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PG = parental guidance.

Heads don’t pop, no blood, no foul language or sexual situations (some of the ladies are actually quite hefty), no graphic executions or dismemberments. Characters lose in a shower of bling and rainbows.

That aside, 9/10ths of their party up was spent chopping wood, treasure hunting, crafting walls/stairs and hiding from the storm. Not that it’s any of your business. Don’t presume everyone plays the same. Thanos was about the novel...

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One of the trailblazing pioneers, to be sure. Atari was my first exposure.

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My kids just split the cost of the PvE starter pack. $20 each, coupled with the 20% off from live.playstation.com and a whopping buck fitty from me.

The kid friendly gameplay, graphics, polish and free entry point made a good case. Something to party up with their friends down the street. Free and PG was key.

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Nah. It’s a legitimate genre. Telltale games has made a career of the exact same thing, licensing from big brands like Marvel, DC, Skybound, HBO, and successful IP like Minecraft.

Square Enix also jumped on board with Life is Strange, as did Supermassive/Sony with Until Dawn.

Point is, Cage’s ain’t a one-off. He has peers, but has also been doing this longer than them.

For whatever reason there’s a % of gamers that seem to feel threaten...

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It’s one thing to hear about bugs, another to see ‘em. Being unable to trigger the last missions leading up to the ending until they exiled their best character, that’s rough.

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Thought I’d heard it all, but I’ve never heard that before. “Polish is overrated”, and I don’t think he means the nationality. smh

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What’s the point in this? Pick any game or genre you don’t like, grab a name from the credits, cry on the internet.

“Steve from Fortnite is overrated.” “Boris from Starcraft is overrated”. “Catherine from Catherine is overrated.”

Alrighty then. *goes back to Detroit*

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Fair enough.

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That’s great for just a couple months. Don’t even have my copy yet. Saving it for the summer drought.

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Wrong place wrong time? Reviews over here, editorials over there. It also helps remove any question of bias.

Blood diamonds and sweat shops are poor analogies. Sweat shops. Well, yes gaming “crunch time” can become 60-80hr work weeks for a lot of developers. It’s a problem in this business but again, that’s an analogy for another conversation.

The brand loyalty/ethics insinuations are a bit of a slippery slope. Implying it’s unethical to support this game...

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Really? But you always go on about how much you love Until Dawn? Same scores, same style. Thought you’d be chomping at the bit for more of what you love?

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Second review i’ve seen bring that up. Off topic and unnecessary.

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Everyone has embargoes. Just ask Bethesda, or Nintendo. Super Mario Odyssey embargo was Oct 26. Game came out Oct 27.

You realize this game is averaging 80% whereas the last one averaged 70%. Right? That’s an improvement.

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Different reviewers. Matt S reviewed Heavy Rain and Beyond on PS3, Tyler T did Detroit. One guy likes these kinda games, the other guy doesn’t.

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Wait, what did I just read?! This game is a self indictment of his company’s abuse allegations? Wh..what?

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End of August iirc. Kiwami 2.

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I was genuinely surprised to see no zombies in this considering the name and what it started as years ago. Didn’t think it’d be so ordinary.

Watched the family play this and then Fortnite back to back and the difference in presentation, polish and personality is just night and day. They definitely have some work to do if they wanna compete with Fortnite. That said, it’s been lighting up my PS4 activity feed so ppl seem to be willing to give it a shot. At least on some level...

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I disagree. I like the zombie genre, and I like superheroes too. But naw, a lot of superhero movies and games have sucked hard as well.

How many decades did we wait for a good Batman game? Superman64? Have you watched the newest Fantastic Four? Punisher: Warzone? Blade 3? Ghost Rider Vengeance? Xmen Origins: Wolverine that even the Deadpool movies call out as trash? The inhumans TV series that was cancelled before it even finished airing? Yeah Zombies gave us Carl memes, bu...

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Love Wheatley! Where’s Portal 3? Valve?

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Some of those environment shots look photo real. Even the rat hole projects look pretty lol

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