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This is the review I was waiting for.

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I'd flip flop Ashley and Vega's spots. No question.

Ash at least has life/death and romantic options, as well as appearing in all three games giving her purpose and continuity of character.

James reeked of focus group shoe horned dude bro. Derivative and cheesy with no redeeming qualities in what was an already anemic ME3 squad. Thank god I had Javik and could banish Vega to the hangar so he could flex in peace.

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Strong start to the year. Buncha good titles. Looking at another 80+ hrs for this one alone!

Digging how each fighting style/stance has its own music theme.

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Guy kicking down the door at 1:44 looks like an ISA guy. The orange, the armour, the hair :p

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Silent Hills for me. It was a petty, pratty lack of professionalism on Konami's part right after PT became a sensation.

Then they removed it from the PlayStation account history server so we can't even re-download it like we can other removed software.

Then the grudge match between Konami/Kojima/DelToro really began. Award show fud, social media blood, behind the scenes developer mud.

Scalebound hasn't gotten that ugly, yet....

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Heh, I hear ya. My which-to-get-first dilemna is between GR2 and Yakuza0. I'm torn!

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I know, that's a mistake by whoever submitted it. Probably jumped the gun cuz there's no discernible score ala OG Eurogamer. I'm on my phone and can't seem to submit a create report.

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Nice video. Game seems to be bigger, richer and longer than I expected. Looks like they've effectively doubled down.

I'm actually looking forward to trying the online treasure hunts. Reminds me of leaving messages in the Soulsborne games. Except here you leave photos.

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It's a review, not an article. Its under the site's games review tab. Whoever submitted it to n4g did it wrong and marked it opinion piece.

It doesn't say "one of the best". I read it word for word. It does say "2017's first excellent game" which for him it very well may be, unless he's also a big Hatsune Miku fan.

I don't even think this review is on meta anyways.

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Is this an attempt at trolling? I knew something seemed off so I checked and a mere 2 weeks ago you were deriding metacritic saying:

"metacritic is the most skewed site for any scores"...

"your metacritic based judgment makes you invalid from the get go"...

"metacritic when will people stop following it"...

"metacritic is s#%*, only people who can't think on their own follow it&q...

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An 83 on meta is a heckuva lot better than a 0. More so if I happened to score it higher myself.

That's the thing. I was able to buy TLG and make up my own mind across three playthroughs. Won't ever be able to say the same for Scalebound.

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It means they need Nier to sell, now more than ever. They haven't had a commercial hit in ages and just lost their Scalebound investment. Unfortunately February is jam packed and Nier has a lot of competition. Somethings gotta give.

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No summer drought for me this year. Injustice 2 then Yakuza: Kiwami. I'm in.

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Or tiers, which has been brought up before.

A cheaper rate for just the multiplayer, current price for multiplayer + instant games collection. I'd opt out of the free games if it saved me money.

In lieu of that, beef it up. Especially post price increase! Rotate some PS Now games through there. Make Now mean something. Throw in some PS2 classics now and then. PS3's PS+ used to include PS1 games and mini's.

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It's still free on PS3.

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No Splinter Cells on there, but there's Just Dance.!

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Dying Light:The Following was like a whole 'nother game too. The Following's open world was even larger than the main game's, plus it had vehicles. Definitely still good expansions out there.

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I'm getting sick of the technical problems. Last boss fight in the Batman season finale froze and crashed on me THREE times! These games are held together by virtual duct tape. No matter the platform or year. And what's with all the "coming soon" behind the scenes videos and interviews that are still locked? Season's over guys.

5 episodes is enough too. The 6 episodes of game of thrones just felt too decompressed and didn't wrap up near as much as ...

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I'm sure someone said the same thing about Minecraft once. Then $2.5 billion happened...

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It was 5 yrs between uncharted 3 and uncharted 4 and it'll be about 5 years between GOW Ascension and GOW4. Can you pick worse examples?

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