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IamMegatron, when I wrote that, that's what it was. Much how as of *this* writing G4's back down to 84% (IGN and polygon included) while DQ moved up to 85%.

My point still stands. Peeps can enjoy it, but it's not advantageous to call out the competition considering.

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Nice to see Dragon Quest/Warrior slowly starting to work its way back into western consciousness with games like Heroes and Builders. This one's reviewing very well.

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Writing was on the wall when Last Guardian got moved to only 4 days after GR2's December date. Having them both competing launches against eachother was silly. I'm buying them both, but even I've said on here they were too close to eachother and that I would have to delay one in order to enjoy the other.

Wish it was earlier in January though. Still a bit close to Yakuza 0.

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It has an 84 on meta the same week Dragon Quest Builders has an 83. Enjoy it, but keep it real.

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That has nothing to do with Gears...and makes zero sense, cuz now he can't play it at all lol. I refuse to believe someone's that stupid.

It's not "90+" either, its 84. Just enjoy em both on different days, in different ways.

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Hitman! It's a full $60 season looking to finish with over 70 trophies. How does $8 Hitman:Go have one but not the mainline game?

From the PSN side, basically anything that's priced higher (Soma) or already had an equivalent 1000gs elsewhere (RE4, Inside).

Why did Walking Dead Season 2 not have one when Walking Dead Season 1 did? Most TT games have platinums including their current Batman season, making Walking Dead 2 the black sheep.

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Not worried at all. I try not to worry about things that are outta my control.

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I was wondering about this. That's too bad. So when you sell your copy of IW one day, you'll also lose MW. Ugh.

AC Revelations did that on PS3. Came with a free download of AC1, but you were still tethered to the disc in order to play it. Saints Row 3 did it better. Gave you a free download of Saints Row 2 and that was that. No disc required.

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No prob' man! Nice talking about video games on here for a change instead of console wars, lol.

Agree with you about shutting them off every now and then, along with MP ones.

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Heh, that's the exact trophy I'm missing for platinum and I haven't even tried it yet. Not because of difficulty because I'm waaay overpowered for Commander mode. Cut through it like butter. But because SS ranks are temperamental and you have to SS every fight, every checkpoint except maybe one or two tops, but the issue is its based on grinding POINTS in a fight while simultaneously not getting hit or taking too long.

Beating a boss or wave in 30 seconds wi...

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2 great games for PS+ I have to say. I bought TF Devastation earlier this year and am 1 trophy away from platinum. The REmake I haven't bought since GameCube but it's another nice title, coinciding with Halloween.

So, even though I've played them both already, I can't complain. It's a better effort than they're used to making. Hope it continues.

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Or maybe one sample undershot their estimates where others overshot? Problems with surveys like this, is you're taking answers at face value. I don't know anyone who plays Wii-U that much, if at all.

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Lots of cell phones are zero dollars. You pay for the contract. When's the last time you got a free PS4 by buying 4 years of PS+?

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In the lead of holding on to what now? Scorpio is literally not out for another year plus. You guys get way too excited over spreadsheets.

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Kids a good jumper so that's a plus for the platforming. Animation transitions are smooth. Commands are cute. Sense of scale is enormous once you get outside and are faced with some genuinely precarious leaps of faith (no conveniently placed straw carts here lol). Classic Ico art style. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Jesus enough fapping about the Witcher!

The gameplay in Witcher 2 was so inventory micromanagement heavy I can't even be bothered to go back and finish it. Series has average combat at best. At best.

Not everyone's into lord of the rings, swords&sorcery fantasy type stuff. Let Detroit do its own thing.

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You say the Xbox doesn't come with a "ton of shit like the PS4" or have a "ton of foreigners", but the games the author's talking about are *literally* on Xbox. Skyrim and MGSV, the games the author name drops, are quite literally multiplatform. MGS is even made by Japanese developers. You're putting words in the author's mouth he never said.

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Martyrdom and Last Stand, man how long's it bin?

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Sounds like the biggest map in the game! 4 targets could get hairy for a SASO run. Little nod to Absolution too with the scarecrow disguise, which I will be using on at least one big bad

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Meh, I have little to no interest in the Pro. Until games become seriously gimped on OG platforms or hardware failure forces me to upgrade, I'm good at 1080. Don't have a 4K tv anyways.

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