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I just searched it up on my phone app, still listed at $26.99 in Canada, so no sale here. Well, not yet.

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That was fast! Lotsa tweaks and fixes, including a few in those infamous Fenrir caves. Nice.

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Is this deal only for Europe?

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Holy ten toes Batman! No. Just no.

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I could see someone giving it like a 6.5 if this really wasn't their type of game, but 4/10 is a failing grade and in no objective way is Hellblade a failure.

Yeah it has flaws, but not to the extent that its silent hillian strengths don't pick up the slack. Melina Juergens left it all on the table. Worth checking out.

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Hammered and destroyed? Sly Cooper averaged 75 with critics. If that's destroyed, you've got some mighty lofty expectations.

Actually, that final year they output rather well. Much better than the competition, which had gems like Dark at 38%.

NiNoKuni averaged 85%, Dragons Crown did 82%, Puppeteer did 80%, GOW Ascension did 80%, GT6 did 81% head2head with Forza5 which did 79% on a next gen system.

I'm not...

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Not a fan of the stats revamp. Early bosses shouldn't suddenly be damage sponges, 80 levels beneath you.

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BS! You've never gotten stuck in a wall in Metroid? Climb a wall, don't kick out of Maru Mari fast enough and boom, you broke it. Reset console.

You never got stuck forever as an Eggplant in Kid Icarus, forever preventing you from shooting and thus beating the game?

Your NES games never caught a cold (graphic breakup etc)? The blowing in a cartridge thing exists for a reason.

I can't begin to tell you how man...

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Raises an interesting dilemma. Do you review the glitch, or the game you were otherwise enjoying for 8hrs?

Personally I'd wait until I wasn't so fresh pissed. If he says it was a 7.5 or an 8 up until then, maybe delay the review. Buddy of mine had to start Fallout 4 over again after more than 8hrs. The thing about glitches is, they're sometimes unpredictable.

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The return of the 1up mushroom! I wonder if there's anything you can do to roll back the infection? Like an elixir or hot spring or something?

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Hopefully playing on easy difficulty will make it a non issue, or at least less of one. You can have deaths, just not unlimited.

Until Dawn had this too. You die you die. Instant auto save. Max Payne 3's New York Minute was just evil, with Dead Space 2's Hardcore a close second.

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Yes. You can play it on easy. The default difficulty scales according to how much you rock or suck, but yeah there's always easy mode.

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Random person won't find out near the end of the game because it explains it to them near the beginning, in big bold letters as part of the story. Saw it on a stream today.

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Some of you would've never survived the NES, Sega, SNES, Arcade days where game over actually meant game over.

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I wouldn't say it's more impressive. Zelda's a 30+ year juggernaut. You kind of expect the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Blackhawks to make the playoffs, ya know?

Why compare the two at all? Who buys a Switch without Zelda?

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They've already talked about the game's length and how many hours it'll be on average.

Only difference here to most games is the trophies are mostly gold, so they had less allotment points left over for bronze fillers. Zero bronze actually, which I'm 100% fine with.

It's comparable to The Last Guardian and The Order which had 7 gold, and Until Dawn which had 9. This has 9, at half the price of those at launch. Plus that plat.

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Nice, they're in their prime right now. Make it rain with those new worlds and ideas over the next decade.

Even their efficiency with development time sounds like it's increased to the point they've impressed themselves (Lost Legacy interviews). Strike while the iron's hot.

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I get the point but its splitting hairs imo as both systems emphasize some numbers while hiding others. Pick your poison, but to say trophy numbers are "ruined" is ridiculous.

On PS, the emphasis is more on various cumulative totals, how many you have of this or that. The metric there is a simple 1-1. If I have 6000 trophies and my friend has 1500, you can figure it out. Xbox is more about that RNG gamerscore and doesn't really value individua...

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That's an isolated situation as that's the only kind of game Telltale makes. They get a 1000gs nowadays just the same, so you could argue total gamerscore is just as irrelevant.

There will always be those easy 100g cheevos for doing nothing in Goat Simulator vs the piddly 40g I got for beating Alan Wake.

Not every PS game has a platinum. Telltale's Walking Dead Season 2 didn't. Indies don't get the 1000gs they do on Xbox, so you can&#...

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You know what I mean. Current gen AAA games market the service/get the headlines more than the decade old AAA's for discontinued consoles. Current gen is and always will be the focus of current gen.

I'm not talking about old vs new in terms of Bayonetta vs 2 cent indies. It's the new *good* ones that fuel the subscription competition, and yes that includes games like Rocket League and Outlast. Halo 3 might be higher rated than Sunset Overdrive, but fml if they t...

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