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This is nuts! Their reviews are more in line with my tastes than any of the other big name sites (I've no interest in anyone's opinions at ign, polygon, edge, eurogamer, gamespot). Not good. They're where I discovered AVGN etc.

Had a feeling something was going on when their various apps ceased working, Lol but it's still nuts! They *just* posted a Firewatch video review for PS4, which metacritic have erroneously listed in the PC section but not the PS4 one.... #5
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Say whaaaattt?! No way!!! Can't be true. I Gotta read this #3
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As do I. #2.2.1
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Downloading right now after searching it out from my dashboard! 7GB. Awesome! thx for the tip! Best headline on N4G I've seen in a while, heh. #11
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Nice. I still have this for my GBA! If only I knew what happened to said GBA. #6
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Careful what you wish for! Now I have to buy mine COD every year and their respective map packs.

She started off nice. Used to play lotsa Burnout, SSX, LBP, GTA, SlyCooper, Battlefield, Tomb Raider, Home. Good variety. Now it's just killstreaks scorestreaks and deathstreaks. It sends me on drinkstreaks lol

As to the article, I tried introducing her to thatgamecompany's catalog more than once. She's watched me play them and replay them too. Nope. S... #4
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Pretty sure that counts 360 copies too. Nothing to suggest it doesn't. Titanfall, Forza Horizon2, LBP3 were similar cross gen exclusives. #6.1
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Nowhere in the MS press release does it say X1 sales only. It simply states the exclusives in their 2015 holiday lineup have passed a million. Tomb Raider launched on XB1 AND 360. There's an 80million + install base in there. #8.1
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It's back up now on ps3. I'm logged on as are others on my friend list. PS4 and the PS app however, still time out... #34
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lol, I see what you did there! Ahh Kos, or some say Kosm

Congrats to BB though, got my vote. A round of brain fluid for everyone! plip plop... #12.1
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The Talos Principle has the same 88% avg Ori does. Is that not a game? Throw on Rocket League at 85% and the indy demographic is covered.

2 infamous games? First Light was technically an expansion to Second Son. Stand alone DLC like TLOU:Left Behind or inFamous:Festival of blood. If you're counting expansions, then count Bloodborne's Old Hunters at 87% and FFXIV Heavensward at 86%.

Tearaway Unfolded is rated the same 81% as Sunset... #94.1.2
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Kinda like Gears of War Ultimate, Halo MCC, and last gen re-releases like State of Decay #95.2.2
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Considering the best new game of THIS holiday season (aka late Nov-Dec) was Yakuza 5, a *last gen* localised PS3 exclusive, I think the article might be missing a bigger picture here. My PS3 won the holidays. #105
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Ni No Kuni is in its prime. Final Fantasy is past its prime. I'll read about FF15, but I'm buying NNK2. #42
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I beg to differ. There's just as many Witcher fanboys that can't seem to stop erecting shrines and burning effigies to Wild Hunt, calling all other games mediocre in comparison. That's generally the clique I find the most pretentious and abrasive. There are several here already.

"Us people" also don't go on about difficulty or hardcore anything. Too busy helping eachother in the community with PVE co-op and PVP.

I only started (and p... #10.1.2
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I wish new releases were still $60 here in Canada. $74-79 is what they go for at launch nowadays. Plus tax! I wait til sales now, or if I have some reward zone bucks to burn. Pretty much out of stuff I'm willing to trade, so I'm playing hardball. Yakuza5 for $39 it is. #2
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There *are* free themes you know. I've downloaded well over a dozen free ones on ps4 and they're almost all dynamic.

I have 3 free Bloodborne ones already (one code from ps blog, one for the platinum, one for DLC preorder) so if they wanna charge for this one, it's no skin off of my teeth. #4.1.1
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Nice that Ni No Kuni got a shoutout. Ghibli done right.

Bit surprised Shadow of the Collosus/Ico weren't on. They had a sort of dreamy minimalist art design all their own. Especially SOTC with all the fur/stone bosses and that specific shade of green grass. The studio's signature style is all over the Last Guardian too. Environments have that architecture that you just recognize immediately.

Could be a long list if they kept going. Coulda talked about... #1
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Considering what a struggle it was to get a western localisation in the first place and that it's a great game with all extra content included, I don't fault Sony for $39 at all. Remember Y3 and Y4 launched in the west with full $59.99 price tags a year after their Japanese debuts.

Yakuza 5 is a *first run* game in the west. GTAV has already been here 3 years and has already been remastered once. So have Halo MCC, Gears Ultimate, Tomb Raider Definitive, SleepingDogs D... #1.5
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Bloodborne is my personal GOTY as well. Even the DLC was top notch. Game kept getting better. #45
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