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Kano wins! 4 ???? = Kano #8
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How is this different than ManHunt or any super violent game from the late 90's or early 2000's????

There is nothing wrong with violence or hate in the digital realm...

I mean they are IP's... works of CREATIVE ART....

you know.. just like a painting, novel, play, song.... they are expressive.... #1.1.17
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This is a welcome addition... Screenshot has been a blessing in it's own...

Great way to share among the community of gamers #4
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what are you talking about???

Sure they are extra added things that don't matter.

But so is the ENTIRE DAMN GAME....

I mean if you are going to sit there and criticize me and say a TROPHY or ACHIEVEMENT is pointless and irrelevant.

Than I will sit here and say all of this is irrelevant... GO READ A BOOK!

A game is a game... Some have trophies.. Some have achievements...

I DID NOT SAY I b... #3.1.2
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actually they are a very good indicator of knowing you got your money's worth on games that you don't plan on keeping...

I buy tons of games.. I play tons of games.. I however don't keep every game after I finish it...

So for the games that I don't keep.. Trophies/Achievements are a good indicator for knowing I got the most out of them. #3.1
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I can't do scary games...

Resident Evil and stuff is different. I can handle that type of scary..

But something like The Evil Within or PT/Silent Hills is too much for me.

I tried to play Outlast one time... But yeah that ended about 2 minutes in.

I'll stick to the horrors I've seen in real life. #5
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what are you talking about?? all 6 people are in the same fire team....

members of the same fire team can talk to other fire team members... it is the people not it your fire team that CANNOT hear you...

I have been on the raid twice now... both times it had 5 other people including myself... I heard everyone talking....

Obviously if a person doesn't have a mic, there is nothing you can do. #1.1
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Looks good to me... IGN and Gamespot probably just want the game to fail.

I'll pick it up sometime down the road... Shadow of Mordor and Destiny have all my time. #6
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hahaha disagree all you want... you're just jealous because I got the good stuff #1.5.1
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Should of bought an Exotic chest armor from him when he was selling Gallajhorn...

That's how I got my Voidfang Vestments...


Luckily I got an armor for Warlocks... this week I bought the Exotic Helm engram and got Light Beyond Nemesis (Warlock)

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yeah kid you're doing it wrong... real wrong...

I dunno even know how many I've had in total... but it's upwards of 70...

hell I currently got 35 Motes Of Light right now... and that's not even counting the 23 I spent that one time on an exotic engram.. #1.1.4
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You mean how many xbox one's were smuggled into North Korea...

I mean they need something to eat.. I'm sure an Xbox One is loaded with nutrition. #1.13
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The cave doesn't bother me... I only did it 2 or 3 times anyway... just garbage... if anything I got a few strange coins from engrams.

I'm not bummed about the engram drop rate either... that's how it should be...

dismantling the Queen's gear should give you ascendant materials though... since Legendary gear is Legendary gear... so this change doesn't make much sense...

but I can understand why they did it... people will j... #1.1.11
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yeah it's all luck... I got a whole bunch of crap from the first like 6 purple engrams I got... than the next one gave me 3 strange coins and the most recent one I got gave me an actual Legendary Shotgun, Hide and Seek or something like that. But, I just completed the Exotic Bounty for the "Invective" Shotgun, so I'll probably be using them both because I also have Gallajhorn as well and can only use 1 exotic at a time..

I've been lucky in the fact that... #4
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the only thing that stops you is the rare materials...

I.E - Ascendant Shards/Ascendant Energy...

the other plant specific stuff is easy... just got to farm..

for the RARE materials..... play the DAILY MISSION on LVL 26 for 1 Shard or Energy... play on LVL 28 for 2 Shards or Energy..

I also believe you can receive RARE materials for completing public events also... But they are guaranteed if you beat the DAILY mission on the... #1.3
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actually if you look on the left side of the map when you click SELECT DESTINATION...

at the top on the left side above the daily mission and weekly stuff.... there is a queen mission.... you can get legendary gear... my friend received a legendary chest armor from it... I forget the name of it but it was "Queen" something.

there is more than what the vendor offers.

do 1 bounty for the queen and the mission opens up. I personally ha... #2.1
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So you say you got the game and are thinking about returning it...

and than you turn around and give us your PSN ID so we can add you?

you my friend make no sense. Destiny is better off without you. #1.1.8
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what are any of you talking about.. since the computer age began it's followed a simple principle..

as soon as something new is released; it becomes obsolete.

as soon as you buy anything.. an HDD, RAM, CD Drive, Blu Ray...whatever it may be... by the time you get home a better form of that technology has hit the market...

it's just the average consumer can't keep up with the never ending stream of upgraded components...
... #1.17
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Grimoire is the card system.. You get an achievement/trophy for attaining 777 or more Grimoire.

also certain Grimoire cards have descriptions about whatever is on that specific card... and they also have stats..

for example, the Grimoire cards for enemy characters will tell you how many you've killed and how many have killed you. (it's on the backside of the cards) #1.5
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Yeah I don't understand the cheaters...

I mean the game isn't particularly hard or anything...

Just shoot and move/use cover... Basic FPS standards... #6
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