noooooooooooo.. I need classic N4G back...


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I dunno what game you're playing but UC4 has been fine for me regardless of the updates..

the updates that Naughty Dog only add more polish to an already polished game..

I mean it's not like they are doing updates because their game is broken.. that is definitely not the case in this situation..

They are simply showing the industry how you get optimization updates out in a timely fashion.

They should hold sess...

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I will tell you this... ND doesn't f*** around with their patches/support.

I mean this is like the 3rd update already and the game ain't even been out a month yet... That's called great support!

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I can't wait to get back in and see this DLC!!!

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pretty much all games on PS4 can be played on the Vita via remote play... It might just be me but I feel like a lot of people forget this.

I mean I know it's not the same as a title strictly for the Vita but it will give you a chance to at least experience a game on the handheld device.

One night you could just sit on your bed and play the current game you're on via remote play to change it up from the usual night of gaming on the "big tv&quo...

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yeah I can't tell what if it's me or the game because everything else internet related seems to be working just fine.

for now it's not that big of an issue though it's only happened a few times

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has anyone experienced a connection issue while playing an MP match..

a few times now I've had like a white circle with a connection plug or someting of the sorts pop up on my screen in the middle of the game.

it's really strange and happened intermittenly.. like I would be running around the map and the thing would appear and stop my character dead his tracks and then it would disappear and be back to normal.. and then it would come back... <...

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a few of the silver trophies might be trouble but besides that the list doesn't look that difficult to platinum.

I'm sure there will be a period of getting used to all the character related trophies but I feel like that will eventually just come with the normal progression of the game as you learn eah character better and develop strategies..

plus I mean trophy hunters probably won't care about there overall stats or usefulness during a match...

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Knowing the world we live in nowadays Naughty Dog probably had to get permission from Activision in order to put that Crash Bandicoot mini-game into Uncharted 4 chapter 4.

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It can be frustrating because you go down like a rock sinking in water sometimes.. but that's usually if you aren't playing smart..

it's different a little then UC2 or UC3 MP and feels more like TLOU MP to me personally... however the TLOU MP is more slow like a stalker/prey or cat/mouse type of pace whereas Uncharted 4 for the most part is all out chaotic.

I'm loving it...

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I played the beta on PS4 and initially loved it to the point where I pre-ordered it... But then a few days ago Uncharted 4 dropped and made me do some thinking, plus I learned that Overwatch is $40 on PC and $60 on consoles with the main difference being some skins and what not.

I've been hooked by UC4 MP and I have No Man's Sky coming in June so I decided to cancel Overwatch for right now... I'll keep an eye on it that's for sure but I'm just getting...

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moved on about a month or so now.. give or take a day. still #1 on division tracker for skill kills on PS4.

grew bored with it and the update that dropped the incursion literally killed any remaining fun I had with constant glitches/console freezes.

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Sweet about to switch that up tonight!!!

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already pre-rung for the midnight launch at gamestop. I just gotta head in with the receipt and grab the game at midnight!! Thank god I literally live 3 minutes around the corner.

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Yeah tracer is quick as hell. I really hate RoadHog. Some of those people playing as him just spam that chain.

I like Soldier 76 a lot and Zenyatta I believe it is the dude with the orbs.

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They got me.. I pre-ordered immediately after about an hour or so of playing the beta. Been having a blast. Gonna be on UC4 and Overwatch until No Man's Sky drops and then I probably be rotating between all 3

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I've played the beta for about a total of 2 hours now. I'm having a blast. I went out and pre-ordered it (PS4)

I've been really digging Soldier 76 but I still have to play around with everyone else.

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this has a simple explanation...

they brought all of them in at the same time... walked them through the game and told them what to say.

it's just like those car commercials that say "these are real people" and give their comments..

you never see anything negative or too outlandish as a remark because they've been coached by the company to deliver a specific line.

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I specifically was refering to PS4... it's included in my original comment.

I know the games are on other systems as well

@Masaharu... UC4 will have plenty of life... and that's just for the single player part of the game... then on top of that the first ever single player DLC expansion for an Uncharted series...

then you have the MP which has been a staple in UC since Uncharted 2... It also has a pretty big fanbase..

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Both will be over shadowed by Uncharted 4... Well that is on the PS4 anyways.... Both games Battleborn and Overwatch look fun and everything but yeah on PS4 this month with UC4 coming out.. they won't stand a chance in numbers of active players

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I downloaded the demo the other day. I think I'll check it out tonight.

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