Playing "Doki-Doki Literature Club (PC)" & "Rime (PS4)"


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As a PlayStation gamer, the Duke is my favorite controller in all of gaming. If only the D-Pad was swapped with the left analog stick then it would be perfect for me.

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The more I see of this game the more I'm becoming convinced that this will be a failure of epic proportions.

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From their list I'd only want Spyro. Not saying the others aren't great games, they are, but I feel a certain nostalgia when I play 2D games or certain 3D games. Spyro is the only game I'd rather play with updated visuals, the others have a certain oldschool charm for me.

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Gaming makes more money than Hollywood and has for a while now, gaming is the new mainstream. So far as TV networks are concerned, they're near-completely irrelevant to gamers these days. Sure, people still tune in for their specific big name shows like "Game of Thrones" & "The Walking Dead," but the days of people plopping on the couch to spend an evening immersed in channel surfing has all but come to an end. Gmaing is just more entertaining and engaging for t...

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- Also come with a good amount of internal storage plus offer affordable expandable storage.
- Offer EVERY feature from all past PlayStation handhelds!
-- Connect handheld to monitor to game on big screen (PSP)
-- Sync a Dual Shock controller to game with (PSP-GO)
-- Offer a free comic book / e-book reader app with access to those books online (PSP)
-- Allow access to a multitude of apps (PS-Vita)
-- Be backwards compatible with all PSP, P...

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I don't necessarily hope it fails, but I agree with your views. I'll be holding off for GT7.

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Someone had to say it. ;)

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The answer to your question of why I am buying something without playing it is mentioned near the bottom of my original post, but I'll explain fully.

As I'm a huge Destiny fan (addict) I pre-ordered the $100 "Destiny 2" digital deluxe edition based off the hype, my enjoyment from D1, and the flashy visuals of D2, from the PlayStation Store. After my pre-order was placed I started reading about the things I complain about in t...

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I don't think I agree with S-Word, but I can see where he's coming from for 3 reasons. First is amount of content. The first 2 D1 expansions were sparse compared to the mammoth amount of content contained in The Taken King. This means D2 would have to trump TTK's content in quantity to be considered a sequel. There may very well be enough content coming in D2 to justify calling it "Destiny 2." Second is losing everything. When The Dark Below expansion came out us v...

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I pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition via PlayStation Store for $100. After reading more about the game and playing the beta I contacted PlayStation for a refund but was denied. I even stated that I'd be fine if they just put the money into my PlayStation wallet account rather than refund me cash, was still denied. With games I would constantly play (like "Destiny 1") I prefer going digital, but with practices like this I may need to start building a physical library again...

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Awesome, I'd really like to play "Alan Wake."

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Ultimately both will sell well below the current install base of their original models. I think both are rather pointless as 4k gaming still isn't popular. Lets focus on getting every game to run at 1080p 60fps first, then we can talk about 4k.

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To each their own. I'm tired of black electronics. Had a black Sega Genesis, Sega CD, PS2, PSP, PS3, & Vita. Give me a red system. I'm still tempted to track down a GoW red PSP even though I'd hardly use it.

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For people who have yet to get a PlayStation, maybe. For those who already own PS4s, not significantly. It would've been nicer had the console had a design on it like the TTK PS4 (which I bought for that reason).

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Agree, though I was more fond of Spyro as well. I think I first learned of Spyro from a PlayStation Underground* demo disc. I was so impressed I rented the game from Blockbuster (anyone remember renting games? ;)). Before I had to return the game I got all the way to the final boss and came very close to beating him but just couldn't pull it off. Now of the Spyro games I'd like a re-make, that would be a must-buy for me. :)

*Anyone remember the real PlayStation ...

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I bought the original 1996 digital release a while back on PS3 and never finished it because it was too hard; it took me a half a day just to beat the first boss.

I remember seeing the Crash commercials when I was young and loving the bandicoot's attitude and his short stint as a quasi - PlayStation mascot, for that reason alone I wanted to see the return of Crash. I also really like the game's colorful graphics and sound design. Crash 2 looked okay and Crash 3 lo...

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My 3 favorite installments in the KZ franchise are 3, Mercenary, & 1; I hated 2 and really disliked Shadow Fall but I hope he does well elsewhere.

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So is this the new console Atari was talking about or is that something different?

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Agree, I wanted to pickup GT: Sport but Forza looks so much better it's ridiculous. I'll wait to see more footage of GT: Sport as time of day and weather were also elements that separated the settings of the comparison, but I may just hold off for GT7.

Forza 7 makes GT: Sport look like a PS3 game.

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Already pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition but I'll admit to being iffy about "Destiny 2."

I really enjoy "Destiny 1" and I've been playing since its open beta so seeing how the franchise has evolved through its expansions and now its sequel.

Graphically D2 looks about as good as "Battlefield 4." I don't consider that a bad thing as BF4 was a great looking game and definitely looks better than D1, it's ju...

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