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Yeah... Ntknl was a controlled leak , thurway doesn't talk about xbox much , and cboat was wrong twice. Majority of the stuff he said was correct including the recent halo name.

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The only thing bigger would be a exclusive final fantasy, dragon quest, monster hunter or shin megami tensei/persona game. None of those are going to happen. Also the reason a I said those are the only thing bigger is cause they had a exclusive sakaguchi game,exclusive akira toriyama and a exclusive tales game. Also 3 exclusive RPGs from square(they were bad but still). IF that doesn't make Japan buy a Xbox nothing will. And since all those games tanked I don't see it happening again....

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The thing is all those games bombed and even the tales of vesperia ps3 version out sold the Xbox version in like a month. I'm kinda surprised any Japanese company would do the same even with Microsoft footing the bill. I think they might announce a jrpg but in no way will it be exclusive
Edit: all great games by the way. Loved lost odyssey

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Your right about that but its kinda a self fulfilling prophecy though: Classic turn based games sell great on portables nowadays and not conosles. Its true because they dont make classic turn based rpgs for consoles anymore. If bravely default was for consoles it would have sold if not as much or more. but they wont make them anymore and just look at this and say its cause its on a handheld.

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3 things, single player is still 1080p so it can advertise as that. 2 How many people were mislead, there was only one article in the eu psblog that talked about it, majority of the people are seeing it today for the first time. Many that have played the game new multi was not 1080p because of how blurry it was.3 I dont believe there was a intent to mislead because GG did not write the article some one at PSblog did. Now if a dev came out and said it in a interview or twitter, they would be l...

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If lost Odyssey and blue dragon couldnt make the 360 big in japan , I don't think anything could

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Its not a mmo

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I agree that the story was weak but that was mainly because I felt the story telling was weak. The way they did some of the story telling was weird. Since I read a lot of the datalogs I think the story was good but the way it was explained was not. You shouldn't have to comb through a data log for important story info. Now 12 I thought had a bad story but that was because of them changing the main character and missed opportunities with some plot lines

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Wow, rather skathing article by john Dvorak. Actually its not that surprising. He is critical of a lot of things. Do like listening to him on "this week in Google" though.

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Yeah, no one does flash anymore. They should focus more on html5. We really really need to move away from flash.

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They wouldn't even need to do that. Last year FCC passed a law allowing cable companies to encrypt the cable service which forces people to have a box for every tv. They finally allowed this because they mad a provision that they allow cable to be viewed on any networked device in a house. So as long as you have a box, you can connect to it watch tv, record show's and control the box from your PC, iPad or eveb a ps4. They have to use a completely open protocol. I think its a off shoo...

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But why would they Have a 2 month counter just for that. They already had a couple music tours. Please be either persona 5 or persona 4 vol 2 like the rumors.

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I will be waiting in line. Might have to bring laptop and tether it to my phone.

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Crap they said game trailers. So that means I won't be able to be watch it. They still haven't figured out how to make a video player for android. Sigh. Please let the PlayStation app play it.

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Its this kinda what the ps4 at least is doing with the what's new section, see what your friends are doing and there is a phone app you can use for it too.

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Then you just wasted money on the kinect because you realize there are no games for it.

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Well that's the thing both game versions will be the same on both consoles EXCEPT for resolution. You are not picking the game for it. You are using it to pick which console to get or get it for.

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I do like that resolution no longer matters like many websites are saying. Just think the wiiu is now a viable next gen console. Also all those better ports last gen on 360 don't really matter at that./s

I swear why is it ok now for a console to have less power when every website last year doomed the wiiu for it. If it mattered last year, it does today. Nothing changed.

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we can always hope for titanfall: sigma.

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Cboat was still right. The developer tweeted yesterday saying it was a year exclusive and Microsoft made a deal only recently. Cboat was talking about a timed exclusive before e3.

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