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"here every once in a while."


I never heard of that train hx game. Looks more like a demo of some kind...eitherway i'm all for emulation on the 360. It would certainly bring new life to it once it's over and done with. #6
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obviously freddy will be next. he was in the last one and it's only logical to have him since they did a movie together. #16
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this either makes me want to go play destiny (i stopped playing ever since far cry 4 released- lv. 17) or go see Aladdin again...i'm torn. #4
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what a load that is...IF that were indeed true then wouldn't the colts have had the same advantage as the patriots since they used the same ball?? and i suppose all the referees were in on it as well since they also touched the ball...get real. there's always gotta be something...
and to this day i don't know how people associate plain dumb luck with a "curse". although if it's true then i guess those seahags will lose the superbowl then. #2.4.1
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I thought i read somewhere that the wiiU came with a homebrew channel and nintendo didn't mind what you did with it... ah well...
as far as backwards compatibility goes. it has been proven that gamers are a fickle bunch and although they ask for it they eventually end up not using it. as was the case with the ps3 eventually removing it and the 360 only having a short list for it...even when you develop a small device specifically for backwards compatibility such is the playstation... #6
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I'll save everyone the trouble of clicking... It doesn't say anything that we don't already know or hasn't been discussed or mentioned in hundreds of other articles...here is an excerpt of how "well thought out" this article was...after it concludes that it could go either way in it's summary it starts...

"Whichever console you own, we’re set for a turbulent year, and this time next year we’ll be in an even better position to comment on whic... #4
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i think the "temporary promotion" will only be temporary until they announce a slim version at which point it will then be permanent. #10
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he's talking about being gone from the microsoft store. #7.1.1
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what i find interesting is that the article says that the 3ds graphics and such can't compete with the vita (which is technically true) but the 3ds still manage to outsell the vita 9-1 which shows that it's not all about graphics (or that base ;p) but quite simply the games. #7
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I've always preferred solo play...mostly because whenever i have tried multiplayer people end up doing their own thing. Or is some snot nosed kid arguing with their sibling or playing corny music. Sure you can mute them but then i find myself muting more people than actually playing. It's just an unwanted headache. Which is why i don't like to play with random people. But i'm kind of forced to nowadays since most of my friends are now married with children and barely play game... #7
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Wow, now this would actually make me get a wii u since i never owned a gamecube or played those versions of metroid...super punchout i've had on my tablet for over a year now though. #10
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I feel It's a double edged sword for microsoft. It's because of the continued support that i have yet to upgrade to an x1... All the games that i wanted to play were also released on the 360. Not to mention all the games that i never got around to playing are now cheaper (wolfenstein anyone?)... Eventually though i'll give into an x1 but it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon. #7
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I agree, i spend hours on the champion edition without noticing...sounds like the writer is more disturbed that his daughter seems to enjoy the current crop of pacman games more than he does...he's missing the point of pacman to begin with claiming there is no story to build from...
Back then, arcade games were made for people to keep putting quarters in them just to get the highest score. Those games didn't have much of a story because it didn't need one...but for the re... #1.1
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The only game on that list that i played and am still playing at 30% in is far cry 4. But i wouldn't call it one of the best games of 2014 just yet, in fact with all the sidequests and huge map i chalk it up as another gta clone set in india...it's an ok game but it has yet to make me say wow...

I have yet to buy into next gen, current gen, or whatever people want to call it because i feel there are still a bunch of great games in last gen that i haven't played and a... #3
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@Firelogic...Just because you don't remember any doesn't mean it doesn't or will not happen... That sort of thing happened frequently in the 16 bit era. Matter of fact, the sega saturn was released with no fan fair and no publicity to the surprise of just about everyone in the industry... And yes it does happen in other industries...Beyonce did it last year with her last cd which many deem "overnight", meaning she teased it on instagram and released it the next day.
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that's what emulators are for. #3
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Why not? Is there some "rule" that says game companies HAVE to announce all their "big" games for the year? If they did that then there wouldn't be any surprises at GDC, e3, etc...
announcing everything that's in your goody bag can actually hurt hardware sales since people (like myself) will hold off until a particular game is released before jumping in. (excuse the pun) #13.1
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so i gather the updated wrestlefest that was released last year digitally didn't measure up? i ask cause i didn't play that update since from what i understand was an ios port....

as for this list, i can't believe they left out tecmo wrestling which was considered top notch for the 8 bit era...loved that game...

honorable mention to konami's Main Event, and sega's 3 count bout. #5.2
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i never played this game, although i've seen my little cousin play it for a few minutes and was very engaged...i can't get passed the pixelated blocks that remind me of the 8-bit era... great for kids that weren't around that era i guess... won't really matter to me if it finds itself on the ps4 or anywhere else. #53
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You should tell them about early technology, and how control pads were big joysticks with 1 button back then (atari), and how a spiderman game consisted of a variation of 1 building and 1 villain and a blocky spiderman swinging side to side to climb the building and how that was considered a hit game...kids today are extremely spoiled with today's games...but that's for a different article. ;) #5.3
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