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Im enjoying it tooo

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Your pissed off about a game that takes 7gb of hd space as opposed to your aaa title that take 50 - 70. Gb loooooooool

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Again this is a ps4 article who cares about the player base on pc

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Your right what a pointless article or should that be opinion piece.

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Troll all you want

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A real sensible solution, better delete it quick you'll get banned for that sort of behavior

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Lmao shops will try anything to get a click.

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I think your comment is fine, comments that get attacked are those that say it's under powered or no uhd blue ray. Well I'm sorry but a ps4 pro is a box for gaming, not watching movies.
And most games they show have excellent improvement.

Ps4 pro is just what it says it is a pro gamers ps4 and nothing else.

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Got my 4K tv already so I'm upgrading. Also gonna add a 960gb ssd and that's me

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Blu ray is dead for me i stream or purchase all my content digitally. Even games. No 4k blu ray means nothing to me at all .

Edit : and yeah your annoying. Millions of sony fans told me you were

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Yeah i agree vr boost sounds good to me

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I do own a 4k tv and so its pro all the way for me. Looking forward to it.

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I dont think he said any where in the meeting that 1080p tvs would do hdr. He said hdr would be supported on all ps4 even those that only support 1080p at no time did he say yoy didnt need a 4k tv. More lies from 343 even

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Its what i do

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Thank god, mean i wont bump into you online . lol

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Did we watch the same meeting epicsandwich? They just fired a shot at m$ and said there you go. Even adding hdr to all existing ps4. Now thats legendary move.

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4k drive means nothing to me. I stream all my 4k content. Its a great price for a great machine. Wonder if microsoft could have added hdr to all there existing xbox ones? Or did they hold it back for the s to help sell another xbox?

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10 hours a month?

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So your saying your a hashy person? Dont know how to look after things?

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