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Downloaded fine for me on both my systems, just had to patch gow: ascension first. Only had time to briefly play up to the first attack, but immediately I was impressed by the wind-swept rainfall, the water and the sound. Controls good, feels solid under the hood. Will play more tomorrow. #33
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Agreed! The jump from killzone ps2 to killzone ps3 was astounding. From critically and commercially to visually and gameplay wise. Definitely should be on the list.

Assassins creed never really had to make a comeback. Part one still sold well and rated well for a new ip. #6.1
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Can't wait til the GOW: Ascension demo for this goes live later today. Love Naughty Dog. #31
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Well if that was their logic, an editors note or asterisk might've helped.

Not surprisingly, the games in their 'violent' reviews category generally get bad ratings, quality notwithstanding.
Batman arkham asylum 60/100
Infamous 50/100
Alan wake 62/100
Halo reach 59/100
Double standards doing an expose on double standards? Oh well. It was an entertaining peek through the looking glass at least. #3.2
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Wish I could un-click lol. Genuinely trolly couple paragraphs likening sony to a crying baseball team in the cellar (?!), surrounded by some very odd links to articles about our duties to god, how videogames cause brain damage, adhd, obesity, exploitation of women, and that violent videogames are bad and "sony cares nothing for families."

Well then. So if sony hates your family, does that make sackboy the antichrist? Research 3:16 says neither the psp nor ps3 floppe... #1.1
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Except there *are* people in here complaining about this article too. Resistance got thrown under the bus on page 1 almost instantly. The "if it was exclusive you'd love it" arguments here are no better than the other side of the coin, where someone could just as easily claim that certain personalities "only like this now cuz it's multiplatform."

I enjoyed R3 but was just talking about its unsatisfactory ending with "more ques... #37.1.2
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Played the demo, couldn't finish it. Graphics looked pretty blah for something this late in the cycle. The 3rd person climbing/jumping around the snowy cliffs felt like a poor mans uncharted to me, everything just feels borrowed but not as good.

From pulling guys over cover ala mass effect3 to the Resistance-lite shooting, a less effective gears revive AI, and left4dead's seeing partners through walls gimmick. Nothing felt or looked better than its influences, imho. O... #33
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Very true. Resistance 3 while a nice personal journey for Capelli, was just that. A personal journey. In the grand scheme of things, nothing changed. The status quo at the end of R3 remains the same. The planet is still the Chimera's. No progress on the gray matter front or the "other aliens" who fought the Chimera ages ago.

While the weather is improving and some pockets of resistance (no pun intended) are fighting back in the closing credits, there are still... #1.1
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Solid games. Props on the late cycle inclusion of Ni No Kuni. I'd probably swap out PS AllStars with something like Heavy Rain though. Only other game remotely similar this gen' was Telltale's multiplat hit 'The Walking Dead'. #2
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The old guard making these movies by in large don't 'get' or respect the source material. Hollywood has a collective ego seemingly obsessed with trying to fix what isn't broken. "Needs more cowbell". Same things happen to books all the time, World War Z author recently stating that the movie is WWZ "in name only". #1
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Thing is, MS doesn't have the luxury to do the same. Criticizing Sony for essentially having more IP (GranTurismo, Motorstorm, WipEout, ModNation, Driveclub in the case of racers) and supporting said IP across their past/present/future install bases, seems a bit harsh. We only buy the hardware once afterall, after that it's all about the software, and getting returns on your investment.

I *never* buy consoles at launch, and was perfectly happy checking... #1.4
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Because it isn't a necessity purchase jek, anymore than the various hundred dollar+ collectors editions we see released for games all the time that come with master chief action figures, metal gear lava lamps, bioshock LPs, ranger mode difficulties, cod rc cars, lithographs, soundtracks and various legacy grenade/lightning hook bells 'n' whistles.

Its not a physical release so there's no tin case version to hock or uplay system for frequent flyers...so like an... #2.3
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With some games it definitely matters. Heavy Rain's Origami Killer, BioShock's "would you kindly", KOTOR's Revan. With other games, not so much. I can't even really think of a spoiler from GOW Ascension.

COD stories for example are typically afterthoughts to the multiplayer. As such, I'll read those spoilers, as I couldn't care less.

Play enough games, and you start seeing spoilers repeat themselves anyways. Just gotta weigh... #1
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It's the same world and continuity as inFamous, taking place 7 years after inFamous 2. What's the shame?!

Metal Gear games have parallel storylines and different protagonists going all over the place. Solid Snake (MGS, MGS2, MGS4) Big Boss (MGS3, Ground Zeroes, MGS5) Raiden (MGS2, MGS Rising). Heck, Assassin's Creed bounces around hundreds of years at a time. In the same game. Nothing to see here. #34.1
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Interesting read. One passage which echoes my sentiments:

Beyond questions of the utility of its data, there are two aspects of Metacritic's methods that undercut its credibility in my eyes and, should, I think call its accuracy and even the validity of its data into question.

First, the aggregation of data is skewed by the selection of review sites included in the aggregation. For example, with Disney Epic Mickey, I know of several perfec... #1
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He probably means "in the USA", but he never says that though. He says "compared to the likes of Gran Turismo, which sold a little over 2 million overall".


Well, no. Overall GT5 sold 9 million + http://www.polyphony.co.jp/... . If that's even the Gran Turismo he's referring to. The article as a whole is misrepresentation run wild. One could just... #3.1.2
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My fave game of the year so far. Nothing else that plays or looks like it in my collection. #7
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Looking at the number of exclusives the PS3 is *still* releasing in this, the same year as the PS4 launch, I'd say no. On the Sony side at least. They have a veritable surplus of IP, self-published or otherwise (Sega's Yakuza, Namco Bandai's Ni No Kuni). #1.1
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just, i don't even... #2
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I think XBL regulars would get a kick out of some of the more online based games that could benefit from LIVE parties, communities and tournys. Like MAG (256 players) Starhawk (build 'n' battle) and DC Universe (MMOAG). #32
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