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Im not sure if all the videos appearing in youtube claiming to be at ultra settings are actually at ultra settings. Lets see what happens.

In the video we can see fog and the draw distance is huge too. Only thing I did not like were the brick walls.

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These specs are not that impressive but nVIDIA might really release something like this, because these maxwell chip with 20nm will be highly overclockable and nVIDIA will be counting on that I guess

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Competition is making the companies innovative again, I just cant wait for Intel to "enter" the discrete graphics card market. If they can catchup with nVIDIA and AMD in graphics, innovation will go through the roof !!!

Knights Landing 2015 !

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Oh oh oh ....

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Unified Memory - Coming in 2014 with next version of Maxwell. Given nVIDIAs deal with Fusion IO, it just might suck data directly from your SSD, bypassing the CPU and system memory.

Low Level API - Mantle and now DircetX and OpenGL are offering those advantages.

A good controller - The Steam Controller does the job more or less.

OS specialized for Gaming - Steam OS

With all the specific advantages of consoles coming t...

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4A engine supports physically based lighting, only the very latest cryengine supports that, I dont know if the person creating the maps is using that version or not. Probably not. And thus even though trying to show how other games would look on cryengine, taking the same attempt with metro last light is wastage of time.

In short simulation of metro last light screenshots with cryengine looks like shit.

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^ Jealousy can make people pour out rubbish out of their mouths.

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lol bubbles :D

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"Survive" ???? Looks like someone trying to calm himself given this next gen is lagging way behind the high end PCs from the start.

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@Hydrolex, rumor says ARM coreless Maxwell comes in end of Q1, and the one with ARM core in Q3 or so .... but these are just rumors.

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It will but I am worried nVIDIA will not reply back until and unless AMD trounces its cards...

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Once upon a time a 512 bit Kepler was rumored too, now do not tell me nVIDIA is gonna postpone Maxwell for that too :-(

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This game has better graphics than Toy Story 1.

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I do not get it , they have such a small team mmay be 2 guys. And they are producing a game with better graphics than Crysis 3 or Metro Last Light :-|

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PC gaming is a large market by itself. Even though it will reach console gamers, it doesnt need to , to be successful.

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Yeah this new radeon is roughly equal to Titan in performance, though it is cheap we must admit it came 8 months after Titan, we gotta see what nVIDIA has to offer with Maxwell .....

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It seems this card does not have enough overclocking headroom, an overclocked Titan , or the new chip coming form nVIDIA will be able to beat this chip, but question is at what price?

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The pricing indicates AMD is not opting for the performance crown, AMD too would jack up the price if they had the highest performing single chip GPU, like they did in case of radeon 9700. I guess it will be slightly slower than titan, thus hoping that maxwell will beat it clearly when it arrives.

Oh yeah I'm an nVIDIA fanboy , always been.

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I wonder how this game runs so smooth on current graphics cards, ( as per the videos on internet)

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