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"here every once in a while."


this is odd to me as someone else gave that same excuse for another game. i always think of youtube as a place for music videos and stupid home movies. i never see it as a place for gaming tips so i never think to go there.
anyhow, you people speak like you HAVE to go to youtube when you're stuck.
this generation (and last 2 really) of games have all something in common that the 16 bit era of games didn't have... they're too easy, (most of them anyway). which is... #3.1
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i don't find achievements as a big deal. i've finished plenty of games with no desire to replay them for achievements. maybe if you were rewarded with microsoft points for obtaining certain achievements or all of them. now that might push me to play for achievements but since they offer nothing then i just pass and get what i get as i play. #11
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well if you liked arkham city then you'll probably like this game. the batmobile isn't mandatory except for a few missions and a handfull of riddler missions. my only grip with this game is in fact those riddler missions...

i actually finished the game but you won't get the definitive ending u til you complete all the riddler missions which gets boring after a while, especially when that's all you have left to do. and there are a lot of them. it's a good... #5.1
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This is so true. When Sony screws over their consumers somehow they get a slap on the wrist and get taken to dinner and a movie... I guess people forgot about that $600 (or was it $700?) ps3 they introduced and we're very cocky to tell people if you want quality get another job and pay for it... Then they took out some of the best features and people forgave them for that.

Then they pushed the psp and the many stripped down versions of that
and people were like &q... #36.1
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In terms of looks, i would have to go with the atari 5200. Yes it was big but it was definitely sleek with the black and silver. Looked almost spaceage. On top of that, it had a controller compartment to maintain the sleekness when not in use. #23
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That's not entirely true. Some people sell or give away their previous console to friends or relatives... If microsoft were to legitimately advertise backwards compatibility as a recently added feature it could sway some consumers that were on the fence to give the xb1 a try...

A LOT of people in this thread have apparently forgot that this video was made by the uk microsoft and it's not a worldwide commercial (most commercials run :15, :30, 1:00, NOT :47 like this o... #39.2
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That's the problem (at least for me). I can't have fun in a game if people keep using me for target practice. You enter a map and 5 seconds later you're dead. Once they figure out you're just a rookie they just keep coming after you over and over again.
Which is why i prefer single player games...i'm an older gamer and i can't put in 5-6 hrs a day that these kids put into learning all the maps and weapons, at least not anymore like i did in my nes days...i don... #6
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Same with me but then i logged into the 360 to check my games and then i logged back into the xb1 and they showed up ready to's a good thing most of these games are under 5gb cause i just have the 500gb hardrive...will be looking for a 2tb deal on black friday. #11.1
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I'm not sure if this was coincidence for me or not but when they didn't show for me i logged back into my 360 and cycled through MY Games and then they showed up on the xb1. #4.5
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I think getting rewards by watching someone play is a great idea instead of everything involving microtransactions. I think more developers should incorporate this in games. #7
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Exactly. #6.1.1
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Well of course it wouldn't accept the xboxlive card. That is for xboxlive. Ea access is a separate service from xboxlive. It's the same reason why you get 10% off star wars ONLY if you buy it through ea access and NOT xboxlive. #8.3
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That's you're own fault. If you just wanted to play the game early you could have spent just $5 for the month. #8.1
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I take it the writer never heard of coinops 6. #4
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That kind of sucks since i was planning to get one on blackfriday for $'s not a total loss, i'm guessing with this news the price will go down even further. #13
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I think that after a year, the hype on this game will have died down and most of the people that are "planning" to get it later on the ps4 will have forgotten about it by then simply because there is bound to be better games that will have come out by then. I think that is the strategy microsoft is banking on...and i must say it's a good one. #6
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I hate when people make it seem like you're getting additional discounts off a game when they offer a dollar amount in store credit or "rewards" during promotions... It's not like you can add it to the actual game you're buying at the time. So NO you don't get an additional $10 off. #5
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I've been playing it for the past 5 days now and i'd say it is longer than 15 hrs. and i'm only at 46%. I think the replay value comes in the form of the Expedition mode where players create their own missions with different parameters and goals for other players to complete...overall it's a pretty decent game, just not a great game deserving of perfect scores like it's been getting...then again i'm only less than half way through with the game. #4
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I'm at 46% and i agree with the score. The tombs aren't as big as previous games (excluding the reboot)... There's more hunting and scavenging than anything else but the biggest draw for me is going into stealth mode and dispatching enemies rambo style. That never gets old, especially when using the bow and arrows. #1.1.2
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I've had it for a few days now on the xb1 and the game is so far good but not great... There are a few glitches, one that i assume will be patched. When you exit the game you never resume where you left off like other games (provided you have the fast startup setting turned on)...instead, it ALWAYS says that "the user profile has changed for this game" and takes you back to the title screen. You end up starting from the last checkpoint...

Also, there are some gr... #11
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