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wow. quality of selections is subjective. as someone who has never played any of those games but have wanted to; i'd say it's a pretty darn good month for xbox...obviously people that have played those games will look at it differently.

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unless you have a 4ktv than it would essentially be pointless...not to mention we don't know what "bugs" these 1st batch of xb1's will have.

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he's not saying anything that everybody already knew. hell, I'm bored so I'm going to write an article called reasons why nintendo stopped making the Wii. ;p (d'uh!)..., Quite frankly it would have been a more interesting article if he wrote reasons why the xb1 (take your pick) could turn sales around in the coming months.

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just because we haven't heard much about it doesn't mean they have no content for it. it could be that they are just keeping things under wraps and make announcements that will entice people to buy it right away...sure they announced zelda for it and the reception was big to say the least BUT suppose they announce a handful of games by december just after the release of the mini nes.

they COULD say they have a metroid, mario, pokemon, castlevania, ready to go in dec...

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i think that's where you"re wrong...if they announce a pokemon game for the nx that ties into pokemon go somehow. then i believe people would consider buying the nx if priced right.

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you probably didn't play the new lara cause if you did than you would know that this lara is a prequel to all the others. she starts as a teen and learns to become a badass eventually.

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they all do it. nintendo and sega used to do it all the time in the 8 and 16bit era...hell, didn't sony cut a deal with capcom for street fighter 5? for this tomb raider, they are releasing the extra stuff as dlc for xbox anyway so ps4 really doesn't have anything special to distinguish it...i think enough time has passed that people are just not going to care for it, which is what microsoft was hoping for when they signed that deal...personally, i liked the 1st game better...thi...

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I weep for the future as all this will do is spur more developers to release on mobile platforms instead of consoles...not to mention that it will further instill microtransactions in games in general....furthermore it shows nintendo that they don't really have to grow up and continue with their cutesie games mantra...By contrast i'm kind of glad nintendo has had a slight resurgence as i hope it inspires them to remain in the game should the nx fail and use this pokemon money to build...

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i like the white since it matches my 360...but aside from that there are several skin companies that will suit your needs i'm sure.

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it would be pointless if the scorpio would cost $300 as well; which isn't's estimated to be in the $600-700 range so this slim xbox is a viable option for people that are looking for a 4k blu ray player.

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ah but there's the beauty of it all. if you can get an external 4tb drive for $100 then you can easily get the $299 box and you now have a slim with 4.5tb of storage for the price of a 2tb version...which is probably more than enough to last the life of the console for most people.

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i'm sure it will be at that price by the time the Scorpio comes out.

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i think this is more of a spin to manipulate the press....seeing as how said the Neo won't be at e3 i think it's entirely possible that they reveal it and call it by the actual name they settled on in order for it to have a big impact at e3. then they can say we "See? we didn't lie, this is not the Neo this is (insert new name here)?" and steal the show...then that way they will be on the front page of every gaming website. it's possible.

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@akurtz.... I'm not doing anything wrong. you're talking like i said i couldn't live without it and i said it IS a nice feature to have to someone who never got to play those previous games.,,,the appeal being that those old games can be found for $20 or less and for someone who just spent $350 (or more with tax) on a new ps4 they would certainly appreciate being able to pick up some stellar triple A games for cheap.

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@akurtz ...well as someone who hasn't owned a playstation since the ps1, having backwards compatibility would be an attractive feature to me indeed...i find that the people that devalue the feature are usually people that have the previous console. I for one have all my xboxes since the 1st, but it is a bit of a drag to dig out some of your old games to play them for an hour or so...not to mention that having the games on the latest console allows you to play against people that own the p...

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i enjoyed the 1st watchdog actually. hacking into people's lives seemed cool to me and having actual people hack into your game while you're playing storymode and then trying to find them was quite fun at the time...the only flaw i found with it was that it lets you obtain the other ending by loading your previous checkpoint so you don't have to replay the whole game to get the other ending and killing whatever replay value it had.

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maybe it has to do with the fact that collectors editions tend to sell for a lot of money in the long these...

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the author of this article needs to keep up cause injustice 2 was officially announced 2 days ago with a 2 min trailer.

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Why would that be a factor? Nintendo showed the wiiU at e3 a few yrs back and that didn't turn people's heads much.

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Personally, i would like to see more cloud computing features in game...discounted compilation games either digital games or older xb1 games like they did for the 360...also, grab full (not timed) exclusive gaming rights to revamped old games that people have been wanting or new ip's from big publishers...shock everyone by announcing a credit of not 10% for digital trades but 30%.....the loophole in their previous announcement regarding the survey being that it was ”exploratory"

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