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That's a great link! My anticipation for the game just went up.

Well said too. Man, I'm old enough to remember when Tyris Flare and Mortal Kombat blood were scandalous. Seems the more things change the more they stay the same. Props to George Kamitani for staying true. #4.1
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Some sound advice. The writer also happens to be arguably the most level headed female reviewer to date, stating "If someone doesn’t like characters like the Amazon or Sorceress, don’t look at them". Worth a read for some in depth gameplay analysis. Never knew you could take screenshots on the Vita! #1
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Great soundtrack, the campfire vibe acoustic guitars and the like make such a difference. Very ambient, dissonant. Nice break from the typical orchestral soundtracks often found in games. You can stream it on Sony's Music Unlimited service #1
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Nice to see the underdogs competing with the big boys. On pace to be a cult hit, going off of Atlus' sales tweets and reviews like this. #5
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Escapist gave it the lowest score on meta' actually. 3/5 for a 60%. Both the lowest reviews came from women actually. Hmm.

The Vita took a couple of the highest reviews as well. One bugger about Vita double releases like this, are the good reviews cannibalize eachother, usually lowering the PS3's average on meta' (eg. Guacamelee, Sound Shapes, Machinarium, PS All Stars, this). #4.1.2
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300,000 already? That's fantastic for a beat em up that's a new IP and an exclusive to boot! Great reviews too. I'm really considering getting this next week. Came out of nowhere, but now I'd like to squeeze it in somewhere. #11
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Both, depending on execution. More often than not though, linear like MGS or a more open-linear style like the Mass Effects seem to be faves for pure storytelling. More focused, deliberate pacing, you don't miss as much. Open world stories there's always a risk you'll skip a great side story for a lame one, or get so distracted you'll forget what you were doing in the first place. #9
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Forza still uses old gen tricks like pre-baked lighting btw. The inFamous gameplay walkthrough from E3 looked pretty darn impressive as well from what I recall. We're also talking dynamic open world vs linear driving. #38.3
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The fact you had to combine the output of TWO AAA heavyweights (Rockstar and Bethesda) just to break even with Naughty Dog, while also conveniently omitting their lower averaged games like Fallout New Vegas' 83% and MaxPayne3's 86%...speaks to the contrary. #1.1.14
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#1 in US, UK, and worldwide sales is bad?! Who knew... #19.4
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NPD is US only, justastranger10. Sony stated it did 3.5 million worldwide and that was a week or two ago http://www.destructoid.com/... . Pretty impressive for a new IP at the end of a gen that's not a military sci-fi FPS with millions of Doritos/Mountain Dew in mark... #1.1.13
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I think getting that 1000/1000gs or Platinum can often be a good indication to your friends that you've nailed a game. They often have difficulty cheevos/trophies and require you to do things off the beaten path, so odds are you've seen/heard/found it all by the time you're done. Including some online. #13
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[QUOTE] The Walking Dead understands the concept of tension and release, bringing the player along on the rollercoaster ride and letting them appreciate the game. The Last of Us simply does not provide that kind of experience. The Last of Us is a tense experience from beginning to end. [/QUOTE]

I disagree. TLOU was a much longer game and by default had many more moments of release.

The release I felt after the harrowing sewer escape in TLOU, when I could fin... #18
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I disagree. David saved and/or prolonged Ellie's life (and Joel's by not letting his friend screw her over on the antibiotics) several times. He could've overpowered her from the get-go but never did. David was never one-dimensional.

1)He was shaken at the dead pals he found in the shack b4 the Bloater fight.
2)He fought and platformed back-to-back with Ellie through the shack.
3)He told Ellie that she and Joel were probably the o... #8.1
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I platinumed Sorcery full price (albeit with a free Move controller thrown in from ToysRUs). For 5 bucks, it's a steal! #3
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Long live the King!!!! #7
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Greenberg was worse than Mattrick.

Until he was muzzled about 2 odd years ago, he was constantly in the headlines for fanboy flamebait trolling. From sales to bluray and even browsers, the amount of crow he's probably eaten is staggering. His region cherrypicking spin of Halo3 sales vs PS3 exclusives, particularily now in a post-GT5 world, makes him look like a dope in hindsight.

Jim Sterling quote: "Aaron Greenberg is su... #2.1.3
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Thunderbolt has generally trashed PS3 exclusives in their reviews, stop trying to move the goal posts the one time they're actually happy.

'Unnecessarities' isn't even a word btw. The noun forms for the adjective 'unnecessary' are 'unnecessaries' and 'unnecessariness'. Some of you guys are trying waaaaaaaaaaay too hard here. #1.1.14
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Says who? My XBL Gold expires first week of August. If you wanna pay for my renewal go ahead, because I won't be. #2.1.4
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PSN CAN do cross game chat, the Vita already does it and its confirmed for PS4 as well. The PS3 is old hardware. That's the issue. Just like the 360's DVD9 is dated and requires disc swapping compared to Bluray. #1.5.1
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