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Meh, you play as much and for as long as I have, you see influence everywhere. Same as music, film, whatever. No harm no foul.

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Games do this all the time. In the end I think part of it is just a different marketing approach.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Assassins Creed Revelations could've easily been called Assassins Creed 3 & 4, but they weren't. Those games came later because who even knows why.

Same way we had GTA3 --> GTA Vice City --> GTA San Andreas --> GTA4. Either of those two subtitled entries could've easily been cal...

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10 years krib.

One of those 6 games is a vita handheld, another is a standalone expansion to UC4. Not quite the same thing, but I digress.

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That's what I thought too. Kai! That and the weapon name titles sound like a natural progression. From a Heaven Sword to a Hell Blade.

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EDIT: and I haven't even touched on Kratos & his brothers Ares/Deimos/Hercules etc.

Uncharted doesn't need to loot from GOW's deleted scenes (remember that one bonus ending from Jaffe's GOW1)

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They'd have to reeeeally justify to me why a brother vs brother plot was not only logical but necessary. Already got my dysfunctional family fix from Metal Gear. Brother vs brother, father vs son. Got it in 007 Spectre too and it felt forced af.

Shoot, Kazuma Kiryu spends half his life in jail paying (unfairly) for the sins of his sworn brothers. He's never come out frothing for world domination.

Then you've got Saejima vs Majima, Billy vs Jim...

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First time on Xbox I believe? Curious how it'll track.

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First thing I thought of too lol! Carmelita Fox represent ;)

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Crate pushing sim? Man, some of you complain the second your minds aren't Michael Bay'd into nuclear submission. Yet you'll capture the same boring flag for days, nay years on end.

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Uh, who's "they"? Cuz the developers said they're more than happy with their sales

They also followed up on Soma by porting the Amnesia Collection to PS4 and made their money back again (with profit) after 2 days 127d ago 14 agree1 disagreeView comment

Throwing down destiny 2 vs knack 2 is outrageous. Not to mention I couldn't care less about either of those games. I did buy Soma though. So...

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Wouldn't say it underperformed. It cost 10x more to make than Amnesia, already broke even a year ago. First 100,000 sold paid for the studio's next 2 years.

Since they self funded, all their sales since (including this possible Xbox release) are gravy.

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4-5x is an exaggeration, but numbers do tend to lean towards one side.

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I disagree. 9 years? No way. I liked MW2 and BO1.

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Reality? Reality is I've bought nine 2017 retail console exclusives so far this year, and only one multiplat. That's reality.

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Never got a chance to try out the carbine but I hear it's a pretty good AR

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I don't like the beta. If anything they should nerf the flaming shotgun spam. Score streaks suck too.

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Nioh Nier Persona Horizon *could* all be GOTY contenders. Don't be surprised to see them on some shortlists come November. They're all hovering near a 90% critical avg give or take.

Demons Souls won a few GOTY awards back in the day (gamespot, gametrailers etc) with an 89% meta average. Uncharted debuted with 88%. They both launched renown franchises, so I'd say GOTYs can happen there.

You mentioned MS' lack of output, but them not being i...

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Um, there are many multiplat games that have released this year on PS4 that haven't sold as well as exclusives on the same console.

Prey, Mass Effect, RE7, Valkyria Revolution, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, RiME, Yooka Laylee etc...have all been outsold by one exclusive or another be it MLB17, Crash, Nioh, Horizon, Persona. So take your pick. Or sit here all day and play nothing. I'll be on Uncharted.

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