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This surprises me, to be honest. It's next gen. What better time to get that monkey off their back? #19
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Anything valued over what you paid for is how it can pay for itself. The more you use it the more you get out of it. For me, the DRM cracking cloud storage is priceless. Got my use out of a couple dozen Minis on my PSP I would have never played otherwise, and a few 1hour trials of games I simply haven't had a chance to play yet like BioShock Infinite.

Cuts out the middleman of trading a game once you're done with it too. I platinumed Sleeping Dogs from Plus and both D... #51.1.2
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no, Planetside and DCUO will *not* require PS Plus. From the article:

[QUOTE]...there will be some free to play titles that you’ll be able to play without needing a PS Plus subscription, like PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online.[/QUOTE] #1.2.8
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You can't even play the free-to-play Doritos Crash Course 2 on an account that doesn't have Gold. Found out yesterday when my daughter was playing on my wife's gamertag and got denied, even though I have Gold on my side and have played the game before.

Just reaffirmed how broken and dated XBL has become when even F2P Doritos shovelware has these paywalls. Disgusting, considering all I need is one PS Plus sub' and every account gets access to every game I down... #1.2.4
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Read the *update*

It's just the 3rd party online pass we already know. If Ubisoft still wanna use their Uplay Pass to activate their online, they can. Their call. We've been using Uplay for years ppl. I still have a few hundred Uplay points in escrow I can use to unlock extra missions and items in Assassins Creed/Far Cry. #127.1
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Dan Race clarified Tretton's comments. Tretton was talking about the 3rd party online pass. Nothing more nothing less. On the hardware side, MS still locks games to your account. Sony doesn't. #122.2
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They asked him a question, he answered. Dan Race said Jack Tretton's "DRM" remark was referring to the 3rd party online pass. Read the article, not just the quote. Here's a snippet:

Rather than speculate, we went directly to Sony to find out what’s going on. Turns out, it’s a very similar system to what’s in place on the PS3 now. According to Dan Race, Senior Director, Corporate Communi... #7.2
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Except I doubt we'll see any retractions from all the ambulance chasers who threw Sony under the fud-bus today. There's a lot of "told ya so's" about to get told ya so's. Glad this was re-clarified, even if it was redundant. #11.1
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Thank you!

So to re-RE clarify, Tretton's 3rd party DRM "freedom" applies to the online portion. It's the online pass scenario. Or the "UPlay Pass" as Ubisoft so coyly called it on Far Cry 3.

According to Dan Race, Senior Director, Corporate Communications for Sony:

The Online Pass program for PlayStation first-party games will not continue on PlayStation 4. Similar to PS3, we will not dictate the o... #59.2
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This. After Final Fight: Double Impact required an online connection from me, I boycotted the like-minded Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2, despite having platinumed the retail game. Capcom's loss.

Nothing's changed in that regard, Sony didn't "lie" about anything. Its like the EA server/Ubisoft UPlay log-in, or how some publishers impose DRM on save files by locking them to your account. Sleeping Dogs, Demon's Souls, Mass Effect etc. You can't even b... #49.2
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Project Spark seems a lot closer in execution to Modnation Racers' course creator mixed with a FarCry map editor and inFamous 2's UGC, than anything in LBP.

Its enemy types, powers, landscapes etc are all canned. The way they dug moats is right outta Modnation. I don't see any FPS, Mario/Zelda/Castlevania recreations or working pianos/calculators coming from Project Spark. They're doin' their own fantasy theme thing.

Re. A... #1.1.10
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i've already been paying for PS Plus for 2+ years with some free months thrown in there as well (eg. Journey Collectors edition voucher), so literally nothing changes for me. Like a Costco card, use it enough and it eventually pays for itself. #47.1.2
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Your old PS3, if you had one, would *still* let you play BC PS2 games. They didn't hit a magic killswitch, they just stopped making that model. Heck, my 360 removed Twitter, Facebook and the dashboard I liked.

'Linux' was a useless appendix. The PS3's tonsils. Take 'em out and have some ice cream. #94.2
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I'll admit it, I literally LMFAO'd at this and started spreading the link. It's the new Kevin Butler 'pew pew pew'! #108
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Speaks to the appeal of PS Plus. I've had it for 2.5 years now and haven't looked back. Just platinumed Sleeping Dogs through it actually, and have the digital copy of LBP2 and the PS1 Spyro's on my wife's PS3 for her 'n' the kids.

I love the way cloud storage circumvents and backs up all DRM locked save files (like the aforementioned Sleeping Dogs', boo Squeenix) so I was always gonna renew anyways. Tying MP into it won't affect us in the lea... #5.2
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I agree that comment wasn't worth a ban. People say far worse all the time. Someone reacted emotionally rather than logically. #28.1
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Why would he be biased when he's not on their payroll? These guys move around. MS hired Phil Harrison from Sony. EA took Peter Moore from MS. Rubenstein likewise moved on. #38.1
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Jeff doesn't have "a site" for hits. He used to work (past tense) as a media manager for Sony. Did updates on the PS Blog kinda like what Major Nelson still does for XBox. #46.1
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The point of it (industry avgs) is you can start seeing patterns and trends in reviewers, to the point where you can start predicting scores and bias for games from certain people as Neogaf did with Polygon here...and as *I* have done (accurately I might add) several times with sites like Quarter to Three, Thunderbolt, Gamecritics and ROTR.

That's a problem.

You mention your friends who liked Halo 4 as a barometer for its quality. W... #11.2.2
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Watched some of the 20min IGN playthrough. The screen tearing is just insane! Tons of pop-in too while driving, but a downloadable open world zombie RPG is still very tempting. The big L4D fatties can really damage your front end, lol. Downloading the demo right now. #23
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