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Yup, 12!

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There's 30 million more ps4s in the UK?? Yeah, time to abandon thread.

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How is TLG doing or not doing anything? There's literally NO worldwide sales data yet.

Dragon Quest Builders has already had a press release on passing a million.

NMS did over a million week one.

Your points are moot, especially on the backend of Forza and Gears selling slower this fall and those being representative of the old guard. What happened with Titanfall 2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider? They're not jrpgs. Didn't Watc...

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Besides the fact I don't live in the U.K and the fact the game came out at the end of the week there as opposed to the beginning, there isn't much of anything to discuss.

We gonna do this again when the Japan sales charts come out or is this just a timed exclusive witch hunt lol? Sheesh

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Such as? What specifically's been covered up under the guise of variety? Bad games happen to every genre, from point'n'clicks to shooters.

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How is variety a decrease in quality? It's not one developer being stretched thin here, but several developers merely being allowed to do what they wanna do. One doesn't affect the other.

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SOTC did over a million as did the ICO/SOTC Collection on PS3. A million for that type of game is pretty Pro.

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Well, that's tricky.

Acceptable in the general sense that the frame drops aren't game breaking, and I have played games with worse dips, loads, screen tearing and/or bugs at lower native resolutions. BUT... the crux for me is it just doesn't come across like a super refined 8 years in the making game. Not compared to other first parties like ND.

I'm not sure what's taxing Ueda's games so much. Theyre all relatively minimalist. Tb...

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Vgchartz, speak of the devil! I was just looking through the Guinness book of world records video game edition 2016, and their source for all their miscellaneous sales and charts stats in there all come from...vgchartz :0

Stats up to march 2015. I was shocked that's their source, especially considering how out of date most of the numbers are. Oi.

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Reading about it and trying it proved to be 2 very different things for me. I'm rocking the controls. My only deaths have been intentional to test checkpoints since I have no idea when it auto saves. The camera on the other hand is my biggest gripe.

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Why does a game have to be best thing ever or worst thing ever? Oh yeah. It's the internet.

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Ueda's games chugged frames on ps2 too. This was fixed by the stronger hardware backing the PS3 remasters. TLG is no different. Runs better on the pro and if/when they do a PS5 remaster, it'll sing that much more. Easy prediction.

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A bigger population doesn't mean a console can't bomb. Wii-u launched at population's peak yet is Nintendo's worst selling home console ever going back 30 years. That's a pretty big "anyway".

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So far the best news about this movie has been them getting rid of scripts, directors and actors.

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Glad you edited your post but the issue is you didn't even comment on the review in question from, but rather posted your own article with spoilers no one was expecting, wanting or warned about.

What you should've done is linked to or written your own blog off site. No one came here for your end game spoilers opinion. As a reviewer, that's a cardinal sin. I only just got my copy yesterday. You didn't do me any favours.

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"None English speaking kid"? You can barely write it yourself.

Posting end game spoilers in your "review" isn't necessary, thats trolling and where I stopped reading. THANKS @#%*•#e!

btw if you played it yourself and didn't just YouTube, your "rinse repeat" comment after the mirror wouldn't be there because...***SPOILER*** he loses the mirror-shield right quick after that ***SPOILER***

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Can't say I saw that coming

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Just another revenant account that came back to get their digs in. He was calling it s#%* months ago.

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Q2 picking up right where Q1 is leaving off! Busy year.

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Actually it doesn't look like they are on metacritic. None of Digital Trends' recently reviewed games are be it Dead Rising 4, COD infinite warfare, Dishonored 2, watchdogs 2, titanfall 2, forza horizon 3, recore, or even Quantum Break. You catch my drift.

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