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The game is top notch. One of my favorites this gen.

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Leave Wesker in the ground. Or volcano in his case. His story is done.

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Always enjoyed Harry Gregson Williams MGS scores. I've gotten pretty good at picking up his style in movies too. More than once I've heard a theme or some ambient music in a flick, turned to a friend and said it sounds like Harry, and I was right.

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Kratos has always had family as a motivating force.

Chains of Olympus examined the Calliope relationship a lil' closer, with the player having to button mash her away in the afterlife in order to save everyone else from Persephone.

Ghost of Sparta had the story of him and his brother Deimos, as well as Kratos having to kill his mother.

GOW3 had him kill his half brother Hercules and his father Zeus, while coming to terms with it all...

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Ps4 can re-button map any game, so even though jump is set to triangle by default, you can change it to X. I wonder if the writer knows that, since he brought up the button mapping a couple times?

Overall, jumping and grabbing mechanics sound very SOTC like. People used to the auto-parkour in games like AC may have their mettle tested. I remember the drama of the grip meter in SOTC. Quite the difference from modern games, even UC4, where you can just hang around all day fro...

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Why do TLG articles always draw the following:

1) kids too young to have gamed during the PS2 era. Life started with a Marcus Fenix mad world commercial. No context for games like this.

2) dudebro genre campers who play one type of game, one way, one brand with one clan. Not meeting one of those criteria is cause for concern. If Ladykiller69 on their friend list isn't digging the graphics, neither will they.

3) rival hardwarers who ...

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Oh that's right, black flag's where abstergo has his corpse. Damn there's too many of those games lol.

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AC4 is worth playing. That's 2013 I think. I played it in 2014. Might be my fave. Sailing is great, and I love the Caribbean setting in general. Irvalso ended Desmond's story, finally.

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Considering the PS3 had some amazing looking games, that's not even a diss. Some art styles like cel shading will always look a certain way, in any gen.

I get the feeling you've never played Ico or Shadow of the Collosus.

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DLC is fine when it's warranted. Burnout Paradise and Bloodborne are two examples of fan demand DLC a generation apart. Big Surf Island and The Old Hunters. Fans wanted it, it took a while to come out, but they got it.

It's the corporate motivated, day one season pass, cut content DLC that has made a lot of people jaded.

Javik (from ashes DLC) from Mass Effect 3 made the game better by opening up genuinely good & important new exposition; hav...

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E3 is over, Examiner. The lights are out, parking lot's empty. You're boxing with shadows. Go home.

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Thx for the heads up and the link.

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Hope the kid can't cause game-overs. I don't wanna be pulling off all these combos only to have to run away to save sonny boy who got stuck clipping on some rocks.

If they take a cue from Bioshock Infinite, UC4, Mass Effect and TLOU and have him be a useful NPC or at least not a liability, then we're ok. Even if he falls in combat, if we can revive him post skirmish ala Mass Effect that'd be ok.

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A take on the rage virus from 28 days and 28 weeks later, perhaps?

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Beta demo in August. Will definitely try it again to see how it feels and if it has hooks. The alpha smoked me a bit too quick, lol

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Bit dicey to talk delays when Scalebound recently got delayed to 2017 along with Sea of Thieves, while Quantum Break launched earlier this year after a delay from 2016.

It's equally hypocritical to complain about games "203 years out" when Crackdown 3 still has no release date and you're championing a hardware upgrade that's 18 months out.

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Never ceases to amaze me how people who allegedly have no interest in a game can't stop posting about it.

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They're not "completely different products".

MS is about to launch not one but two more of those "plastic boxes" you speak of.

PS games in turn have been accessable through Samsung TVs and other select devices for a while now via PS Now.

Games like Portal 2 on PS3 launched with PC copies included years ago. Even my iPhone doubles as a second controller (Beyond, Tearaway) and second screen (AC4, Until Dawn).

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Reading various forums post E3, it didn't end, but intensified. The debates surrounding games like Spider-man and the 2 new Xbone consoles speaks to that.

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I have all 7 God of War platinums, copies of all the games including the PS2/PSP originals, plus the odd Collectors edition and action figure thrown in. Add to that the GOW DLC for LBP & Tearaway, I feel pretty safe granting myself "true core fan" status.

So speaking as one of these "core fans", I am VERY interested in this. Might not be the game you wanted, but it's the game the series needed. I think once we see a set piece action scene, you...

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