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I know I'm buying it's a double win for me. #1.1
I was thinking the same thing.Fox News is terrible. #1.1
I Pledge to Go Commando On September 20th!
Can I wear my lucky hat???? #33
You sir are correct.Sorry about that...the name has been fixed. #1.1
Same here,I have to admit I'm stunned.Dead Island and Resistance 3 are now on my radar.Thanks again Cat !!!! #9.1
This may be the first time I've ever won anything....congrats to all the winners. #6
Is this some sort of trick question ??? Please devs leave the children alone.Although teens are fair game. #2
I feel your pain.......I can't remember how long it took me to get all the chunks of bladestone.I know it was probably over ten hours.Good luck #5.3.1
Why isn't Demon's Souls on there ? It took me over a hundred hours receive the platinum trophy and I loved every minute of it. #5
Played the first on the PC.I can get the second for around $20 and the third looks fantastic,that's good enough reason for me. #2.1.1
This is the game that will finally make me buy an Xbox 360.Looks great. #2
Chuck Norris #4
This is great news if your a Patriot or Eagles fan. #1
Bioshock 2 at ten dollars is a steal.You get a lot of bang for your buck. #4
Now that's a deal !!!! #11.1
Savior.....where else could you fill a hard drive for under a hundred bucks ? #3
Same here........when the game is around 30 dollars I'll pick it up. #4.1.1
Just got Brutal Legend for $5.00 and will be playing it sometime over the weekend.Hate to say it but Shadows of the Damned should be on that list. #4
Just finished the game.....surprising addictive. #4
Hope this game does well on the PS3.The computer version is really,really good. #2
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