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Hopefully we can transfer paid avatars too. Have em show up in our ps4/SEN download history so we can change them without a ps3.

Miss photo albums too, saving my own custom wallpapers :/ #1.2.1
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Lol, I assure you I'm not losing any sleep over this. I'm on my phone, nowhere near a console. Just posted a simple XBL service report from MS. Take it up with them. #71.1.3
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Xbox live has been hit with something too http://support.xbox.com/en-... . Services showing up as "limited". They're "working with their partner" to resolve the issues. Clicking on Details reveal problems signing in on 360 and party chat/unavailable servers on 360/Xbone. #72
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Umm, xbox live status has been hit with something too, currently showing up as "limited" http://support.xbox.com/en-...

Problems on live with party chat and connecting to games/ "server unavailable" issues. That's MIcrosoft's OWN WORDS. I fail to see the humor in this. #71.1
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It's Splinter Cell Conviction all over again. Remember when MS secured that one-off exclusive in the multiplatform series? Then it went back to multiplatform with the follow up (Blacklist) and it bombed? Well, why invest in a series when you don't even know if you'll get the follow up? Like Dead Rising's back and forth. It doesn't pay off in the long run. Fortunately I beat the TR reboot as a free PSPlus download, so no money lost. #71
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Too soon. I still have 2013 backlog! #8
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Love it!! Battletoad lol #2
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You can add Metro2033 to that list as well. Comes out on PS4 soon. Fez and Minecraft came to Playstation a year later too I believe, give or take. Mark of the Ninja, State of Decay and Trials Evolution wound up on PC later as well.

It *is* hard to think of some the other way, but Guacamelee was one PS3 exclusive that made it to Xbox and Nintendo this year. Outlast just went console multiplatform too. The only retails that come to mind at the moment are former PSP... #1.1.2
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The Wpg Free Press on N4G? Color me surprised. Unfortunately this isn't a review so much as a john carpenter fanwank. Count how many times he talks about how John Carpenter once said "frustrating gameplay". Writer has no opinion of his own. Why is the gameplay frustrating? He never says.

What he does say is making a sound vs the infected is "instant death". I've bludgeoned/firebombed and eeked out victories from the jaws of defeat from many grabby... #1
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Netflix of gaming or bust. Needs a subscription model. And kill the 4hr option. That's demo territory and demos should be free. Even plus offers free one hour trials. #66
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Better controller that still relies on batteries, has no new features like the share button/touchpad/built in speaker but costs the same, still no motion control sixaxis and it requires an extra peripheral purchase to plug your headphones into. You're mighty forgiving.

The COD shoutout got me though. Who still brags about COD timed DLC in 2014 after the exclusive Destiny,AC4,Watchdogs content swinging the other way?

Value wise, GWG didn'... #45.1
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All those apps and updates and yet I STILL can't look at my friends' Xbone achievements on my 360. They're Multi-tasking the wrong things. Only just got twitch, but where's Ustream? #39.1
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Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Arkham City, Remember Me, Payday2, Metro Last Light, Puppeteer, Sly: thieves in time, DMC are all "crappy Indie games from the last 7 months"?!

Incredible. I'm literally hearing "the earth is flat" here, all in defense of what's been voted as the worst company in America. #145.1
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Plus has had some great deals recently. MgsV for 10bucks, Crysis 3 for 5 bucks, arkham origins and Lego marvel for 10 bucks right now. What are you talking about?

Crimson dragon is 56% on metacritic btw and strike suit is like 67%. Neither would even qualify for Plus as they're rated too poorly. Fez averages over 90% and Dragons Crown over 80%. Plus remains objectively better. #104.2.1
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Umm, PS+ just had dead space 3 from EA this month and Crysis 3 in Aug. Plus they got the BF Hardline beta first I believe. No one's missing anything yet, I assure you.

I'm not spending more money for sloppy seconds. Be my guest. Ain't buying 5 EA games just to break even either! I'm already even buying none. See ya til Mass Effect 4. #102.2
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The 3rd person hub is pure Mass Effect. Its the Citadel 1.5. Even the loading screens with the orbital jump ship are straight up winks to the Normandy loading screens from Mass Effect. I'm sure the planet/space exploring will remind me of ME as well when it opens up. #9.6.1
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You do realise that Dylan Jobe formed Lightbox after Incognito, making PS3 exclusive Starhawk. Others from Incognito formed EatSleepPlay under David Jaffe and made PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal. Sounds like a win/win. #6.2.1
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Sony need to work more on 3rd party partners?! My catalogue begs to differ. NiNoKuni, Dragons Crown, Beyond, Heavy Rain, FF14 online, Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza, Xilia, Resistance, Demons Souls, MGS4, Heavenly Sword etc were all developed externally. I've been playing Warframe like mad for weeks, and that's *still* a 3rd party console exclusive. FF14 online is just as much a 3rd party exclusive as Titanfall (Crossgen and PC).

MS didn't loosen its g... #1.1.8
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Sony *owns* the Sly and Ratchet IPs though, full on. They can commision anyone they want to make them, as they did with LBP3 which isn't media molecule. Same way Bungie no longer makes Halo and Epic no longer makes Gears, but MS still owns them. #2.2.4
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LBP3 will "cater to a small audience"?! What small audience? The first two games sold millions and won numerous awards including a GOTY from the Academy of interactive arts and sciences, which is like the oscars (voted by industry).

Far Cry never put up LBP numbers on any given console, yet they're getting a #4 this holiday. With the usual COD/BF/AC yearly cash grabs coming as well, I'm all for something sans headshot.

I d... #1.1.17
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