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Controller preference is just that a preference however owning both consoles I do prefer the PS4 controller the triggers feel much better on the DS4 and the sticks deadzone seems to be much smaller allowing for very precise aiming and movement. #4.2.1
Completely agree behind closed doors does not help the general public at all. I just serves to manufacture industry hype which I do not condone one bit. #3.1
Detracts hype as the only people who have seen it are Doom super fans and their comments are to be taken with a huge grain of wait and see for myself. #3
Genuine question as I am interested in this game.... is there any video that actually makes this game look like it will be fun? I am not talking about good graphics I am talking about the game actually looking fun. If so please link it as I cannot find one. #25
I have been a PC gamer for a long time but I also own a PS4,XB1 and a Wii U ..... I can play almost every game on Ultra on my pc at 60fps or better. All of that was said to point out that even as a PC gamer with a pretty hefty rig this is impressive.



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To the drive by disagrees are you saying that you use multiplats to gauge the full power of a console? This is not a rhetorical question I am seriously curious. If so why would you when 1st party titles always look and for them most part play better.... #1.2.1
To the article ...

The Order 1886
Drive Club
Infamous SS
Uncharted 4

are good examples of what PS4 can do no one is going to use a multiplat to gauge the full power of a new system.

To Raz

You sound very butt hurt. #1.2
Its all the same really... when you bought a game on the PS4 for the same price as someone on 360 you still had to wait a month or longer to get additional content that people on another system have been enjoying for that time. The whole exclusive content is irrelevant Sony paid for it..... remember GTA IV or Skyrim...... Yea exactly #19.6
They will more than likely show their version of a "Cloud" based gaming service along the lines of PS now. That is the only thing I can see actually working for the masses. #1.10
Without a campaign there is no character development. If there is no character to care about why care about the game? That in my opinion is Titan falls biggest problem. #22
Insulting is the word you were looking for. #9.3.2
The funny thing is everyone that has actually played the game has very positive feedback. It's only the people on forums who have NOT played the game that are badmouthing it. Funny how that works. Also have you even played infamous? Game is quite good and not as lifeless as you are trying to portray it as.

I own every system PS4,XB1,Wii U and a pretty Hefty PC and right now Mario Kart 8 is getting played more than anything besides Valiant hearts on PS4 and Smite on PC so... #8.1.4
I wonder (PS4) what could have caused (Exclusive) such a negative (best looking) reaction from so many (Console game by far) unbiased and rational gamers. #10.1.1
Funny how none of the good news about this game gets out only the doom and gloom. Sad really if it were multiplat this probably would not be happening. Sad times. #19.1
Cant understand what the disagrees were about it is an amazing commercial. Should I have stated that I also own a PS4 and Wii U? pretty sad. #43.2
This is one of my favorite games at the moment. Absolutely beautiful and a very good story. #4
I will agree that Forza bit was very very misleading. #41.1
This is some of the best marketing MS has done this generation Great and I do mean absolutely amazing commercial. I already own an XB1 and that would have made me buy one if I did not. #43
Playing the beta I have to agree it did pretty much just feel like an add on to BF4 but then again Battlefield and CoD both need to take some drastic measures towards innovation. As it stands I think BF4 and Ghosts were my last dips into these games until they do something/anything differently. As it stands I am looking forward to Rainbow Six Siege. #10
Mine is flat not standing and it makes almost no noise the only time I ever hear it is when I am installing a game for the first time. #11.2.3
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