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"Back on Destiny - Hit me up JayBizzle311 (PSN)"


Witcher 2 had the same exact pre-order bonus at Gamestop anyway...

same key chain just a different design on the wolf.. it's more bulky.. you could definitely swing it and hurt someone pretty badly. #3
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I stopped playing on Dec 22nd according to Bungie.net...

I just started playing again yesterday...

I missed it.. I want to play with my buddies again and wreck people in crucible!! #6
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Ni No Kuni is an overall wonderful homage to Oliver's Mother..

It all revolves around her. #3
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The game hasn't gone anywhere... It is being polished and finished.. Ready for a late 2015 release..

They'll announce the release date at E3 most likely.

These guys have been working their butts off and they've already said it's coming in 2015. I have no reason to not believe them.

I personally can't wait... The whole idea of discovering stuff that other people most likely won't ever see is incredible.. I can't wai... #12
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Yeah it was one of the tougher ones I've gotten.. I started The Old Blood on Uber and I'm having a rough time lol. I think I just got to chapter 4.

I didn't expect this DLC to have a platinum let alone a full set of 51 trophies!

Keep trying for it if you still have The New Order. I believe in you! The gratification will be astounding... #8.1.1
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I'm having fun with it... It's been a few months since I platinumed The New Order... so I have to tighten up my FPS skills...

Uber has been knocking me around for the 3 hours or so I've played so far. #8
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Played for about 1 hour and 30 minutes last night at midnight.

Awesome so far.. Pretty nice DLC.. 8 Chapters.. a full trophy list including a platinum.

If you liked The New Order than you'll like this! #1
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Already installed it on my PS4.. Counting down til midnight.. #2
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no that is exactly what Alien Isolation is....

It is a horror game...

In fact it is a "survival horror" game... so it should be scary and tenseful

very different from Bloodborne... which is not a horror game.. it's a 3rd person action adventure

the only really scary thing in Bloodborne are new areas that you don't know with hidden enemies/traps... and the only tension is when you are battling with a lot of b... #3.1
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Yeah I agree with the majority of people on here..

I don't consider Bloodborne a horror game at all.

It's action adventure with a world that just happens to be all about blood...

Nothing really horrifying about that.. #1.6
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It's a collectible... That is why I bought it...

When I get to a part of the game I need it for I can use it..

Otherwise I have a nice conversation piece for friends.. a nice huge book for display on a coffee table... #2.2
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I meant to say I already Pre-Ordered it..

but yeah after I'm done playing it and getting all the trophies I will delete it and move on to another game. #10.1
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Already played it..

Play a game and delete it when you're done playing it...

That's how you make sure your HDD doesn't get filled up. I mean you can only play one game at a time anyway..

It's kind pointless to be playing multiple games at the same time in my opinion, unless you have a MP "go to game" that you play. But playing a bunch of Single Player games at the same time gets so confusing.

Play a... #10
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I'm glad they are keeping up with the feedback on the guide.

I love it.. I personally haven't used it yet while playing the game. I mainly just bought because I got the Collectors version of the game and figured they'd go nice together!

I'm just been reading bits and pieces/looking at pictures/charts/etc and the interview in the back is a nice addition! It's so damn huge! #2
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You obviously have low standards...

Plenty of gems have been released through PS+ as free games...

In fact there was one not too long ago... A nice little Metroid/Castlevania: SOTN style game called "Apotheon"

It was actually the Game of the Month in the April Edition of Game Informer and it was available on PS+ for free!! #1.10
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Horrible!!! you rely on the same band way too much...

Weezer *cough* *cough*

also some of the games listed would be pointless to play with music because they have narratives and dialogue that is part of the story..

I mean if you're invested in the game for the immersion than I wouldn't listen to music while playing it.

I mainly just play music when I play Geometry Wars.

But looking at your list music... #2
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I'll probably get just cause it's $39.99. I already played it on PS3 but who knows it all depends on what I'm playing at the time and what else will get released around the same time...

We still have announcements and release dates coming.. Right now the summer seems slim.. but that won't soon be the case come E3.

But this reminds me I need to finish up GOW: Ascension #16
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He couldn't pull off Julian... nowhere near big enough... or suave enough

he seems like he would be more of a Randy in my opinion... just shave his head and let him be a "cry baby" #2.2
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that wouldn't make any sense since it is still available for PS+ members at 10% off..

@sillygamer - It wasn't just on launch day it's still available for 10% off to PS+ members until April 27th.. This coming Tuesday.

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Glad they fixed that " strike 2 check swing bug" that shit happened to me a few times so far..

I would have only 1 strike and then do a check swing and the runner would run down to first like it was the 3rd strike that the catcher dropped. #4
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