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"a game is a game regardless of indie or AAA, graphics, style, gameplay, length... it doesn't matter "


They couldn't have just sent him a new vinyl copy of the record that was messed up??

Why even get the refund... for example if record #2 out of 4 was the one that didn't work... tell them you want a new record #2 to replace the defective one.

He still would have got his complete soundtrack... and he wouldn't of had to destroy anything. #5
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I have 49 platinums (in total) as of right now, I dunno how many are strictly PS4 titles but I have a few I'm pretty sure.

I'm very close to getting the platinum for Bloodborne only 2 trophies away but I messed up on my first playthrough and have to beat the moon presence (3 umblical cords boss) and the chalice dungeons on a NG+. The grind is real with that one. I've taken a break on it for now and will probably start playing again in a few months.

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I got to test it out during the Alpha. It was only MP but I had tons of fun in the time I got to play it.

It's definitely on my radar. Just trying to nix my habit of buying everything day one so I might wait a little. #6
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I do need to use my Vita more. I used to play a little here and there.

I don't travel so it's kind of just like a mini-console sitting in my house that I can play in whatever room I want.

I played it a bunch around the time PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale came out but sadly I've neglected it and my PS3 for a good while.

It's been PS4 only for awhile now. Mainly because I just can't stop uploading gameplay videos to yo... #6
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you obviously don't know anything about people then...

people will spend money on whatever they want to.... #4.1.2
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an indie is an indie... no such thing as a "glorified" indie

a game is a game... regardless of length, style, graphics, price, etc... #4.1
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"We talking about practice..."

"Playoffs?? Playoffs?"

haha sport quotes are awesome #4.1
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I think each is different in their own right.

I do think a smoother engine is needed. Some of the episodes can be really scratchy.. like stop and play especially in the build up sequences and loading from chapter to chapter.

But I don't think the style or storytelling aspect is dying out at all. I mean Tales of Borderlands is one of the best ones yet and I also really liked the Game of Thrones season.

I mean just like any other game or de... #5
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I'm still on the fence. Partially because I'm trying to nix my habit of buying everything day one.

Trying to save a little bit of money since the standard seems to be shallow $60 day 1 games that usually are between $20-$40 within 6 months after release.

I got $200 left on my gamestop gift but I just don't wanna get burned by another day 1 release.

I dunno.. so far I only have Uncharted 4 as a definite day 1 buy for 2016 #8
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what issues??? everything subjected to a connection has the potential to go offline...

we don't control our connections... servers could crash, power can go out, electrical equipment can go up in flames

there are so many different working parts that allow services like this to be available... let alone global/worldwide..

people need to learn they can't control everything... shit happens.

It's like the same thing w... #28
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I'm pretty interested in this. I need to watch some gameplay videos and get a good idea what it's all about. #3
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Well in 6 months or so it will have the "new standard" discount of the industry.

Pretty much everything gets marked down quicker nowadays.

It will boost the sales for those on the fence during the summertime.

I can already see it being included in a summer sale or even the fall sale on PSN.

Glad to see that it's doing good. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this one. #1.2
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I think I was about half way through the story when I stopped playing. About the time when Fallout 4 came out I put down my sneaking suit.

Been meaning to get back on and at least try out the MGO portion since I never did. #13
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I've been meaning to check out PS Now for awhile now. However I keep putting it off.

But I swear on it. One of these days I'm going to rent a game and see how everything works with my internet connection. #10
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It would be sick if they got X-Files since the show just started back up.

I'd also like to see the CW start taking a risk on games. I mean The 100, Arrow, Flash and iZombie could all make good game properties. #2
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Yeah something about this screams "release alongside the new movie"

I'm all about ghostbusters and I mean I guess I can see what they're trying to do with the new all female crew but I don't think it will have the same appeal.

The actors chosen don't give off the same type of comedic vibe that the original actors gave off. and that's regardless of gender..

I mean all the original guys worked off of each other and... #8
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The beta was very funny and unique.. It kept drawing me back. All I wanted to do was play and work together with others to build up/protect the cities.

I can't wait for the official release. #7
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I bought it on black friday for $25 on PSN.. Started playing it in December and still playing it now.

I started right out on Death March so I've been taking my sweet time with it. It's tough as hell. #14
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So what is the premise???

Run around as DJ Khaled and try and track down the Credit Card number that he snapchatted like an idiot?

This dude is a joke.. #8
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Been wanting to try out Helldivers. Now I got the perfect chance. #29
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