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Gangsta.... Where you watching with your green tinted glasses on again lool

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I am gonna put it right out there now, great specs, great reveal, but my problem is this, when it launches in 2017 and halo 6 is a launch title, are you gonna play the cit down versions on your xbo? Are game companies really gonna make a game that plays on both system.s? Throws up lots of questions, do they developed for Scorpio thenen hack and slash it down to xbo or do they developed on xbo and just throw high res textures and 4k and an fps bump? I'll buy a Scorpio for sure, but I'd...

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I enjoyed it but then I liked everybody's gone to rapture too

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The thing about pre orders is they know bow many to make. If there was a shortage at production they would have known ages ago.

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Greed I would say to be honest.

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Im looking for a new console with 2tb storage and no drive, as im fully digital purchases now.

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And 2 disagrees lol.
Your words are nothing but the truth not sure who would disagree.

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I suppose they got a 20 year window they could dip into for a tv show from his daughter dying to present day. Lot of scope for that.
Don't want any future game to go backwards though.... Onwards only.

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Don't worry greatgamer some people just don't read the posts. I seen the bit about psvr and I only spent 5 minutes looking at post.

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Its not a stealth troll. Yosh also says in the replies further down that it works for psvr to as that has light leak from the bottom to.

Seems to me he's just giving a handy tip

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So why comment on it? Sigh
I'm sure your not the only one that has no interest in bio shock, infact I have as much interest in any call of duty/battlefield game as you have for bio shock but I don't visit every cod/bf article and comment.

Anyways I would pick up a collection no worries at all, have played them all many times . They all are great. Having them all on my hard drive would be great.

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Me want it too sooo bad, I wanna be in a beta lol

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I think ratchet looked pretty epic in ps3 to be honest

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I can't really pick a scene to be honest. But a couple are when the glass breaks on the bio shock, first time a walk way floats into line or maybe even the first time you see a little sister sticking a corpse with a needle. To be honest though I love them all and look forward to a remaster PLEASE!!

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amen Agent, been reading negative articles all night about psvr price, not seen one about vive or rift. I dont care any ways, mines pre ordered and and cant wait... No Mans Sky and PSVR oooooooooooh i sooo excited

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my camera and 2 move controllers cost me £36 so no i dont think your right there lol

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you mean a half decent gaming pc without VR so thats another 600 if you want VR, loooool
like i said already it cost me 36 quid for a camera and 2 move controllers and I bought my PS4 for 200 second hand so im at580 all in, I could but rift for that :)

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got a ps4 camera for 20 off gumtree, picked up two move controllers for 8 quid outta cash convertersso 36 quid. watch the price of second hand move controllers go threw the roof.

350 is like not buying a game ever month till it comes out or just buying second hand games cheap. Yeah i know its gonna be hard to save this year with uncharted, no mans sky, doom etc all coming out but i was just saying lool

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Have you ever got drunk and put a vr headset on ? Its VERY weird indeed, but most enjoyable, wonder how the drunk gta 4 bit would be under vr whilt being drunk lmfao

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not something i noticed on any version of the rift I've been privileged to use., did feel a little motion sickness at the begining. But never and headaches. PSVR I had a shot of for a far few hours and it was all good. Maybe some of us are gonna be like that and maybe some of us are just gonna need to get used to it. You know its like those 3d stereoscopic pictures you have to squint your eyes to see, I always pickd them up really quickly, some people still struggle.

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