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Metal Gear Solid V will own my soul.

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Can you imagine if the mainstream media was actually right -- and not so blatantly wrong -- about violence in video games? For all the shooters we've played this gen, we'd all be Hitler x10.

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Seeing as how Mass Effect 1 was always a choppy mess, I'd say this was to be expected. I don't see how this comes as a surprise; the 360 version was just as bad if not worse. Let's not even mention Mass Effect 3 on WiiU.

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I really enjoyed the demo, to be honest. It's the same on Capcom had at E3, and without saying too much, trust me: these tiny slices of the game don't show off everything.

There are still plenty unseen layers to this beautiful new DmC cake.

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I love these features.

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I believe it's DON Oliveira

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PS3 wins! :D

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