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@mhunter/mikes lemonade
Maybe not everyone finished sotc, but I'd wager even fewer stick through the MP of most games like bioshock2, crysis2, deadspace2, or even games like twisted metal and starhawk for that proverbial hundred hours of implied value.

MP value is just as subjective. Fact is you can usually go through every online map in any game in one sitting. Team deathmatch is always the most populated mode it seems, objectives be damned. Then the inevitable D... #1.1.11
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2013 was and still is utterly stacked with games. My backlog has never been higher.

This year went out guns blazing with old IPs (grand theft auto, gran turismo, metal gear, super Mario), new IPs (TLOU, ninokuni, dragons crown, beyond), reboots (DMC, tomb raider, bioshock infinite), prequels (god of war/gears of war), sequels (dead space3, crysis3, saints4, AC4)...and a new gen launch to boot. There was something for everyone #7
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I liked the dark turn the dog part took. Didn't see it coming. All that frisbee for nothing, heh. The rest of the episode was a bit predictable. Surprised no one checked on the shed earlier considering it sounded like someone was getting slowly murdered in there #4
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Puppeteer had lots of fun, tiered boss battles as well. Was always doing something a bit different with the simple mechanics. Would've stood out more as a next gen launch title IMO. So much better than Knack.

Dragons Crown had some simple but effective throwback boss battles as well. Not a lot of cute tiny bunnies out there that can insta-kill every character on screen at the same time, heh.

For sheer spectacle, I still replay the first boss battle vs th... #5
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Err, the Resistance trilogy sold around 8 million. Disconnecting the online on such an attach rate strikes me as odd considering the servers for Prey on the 360 are still up and running and that game barely sold 300,000 over 7 years. Empty lobbies since forever, but the online is there. Shades of when Demon's Souls was scheduled to go offline before the community vetoed it. Sony seems a bit quick on the draw.

It's too bad. R2 co-op was epic. It'll be just as weird... #29.1
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You do realise Edge gave Forza 5 the same exact 7/10, right? #1.9
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1) This is only for the UK
2) Game dropped on a friday, as in literally just a couple days ago. Most games drop on a tuesday. To call GT's launch week short is an understatement. Easy there Eurogamer. #13
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I watched it too, along with Captain N: The Game Master. Some good memories for sure #1.1
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I enjoyed Tekken Revolution as well. One of the better free-to-play titles I've played on PSN #1
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Came out of nowhere for me, but once I learned it was like all the arcade beat em ups that I grew up on mixed with some light RPG elements and gorgeous production values, it became a buy. Got the free art book, made a couple new friends online, just a solid surprise. #11
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Letting them both live actually surprised me, and the uneasy understanding in the ending, with the role reversal in the two protagonists' personalities, was actually pretty cool. The Walking Dead as an example, was more predictable for me. Clem' didn't evolve much as a charachter imo.

Implying they couldn't make a sequel without Joel & Ellie surviving, doesn't hold weight for me. BioShock, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, GTA, Final Fantasy,... #5.3
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I'll be getting it. Next gen launch titles haven't exactly lit the world on fire. The hardware's better, but software wise this gen's still got the edge. #13
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It's not a one horse race though. Certainly not in 2013 where Halo was a no-show. Games like inFamous, LBP, Gran Turismo and God of War rate and sell more than similarly themed rival exclusives on various platforms, but you don't see a lot of reviews saying the inverse like "GranTurismo is king" while Forza 5 drops to a franchise low metacritic. #19.1
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[QUOTE]...In the realm of sci-fi first person shooters Halo is king. Despite the odd misstep here or there each sequel in that franchise has improved upon the last to make the series better. Sony has been playing catch up with its Killzone franchise and while games in the series have been fairly well received critically the numbers don’t even come close to Master Chief. Killzone: Shadow Fall is Sony’s chance to make a big splash for the next generation of FPS games and steal that ‘King of Sci... #25
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[QUOTE]As the reaper Sovereign stated before, his race is eternal, it has no beginning or end; its own existence is a mystery. [/QUOTE]

Not so after the ME3 Leviathan DLC. It's all laid bare. They have a definite beginning.

If memory serves me, The Leviathan creatures, the apex of their time, created the Starchild program thingy to groundskeep the universe for them as they were aquatic and limited in their ability to space travel etc. Eventually it went S... #6
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Agreed! I too felt compelled to platinum it, and I'm glad I did or I'd have missed out on all the endgame content, post story. Lot of lil' side stories to wrap up, and unlocking the go-kart for faster travel was awesome lol! It remains my fave game of the year that I didn't expect. Love happy accidents like that. #16.1
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My beef with the new cheevo system is when I'm on my 360, my friends' xbone cheevos don't show and aren't listed when I compare games. There's just one generic "xbox one" banner that has a gamerscore beside it that combines all xbone cheevos into one score.

Nothing happens when I click on it either, it won't let me see what next gen games they're playing and getting gamerscore in. Sucks considering on the ps3 I can still see my friends&#... #12
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Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, gonna go get the codes right now #4
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Well, it depends. Dead Rising has never lit the world on fire, and never passed the sales or scores of KZ2 (91%).

From metacritic:
DeadRising 360 = 85%
DeadRising Wii = 61%
DeadRising 2 Case Zero = 79%
DeadRising 2 Case West = 74%
DeadRising 2 = 79%
DeadRising Off the Record = 72%

The hype on DeadRising3 has been a bit generous imo. Especially in a post Walking Dead/TLOU/DeadIsland/State of Decay w... #5.1.3
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What Sony fanboy? The original comparisons & reviews were right all along. Its CraveOnline who reported it wrong. CraveOnline has since changed their headlines and article. Read the new edit, not the old N4G clip. Imo, a mod should edit "Comparisons Everywhere Rendered Invalid" out of the headline.

The difference is and always was noticeable, only proving how desperate some people are to bury Sony on the slightest whim of falsely reported information. I'm s... #59.1
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