noooooooooooo.. I need classic N4G back...


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yeah that the area... it use to be a tiny cable that hinges to the trigger.. that's how it would depress/pop back

that's the part I've broken on 4-5 controllers. I'm using the newer 20th PS anniversayry DS4 and I think they change the components... the hinge for the triggers seem to be a solid piece now instead of the cable.

It's hard to explain but that is definitely where the major issue with the controller is in my opinion.

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I bought these after my very first DS4 started to lose the rubber coating on the analog sticks...

these things work like a charm and i've used the same 2 sets with every controller I've had...

I haven't broken a DS4 in quite some time... but since the PS4 came out I've broken at least 4-...

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She left

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That's what we call down my parts a case of the Thunder Thighs

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These kids nowadays (graphic whores) would have HATED being born in 1984 like me...

A game is a game regardless of graphics... Open your mind and take a chance... You might find a gem.. You might just find your favorite game.

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Yeah... It all depends... with just like anything else in life.

but for this example... some video games have horrible lore/background/story while on the other hand some video games have TOP NOTCH lore/background/story...

just like anything else in life.... it's either good, bad, or mediocre.

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I played the hell out of the division hardcore for like the first 3-4 weeks. I started to get burnt out before the incursion dropped and when it finally came out I only tried it a handful of times to be greeted with a myraid of errors/glitchs/console freezes (PS4).

I pretty much haven't played it since. here's my division tracker to show my hours played a...

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It's probably no where near the same water effects like the ones many of you were mentioning... But I remember when GRAW 2 (Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2) came out that it had some awesome water effects.. Like the reflections of light and stuff like that, the way the water moved... I mean I know it was a tactical 3rd-person shooter but some of the maps that you played on had beautiful water elements

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I love the videos that have Sean explaining the game. Those are pretty much the only videos you need to watch if you're still unsure about this game. He is calm and breaks it down so nice and smooth. If you listen to him explain the game and you still can't understand what it is about then I dunno what's wrong with you.

But yeah this particular video with this Anthony dude is "cringe-worthy." Sean and No Man's Sky are quality. Anthony is the weakes...

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ugh... I was not expecting this when I clicked to come to N4G... I need the classic back.. It was so sleek and simple.. I dunno if I can get behind this new one but I'll give it a try

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I recall having fun with it for the most part.

There were some hiccups here and there but that's pretty much any game released to the public.

Considering the standard Day 1 mess that games usually have Dead Island actually worked.

and now with Dying Light being out for well over a year... Techland has become one of the top developers in my opinion... not many companies support their titles with post-support like Techland did with Dying Li...

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This game is an explorers dream...

I still don't fathom how people can't fathom what this game is about.

Sean Murray and Hello Games have done everything to explain this game... I mean hell in half the damn videos he's interviewed in he breaks it down so a 3 year old could understand the concept...

Yet for some reason the majority of the gaming comments I see about this game still can't grasp the idea behind the game.

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I just finished up the automatron dlc the other day.

I dunno about this one though.

I mean I have the season pass so I get it anyway. But I just loaded it up to take a look at it..

and I mean I definitely have no desire to go around collecting tons of stuff just to build some cages and stuff.

I dunno. I might mess around with it if I'm in the right mood.

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This is one of the constant issues that I have been running into...

It's also actually frozen the game on 3 separate times while I've been in the incursion.. I'm talking the freeze/blue screen error on PS4 that asks you to report.

And there was a time where it finally was all working right only to glitch through the map while reviving someone which caused me to "leave the mission" area.

haven't messed with the incurs...

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I dunno...

Considered cancer kind of just comes up whenever it wants to.....

Microtransactions aren't forced on you to buy... It's your choice...

Not really your choice if you get cancer..

Kind of a bad analogy.....

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EA at one point years and years ago had a title...

I believe it's last incarnation was referred to as MVP Baseball..

Like another person mentioned there was 2K baseball... Which by all means had a solid foundation but ultimately was just an average quality game. 2K MLB games stopped around 2013 or so I believe give or take a year.

But all that being said. There is absolutely no MLB exclusive deal between MLB and PS and/or San Diego Studio...

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but each game is different and has more depth than the previous...

It's nothing like COD or BF where they just change meaningless shit and drop a game every year.

franchises like those are the ones that need the overhauls...

this is simply a standard of difficulty.... no different than GHOSTS N GOBLINS on Original NES for example...

just because a game is hard for some people doesn't mean anything is wrong with it......

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Isn't there a difficulty option already called "Buy The Game" or "Don't Buy The Game"

You should know by now if games like these are games you're interested in. If you can't handle the pressure of death/trial and error then just move on to something you can handle.

We have Demon Souls, Dark Souls I, II and III, and Bloodborne... I think it's a little too late to be bringing in the "difficulty settings" argumen...

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a much needed update!! The servers are a mess and it's effecting the normal game with horrendous loading times regardless if you're playing online or against the CPU.

However, I'm happy that they are working their butts off to fix all the issues. They also are giving 5,000 stubs and 10 packs to anyone that played while connected to PSN before April 8th.

The season started off choppy but all in all I think it's going to be a good year!

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It's because everyone is so sensitive now.

Any and everything nowadays seems to be offensive..

At this rate we won't be allowed to speak in 20 years... The world is getting scarier and scarier each passing day.

It's only going to get worse.

Just a simple character blown out of proportion likes most of the other issues in the world.

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