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Mini Bluetooth gamepad ($15)... Problem solved.

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@no way.... I initially thought the same thing BUT all that really means is you can't stack the subscription like you can with gold so you basically let the 30 days expire and then redeem the next code for another month of service. Your saves and achievements remain on your harddrive or cloud so you won't need to start any game over once your 30 days are up...i know because I had game pass 3 months ago and renewed it yesterday and still had all my saves and achievements and games I d...

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@stoked... If you are looking to play the 1st game then you can do it through game pass while you wait for the 2nd....cdkeys has 1 month of game pass for $2.79 . You're welcome.

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It can be less than that if you know where to look. (Cdkeys has game pass for $2.75 a month right now.)

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@supersonic.... You could always share games on Xbox-1 from day 1. If anything, they actually increased the number of shares from 3 times a year to 6 (I think).

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You're looking at it 1 sided... It's a win -win for the gamer as they are getting new games for less; AND Microsoft, who will undoubtedly get an increase in subscriptions; AND the developers of ALL the games in game pass as they will have more exposure and people playing their games that may have fallen by the wayside when they were 1st released.

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Because it's for xbox, that's why. 🙄

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I hope it becomes a sleeper hit. Maybe other publishers will take notice and realize you don't have to spend millions on a game and charge $60 just to make a good return on their investment... I never bought a special edition of anything at full price but I might change my mind on this one.

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The switch has shown that most people don't really care about specs or features. People want fun and convenient games and that's why the switch is doing so well. The PlayStation 5 and next Xbox can go 8k and have a 5tb hardrive and they still won't be a threat to the switch...

If anything, it will be the other way around. By the time the big 2 come out with their next consoles the switch will be at least $100 cheaper than it is now, making more people buy it and c...

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We don't take kindly to vague comments around here. The article is nothing more than a tease and your comment is just another tease about a tease. That's why you got down voted.

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I never heard of gravel until now so it's not like the xb1-x is doomed because of it. Not to mention that people talk like no hdr makes the game unplayable. Whereas there are plenty of games on the psPro without it and they seem to do just fine.... It's not that serious folks.

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Podcast unlocked
Video games daily
Game scoop
Major Nelson
Nintendo voice chat
I would have included retronaugts as well but they only do updates on podcast one and I don't feel like downloading a seperate app for that one podcast.

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not yet they don't, but i'm willing to bet that those 2 are waiting to see how well microsoft will do in this venture...keep in mind that it took sony a few years to turn their multiplayer service into a paid subscription once they saw microsoft was making a lot of money from it. nintendo just delayed their online service to the fall of this year so i'm sure they have something to add to it.....just to give you a glimpse of things to buy just announced they will no lon...

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Well that's a quick turnaround from release date. I really didn't expect this one until early summer at least.

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You're not seeing the bigger picture here.... Whatever individual sales they miss will be made up in volume by game pass subscribers. It's a win/win for Microsoft since they get you on both sides. It's also a win for 3rd party developers since it increases the chance of people discovering a game that flew under the radar or didn't sell much.

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I thought that even if it was a play anywhere game because game pass is not on PC then you wouldn't have access to it. You would have to buy the game separately from game pass in order to get the PC version. That's my theory since I don't have a PC to actually try it.

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It's no different than people that pay for Hulu, Netflix, HBO go, etc.... You're getting what you want for a lot less than paying cable companies.

Basically, you have CHOICES. I doubt you'll find any games from ea access on game pass and vice/versa... BUT $30 for ea access and $30 on game pass (what you would pay for just 1 new game) would give you over 200 games for a few months of which you could finish several games and not be disappointed that they were t...

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That still doesn't beat a $60 game for $10 the day of release.

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@september.... Then I gather you got a D in Spanish "all those years ago".... When you speak in the 3rd person (as is the case here) some words get conjugated from masculine to feminine. So "venda" is correct. Also "question" is correct except that they spelled it wrong. I believe it should be spelled with a C and in the context of how they are using the word it means "matter" As in "matter of time".... To translate his whole statement : &...

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It's still entertainment that you are paying for, thus the concept remains the same whether it's movies or music. There are people that like to buy movies just as there are people that buy games. Because of Netflix and streaming in general there are a lot less people doing that now. Game pass is providing the same service.

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