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Does anyone remember when Sony struck a deal with Square to not allow Square Enix develop any new FF games for other systems which forced Square to build a new studio The Game Designers Studio just so nintendo could get their own Final Fantasy game. People need to stop acting like Sony are angels all the companies do this stuff. Also Final Fantasy was originally on Nintendo systems not Sony, see alot of people use that excuse for Tomb raider. #7
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The smash tournament is at the nokia theater where they normally did their conferences not the e3 floor #1.1.1
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Nintendo Direct is a better than the press conference because it allows for them to showcase stuff to the world, rather than focus on american audience, like the last e3 we were able to get release dates for each region, japan, america and europe unlike the typical conference which is just american information. #1.5
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lol easy to make your comparing a game where the story is the main focus, last of us gets most of its praise because of its graphics and story, whereas mario your only going to be watching a cutscene for its 2 minute intro and ending, in this day and age most people care about having a hollywood like story and graphics, i can easily bash a game like the last of us where most of the game is giving ellie a boost and finding a ladder to climb. #6.1.4
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i'm waiting for an article that says "why are nintendo making video games" #1.6
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Do you want nintendo to hire random comedians to do their conferences like other companies, i prefer watching Iwata just talk about whats going on rather than make dumb jokes. #1.5
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Smash bros is known for having alot of content why do people want them to release it ASAP, so they have way less content than the previous games? #1.1
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PS3 currently still has a better line up for games for me, most of the PS4 announced games are all realistic style games, only real game interested is guilty gear xrd, PS3 has more games in interested in, like all the tales games announced, Persona 5, BBCP, Ishin. #1.8
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So make Zelda not play like Zelda and make it play like Dark Souls? what..?? #16.1
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All links are different they all have a different for example Ocarina of time Links parents were killed during the hylian civil war, his mother was the one who left him with the deku tree. #11.2
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All the zeldas have had a "Anime" art style, just because some might not be the standard Anime style.

I hope they never go with realistic art style, I don't like realistic graphics in video games, its the main reason i could careless about the graphics chips in PS4 Xbox one and w/e, I play games because their unrealistic, the graphics for unrealistic art style on PS3 have been pretty much perfected for example Eternal Sonata, you aren't gonna see it being im... #1.1
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The sooner is not the better mario kart just needs to come out spring, they can take their time with smash, and i doubt smash will make spring release, smash will be their big winter release #1.4
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It wasn't a betrayal sony wanted profit of the games nintendo made on the partnership they were going to do with super nintendo which would be idiotic of nintendo to let sony have. #2.2.1
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This is a flame bait article, he was asked about sales of WIIU, which he replied with you need games to drive the hardware, he gave them props for successful hardware. #1.7
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Yeah ive always got the nintendo/sony combo every gen, since most titles and the type of games on xbox are on playstation anyways, don't really care for PC gaming as it doesn't really cater to my tastes dont really like FPS/RTS style games could careless about graphics. #1.2.2
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Sorry but sony just ripped microsoft to shreds, they really need to remove that drm stuff if they want to stand a chance before the console is released. #1.6
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wait its still coming for ps3? #9.2
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They should have not called it a numbered final fantasy it doesnt play like a final fantasy should have been called final fantasy versus since it is a spin off, though im really happy that its coming along with kingdom hearts sony has won me over i thought they were just going to show western games at e3 like theyve done for the last couple of years now to see some Japanese games confirmed and shown, i don't see how microsoft can rebound from this they need to ditch the DRM policy or thei... #1.6
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Its always been Nintendo/Sony combo for me since most of Xbox games i can already find Playstation.. #9
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I hope the actual racing is not open world but the hub stays can keep the open world, just disliked how you have to keep checking the map to know where your driving which is especially difficult in a game where your driving really fast. #1.9
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