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Neon your GT5/GT6 numbers are off by a couple million. Here's a link from a year ago

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They should rotate some PSNow games as PS+ freebies. Make it a thing. Otherwise, out of sight out of mind.

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What's the rant for? You asked a question, I answered it. Re-read what you wrote including the part about selling 350,000. I gave you examples and a scenario. You gave me some nonsense about Sony's president.

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Last year? MLB17, R&C, UC4, SFV, NMS, TLG all did over a million. I own 3 of those. Didn't buy a single ubi' game cuz why would I? Got more to choose from. No need to attach rate myself to [email protected]

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Sony published games LBP, Killzone, Horizon, Gravity Rush, inFamous, The Last Guardian, Nioh, MLB The Show had QTEs? Is you high?

Wait, you once said Yakuza had no story. Don't answer that.

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That's a dismissive blanket statement as it doesn't address the issue of what were they thinking.

The RNG in this game CAN be atrocious. That's an issue that affects non trophy hunters too, as the trophy in question is an ability/move. I've unlocked every Catwoman ability (including ones I didn't want) except cat call, the one in question. What are the odds lol?

Pop open a dozen diamond boxes getting squat for your mains, and then you'...

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Great year so far. My # hours played has definitely shot up.

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Not gonna happen. Hey more power to them if it does, but it won't. Nothing ever does really since probably the Half Life days.

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Wasn't 2017 but it wasn't nothing. In the first 2 years I bought inFamous Second Son and First Light, KZ Shadowfall, LBP3, The Order, Until Dawn, Resogun, Bloodborne etc. Heck I bought a PS3 for MGS4.

Multiplats like GTA were always gonna be there regardless. You think people bought a Switch for the multiplats, or Zelda? Wii sold over 100 million without GTA, BF, COD, FF etc.

If power and multiplats were all that mattered, Sega would still be in busi...

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That's not even what the article is about.

It's not asking BB to go multiplat and recognizes the franchise started out as an exclusive (demons souls).

It's more about why the devs didn't boost it/patch it for ps pro. My guess is they've moved on and are working on something else. It's been a couple years.

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I didn't miss that part. But like you said it's a PS3 game.

All I can suggest is if you're bored, try something off the beaten path you might not normally play. It's helped me through slumps.

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That sounds depressing. Liking one game (Zelda) shouldn't make you not want to play anything else. Cheer up lol!

Try a different genre that's not so commercial. Persona, Nier, Yakuza. Gravity Rush 2 or Last Guardian could probably pass for Nintendo games in an alternate universe. Try something Japanese.

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First console that can do 60fps across the board gets my money.

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What's going on at EA? Burnout, Dead Space, Mass Effect, 007, Crysis. They've slowly snuffed out every franchise. Ear to ear. Even Dante's Inferno was a one 'n' done.

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Not counting the remaster there's only been 4 console Uncharteds in 10 years. Four.

5 years between uncharted 3 (2011) and uncharted 4 (2016). What's overdone about one in the last five? That's half a decade.

Golden Abyss is a vita exclusive. I couldn't play it on my PS3 or PS4 if I wanted to. I *could* play Halo Wars + Halo Wars 2 though. So that's two more for that IP on console.

You're counting an ...

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Overpriced atm (almost $30 in Canada) but still worth playing. Music is better than I expected, the gameplay change ups from story to story are creative, some genuinely upsetting moments with the characters that made me stop and reflect. A different look at death, suicide, abuse and mental illness than I'm used to seeing in games.

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Point is games. PC is still missing many of my favourite games this year.

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VR would be good with this game, especially considering how much of the environment can be picked up and manipulated by the player.

You could spend 20min easy just in the apartment, snooping through items in the fridge, drawers and medicine cabinet heh.

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Most games don't generally sell 3 million+ in 4 months on any single console. You're expecting lifetime numbers already?

By your "there's 60 million consoles out there" standard, everything's a bomb. Including GTA. That's not how it works. No one judges album sales by how many iPods are in the world. A great batting average in baseball is .350 and even that means you're missing most of the time.

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Yakuza always makes money, they budget for it. Thats why Sega keeps making them 12 years later. Unlike Fable, Kid Icarus or Socom, it's actually still around. Kiwami releases in NA/EU this August. So...

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