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I'm pretty sure they still care or they wouldn't have bothered making an xbone S AND a Scorpio. They clearly still want to sell hardware, preferably their own.

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Looks like everything's been upped a notch, and the roster additions are spot on so far.

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Black Manta!! I called it! More plz

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Character poll choices = blue beetle, captain cold, swamp thing.

Hmm, for me it depends on whether or not there's another character with freeze powers. If killer frost or mr freeze are already in it, it'd be redundant to have another so I'd go with swamp thing. If there's no other freeze gimmick character then captain cold all the way. Gotta build up Flash's rogues. Villains need to represent

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I predicted Supergirl, Atrocitus and Grodd and they've just been confirmed, so I'm feeling lucky. I'll predict an Aquaman villain: either Black Manta (odds on favorite) or Ocean Master.

They've already shown Aquaman is back in the new teaser and said we'll be seeing new locations in Gotham, Metropolis and Atlantis. It's only logical. The time is now.

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That's how you do an exclusive. Was unlike anything else on console at the time.

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"who else is left?"

Well, you could start with Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. A unique exclusive with a high 87% critical avg that comes out TODAY. I dug Dragon's Crown so I'll be getting it. Just not sure which edition I can afford.

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Article starts to read like a stealth puff piece after a while.

Calls GT antiquated, Driveclub a failure, the Order a commercial flop even though it's skirting around 2 million. Asks what PS has left compared to the "momentum gaining Xbox One." I can see where this is going.

He name drops Gears, Halo, Fable, Forza, Sea of Thieves but won't mention Media Molecule by name, only that they're "the studio that was formed from former...

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What's with the rash of these whatculture articles lately? From no one having the Bloodborne platinum (which many do including myself) to a hate-list?

Multiplayer exists only for microtransactions? Gotta dispute that. I haven't spent a real cent yet and wouldn't even know how.

I've unlocked a ton of currency by just playing MP and SP normally and have opened cheats/skins/weapons/mods/boos ters/art/renders/models/taunts and MP characters .....

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Last game was very Bat centric. Fom Joker, Harley, Bane, Catwoman, Batgirl, Nightwing and Batman as playables (not to mention alt skins like Damian Wayne), to multiple bat maps and various background bat villains.

Now that that's outta their system, I'm hoping for a wider range, especially in the villain dept. Eg. Grodd, Darkseid, Brainiac, Bizarro, Atrocitus, Parasite, King Shark are all contenders for the brawn. Zoom, MirrorMaster, Deadshot, Black Manta, Captain C...

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Umm, Dead Rising 3 and Street Fighter 5 BOTH share a 78% metacritic average. So it's a wash.

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I'm over Dead Rising. State of Decay 2 on the other hand, I'm curious to see. Downloaded the original day one.

Forza Horizon is solid. Id say they're my fave racers after Burnout Revenge and Burnout Paradise.

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The problem with including a guy like SubZero (or Scorpion in the last game) is that you're taking a development spot away from another, better suited DC character. Literally anyone would be better. The DCU is quadruple digits deep.

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If there's one thing the 80's taught me, it's that Transformers > Dino Riders

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I've bought a few in my time, would love more but dat price tag. $79.99 used to get me a collectors edition, now inCanada it's just the barebones entry level no frills edition. Not even a manual anymore lol.

Always wanted that Sic Parvis Magna ring, I regret not getting it

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Picks are too safe. If you aren't a Bethesda or Bioware stalwart, don't click.

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The PT curse continues

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Neil's right. How many games have you playing as the proverbial good guy, who by the end kills 1000+ people to save 1? Wouldn't the same rules make Mario the longest running serial killer in gaming?

Fire, hammers, bombs, magic, dinosaurs, throwing guys off cliffs and stomping their brains into their shoes. Dropping them into lakes of fire. But he giggles like "hee hee" and has plushies, so pounding Bowser's kids into dog meat is ok. Nope, nothing to se...

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Odds are good, especially with the movie increasing its awareness in pop culture. Heck, Lego Batman 3 had a task force X (suicide squad) DLC pack, and that's Lego!

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