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Nothing mainstream. Nintendo’s Metal Gear, Golgo 13, The Mafat Conspiracy are where I first discovered the genre. NES

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This. Series started in the ‘80’s and that’s when I first played it. Nintendo/MSX. Throwing shade at Sony before Playstation even existed???

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Sure you did. Yakuza 1 & 2 were on PS2. 3, 4, 5 were on PS3, 0 was on PS4. 3 also recaps 1 & 2, PS2 screens ‘n’ all.

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How many ways has it been said? People in other countries play the exact same video games yet don’t shoot eachother in the —> fill in the blank <—

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Bought the Following enhanced edition on sale on a whim, platinumed the hell out of it. Fun zombie world to explore. Night genuinely had dread, making day time that much more enjoyable and relaxing lol! When Techland makes another I’m in, full price.

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I liked it too. Just trying to guess how they’re getting around it.

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TLG had a speed run trophy too. 5hrs or less with no counter to track your time. Never understood why. These are the kind of games where I like to stop to smell the roses, not stress out.

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My guess is the axe will freely let us target high points on bosses/enemies/levels that we previously needed the jump button to do. So instead of jump square square square to hit a big guy’s upper body or head, we might just put a reticle over it with the right stick and square square square from there.

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir picks him up off the ground and lets him fly to other platforms in Marvel. I could see the axe doing that here, like a pseudo grappling hook minus a p...

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I disagree. What are Nintendo’s best games? Generally IP from 30 years ago. Is that “lots and lots of everything”? Do they even have Warframe yet?

If you think almost everything Sony release has to be like TLOU, why aren’t you bouncing around Nioh, Nier, Nex Machina, Bloodborne, Ratchet, Journey, Resogun, Tearaway, MLB The Show, Persona, Yakuza, Horizon, Killzone, GT, TLG, LBP, GOW, NNK, SFV, NMS, DQB, Until Dawn, Hellblade, Gravity Rush, inFamous etc? That’s a heck of a lo...

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Bonkers. 365 days in a year and they move at the 11th hour to the same week as God of War.

God...of War.

Even I’m not buying Yakuza that week. No sense. I’ll get my money’s worth outta GOW 4/20 to 5/20 give or take then see what’s up in June, by which point Ni No Kuni will have a sale :(

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Actual news is superior to ppl who submit their own blogs then spam the comment section :p

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They’re not ignoring the scores, they’re ignoring the sites. Nothing suspicious. Metacritic simply has their own quality assurance so every fly by night Tom dick and Harry internet blog no one’s ever heard of (like eggplante, wtf is an eggplante) doesn’t spam the place up.

It’s not that impossible to get on there. Easy Allies got on quick after Gametrailers folded. Jimquisition did too after he left Destructoid. Even Tom Chick is on there and he’s about as contrarian as th...

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What is “explode” other than a subjective benchmark to incredulously detract from 2-3 years of solid software?

If the issue’s new IPs (despite Bloodborne, Nioh, Until Dawn, The Last Guardian, Hellblade), what’ll it be when Dreams, Death Stranding, Days Gone, Detroit, Ghost of Tsushima drop? Back to “gimme Socom and Jak” I guess, or another timely article about Lair. smh

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More like “not allowed to troll” chuck, kinda like what you’re doing right now.

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So why click or comment??

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Lair? What year am I living in?

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This. It’s been 4 1/2 years since Quantic Dream’s last game, closer to 5 years by the time Detroit actually comes out. How do you produce less product than that?

Meanwhile, Telltale Games auto pilots up a new season or episode of something every other month and no one bats an eyelid. gtfo

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Krib said OG Playstation right below you. I was replying to him, not you

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Nice to see 2017 was just as good for devs.

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Uh, MGS2 wasn’t on the OG Playstation lol! Your experience with his games is negligible.

MGS3 was arguably the best in the series. Just replayed it for the plat.

MGS4 was a great sendoff for all the characters imho. One of PS3’s most successful exclusives critically and commercially.

MGSV has the best gameplay in the series bar none with 2 nice 60fps open worlds and online FOBs which added to my 170hrs + playtime. I ate mucho crow on th...

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