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Well maybe my disc copy of gears came with a digital code then. I'm only going by what the xbox support rep told me over the phone. And also by what major nelson has said countless times... "When you buy a physical version of a play anywhere game you get the digital copy for free...whether it's pc or xbox and vice-versa."...if they changed that policy since then I don't know what to tell you.

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Then explain how i was able to return my gears of war 4 disc and still have the option to download the digital version on pc...for free.

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loved freedom fighters. i'm surprised that with the technology we have now that it hasn't been rebooted. i guess ea has bigger things to worry about at the moment...never played metal gear 3 but i heard it's good. after metal gear 2 subsistence all the long cut-scenes and political dialog left a bad taste in my mouth and never played another metal gear after that. but i'm willing to give it a try these days. i know there is a compilation disc which includes this for about $10-...

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Play Anywhere is simply a bonus, and a good one at that. they are not charging you twice to play a game and if you are traveling it's nice to be able to pick up where you left off on a game without having to haul your xbox around...i for one don't have a pc,( just a 6 yr old mini laptop that takes 7 minutes to boot up and another 7 to open a web page.) and don't plan to get one so it doesn't bother me in the least that some games are on pc...not to mention that i can play agai...

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i think it's hilarious that at the top of the page of this site it says "we are looking for new writers" and then proceeds to barely talk about 5 games everyone already new about...the writer literally said nothing new. ...and ends it by giving us a brief bio of herself with the nerdiest of pics and her gamer tags....

Also, for those touting that these are the only games that will be available next year....they're not....these are just the games that you k...

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Oh i see. Like us saying 10 bones, except in my case doom would be 15 bones...maybe I'll get that as well, although i really want Wolfenstein 2.

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I may jump on halo wars 2 now. Although i still am not able to beat the last boss in the 1st one.

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What is 10 quid? Is that some kind of new money?

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the only difference i'm seeing is a change in skin tone...nothing to cry about if the game plays just fine.

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i disagree. doing so will set a bad precedent for e3. then they will save the best stuff for their own show. nintendo already has it's own show, granted it takes place online but during e3 noless. ea has it's own experience that also takes place during e3 week ( i went to it :p). if more companies do their own thing then we won't have much of an e3 to showcase. not to mention that putting together a showcase like that cost a lot of money (except for nintendo) so why spend money on...

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mixer is available pretty much on all platforms with windows on it, minus anything playstation. however, there is a mixer app for android that lets you stream straight off your phone. who's to know that you couldn't set it up to broadcast your playstation games using your phone if you chose to?...never had the need to use the phone app so not sure how limited the app is compared to the full fledged console version.

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on xb-1. i think they implemented it the week of black friday.

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those features are kind of bland....i would have listed...
1. backwards compatibility through 3 generations.
2. gamepass
3. built in 4k capture card
4. usb camera compatibility
5. lan system link across 4 console generations (some people still enjoy lan parties)
6. ea access (it's $30 for the whole year people!)
7. Mixer broadcasting (has features not found in twitch)
8. developer mode
9. 4k ultra blu-ray dri...

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@Dialga...not sure what part of the world you live but game gifting is available in the u.s. as of last month.

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I only played the 1st one on the super nintendo so this is good news for me since i prefer the x series over the old ones anyway.

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It's actually easier to pirate games today then it was 10 yrs ago...last year i updated someone's modded xbox (original) with coinops 8 that came with 4000 games. Granted, they're all old but great games spanning several consoles and it took me a week to download based on my 10mbps internet speed but still, it wasn't that hard to find...

I won't go that route again because it was indeed time consuming and there are easier, faster ways of getting retro ga...

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i'm one of those people. Although i have the author of the article beat cause i currently have a pentium 3. :p (that i haven't touched in almost 8 yrs.)...all those reasons he listed is why i never got into pc gaming and why i am strictly a console gamer. not to mention the fact that he stated you can get a gpu card for a mere $600 these days as if that is cheap. no wonder i will always stick to consoles ..plug & play wins for me every time. ...p.s. if anyone wants to buy a pentiu...

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I won 2 games, a switch, and a more questions.

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wow, you must be one of these hard headed you go...

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...and check where i said LAST MONTH. learn to read. fact is, nintendo has been killing it since they launched the switch...if you mean sony has more sales than both, of course they do, they have been out for a lot longer than the switch but it all has to start somewhere.

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