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Funny how many people on here never have owned or much less played on an Xbox one are expects on it. Then try to tell everyone how crappy it is and how great the ps4 is. Lol I will comment on the ps4 when I get one. So far I am very happy with the Xbox one. It is fast, easy to use for me, voice commands work and the games look and play great. Also Skype is a big bonus talking to my family. I think it is a fair rating and in time will get better. Oh by the way if you don't own or play on a...

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I got the Xbox one and am impressed with it. I can see this selling. Don't have a ps4 so will not make pathetic claims like many here and down grade a console. I believe both will sell well. By the way both do not have a must have game. Not yet anyways.

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Seems to me Microsoft made billions in profit so how is Ballmer a failure?

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I see a lot of value in the Xbox one and later next year when the ps4 has a couple of games I like I will buy it. Most if not all games that I enjoyed do not have the best graphics. Good graphics mean less to me than good game play.

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I predict that day one for both consoles come and neither have any major problems. Funny how these rumors pop up to get attention lol

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Not very thrilled with ps4 line up but there are a few games next year I am looking forward to.

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Pocket change for Ms. The disaster will be if ps4 fails. Bye bye Sony lol

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Their kids what do you expect lmao

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Sorry for those worried about 100 dollars. If that mattered to me that much I would not buy any console.

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I wish I could use rumors as fishing bait here. I would catch so much fish my boat would sink lol

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As long as the external drives work well on both you cares

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People complain Ms does not know what it is doing but has made record profits. Sony does it right but barely is hanging on depending on their insurance division. I only see Sony having problems making money this generation and will have to change or lose money once again. Sony needs ps4 to succeed. Xbox one is just a very small part of Ms. In the end I see Ms adding features of value and Sony charging or taking away to try to make a profit. Just my opinion.

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Is a pretty picture that important? I say buy a camera then. Steady frame rate, game play, story line and load times are more important.

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If it is so what do you think Sony does not want to make money too? Wait and none bundles will come.

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Amazing not shown yet but beats the competition. Fanboy at its greatest.

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Who cares both consoles are out dated by pc's. I prefer playing on my large tv versus a monitor.

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Both looked fine to me and I prefer a stead frame rate.

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Depends on what you want. My ps3 collects dust from not being used. I find Kinect interesting and will try it out. Neither consoles have a must have game for me. So in the end the console best for me is Xbox one due to its tv functions and apps. Later when a game comes out I want on the ps4 I will get it. And by the way all companys want your money is that a surprise?

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Not really neither of us knows moron unless you have both and compared them moron. And the gaming division for Ms is pocket change. For Sony it is far more than that moron. I plan to get both but you are an idiot buying the hype of either company. Let's wait and see before the crap is thrown around moron. Like being called names moron.

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Most of Sony money comes from their insurance branch not their electronic business. So I wonder how good their hardware and engineering side is. We will find out in November.

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