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"available always"


Hahaha yeah #1
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were do you stop ? like axo says. Do you stop making films with murder as thats ilegal in countries al over the world, i think not, fantasy/fiction should be excempt from this rubbish. #3
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Controller or console it don't matter, things like this should be fixed and sony has done. #5
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i gonna have to agree with rip and mixelon, 1gb cap ? thats not a good connection, what part of the world are you in buddy with a cap like that ? you using mobile internet with nfc ? or is it a very cheap package your on ?
my mother had a bt account and i didnt realise she had a 5gb cap, i bought a game online and it was a 24gb download, eek bt happily charged me an extra 5 quid for ever extra 5 gig, eek.
still if your on pc/ps4/xbox and even 360 and ps3, your neva gonna do mu... #6.1.2
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lol i agree but lets face it, microsoft has been running around with there own gun and shooting themselves for a year now so its nice to get shot at by someone else loool #1.1
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yeah !! you mean youll just hang it up in the wardrobe, you'll know you've got it you'll just never know when you'll wear it or why you'd want to loool #3.1.1
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Its nice when they do things like that, Its not even meant to be offencive, as only people on ps4's would see it, its an in joke, I'm sure theres plenty of stuff like that on some xbox games, internet spoils a lot of little things like that now when i see it i wont have a wee chuckle as someone has blabbed it now and it wont be as funny. #5
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I think it good but the only relationship this is gonna ruin is the one between gamers and ea/ms because as good as the beta is, I really hope theres a lot more to see and do as I did find it repetative. But thats maybe just me, so well see. #3
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You know I Dont like Project Cars and I have never hidden the
fact that as a game it will never be for me.
However, they do themselves no favours with releaing videos like this, The truth is they dont look that impressive, they never will, and every time we see a race damage is off. and they are selling this as a simulator! Granted 35 cars sounds great and I'm sure the lovers will enjoy this game when it comes out, but i agree with UnRivaLed that DC looks better in every w... #5
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GT is nothing like Forza, thank god. GT 7 prolouge will be out this year as will the new gt academy running on the new gt 7 engine. As for extreme simulation, well its got a long way to go, AI is still duff and the race didn't stop after pile up, debris vanishing, hmm all they need now is a rewind feature loool. Extreme simulation games will never be mainstream #15.2.1
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Well he says he been playing for 3 years and still the AI is all over the place so dont hold your breath. #10.2
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Well can't say it looked that impressive, what did they say max setting were running on.

I had to laugh when he appologises for the AI not being final yet so that's why they all over the place. So in the 3 years he been playing they still ain't got the AI sorted, man this game is gonna bomb, then he slags off PS4 racers by saying his will be the only racer on ps4!! Jesus I think driveclub will waste this game, and when GT does turn up this game will all but be fo... #15
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Yet more pictures


Ffs push a demo out and let us see how well it looks in the real world. #7
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Means people can get a console without having to get butt f#@ked by some profiteerin a-hole. #3
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gloss to sell a game that they keep forgetting/wont show any in game videos with actual specs actually #18.1
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yet more glossy screens, to be honest it dont look much etter than photo mode on GT5.
Wish they would, like a lot of people say release some real specs and gameplay videos, Forza 5 looked awesome in the still , but we ll know how cut back the final product was.

This game is gonna bomb, well on consoles anyways, as it will be going head to head with some big console exclusives that are designed from the ground up to be next gen. #21
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What they really saying is were crap at optimizing code #4
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There is ony one problem, with multiple parts,

1. Its a steaming pile of cringe worthy tat, held together with great trailers, but ultimately fell like a disjointed pile of Sh*t

or there abouts #10
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Journey would make selling my ps3 a lot less painful if it was on ps4 #1.1.1
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Flow been out for a week in UK coz I have had it for a while.
Yeah n cross buy is awesome lol #6
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