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Finished it now and I gotta say, I *was* actually disappointed overall. The lustre has definitely worn off. Hard to overlook the horrible lip synching and juttery controls as much a year later.

I was making one of the lady charachters bounce around the screen like a physics-less puppet as she ran into the forest b4 the cornfield section. Charachters mouths kept moving long after the voice-over stopped. Even the loads seem longer post-patches.
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The problem is playing a game and having a 'controller disconnected' message pop up constantly cuz the rumble in the controller shook the battery off the connector. I've had to disable rumble on both my 360 controllers at times on ME3.

I also refuse to spend more money on extra peripherals like a charge pack and stockpiles of Duracells that clutter when a simple free USB cord should suffice. I plug in my phone, laptop, camera, dualshocks, blutooth... #1.4.3
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Why did that Eurogamer dude take a dig at TLOU? Two completely different kinds of games. In Walking Dead, talking pretty much *is* the gameplay, with the whole Mass Effect conversation wheel driving the narrative. The combat was entirely QTE based. He omits that comparison.

In any case, already downloaded 400 days, gonna start it tomorrow. #2
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Downloading now... #1
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Gets a lot better after the initial tutorial lap. After that you can reconfigure the controls to R2/L2 etc and check out some nice new maps (the two cups), and check out a faster Nissan as well. Loads WAAAY faster than GT5, smooth, no tearing, looks more polished, the suspension seems better. I was drafting in no time. Looking forward to the full game. #23
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It's all well and good that "games and experiences" will be important again next year, but what happened to this year? I've only bought three xbox games in 2013: State of Decay, Deadlight and Mark of the Ninja...and two of those were 2012 games half price :/ #162
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[QUOTE]'m a professional writer, mostly focussing on the gaming industry, and have been for 5 years. I have two books coming out in the next year, as well as being lead writer on a comedy series that is launching in December. I can send you a CV if it helps you at all? [/QUOTE

Oi. With all due respect, ego isn't evidence. What makes you more professional than say, the 87 published writers on metacritic that have aggregated this game to a high score? None of the review... #3.2.8
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[QUOTE]The result doesn't show yet.[/QUOTE]

Exactly. But that's not an advantage. #5.2.13
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No prob, keep writing. Practice makes perfect, and ya gotta start somewhere :) #1.4.2
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For a free game it looks good, sounds appropriate, plays smooth. 5/10 for graphics (in the breakdown) isn't explained. Bit of a rookie move. Nothing deep here, but it's a notable FTP entry for those used to Jetpack Joyride types.

My biggest complaints are actually about the combo balancing. All the Law and Kazuya spammers online are kinda killing it. As such, the game could use some offline VS for replayability once you get your 100% trophies. #1.4
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To your complaints: imo TLOU wasn't too short. It had the biggest ND maps to date (pittsburgh financial district, suburban sniper, everything in the winter, the university etc), and was the most realistic ND game to date with one-hit deaths, no-pause crafting and contextual kills 'n' conversations. #8.2
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What I love about the story are the opposite arcs Joel & Ellie take. They're both different at the end than they were going in. It's like the Bret Hart/Stone Cold or HulkHogan/The Rock double face/heel turns from their Wrestlemania matches way back when. LOL #11
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No doubt. Gamefaqs' TLOU board has unfortunately been inundated with pretentious contrarians looking for any and every reason to stir the pot.

It's good he responded, but sad at the same time he had to get dragged into flamebait. But in the end, we can put it to rest with a nice "I would work for that man, for Bruce Straley and the entire Naughty Dog team any day of the week and twice on Sunday." #1.1.2
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Not exactly. From an Ubi' rep:

"This connectivity will be limited to the game's modern day section, where you play a version of yourself working for the Templar-fronted Abstergo."

So basically the Desmond type of sequences, probably less than 5% of the game judging by past titles.

[QUOTE]But it is completely up to you if you want to take part, Ismael stressed. For those who want to play offline, that opt... #54.1
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Yeah I'm halfway through Survivor now, and I still can't believe how scarce crafting items and bullets are! Almost every drawer that had something on Normal is empty now. There's even less melee weapons. Changes the gameplay for sure, livin' off 2 arrows, 1 health kit and a shiv lol. #1.5
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You're talking about digital purchases as in online retailers. That's a bit different though. Buy a game online from Amazon/BestBuy? They still send you a physical disc in the mail. It's about disc vs download.

There's no DRM on food and clothes either. #45.1
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This is true too. Mattrick had a rough E3, but he towed the company line, to a fault even. If anything negative happens to him it'd be as a scapegoat. MS knowingly sent all these guys into a minefield. Larry Hryb just ate his crow last week.

Yeah Mattrick coulda looked less sheepish when Lucas & Spielberg took a jarjar on hardcore gamers and videogame storytelling in their Kinect panel, but it was MS who decided to work with them in the first place. #19.1
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One day early works for me #9
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By the same token I don't want my AI partner costing me the match, as they do in Fuse. Especially on Survivor difficulty in Clicker nests. Ellie had to be incognito to a point. That being said she can still get caught/killed, as can Bill. Fine line. #3.3
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Dear Valve,

I bought physical copies of Portal 2, L4D, L4D2, Orange Box. Always will given the option.

Me #35.1
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