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There's more game breaking bugs than I'd like to admit, but the overall build is pretty satisfying, I got a review copy a little early, and the bugs are an annoyance, but even without updates they don't appear too often. #3.1
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If you're still on the fence wait a few weeks/months when the price drops, it'll be even more worth it. Definitely worth the full price though. #1.1
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I don't recall saying GT characters shouldn't be in, maybe you should re-read what I said, it'd give you a clearer understanding of "personal opinion".

@TWB: Funimation or whoever does the DB manga recently released a spinoff called Patrolman or something of the like that involved an alien galactic patrol officer, it was set in and involved some side characters from the DB Universe, including Bardock and Goku's mother. #1.1.3
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Unfortunately it seems so, it also looks like the character from the spin-off that reveals Goku's mother is in the game as well, which is pretty interesting. #1.1
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Next game will likely move on to current-gen, not sure about a re-release being announced for Revolution. It's likely the series is getting a new subname as well once it moves to PS4/Xbox One. #1.2
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Not to mention the amount of people who were pissed that this became exclusive, there's a very real possibility that people actually bought a Wii U just for the sake of this game rather used, new, or whatever. While it's extremely likely that said people also have a PS4, Xbox One, and/or gaming PC for primary gaming. There's so many factors that it's quite hard to say that there's "nothing to get excited about", especially considering it made this money before it... #1.2
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How is it not anything to get excited about when it's already made over $500k from the UK alone. #1.1.1
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I thought Nintendo bought the IP? Must have been mistaken. #3.3.1
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Nope, Nintendo owns the Bayonetta IP now. They bought it and took over development of the sequel once Sega cancelled it, hence it being exclusive to the Wii U.

Edit: It should be noted that this is also the likely reason why the original Bayonetta is being bundled in with Bayonetta 2 all of a sudden after three years of ignoring a Nintendo console. #3.2
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It's likely an already established franchise, so the logic choices are: DMC, Resident Evil, Dragon's Dogma, and Street Fighter. #5
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Just ignore PETA, they try too hard. I still remember when they talked about Mario and the turtle jumping, then tried to play it off as a joke after the backlash. #1
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Looks very impressive from their budget. #2
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Hopefully Nintendo develops an Amiibo game instead of treating them like DLC, real money to be made here. #9.1
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But the thing is Link doesn't have to rescue the Princess every time. Hell female Link could rescue a male character, or they could go the Majora's Mask route and ignore that concept completely. #1.3.1
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I honestly wouldn't mind a female Link or Zelda being the main character in a Legend of Zelda game. It's pretty baffling that Link & Zelda have only birthed males throughout the Zelda timeline anyways. #1.2.1
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Right, lord forbid these developers doing something new./sarcasm #1.1
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Red Faction is owned by Nordic Games now. #1.1.3
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Didn't even know he was a fan of the franchise, it'd be great if he was in something like Hyrule Warriors. #6
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The price is definitely the most impressive thing about the service, $30 for an entire year's access to a majority of EA's library is pretty amazing. #26
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Are people really still butt hurt over a character redesign? Time to get over it folks. The fact of the matter is, when it comes down to it, DmC was a fine game and a nice reboot, which is something we don't get very often. Did Ninja Theory handle the game poorly from a PR perspective, making excuses left and right? Yes they did, but don't blame the game for "tarnishing" Devil May Cry's legacy.

I'm a huge DMC fan and have played every game in existen... #28
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