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Point of the vid wasn't to speak on the tired "media effects violent behavior" debate.

It was to point out to the media that blames the games and the game industry that the parent plays the most important role in this whole thing... something they seem to miss. #9.1
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Re: Your lion remark.

My child is not a hungry lion. He knows this isn't for him and won't be attempting to play it without me knowing... as he's been taught.

Kids aren't mindless... they just gotta be taught. #2.3
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Did you watch/read it and notice that he DIDN'T get the game and explains why himself? #1.1.1
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That happens to be my son there... and I'm the voice in the vid.

Brody has been taught that there's things okay for adults to do that are not okay for kids to do. We try to be real with the little guy in this regard... rather than sugar coat the world like too many other parents do, in my opinion.

How that would make me look like a hypocrite I do not understand. Should I also not let him know that I watch Rated R movies and The Walking Dead? #2.2
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I disagree. I waited on this all weekend, only to wake up today to see that the media has gone this direction. They made it the headline first... with no counterpoint to be found.

So I provided the counterpoint. Ignoring the media's angle on this is why they keep going there, IMO. #1.1
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The article tried to do nothing of the sort. SMH

Article wording now fixed to meet the discerning taste of N4G. #3.1.3
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The article didn't try to make Netflix look exclusive to a damn thing. It simply made note of it. Didn't realize that it needed to list every device Netflix plays on. Silly me for thinking an example of a console was okay. Dern. #3.1.2
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I can see your point on that myself... at the same time I know real life people who are almost identical in personality to the fictional characters in the show... and that's damn funny.

You just don't get those personality types outside of competitive gaming...heh. #2.1
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99 percent of the piece focused on her gaming background and career. Is the inclusion of a few words that mention something else she did really that changing to the story? Why not also note the graduating honors?

A lot more women gamers, including some who would seem to meet your qualifications, also featured on the site. Just one extra click for ya. #2.1
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Okay... but this is asking more from the stance of YOU being able to broadcast from the console... not watching others. #3.1
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So you are saying you feel you can stream Xbox games from your smartphone... or that it's the same thing?

Not really... #2
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Um... all of you do realize this is a weekly feature that's just done in fun. One could even state the last section of it DEFENDS the console.

I wrote and posted a serious piece on this yesterday. #3
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How do you know that before they show off the games at E3? #2.1
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No implication... the kill screen was something only 2 or 3 people were confirmed to have done at recently as the middle of last decade.

The various websites and organizations that track such things now list 50+ people they can confirm, all of which are men.

I concede the fact that the odds are that list is only a fraction of the number that really have... as not everyone knew they could be verified back in the heyday of the game or didn't care to be... b... #4
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Um... that's life? Hard work isn't all it takes to get "something"... it also takes the right attitude and the right way of coming across.

Ever watch Kitchen Nightmares? :p #2
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Maybe you should actually read her story and the other featured people on my site.... both men AND women... rather than stare at her chest.

Apparently that's as far as you managed to go. #1.6.3
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Who said it was "news"?

That's your choice of looking at it. A few looks around my site and you'd see where I feature people in video gaming all the time. So far, almost 100 of them (and mostly men, before you "go there"). I don't post them as "news"

Sad that people are so hung up on a photo that they are missing a fun, positive little feature on a human being. #1.6.1
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That's odd, Kellogg... considering the last feature I did on a woman indie dev didn't show anything of the sort - http://www.patrickscottpatt...

Hell, a simple click or two extra on my site would have uncovered for you an entire section of women in gaming, none of which use the "sex sells" BS.

I simply used Tiffany's current Facebook pic in this case. Perhaps... #2
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"Gamers" are not defined only by folks who have the time to play 30 hours a week, watch TwitchTV all the time and own a fancy headset. The vast majority of gamers are part of a far larger audience... and yes, as a talk show host on a major network he's going to have to appeal more to the average joe gamer than the "hey look at my new Turtle Beach headset, noob!" gamers.

I'm certain Fallon's time is pretty thin given his job as well... but his... #1.3.1
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