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Most games don't generally sell 3 million+ in 4 months on any single console. You're expecting lifetime numbers already?

By your "there's 60 million consoles out there" standard, everything's a bomb. Including GTA. That's not how it works. No one judges album sales by how many iPods are in the world. A great batting average in baseball is .350 and even that means you're missing most of the time.

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Yakuza always makes money, they budget for it. Thats why Sega keeps making them 12 years later. Unlike Fable, Kid Icarus or Socom, it's actually still around. Kiwami releases in NA/EU this August. So...

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That's what I like to hear. Good on MS for seeing their sacrifice and dropping some bills on 'em to help see their vision through.

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It's been a good few weeks, even PS+ was $20 off. First time I've met the requirements for the "spend $100 get $15 back" promo.

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What on earth did you do to lose your account and console? You say they banned, but what did you do to make them ban?

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A bundle would be good for the holidays. X1S and/or X1X with Crackdown, plus maybe Forza Horizon 3 thrown in for good measure. That's my ideal anyways.

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It's good in parts, but too long imo. 6 chapters which is 1 more than usual, and there was still padding and loose threads depending on some of your choices. It definitely has that GOT feel though where the good guys get stomped.

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Shaka brah, are you cereal? Hashtag sad face. I enjoyed Ch 5 in Life is Strange but I struggled through the rest of the game. The writing just grated on me. Guess which ending I picked, lol ;)

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Ok I *just* logged on. I'm not reading a walk of text every time. Here's my last word on this.

You wanna say it's "stunning and unrealistic" I'm not around ppl that are sick of zombie games? Why is that? I don't live on N4G. Do you? My life experience is my own.

Don't talk about underhanded tactics only to spout *to quoquo* repeatedly while giving me grief about using italics (google yourself that italics are also used as...

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You were condescending first coolbeans which is why I put those words in quotations. "Underhanded tactics"? Really man? Really?

Im not splitting hairs over two Sony zombie games a half decade apart, with a 130000 GS guy who doesn't play anything on PlayStation to begin with. You clearly have a dog in this fight by wasting time in articles about genres you don't even like. Never understood that about this place. You don't see me in COD threads, but to e...

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Overused backdrops compared to what? Aliens? Dungeons and dragons? Swords and sorcery? Military ooo rah boo yah? Sports? Racing? What's not been done before?

Before you go into me having "blinders on" and talking about "annoyances" and "sense", consider what you've played on your near 130000 GS that's so much more refined?

At a glance of your bewarethemehr profile, you play every Call of Duty. Like...every single ...

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Planet earth, same gen? Same time as in same gen. I own them all, I know. I was there.

That's the point of contention coolbeans is speaking to. Why does Sony having two zombie IP in one gen = bad when MS has done double? To me two is reasonable. Shouldn't matter for one brand if it doesn't for the other.

TLOU is linear, Days Gone is open world. That's a difference that will affect not only story but gameplay, as any lin...

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What's wrong with two? You make two sound like a lot but it's just one more than one.

Xbox had exclusive zombie games in State of Decay, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead all out the same gen'. Deadlight was also exclusive for years. No one made an issue that I recall.

It's been 4 years since TLOU. Why should I have to wait another 2 years to play in that genre? No one owes TLOU 6 years of elbow room anymore than TLOU owes Resident Evil or whoever....

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Whoa, they forgot Yakuza:Kiwami in August. Blasphemy lol! I'm definitely getting Kiwami. Y0 was great, as usual.

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"Now they've got nothing"? How did they peak in 2015 and already play their biggest cards? I have no interest in any of your "biggest cards" (remasters).

Have already bought 6 genuinely good exclusives this year. I question what people expect. This year's a hit parade. It's only E3 that's sucked.

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Yes! So glad to hear that IO takes Hitman with them. Thank goodness. Happy I'll be getting season 2 now, hopefully less than a year from now.

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That's called a set piece. In the context of what was happening in the set piece, spamming square to pull that panel off the helicopter, and tying up the falling 'copter with L2/R2, are pretty normal design. I had to spam a button every time I'd pry open a vent in Arkham, get my gun stuck in Far Cry 2, or escape quicksand in Mario. Let's not blow a few seconds outta proportion.

Combat wise, If you played the Arkham games you'd know how that style of stal...

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People buy games for whatever reasons they want to, so the "idiot" defense doesn't hold up. When you play a wide variety of games/genres, you establish your own perspective and standards, 720p or otherwise.

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Tekken'sdisappointing story mode won't be fixed. The online is wonky and the roster isnt as memorable as DC, who are in the business of characters.

What variety? T7 doesn't even have as many maps, tutorials, levelling, and treasure mode pales next to multiverse.

Even on a basic level, according to digital foundry Tekken runs at 720p on Xbox and 900p native on PS4...while Injustice2 runs at 900 on Xbox and 1080 on PS4.

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Finish it. You're a tank by the end anyways with all your skill trees maxed and the regenerating armour. There's no post game either, it just sets you back to right before the point of no return so nothing's missable.

For all we know, the DLC could be a different character. There's a few of those Focus pieces kicking around the world.

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