noooooooooooo.. I need classic N4G back...


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I'm telling you... The fact that Sony was able to work out an exclusive deal with Marvel involving Spider-Man is a HUGE deal in the "licensed property realm".

This move has shaken the gaming industry. Even the entire entertainment industry as a whole if you really think about.

I mean Spider-Man is arguably in the Top 3 of most popular Comic Book Superheros alongside Batman and Superman.. depending on opinion... but regardless there is no lyi...

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I just started a new character last night .. I haven't messed with any with of the contraptions yet but I did check out some of the armor and weapon displays.

I can't wait for the mods of PS4. I really hope Bethesda can fix the problems and actually show PlayStation some quality support for once. Their games have been subpar on PS for over a decade now... It's pretty unacceptable this day in age when you stop and think about it.

I mean there a...

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I'm stoked about this game. I know it will be gorgeous.. I still remember begging my mom to rent Ico for consecutive weeks from Blockbuster. I rented that game for 10 days straight. I fell in love!

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well I mean Nathan Fillion already pretty much looks exactly like him. So that would be my obvious choice.. and the dudes subtle mannerisms and such kind of resemble those of Nathan Drake.

plus he's a pretty solid actor and tons of people know who he is.. so the hype would be real as hell.

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I saw the article that mentioned it in Sports Illustrated and I saw the tweet by Bungie that mentioned it.

It was a small short sentence that said something to the effect of "His game of choice on the road was Destiny." nothing more and nothing less.

While it could be a PR stunt because its his "Destiny to bring back a Championship to Cleveland".... I actually kind of believe it. I mean I myself am 31 about to be 32 in July and I still...

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the whole process of creating this game has been a slap to the face of the gaming industry.. it's pathetic.

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Yeah this shit pissed me off... I was so hyped for Iron Banner this week.. and played much crucible since Mayhem Clash was the weekly mode two weeks ago.

argh... I was so ready for some good competitive matchs.... argh....

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This looks fun! I loved Heavy Rain!! Beyond: Two Souls was very good but didn't captivate me quite as much as Heavy Rain did.

Can't wait!! Quantic Dream!!!

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happens all the time...... Blizzard is extremely notorious for it....

they have shut so many people from using the word "Diablo"..... Movies, games, etc... If you try to use the word "Diablo" as a main part of your gimmick or appeal or even in the title Blizzard will come and hunt you down.

the spanish word "Devil" and Blizzard basically owns it....

Welcome to our current world!

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Because he knows they won't d**k him over and they will give him unquestionable support.

Sony/PlayStation and Kojima have had a great working relationship since the original PS...

A legend working with a legend is only fitting.

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this is a DEMO!!! it's already been announced and confirmed and verified that what you play in this "demo" is nowhere in the "FINAL" version of the game...

if anything look at the demo as a "technical demo"

it's just showing off what they can do and is building the hype for a much bigger RE7 reveal later down the road... hence the word - TEASER attached to the demo

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I still wouldn't hold your breath... PS4 owners never got Dead Rising 3 they most likely won't be getting this one either.

and like someone else mentioned... if and when it does come to PS4 it will be lost to the waves of other great games.

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Oh yeah this game is looking good! Nice to see Guerilla working on something besides Killzone. Hope this game launchs a new successful franchise!

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the dummy finger almost looks like a lockpick itself in a way... when you examine it look at the metal end sticking out of it... part of it looks cut or shaped kind of how a key is. I dunno.. I also swear I saw a trapdoor in the kitchen floor during the "video" scene where it shows the guys trying to cut their hands lose from the bindings, when the woman comes from behind and kills him.

I dunno I just finished playing it really briefly so I could show a friend. Go...

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Personally I liked 4 and 5.. I mean they were definitely different from the RE, RE2 and RE3 I grew up with but I played them and liked them.

I've never played RE6.

I'll be 32 this July.. I was a kid when RE first hit the market.. Those were the days browsing the aisles of blockbuster begging my mom to let me rent something. hahah!!

I'm just saying... It's just people complain about every little thing nowadays.. I mean it...

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I'ma check this out later today.. I might even live stream my playthrough since I know I'll be scared as F***.... They didn't really show anything outside of atmospheric horror. I assume that's why some people have been so negative.

I mean people want RE to go back to it's traditional survival horror roots but when they show something that isn't filled with action sequences like RE 4, 5, and 6 they get all upset.

Just give it time....

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So damn stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah that's what I was thinking probably $349 for the 2TB. I'm just stoked you can finally make it vertical. Running on limited space in/around my entertainment setup/area so the capability to stand up the console vertical is crucial!

Definitely will be getting this in the fall to go next to my PS4 and PS3.

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Everyone's all like "oh damn that size"..

I'm like "oh damn you can set it up vertically"

If that's true than I'm sold... Only reason I haven't gotten a Xbox One yet is because I'm working with limited space in my bedroom and don't have enough room to lay it down flat..

hope it's true!

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If you haven't played it in awhile I suggest at least loading it up and giving it a few hours. The April Update seemed to really invigorate the game..

I was a hardcore Alpha/Beta/Day One Destiny player... I got burnt out around the first expansion. Came back for a few months around the next expansion then stopped again and did the same for The Taken King until I recently re-installed everything this past April/May.

I dunno I feel like I had a good lon...

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