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I second this

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As does mine, but this ones got HDMI so it's going upstairs! Technically it can go anywhere now. Just hope the controller cord is a good length.

Games list seems alright, some of the inevitable missing titles I still have on cartridge like Metal Gear and TMNT the arcade game. Tetris, Rad Racer, Blaster Master, Dragon Warrior etc woulda been nice, but everyone's gonna have their own wish list. Glad there's at least some representation for Mario, Metroid, kid Icar...

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Comes with HDMI. Sold!

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Bought MGS at the same time I bought my PS1. They've been synonymous to me ever since.

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Just waiting for their first ever single player DLC. Not done with UC4 til I complete that.

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No love for the Suffering? Aww. Haunted prison island ftw.

Every creature design had a capitol punishment backstory, multiple endings, could go between 1st and 3rd person on the fly, offense gameplay and not just defense, save file that carried over to the sequel years before that was a thing. Crying shame it's slowly being forgotten.

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Makes sense. DC's gonna have a big presence

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When the sequel hits, that's gonna be a license to print money. Not like they need it after GTAV, but still.

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What?! Resident Evil main line games (#0-6, Code Veronica) are all AAA productions. RE7 is most likely too. Odds are slim to none they'd go Umbrella Corps budget on their #7 title.

StreetFighter, DMC, DeadRising, MegaMan were all AAA IP. Don't know why you'd think otherwise, unless you're only familiar with Arcade games like Bionic Commando: Rearmed or FinalFight: Double Impact. But even FinalFight was AAA back in the day (Super Nintendo).

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Weak sale compared to the last two. Still hoping for Gravity Rush remastered to go cheap before the next few months of AAA's hit. $32 is a bit much when even GOW3 remastered had an $8 sale recently

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Nah, gotta be Quantum Break. With its multiple TV episodes where you do nothing but watch bad acting for half an hour? No way you could defend that. For you to say Uncharted, logic dictates you should absolutely loathe and froth at the mouth with eye daggers shooting at the sight of Quantum's boxart.

Why David Cage? Why not multiplatform Telltale Games who do the exact same thing only with double the bugs, glitches and load times?

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Just tried a few of the seeds and they don't load as advertised. Eg the village cluster is supposed to spawn you in a village with 4 others nearby. Not only did it spawn me in the middle of nowhere, but I haven't found a single village yet.

Several other seeds don't match their pictures either. all. Maybe the recent glitchy patches have buggered up some seeds too?

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Ratchet & Clank? Closer to Halo:Anniversary, R&C is an entirely reworked game from the ground up. It's a reboot with assets, characters, weapons and levels that are different from the 2002 debut, two generations of tech notwithstanding. BC is just enabling your DVD to work on your bluray player.

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I don't see salt, just questionable semantics.

The very fact it's marketed as a BACKWARDS compatible game implies it's not new. This isn't a remaster or feature enhanced like HaloMCC or GearsUltimate. It's just backwards compatibility.

BC is cool but lets not lose our heads here, although looking at some of these articles I'd say it's probably too late.

Rise of TombRaider has never been o...

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Your facts are wrong. PS3 never stopped production last year. Wtf, why lie? The odd country like New Zealand has but that's it. PS3 is NOT discontinued worldwide, certainly not in NA Japan or Europe. ur thinking of the Xbox 360 which was discontinued earlier this year hence all the eulogy articles.

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Uh, Gravity Rush remastered is only on ps4, so what are you talking about? How is that IP not a PS exclusive? It's not on PC, Xbox, Nintendo, iPhone, Mac, or anything non PlayStation

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Nice! Tired of deleting games all the time

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But they have to remind everyone they're not interested or excited for the same things we are! In case there was any confusion or misunderstanding. If you buy this game after August, it's clearly obviously and irrefutably gonna be at the expense of something better. /s

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I don't follow. So Xbox fanboys have now morphed into Microsoft fanboys, but that's okay?

Look, you can't be saying No Mans Sky is multiplatform then turn around and say Quantum Break is exclusive. It's on PC too, so by your own argument if you don't need an Xbox to play these Xbox exclusives then they're not Xbox exclusives. Who owns Windows is irrelevant. Sony and MS share PC business all the time between hardware and software.


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[Quote]lol PS4 literally has nothing to play. PS4 gamers are the Republucan voters of the gaming world I swear. Just constantly going against their best interests.
...what games on your ps4 are you playing? You can't actually answer my question or refute what i'm saying.
...Have fun with MLB until 2018 when ps4 actually gets another game [/Quote]

Propaganda much? I've played and enjoyed UC4, Ratchet, Bloodborne, inFamous Second Son and First Li...

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