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I wish new releases were still $60 here in Canada. $74-79 is what they go for at launch nowadays. Plus tax! I wait til sales now, or if I have some reward zone bucks to burn. Pretty much out of stuff I'm willing to trade, so I'm playing hardball. Yakuza5 for $39 it is.

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There *are* free themes you know. I've downloaded well over a dozen free ones on ps4 and they're almost all dynamic.

I have 3 free Bloodborne ones already (one code from ps blog, one for the platinum, one for DLC preorder) so if they wanna charge for this one, it's no skin off of my teeth.

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Nice that Ni No Kuni got a shoutout. Ghibli done right.

Bit surprised Shadow of the Collosus/Ico weren't on. They had a sort of dreamy minimalist art design all their own. Especially SOTC with all the fur/stone bosses and that specific shade of green grass. The studio's signature style is all over the Last Guardian too. Environments have that architecture that you just recognize immediately.

Could be a long list if they kept going. Coulda talked about...

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Considering what a struggle it was to get a western localisation in the first place and that it's a great game with all extra content included, I don't fault Sony for $39 at all. Remember Y3 and Y4 launched in the west with full $59.99 price tags a year after their Japanese debuts.

Yakuza 5 is a *first run* game in the west. GTAV has already been here 3 years and has already been remastered once. So have Halo MCC, Gears Ultimate, Tomb Raider Definitive, SleepingDogs D...

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Bloodborne is my personal GOTY as well. Even the DLC was top notch. Game kept getting better.

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If you're looking for an Oscar level of awards that's the AIAS (academy of interactive arts and sciences) D.I.C.E awards which has been doing this far longer than the spike tv one or its rebranding. Like almost 20 years worth.

The AIAS is also comprised of industry professionals much like the Oscars, and like the Oscars they do their show pre-spring because 2015 isn't over yet. So there ya go.

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Just cleared up 40+ GB of HDD space to download this! Phew. Can't believe its taken 3 years for a western release when it sounds like an exclusive to be proud of.

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It's in the NA PS store, I presume in Europe too since Edge and Eurogamer just reviewed it. This one's digital only. I'd rather have a disc and case to compliment my Yakuza 3 & 4, but what can you do. Sounds like a great game regardless

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Drake is an orphan, like Bond. It's not unreasonable to assume that at some point Drake squatted with a family, or two, or ten. Bond did with the Oberhausers, becoming the adopted brother to Franz (see Spectre). My money's on that being the case here. Brothers by proxy, not by blood.

An independent like Marlowe couldn't possibly have everything on a kid living off the grid anyways. Records of every girl some runaway ever kissed or every stranger who ever offered...

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Forza can steal a torch with a 79% avg mainline game and never once outselling its dad? Interesting.

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Gun, Red Dead Revolver, Manhunt, the Suffering. Heck, get creative and do the Punisher to coincide with his rebirth in season 2 of Daredevil.

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1000 times yes please! New psychological horror IP in the same vein. The foundation is there, the talent is there, the publisher is there, the rabid fanbase is there. Don't get many chances to catch lightning in a bottle, twice.

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Wow. That handshake right there is basically a license to print money.

Highest rated game of the year, arguably most popular demo ever in PT, unfairly and unceremoniously let go and bullied by his former employer. The stars are aligned for some artistic payback.

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Great dlc, poor opinion piece

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I don't plan on letting my plus subscription expire so the majority of your argument is moot. Gold I won't renew after my current $1 month is up as I do all my multiplayer on PS. The free 360 games offered this month I wouldn't want to keep anyways. I may not even download them.

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Well, good thing they've made these games easier on the eyes because some of those are grindy to the point of drool. 100 cab fares? You'll be staring at the screen a long time to platinum these.

I wonder if cheats might work for trophies, not that they ever do these days, but the PS2 era was different and GTA cheats were pick of the litter. Would definitely help with blowing up 2000 cars or whatever. RPGs ain't cheap.

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What about stealth release! Although the lack of fanfare and promotion for another exclusive is a cause for concern. Hadn't heard about it since E3 and assumed it was delayed.

Either way, must buy couch co-op for the kids. They dug the original, as did I for a stint

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Even with a monopoly, at least its consistently good.

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Loved the variety in Playstation's 2013 exclusive lineup. Western games like NiNoKuni, Dragon's Crown and Puppeteer were a big part of that. NiNoKuni 2 is a great lead in to recapturing that era of exclusive dominance.

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Yes! Loved Ni No Kuni!

Gorgeous art style, rich world with lots to do in varied environments. Layers to its combat, not your typical blood 'n' guts parade as you catch and tame your enemies to work for you. Nice mirror-verse story. Platinumed it instantly. In fact I think I'll throw it on again later.

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