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Obviously I don`t know FFX is yet, but I`ve played and finished KH 1.5. It was a really good HD remake. There were a few times in some cutscenes where one shot would be of a HD model and the next of the PS2 model, but apart from that, it was very well done and I felt like it was great value for money. #1.4
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This guy is the type of douchebag that is destroying the gaming industry.

"More excited about mobile games"
"I wish they did something innovative with the controller"

No, just no. I don`t a new Wiimote/Move/Kinect, I want a system where I can input controls easily to play great games.

Make the games interesting and innovative, not the way we play them. #67
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How on earth was that a figure of speech. Don`t try and backtrack just because you said something retarded = = #1.2
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I think $600 would be the limit that I`d be happy with.
To be honest, I`d pay $1000 if it meant I was getting a really good console. #84
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The Asashi Shinbun is a very well known, reliable newspaper in Japan. Think of it as the Japanese Wall Street Journal. #1.2.1
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Although having a $600 beast doesn`t matter all that much nowadays, with the majority of games being released multi-platform port style. If anything, even though I don`t own one, I want the 360`s next gen console to be a beast, that way it might be able to keep up with the PS3 and they won`t have to dumb down the graphics TOO much. #1.15
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People are stupid.
Read the bloody quote “The recent KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- announcement was only for the Japanese market,”

Just because it hasn`t been announced outside of Japan, doesn`t mean it won`t happen... #29
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Knowyourstuff -

What exactly was badly designed about Dark Souls?
I never encountered a fight or a situation where I died because the game messed up. It was only ever when I made a mistake that I died.

I.e Good game design. #1.1.4
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Lol. See you at launch. #17.1.1
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