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I know this'll be an unpopular opinion but...I don't feel sorry for them. They only have to develop for PlayStation and considering they only put out 2.5 console games last gen (Prologue,GT5,GT6), one of which came at the start of the *current* gen, their output could arguably have been better as far as quality and quantity.

Saving grace is those 2.5 games last gen sold over 20 million copies, which is astounding. But with that kind of money and fan support, I can&#...

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Watching that trailer reminded me what an important new IP and trilogy this was last gen. Even the DLC was good!

I still have them all therefore won't be rebuying, BUT, for anyone who's diving in for the first time, you're in for a treat. 1080p at 60fps sounds yummy!

Hmm. I'm tempted now to finally do the last playthrough I need for the Infinite platinum. There's my lighthouse!

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What do you mean "especially noticeable to those that have played through the trilogy a lot"? Speak for yourself. I've platinumed all 4 games and I disagree.

Game had UC level set pieces. The car chase/truck rope pull/motorcycle chase was fantastic. I enjoyed the cave collapse in Scotland quite a bit too along with the military gauntlets in Libertalia. Loved the open driving sections. All of them.

If you were expecting a supernatural twist,...

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Except the next Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, From Software games are still unannounced. Probably something new from Sega, Vanillaware, Rockstar, Criterion brewing since they're all due follow ups. Insomniac will have another project due since they always have at least 2 going at once. Next year's conference is in no danger.

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Yeah they do that on PlayStation too. LBP3 and GT6 did that at E3 the other year, releasing a few months later. GT Sport did earlier this year, followed by the VR Batman and RE7 reveals at E3.

But no by all means jump on The Last Guardian bandwagon. Unlike FO4 and the other sequelitis sallys that companies pump out like clockwork, I prefer pulling for the new IP.

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Ni No Kuni, all day and all night.

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I already have new hardware barely a couple years old. I'm at the stage where a return on my investment is what matters. Ie games. Not two more pieces of hardware.

If I was stuck playing 900p games with few exclusives that interest me, then perhaps I'd be excited too, but I'm quite busy.

"99% of the same games" is an exaggeration too. What would that 99% even be? COD, BF, Madden, 4K Minecraft lol? No thx. I'd rather play TLG with...

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When Sony announce games, VR or anything early they're criticized for just that, announcing things early. I read this here all the time, every year " Bla Bla not coming out this year so w/e". But when MS announces Scorpio 18 months out the same people are praising them? O...k?

The same people that go to or watch E3 are the same people that were talking about Neo on message boards months ago anyways. Average Joe public who does...

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Yes it's necessary, but if/when/how depends on the game. Sound design overall is important.

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Uncharted & Ratchet are 1 & 2 for me with an honorable mention to Odin Sphere, which is a bonafide future purchase. I'm just waiting for a sale!

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When I think of Silent Hill I think of Akira. They're synonymous with each other.

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Twinfinite forgot Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator. Playstation exclusive fighter, came out beginning of June. 86% metacritic.

Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness is out Tuesday. Still June. Close enough to add.

*tiptoes outta minefield*

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They sound like they want to go multi platform after rush of blood. Until Dawn probably belongs to Sony, so they'll just make a new IP and throw that out there. Shades of Insomniac with Fuse and Sunset Overdrive.

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The Emperor from the cancelled Star Wars tv series was one of the inspirations? Did not see that coming.

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Agreed. I'm not expecting a technical marvel. I'm expecting a team Ico game. Warts and all. The pressure Ueda felt was probably heavy to say the least. But pressure turns coal into diamonds.

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The game is top notch. One of my favorites this gen.

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Leave Wesker in the ground. Or volcano in his case. His story is done.

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Always enjoyed Harry Gregson Williams MGS scores. I've gotten pretty good at picking up his style in movies too. More than once I've heard a theme or some ambient music in a flick, turned to a friend and said it sounds like Harry, and I was right.

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Kratos has always had family as a motivating force.

Chains of Olympus examined the Calliope relationship a lil' closer, with the player having to button mash her away in the afterlife in order to save everyone else from Persephone.

Ghost of Sparta had the story of him and his brother Deimos, as well as Kratos having to kill his mother.

GOW3 had him kill his half brother Hercules and his father Zeus, while coming to terms with it all...

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Ps4 can re-button map any game, so even though jump is set to triangle by default, you can change it to X. I wonder if the writer knows that, since he brought up the button mapping a couple times?

Overall, jumping and grabbing mechanics sound very SOTC like. People used to the auto-parkour in games like AC may have their mettle tested. I remember the drama of the grip meter in SOTC. Quite the difference from modern games, even UC4, where you can just hang around all day fro...

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