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Have the Premium edition paid off already two months to go. #12
Well from the demo I played (long version) the game is actually coming together quite nicely. It was my game of the show at PSX followed closely by Drawn to Death. #1.7
Figured the PS4 theme music was from the score good to have confirmation. I have a feeling this game is going to wind up being something very special. #1
I actually like the Dynamic theme just wish it had some custom sound fx just like I wish the LBP3 theme had some background music. Maybe they will add those later.

Also I am beyond excited to see some new information on this game I got the Premium edition wanted the artbook/vial. I think there is about to be a hefty amount of crow served. #1.4

looks and sounds amazing. #10
The music is phenomenal... #2.1
Man there is about to be some serious crow served. #16
I have heard it all..... this is actually pretty sad. #3
Looks good on all platforms. #2
I guess you get disagrees for telling the truth around here. DarXyde did not post one inaccuracy. NVIDIA did compare their new GPU's to consoles almost the second they were released. Sure seemed like a ton of butthurt to me. #13.1
God I hope so. #1
Serious question to all of the disagrees how many of you are personally playing in 8k resolution? Ok now being more realistic how many of you are playing at 4k? Answer still the same? Media is just catching up to 1080p as is evident by some major channels and sites still streaming video or television broadcasts at 720p.

I am also a PC gamer but unlike a vast majority of you I am not living in some fantasy world where 8k gaming is right around the corner or 4k gaming is mainst... #9.1.1
So this is good news for less than 1% of the PC gaming community, seems like a waste to me. #9
Really good interview. #8
@light obviously you read my statement and missed the entire point. I stated that the online is and has been broken from day 1 but that is not why they reviewed the game poorly. It was docked by MANY sites for not being open world and for simply being a racing game. It's odd how a racing game being a racing game isn't enough depending on the name of the game. #4.6.2
Well then that lowers my expectations quite a bit. #9
Actually many people have stated that the order plays well its just a very vocal group berating the game for "reasons". For every negative article you find on N4G I could post a positive article just as quickly the issue I am seeing is no one is paying any attention to the positive and running wild with the negative. It is actually very interesting to watch unfold. #6.1.3
Driveclub is a very good game it would be amazing if the online actually worked. Seems it was reviewed on what it was not instead of what it is. #4.6
Playing smite on PC right now not sure how that counts as an exclusive. #1.6.8
This Will never be on consoles .... thankfully #43
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