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I look at it like this. if you have a pair of old shoes and donate them to the good will are you supporting the designer and manufacture? no, you're not. someone else is putting your old and abandoned stuff to good use is what it is....a lot of those game developers have moved on to bigger and better things.

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side missions?...what side missions?

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not entirely true. they only allow you to keep the 360 games when you are no longer subscribed.

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i agree about titan fall 2 although i wish it was a bit longer...the irony about all this is that the key developers of modern warfare 1-2 are the ones that created the titan fall 2 campaign...and respawn entertainment so i'm sure they have some good things planned for it to give it some replay value....personally, i enjoyed it enough to want to replay it again in a harder setting with all my weapons intacts since i didn't find all the hidden helmets the 1st play-through.

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well i traded in gears 4 at gamestop cause i thought that campaign was awful and got infinite warfare for $1 with the 2-day promotion they had this week. so for $1 it can't be worse than gears 4.

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well i did the deal with gears 4 which i thought the campaign sucked so infinite warfare can't possible be worse than that...aside from that, gears 4 is a "play Anywhere" game that doesn't expire so technically i still have it, albeit for pc...not to mention that it came with the whole gears saga which i could have sold but opted to give away to my friends before trading in. no sense in giving those unredeemed games to gamestop so they can turn around and sell it for more as...

53d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment doesn't have to say nintendo (although it can), i would just have to get a mini case that looks like the nes, or better yet the super nes and say it comes with over 500 games for both of those systems and i bet i would get about $200 for it or more....maybe even throw in some nintendo64 games too.

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that is insane. makes me want to build my own with raspberry pi and put 500 games on it...maybe i'll get $600 for it if that's the case.

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this reminds me of the wii days.

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@dealwithIt gets's all praises when sony wins but when it's microsoft it's all excuses. even from the so called "real gamers" that like to say they don't have a preference cause they have both....

@snoopgg... i won't have any excuses outside of the same one that sony supporters give about xbox..."people were curious about the pspro."

@chevalier... i'm sure someone has an idea otherwise how can they tabul...

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but why is it that everyone keeps guessing the same thing over and over whenever xbox wins a month?...
why aren't the guesses "because xbox is giving gamers what they want.... "because it's cheaper and does more, because their backwards compatibility keeps growing every week, because it's the cheapest blu-ray player in the market with true HDR, their slim design is more appealing. because they give you a free digital version of high profile games...etc,etc."...

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but everyone is using that as an excuse. "it sold better because everyone has a ps4,...because everyone is waiting on the pro,.. because they are discounting all the xboxes...etc."... so i'm asking the masses what happens if they get nov, and dec., what will be the excuse then?

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what happens if they get nov? after the ps pro releases then what will be the excuse?

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i just snagged titanfall 2 at target for $35

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this doesn't affect me at all since i don't buy season passes for anything. even if it were $10 i wouldn't buy it. it's just extra stuff that you don't really need to finish the game. if it's $5 bucks down the line then i would consider it but by then watch dogs 3 will be out.

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i'll stick with physical discs for the time being. i bought it and didn't really like it as much as all the previous gears so i'm glad i'm able to return it. you can't do that with digital.

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you make no sense. it's my fault that i didn't find the campaign all that appealing?? um, i have all the other gears and didn't play multiplayer on those and i found the campaign in those quite enjoyable. i didn't compare it to multiplayer games in general I compared gears 4 to it's previous games so i stand by my statement...i have all the halos and i barely touched multiplayer in those as well so what's your point? games that are multip...

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i finished it in just under 10 hrs and it was a dull campaign for the most part...I liked gears judgment better...i don't buy games for multiplayer but i did play a little of it and it was ok, nothing revolutionary. the whole thing can be considered gears it is i give it a 6/10

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as someone that doesn't have a pc nor cares to get one because they enjoy the accessibility of plug and play; those are all valid reasons to get an xb1.

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the black friday deals are usually set by individual stores as opposed to the game companies themselves like these deals.

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