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So you say you got the game and are thinking about returning it...

and than you turn around and give us your PSN ID so we can add you?

you my friend make no sense. Destiny is better off without you. #1.1.8
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what are any of you talking about.. since the computer age began it's followed a simple principle..

as soon as something new is released; it becomes obsolete.

as soon as you buy anything.. an HDD, RAM, CD Drive, Blu Ray...whatever it may be... by the time you get home a better form of that technology has hit the market...

it's just the average consumer can't keep up with the never ending stream of upgraded components...
... #1.17
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Grimoire is the card system.. You get an achievement/trophy for attaining 777 or more Grimoire.

also certain Grimoire cards have descriptions about whatever is on that specific card... and they also have stats..

for example, the Grimoire cards for enemy characters will tell you how many you've killed and how many have killed you. (it's on the backside of the cards) #1.5
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Yeah I don't understand the cheaters...

I mean the game isn't particularly hard or anything...

Just shoot and move/use cover... Basic FPS standards... #6
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don't forget servers require money as well.... #1.16
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just pace yourself...

I mean why rush through any game??? Get you money out of it.

play for a few hours... go doing something in real life... play for a few hours.. go doing something in real... and so on.... #1.1.20
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or the more likely reason Hkgamer....

morons are morons and can't read between the lines.

I mean it's not like I bad-mouthed their countries or culture...

I simply switched the letters around because they couldn't decide if it was DUTCH OR NORWEGIAN... you know a "play" on words...

I'm so sorry it twisted your panties up... #2.3.3
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maybe it's Nortch language or Duwegian language.

edited below -

obviously you can't take a joke or a simple switch of letters.... these robots on N4G have no sense of humor

I mean one person says it's not DUTCH and the other says it not NORWEGIAN...

well it's got to be something..

shame... no body can take a freaking joke nowaday... #2.3
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Yeah this isn't just about cool creatures and stuff..

Each planet is it's own separate location with unique features...

If a game that carries an idea as great as this one doesn't get your gamer juices flowing, than I don't know what will. #2.2
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It's basically a portal to your mind.. What you can imagine you can create..

but yeah like someone else said think digital legos #1.2
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Already paid off in full.. Only thing in the way is college... But I will play regardless for multiple hours. #4
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regardless of all you said...

she spoke with blatant racism in that section I described...

it was uncalled for...

a woman is a woman... for the sake of her argument skin color is irrelevant...

so therefore it does actually mean something... considering racism affects more people than sexism. #1.2.2
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so I just watched the video a little..

we can end her real easy....

watch and listen at around the 6 minute mark when she talks about the pimp/prostitute in far cry 3...

she clearly says "prostitute of color" it was blatant racism in my book... she refered to characters as women up until that point she had only called them women..

watch the video again and check it out... I ain't making this up. she said "... #1.2
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there are plenty of games where a woman is the lead role or supporting role..

I mean you don't see squirrels talking shit about Conkers exploits? Hedgehogs don't hold Sonic as a sell-out. Geckos didn't scream sexism when Gex hit the scene.

I don't understand why everything has to be a statement about something..

You don't see me whining when I play TLOU mp and it all of a sudden randomly makes my character on the screen a... #3.4
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Yeah because "Digital Animal Cruelty" is a crime and there are laws against it.

PETA just looking for money... They done lost all their donations to the ice bucket. #6
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I got mine all locked up and pre-ordered.. getting the premium edition with the Lycan Statue..

It's my first big edition of a game. I'm stoked. Story trumps a lot of the other things for me.

Gameplay matters and everything, but I have no reason not to trust Ready at Dawn.. also the articles just kind of bashes the weapons and doesn't really dive into any of the mechanics of what he played.

also it was just a short section... so ye... #28
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what I'm saying is the term gamer (whatever the hell that means anyway) is not relevant towards these problems of the world...

we are HUMANS... gamers are humans....

so for example let's say we replace gamer with the word "worker" or any other word that describes a group of HUMANS.

if anything the best thing someone in the video game world could do is create a video game that focuses around the topic of "Woman Suffrage&... #1.1.4
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"Sexism, misogyny and online attacks: It’s a horrible time to consider yourself a ‘gamer’"

considering this has been happening long before video games and the internet...

it's nothing new... it's not going to go away...

it's the world we live in.. it's the nature of the beast - 666 #1.1
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I liked it for what it was. But I couldn't help notice the lack of actual scenario movements. It was pretty forward just moving Clem from A to B..

most of the other episodes seemed to have another little puzzle element or a trigger. It felt like I breezed through Episode 5..

as for the deaths.. it was eh... I saw it coming I suppose. It didn't really do anything for me. Maybe a few slight emotions but not much. #2
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I'm intrigued by Bloodborne a lot...

I never played Demon Souls or Dark Souls... because I have a bad temper and I don't want to keep breaking controllers..

but something about this one looks more appealing to me for some reason.. I'm assuming it will be very tough and follow the standard that Souls games have. #10
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