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There goes N4G taking everything to the literal sense again. Phil is obviously not an Emperor just like Major Nelson isn't really a Major. He just gave him that "moniker" because of Phil's status with the Xbox division. He's pretty much overseeing everything Xbox related. Sure he has bosses but those bosses aren't really involved with Xbox development.

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Nice, I kind of wish the center jewel did more than just animate the Xbox logo though.

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Poppycock! Apple added "features" to their iPhone x that can be found in 4 yr old phones. And most of what the iPhone x can do a lot of current phones can do...for less. But people that buy everything apple puts out they do on sheer branding and customer service. Did they get upset when they removed the headphone jack? Sure, but they bought it anyway...did they care that the new wireless ear buds look like earrings on everyone and if you lose one you're screwed and have to pay o...

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Are you for real? you mean to tell me all I can do is play games on my Xbox?? You mean I can't watch movies, listen to music, surf the internet? Use a bunch of apps to catch up on sports, news, and other things?...well, that's late breaking news to me....

As far as phone companies breaking payments down to make it affordable. I guess I should go ahead and use my all my credit cards as coasters then cause what's the point, right??😒

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Yeah, people here don't consider those exclusives if they come out for PC, as if everyone in the entire population of the world has a capable pc to run those games.😒....I'm willing to bet if Sony starts bringing their top games to PC all the Sony lovers will say it's the greatest thing since slice bread. 😒

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I don't think that's what I said. I said Nintendo is beating both with just a few games. Regardless of them being 1st or 3rd party...face it. The games that are selling the switch are Zelda and splatoon. My point being that nobody is saying "but it has no games" like they are saying with the xb1-x, as they assume it will fail because of it, which I disagree.

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I haven't touched this game since I finished it 4 yrs ago...I'm not an online player so my playtime consists of story mode mostly. Don't like tedious side missions. Tedious being find 100 of this or that to get this or that achievement or set of clothes.

Wasn't interested in finding pieces to a space ship as it took away too much play time from the main story...

Also, I probably would have played it a few times more IF they made you start ...

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I find it funny that Nintendo is beating both of the big consoles with barely any games on the market so what does that say? This whole exclusive argument has become stale 3 times over. The 1X makes existing games better and future games that much better and that's all there is to it. Anything else after that is just a bonus.

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Most of the people that don't see this as a good deal are people that simply hate EA....yet go on to buy madden, battlefield, and FIFA games every year.

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Old news, Microsoft made this announcement over a month ago.

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Well, the cheapest I've seen is as a digital download for $4.50 on the Xb1 store.

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It's not. At least not to me it isn't since I don't buy it and am able to play my games just fine.

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And you're missing MY point in that you are already assuming ea will split their gameS into chapters. Ea has a massive library as it is. IF they decide to do this it would be extremely bad for business. Can they do that to a few games here and there? Sure, If it works for telltale games then why wouldn't it work for them? Not to mention the latest Hitman was a big hit in that regard...

let's not jump the gun here though, as they are merely considering that strea...

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That's just 1 example of 1 game. Not every game has dlc that gets stretched out for months. Not to mention that most games that have a season pass don't require it to finish the game. I know I have yet to buy any season pass on any game and I'm able to play and finish the game just fine....

also ea access is currently $5 a month. or $30 for the yr. if they added their entire collection including new releases and they raised it to $10 a month or $40 for the year ...

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I'm not sure. Maybe 2 or 3 yrs ago I would have said this is a horrible idea but now everything is getting streamed. When was the last time you bought a movie DVD or music CD? (Rhetorical)...

Ea access and origin has been working for them and quite frankly I get really pissed off when I buy a $60 game and I finish it in a day or 2 or a matter of hours nowadays...

if I can pay $8 to play a star wars game and it took me 4-5 days to finish then I would ...

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They already have. In fact, everybody has. It doesn't seem to be helping. Still too pricey.

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The idiots that keep saying "get a ps4 instead cause it's $100 cheaper and does pretty much the same thing." the ones that flat out say "$500 is too much.".... Don't act like you've never seen them; they're in just about every Xbox article.

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This news is from like 3 weeks ago...even with all the added tech people still think it's too expensive to succeed.

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A feeble attempt at humor I see. Don't quit your day job...assuming you actually have one.

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I posted this last week in the other article that said it did. It seems news travels slow around here.

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