occasionally in the environment, or techniques I'd miss otherwise.

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Best Hitman in a decade

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I'm enjoying it. It's currently my fallback game to relax to. If you're a stealth fan definitely grab it come January

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Published some NES memories, for sure! Double Dragon, MK, Wizards&Warriors. Not so much with the 'Ironsword' Fabio boxart tho', lol

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Ni no Kuni 2...where are you?

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Real in what sense? Thing is there are bad books, bad movies, bad shows, bad songs, bad drugs, bad art, bad versions of everything. Not just games. Sapkowski ain't exactly writing text books and theorems.

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MLB is s first party game. Sony San Diego I think, correct me if I'm wrong. Can't get more exclusive than first party.

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Scalebound, Sea of Thieves, ReCore, Quantum break all had delays.

Maybe after everyone overhyped NMS to death it's better that TLG is staying humble and doesn't have its devs making late night talk show rounds. Not every game suits Mountain Dew and Doritos promotions.

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Delayed doesn't mean it won't work either, smh. Uncharted 4 was delayed and is still the highest rated game this year. Bloodborne had a delay and was the highest rated game last year. Scalebound, Sea of Thieves and ReCore all got delayed earlier this year so let's keep it real.

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Well I knew something was up when they said they were only 70% done less than a month ago . Got disagreed 5 to 1. Oh well. Told ya so.

A delay is better than a rushed product anyways. Lessons learnt from SFV. Odds are Nioh will get a 2016 release date announced soon, post beta, so that exclusive will fill GT's hole.

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Not even remotely the same scenario. NMS devs had no comparable AAA resume or sci-fi experience behind them. Just Joe Danger. Expectations got outta control. Misinformation + hype = bad blood.

Team Ico never overexposed themselves, never promised much of anything, yet created TWO legacy titles in Ico & SOTC. You know, kinda like Valve with Half Life & Portal.

TLG is the story of a hard game to create, which is different than a game that's hard...

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I picked up on the silent hill influence for sure. Enjoyed the show way more than I thought I would

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Competition is good. Monopolies aren't. We could use a good 3 way race again. 4 if you wanna count Steam or whatever. Nintendo needs to bury the hatchet with third parties and get in the ring.

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I applaud refunds BUT...asking for a refund after 50hrs in is just trolling. I've platinumed games in a quarter that time lol.

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They got a taste of the moneys, and they likes it

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