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Memories indeed, loved this game and to think I was only 15 not too long least that's how it feels.

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Respawn does have a chip on their shoulder, a lot to prove.

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Microsoft innovating the gaming industry. Changing the way we play and experience games. Wonder if they will provide other IPs like this.

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Wow, all the comments above...LOL!

Hope this isn't a new trend. Where an independent studio claims the benefits of cloud computing and they get bashed for it. You guys are low. Very sad.

I believe it's too early to down the technology so early. Give the generation a year before we start making judgments. So far, I'm loving this innovation. Games will be more changeable and organic. AIs will improve and newer gameplay features wi...

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The article clearly states games that require you to be online anyways. "Multiplayer Online" games is pretty much the new genre and we'll see this transitioning through. If you pay attention to Microsoft's announced titles...nearly if not ALL of it shows not only core element gameplays of multiplayer online, but the utilization of Cloud Computing.

The only problem with multiplayer online gaming is how will they implement the SP elements as a multiplayer feat...

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Yes, the Kevin Butler skits were great commercials.


Only in your dreams. Don't fall for some major investor's sad attempt at trying to start a bearish movementon on Microsoft stock. If anything Sony is going through a corporate spin off, so since they claim they are focusing more on devices that shows that is their money maker...Same thing for Microsoft. Especially NOW since everything is becoming more digital and device a...

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Xbox One owners should just chill with their consoles, great things coming. Let the loosers have N4G. It's the only safe haven they have that allows their trolling to thrive on...or more like shrivel in.

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If true, I LOVE that it's Ridley Scott. The guy is great at building up the theme of the Movie's worlds in great detail. Even though he's directing style is based more on mood than story, this will be a great mix of an already great established story line with great directing.

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They do have the better looking 2014 lineup. Of course Sony has Deep Down and The Order and both new IPs looks promising, but the variety and fun games are coming from Xbox One's lineup.

I will be getting a PS4 based on those two games until I see further gameplay.

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Exactly, Respawn is not like DICE where they are owned solely by EA. EA are just publishers, besides Microsoft is delivering on the other end for multiplayers, which is it's main core gameplay.

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Especially Jason Jones. The guy has contributed to the success of Halo.

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Your grasping at straws in trying to prove me wrong. If anything there are only a hand full of corporations who are financially fit in building, and that is Google, Yahoo and the major ones.

That is fact that Microsoft has actual servers, especially 300,000 servers ...

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Those are 300,000 real servers buddy. If it was Sony claiming 300,000 servers then it will only make sense that it's virtual because we know they can't spend money on building actual servers when they're currently going through corporate spin-off of their company. Even if it's 300,000 virtual servers, that still requires significant additional infrastructure and very expensive.

Microsoft however have been spending 100s of millio...

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they have stated time and again that it's going to be a sort of multiplayer campaign gameplay, where there will be objectives. It wouldn't make ANY sense that it will be just AI that is processed locally in hardware, and why they stated they are using Cloud Computing for AI immersion as is used in Forza 5:

The only drastic downside to this is whet...

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The way they're explaining it seems like they are going to be using all the unique tech in Xbox One. Big world and Cloud computing features.

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The game is going to be epic. I hope they have chain executions on the AI. And hope the AI uses teh Cloud Computing for a more MP immersion with great story and action. WOW innovative things on the rise.

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Forza was rushed?!...your comment proves you haven't even played the game.

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As a CS gamer back in the days, I always love them bots. Last I heard they're using Cloud Computing for AI. Things just got interesting.

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Yes, yes and yes. Nothing wrong with Aliens. Just the past titles that was developed for.

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