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PS3 had like 6 third party console exclusives last year alone. #39.1
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Not from my POV. Last year alone Sony had 3rd party console exclusives ni no kuni, dragons crown, beyond, tales of xilia, ff14 online, tekken revolution plus timed downloadables like warframe and outlast. They've never been one to break the bank on securing just one IP is all, ala Minecraft. #1.1.30
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I'm literally shocked. The LBP brand is synonymous with quality #7
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Talk about beating a dead horse with a broken record. #94
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Project spark > LBP?!

Spark's got a 75% metacritic avg. LBP is a GOTY winning series, both entries sitting above 90%. Spark is an LBP killer about as much as Dr Mario was a Tetris killer. Pure comedy #32.3
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I don't think MGS showing up on xbox is a reaction to "splinter cell eating MGS sales" (MGS has not once sold well on xbox anyways), but more just a case of now they can.

How were we supposed to see Metal Gear on xbox before there even *was* an xbox? Series has always had exclusives by default. The originals were Nintendo/msx games, xbox didn't exist when they started developing MGS1 and MGS2. Peacewalker/portable ops/ghost babel/Ac!d were mad... #11.1.5
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Wow. Amateur hour is in full swing at Evolution studios and Sony. The duo can't catch a break.

Motorstorm Apocalypse launched during the 2011 hack and even post mortem, the reviews and sales never recovered. Fast forward to Driveclub. One year delay, and its stillborn. Engine flooded right out of the gate with a harsher meta than any Motorstorm, and a broken online that knocked the ps+ trial on its #*% right on the heels of a dubious "forza killer" one-shot.
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Exactly. So what if the xb1 version of Forza has a bit more content. So does the ps4 version of Destiny. The foundation remains the same. Forza horizon 2 on 360 isn't some bastard bootleg underworld clone of the turn 10 series anymore than Halo 4, which isn't made by Bungie. The IP is the same, how MS chooses to gimp it or pimp it is their problem #2.5.1
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You say LBP3 is also on ps3, but Forza horizon2 is also on 360 and the MCC is literally just a compilation of old halo games dating back TWO generations. One brand is "only on Playstation", one is "only on Xbox". That's about as exclusive as things have been this year dating back to Titanfall. #1.1.8
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Loved the first one. Don't have a xb1 but I'll probably pick this up on my 360 at some point. #6
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It's ok to like both. Horizon is an open world spinoff anyways. #1.1
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I was still playing my ps3 when Driveclub got delayed, so it hasn't affected me in the slightest. Not everyone buys consoles at launch. Better re-evaluating than rushing like Forza 5 or dare I say, mistiming like GT6.

On topic: trophy list has lots of silvers and golds. Most seem doable without boosting, which is good cuz there's no splitscreen workaround like in motorstorm apocalypse. #5.2
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[Quote]...Drive Club is the next exclusive and I believe last PS4 exclusive for the year.[/Quote]

LBP3 comes out November. Multi-million selling franchise and former GOTY winner at The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences etc. That's pretty significant. #5.1.9
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Portable ops was always canon. There are portable ops Ashley wood cutscene flashbacks in MGS4 during Big Mama's history lesson. #10
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I hear ya. I have 100% trophies in it and haven't paid to win anything. It's just grindy is all, but a free weekend with the free ps plus booster pack did wonders for me.

The new UI on the hub has thrown me for a bit of a loop, but I recommend xbox players try it for themselves. Bit of a learning curve but once you get it, it's pretty addicting. I was pleasantly surprised #8.2.1
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Yeah, that phone app is great for uploading pics to your profile. Love it. Only drawback is only friends that accept 'real name requests' will see it, so the majority of my friend list won't. But I have two PS3s anyways, so I'll just keep changing them on there in the meantime as the paid/ps+ avatars do show up on my ps4 profile that way.

Something tells me you might be right about old ps3 themes not being transferable to ps4. Th... #1.2.6
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All the ps3's default Avatars are already on ps4, so there shouldn't be a tech issue. We know they work, just a matter of flipping the proverbial switch for the paid ones.

I imagine they'd have to be made available on the ps4 iteration of the store first. They don't have any paid avatars for sale yet. Perhaps it'd be similar to how they can tell I bought flower on ps3, thus making the ps4 upgrade available for free.

Custom backgrounds I im... #1.2.3
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Hopefully we can transfer paid avatars too. Have em show up in our ps4/SEN download history so we can change them without a ps3.

Miss photo albums too, saving my own custom wallpapers :/ #1.2.1
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Lol, I assure you I'm not losing any sleep over this. I'm on my phone, nowhere near a console. Just posted a simple XBL service report from MS. Take it up with them. #71.1.3
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Xbox live has been hit with something too http://support.xbox.com/en-... . Services showing up as "limited". They're "working with their partner" to resolve the issues. Clicking on Details reveal problems signing in on 360 and party chat/unavailable servers on 360/Xbone. #72
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