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Dead Space 2 should never have cost 60million 7yrs ago. That's ridiculous. They went too hard on the milk. DS2, DS2 Severed DLC + microtransactions, DS Extraction, DS Ignition, DS Downfall (movie), DS comics, DS action figures. They probably ate some of that with that 60mil' as "marketing"

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Can't argue with this. Forza was aggressive and worked hard to be the best, and now they have a successful open world spin off on top of their mainline games. Credit where it's due.

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Whoa, slow down. For fighting games, Xbox1 only has the free to play Killer Instinct and a couple multiplats like Tekken, MvC and Injustice2 (they never got the Injustice1 Ultimate Ed however, and Tekken7 falters at 720p).

You can't slap claim on fighters when they're missing numerous ones like SFV, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Guikty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Guity Gear Xrd Sign, Blaz Blue:Central Fiction, Skull Girls 2nd Encore, King of FightersXIV...all of which are rated we...

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Maybe you should buy some games before telling others to go support Lawbreakers? I've bought a ton this year thx

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I see nothing easy about those golds online. You need to be online in sport mode to even do the qualifying races for pole position in the real you gotta be the best time BEFORE you win with the best time. Multiply that an excruciating amount of times, with the sheer monotony of gold in every driving school and course education mode. Kill me. That's if the 15min waiting for events to start doesn't kill you first

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Tv show? There's a tv show inbound?

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What ever happened to the animated movie they advertised a couple years ago? R&C made it to theatres, Heavenly Sword I found on Netflix. The Sly movie just went dark.

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You can still collect your free car by booting it up. Check out some auto driving in the background.

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Demo was horrible

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Excuse makes no sense. Distract developers from what, doing their jobs?

There are exclusive VR games like Batman, Until Dawn Rush of Blood etc where VR *is* the point. The devs that were contracted got jobs out of it. Money. It's not like this is volunteer work. Consider them distracted from unemployment, lol.

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Really didn't like the split screen PvE. Why are the rounds on an ever diminishing timer?! Let the players learn the maps and clear out the waves at their own pace. Hate how you're forced to run n gun to keep getting those +4sec extensions ala RE5.

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Those were preview builds though. I could see them expanding it to real bucks for the retail release. Ubi is no stranger to microtransactions.

That said, I never use most of the weapons in Assassins Creed anyways. Have my mains. Plus baddies drop weapons. No shortage.

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Not fully sold on this one yet. The way the worlds are all cut n pasted together gives off a very heavy Lego dimensions vibe, and I'm still buying those for the kids (Teen Titans go just came out).

Lego Avengers season was meh. Lego Batman 3 dlc was maybe better with the big free female character pack, but the Spider-Man add to Avengers was great albeit late. I wouldn't advise more than $9.99 for any Lego season pass. Personally I'd wait til it's $5 range. ...

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Bad GTA wannabes? Dude you know nothing. If GR2 is for little kids, my gawd. I must've imagined that Nintendo shelf of plushies at toys r us, clearly aimed at the 30-40 crowd lol

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Price cut the thing even. Bundle it. Do something. I never see it on sale. It's a good game. Don't wanna see it get Motorstormed

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Then say it sold poorly, not "no one bought it" in a thread where people clearly bought it. Less likely to be (mis)interpreted as trolling.

Trophies and games aren't mutually exclusive. Call it, a gauge to see who's actually putting their money where their mouth is. Pot/kettle stuff.

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It's not that kind of online. It's leaderboards for challenges, rating other peoples' screenshots, and user uploaded treasure hunts. Sucks it's going. Use it or lose it I guess.

Blows my mind seeing this game struggle, while games like the Order and Knack sold a couple million each.

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I platinumed it. You have like, 11 trophies to your name. Speak for yourself.

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Heard about this a few days ago. I ain't going near it until they patch the patch, definitely not spending another cent on it. Ridiculous this gets through QA.

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Just finished it. Epic finale as usual. Loved the flashbacks intertwined with the final boss fight. Shades of Snake vs Ocelot at the end of MGS4

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