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Seems silly that you wouldn't buy a game because its on and not steam. I mean how in any way is it an inconvenience that its on bnet?

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They can still charge the same amount. You're still getting a ton of content, just with no single player stuff, which with a shooter is often terrible to begin with (ie. CoD franchise). So why not forgo the time spent in making a half baked single player experience and put all your effort into the multiplayer experience?

A ton of people only play shooters online, so this makes complete sense.

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It's perfectly fine that it is multiplayer only. They are not claiming it to be anything other then that. Obviously if people want a single player campaign with their game, then they know to stay away from this title. There have been many games that are multiplayer only that have been very fun and popular, from Warhawk to Counter Strike, to Team Fortress 2. This is nothing new.

Just because a game is'nt targeted for your particular interests doesn't make it wr...

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More then one city :)

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You can watch the video on mute........

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Who knows, maybe if modding gets approved/takes off with fallout, that might open the door to other games getting mods on the PS4.

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I wouldn't be so sure of that. While I do agree with you that Konami is probably behind the micro transactions, don't forget that Kojima did put out Ground Zeroes, and that was pretty damn short for the price that it was. And with that past I wouldn't put it past him either.

I just wouldn't be so quick to judgement.

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Try trolling a little harder, that preview video looked nothing like Fallout New Vegas, never mind Fallout 3. Open your eyes.

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It is Boston, Paul Revere statue, and it looks like the U.S.S. Constitution was shown too. SOOOOOOOOOO amped for this, wow.

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It's not a bad thing to get the hype up for the big E3 announcement, and two weeks out is pretty good timing to do that. In my opinion.

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Hey I just bought a '15 Silverado myself :) Pickin it up tomorrow, excited so figured I'd comment, lol. Yea I'm a big nerd too. :P

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So because he write's for Forbes he can't form a opinion on the game? I'm confused.

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Imagine if the single player content that R* had in store for us was a huge add-on with Las Venturas, like San Andreas had. That would keep me happy until the next R* game came out.

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Yes, this is great, was just thinking of picking up a used copy of Ground Zeroes. :)

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Read the article, you go to your respective platform's store to download.

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Definitely fake, Bethesda would never send these posters 3 weeks in advance, then tell retailers you are not allowed to post them until June 15th.

It even looks fake lol.

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The dwarf is a armorsmith, head to the garrison, as that guy is a weaponsmith.

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I've got all the materials for them except the emerald dust, and don't have enough coin atm to buy them. Absolutely loving this game so far!

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Right? All that work and effort, yet they didn't make Hank look like Hank? I don't get it.

Great job regardless.

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Well said.

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