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Perhaps you're assigning just a wee bit too much influence on a number? #12.2
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That pic you got there has me thinking about a whole other kind of low level access if y'know what I mean...wink wink. Get it? Low level access?


sorry #3.1
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Hi there. Your article doesn't seem based on fact. What incentive does Capcom have to continue this series when it will probably never even break a million sales? It sold 12,000 copies this week or so. Anyone paying attention can see it is clearly a flop at this point. Original sales expectations were four million, then lowered to 1.2 and now it looks like even that is quite unrealistic. How does this mean the new Dante will be around for some time like you say? It seems that gamers care... #5
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This is everything that is just good fun about games. I think it's up there with some of the best action games ever. It took me a while to really dig in, even though I took to it pretty quick. Platinum always seems to give you a lot of layers that serve different interesting functions, and then a really malleable way to blend them all together seamlessly. The more you play and combine the layers, the deeper the game gets. Their games just feel right.

And finally a challen... #4
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Hanso's point is that it is more over the top because it follows Raiden around instead of Snake. If MGS 4 was following Raiden around the whole time instead of Snake, MGS 4 would be MGR. It was less over the top because Snake is less over the top. Espionage (Snake) versus front line ownage (Raiden). It makes perfect sense really. #4.2.2
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Oh man, I loved MGR. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Just a game that gets back to pure fun and wackiness. Great design too in my opinion. Seems to be selling well and it got mostly positive review coverage with many 9/10 and even 10/10 reviews, for the numbers people who care about such things. Bad reviews too of course as with almost every game. Maybe it's a love or hate kind of thing. I love it. But it's definitely commercially successful so far it seems. #4.1
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There are plenty of games that have been watered down for casual players such as yourself. Go play those games and leave some for those that appreciate a technical hardcore experience. It's pretty simple, skip it if you don't like it.

Not every game out there has to appeal to you or be made for you. Rising is brilliant and a well appreciated call back to a style of game I love and have missed. It's not for you so move on and don't whine about it not being easy... #1
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The game is a masterpiece with some easily fixable flaws. The more you play, the better it gets. Halfway through Very Hard and loving every minute. There is some really great design and enemies that are really out to get you. It's so fun. #4
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Rising has awesome replay value. Most people don't realize that with Platinum games your first play through is really just to level up and get a feel for the game. The real meat of their games is in the higher difficulties and the exploration of the subtleties of their systems. A disappointing amount of gamers these days rush their way through normal mode without exploring what's there and then try to spout off about difficulty and such.

This game is a call back to a... #1.3.1
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So your point is that it can be completed by button mashing, but also can't be completed by button mashing...hmmmm. #1.2.2
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S rank Revengeance mode and then talk to me about skills. #1.2
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Please please PLEASE Platinum, just add on the fly weapon switching to this combat system next time around. I can't wrap my head around why it isn't included here. I keep wanting to switch from the Sai to the Polearm to the Katana move set and hate having to pause to do so. That's my only gripe. Otherwise this is pure video game heaven. There are so many great moments and huge replay value. It's super fun and the character design is incredible. Weapon switching would put this... #14
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I'm sorry you didn't like the game. I find it absolutely brilliant. Opinions and all I guess. The opinion you hold here looks to be one shared by the minority of people who have played the game, but at least you're honest. I disagree with just about everything you said, especially number 8 where you complain about having more stuff to fight in an action game. Give me as many things to fight as possible and I'm a happy camper. This game scratches the itch I was hoping DmC would... #8.1
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How are those DmC sales working out for you? Flop indeed. You do know this game is getting mostly 8's and 9's yes? How seriously do you really expect people to take your comments? #7.1
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Hahahaha!!! Oh man, too good. This guy. #7.1
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He's a disagree collector. I don't know what he is doing with them, but it is clearly his goal to obtain as many as possible.

1. Get disagrees
2. ?
3. Profit! #1.1.1
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Still going? I admire your perseverance, and by admire I mean "find pathetic" and by perseverance I mean "incredibly lame trolling". #6.1
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I would like to be playing this game right now. Yep, that sure would be about the best. Ahem, I said it would be pretty awesome to play this right about now...dangit, it never works. Sigh...back to waiting.

This game could be five hours long and I would still buy it day one. I've played the demo for hours by now. Maybe it's just me, but I can't get enough of it and it's such a small slice of the total. I think it's going to be all out mayhem the whole tim... #5
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Hahahahaha!!!!!! Oh man, you're still going? #3.2.1
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Cyborg ninjas are canon. Where is the harm? #1.1.2
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