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Dying Light:The Following was like a whole 'nother game too. The Following's open world was even larger than the main game's, plus it had vehicles. Definitely still good expansions out there.

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I'm getting sick of the technical problems. Last boss fight in the Batman season finale froze and crashed on me THREE times! These games are held together by virtual duct tape. No matter the platform or year. And what's with all the "coming soon" behind the scenes videos and interviews that are still locked? Season's over guys.

5 episodes is enough too. The 6 episodes of game of thrones just felt too decompressed and didn't wrap up near as much as ...

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I'm sure someone said the same thing about Minecraft once. Then $2.5 billion happened...

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It was 5 yrs between uncharted 3 and uncharted 4 and it'll be about 5 years between GOW Ascension and GOW4. Can you pick worse examples?

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Good to know. This + the Gravity Rush 2 demo later today make a nice February preview.

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Wow, it's further along than I thought

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See my head2head several posts above for various exclusives that outsell various multiplats on PlayStation.

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PS Now doesn't even cover most of the PS3's releases.

Doesn't have any of the Yakuza games. It doesn't have all the Killzone, Resistance, Motorstorm, LBP entries, doesn't have Heavy Rain last time I checked or Valkyria Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, Demons Souls, MGS4, Dragons Crown, MAG, Heavenly Sword or even any Move games like Sorcery for subscription. Doesn't even have Lair or Haze from the pre-trophy days.

PS Now also has zero PS4, ...

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Straight to COD, neglecting to see how Resistance and Killzone outsold Crysis, Doom, MOH, DukeNukem, Unreal Tournament, Bioshock etc on PS3 and to date, Titanfall2 on PS4. The FPS market is as wide as it is deep.

MAG likewise outsold Metro, Bulletstorm, Fear, The Darkness, Singularity, Rage on PS3.

Elsewhere, the inFamous exclusives have always sold better per capita than the Prototype multiplats.

Ni No Kuni and Valkyria Chronicles outs...

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According to the article sales aren't low, merely lowER cuz they don't include PS3 numbers this time as there was no PS3 release.

Context. For Japan, this week one is already higher than what most western hit franchises have done there lifetime on any given release. Uncharted, Halo, Witcher, Skyrim, COD, BF. Yakuza always sells more there. This one's no exception.

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Say what lol? By what definition, the computer nerd basement dwelling loser variety on urban dictionary?

Maybe they just like crime dramas with good characters and fun beat em up gameplay? It's okay to like things, lol. This place...

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Maybe he's *saving* Spider-Man by shooting an even worse ne'er-do-well off panel? Plot twist!!

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Multiple playthroughs here. Controls are just like the old games if not a bit better (no more grip meter). camera gets wonky indoors but is fine outside. Puzzles aren't repetitive as there aren't even enough to be repetitive, it's mostly obstacle traversal. Git gud? Bloodborne was harder in the beginning.

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Increasing dl speeds 40-80% = good patch imo

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Nice! Wish that worked here too. "Stop or I'll tell your mum."

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PS2 was on the market almost twice as long as the PS4 when SOTC launched.

Consider the PS2 install base after 5.5 years on the market as opposed to 3 years for the PS4.

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If they insist on charging for online, they should have tiers so that if all you want is multiplayer and not the free games, you don't have to pay for what you don't want. They need a cheaper package so you can opt out of GWG and the IGC.

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Are these still just the PC versions?

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These games historically seem to launch early in the year. March-ish. I never expected to see it earlier than March 2018.

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Yup, 12!

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