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Awesome composer from shinobi to streets of rage, imported a lot of very expensive Japanese CD before the birth of super fast internet

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Respect dude lmao

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And I'll by a Scorpio to, notcoz I like xboxbut because its the latest lool x still could then do a smash my scorpio video or auction it off for charity

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And one reason there website is crap

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Hardiman: I believe rgb is a less impressive colour setting. Does your TV not support the other 2160p YUV mode .?
RGB only supports an 8bit colour pallet. At 2160p/60hz
Full 10 bit hdr is only possible on 2160p /60hz YUV setting. It's due to the amount of data throughput required

Other setting offer different requirements but my TV needs 2160p YUV to show itself off.

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Pretty sure he never said multilayer was you hooking up with your pal and flying the cosmos together. He did say multilayer though but more like everybody can visit the same planets which they could and see who discovered them. Actual multilayer? Hope that never happens because could end up running into some of the total idiots who visit this forum. Now that would ruin any game.

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Half the community are gonna hate no matter what Cox they just gotta hate on something

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I'm loving it , intact I gave my hard copy away and bought it on digital. Wish people would stop telling me what I fooking like and what's a crap game and how every body hates it when its clearly not the case. I seen people joining ps4 communities, which are set up for people who like the game, just to moan about something. Well I wish they would all just get Tae fook

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Just Septic doing what he normally does.:)

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My LG had a prob, just turned off dphc and its fine, its an LG prob and not Sony though whose console is compliant. Can't watch Netflix etc but my TV has all that built in so again no problems and only held me up 5 minutes so a mountain out of a mole hill for this article for sure . lG has a fix coming

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I had a prob with my LG TV, just turned off the dphc 2.2 and gaming works fine. LG said they have a patch for their TV by 18th, so in all honestly I was inconvenienced for about 5 minutes lol

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CNET been blocking lots of comments tonight. Never seen so many inappropriate blocks, always a sign the nails been hit on the head and cnet is owned by microshaft

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Look of comments getting blocked. Must get a wad of cash from cnet at n4g

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i do enjoy it, and i find it hard not to defend it when people who dont like it keep on moaning about whe They should have moved on, you know we get it you dont like it but that just fine.

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Only horizon was Microsoft. All rest were third party like I said, thank god

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Microsoft dropped the 360 2 years before Xbox one arrived, thank god for third party devs.

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No it is not ;)

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Not dying a slow death, I play it all the time, but maybe I'm enjoying it more coz my version is a bit different ;)

I wish all the haters would move on and leave the people who are still playing it alone to enjoy it.

Until the current usage statistics drop on how many people are still uploading data well not know. Steam is not a reflection of actual players only pc gamers and they seem obsessed with dota and CS.

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