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"here every once in a while."


I know that's what it says but that's not what's happening. #1.1.1
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....released holiday 2014?? I just saw them at a local gamestop yesterday for $13.99... Although it's a novel idea i think it would have been better and more convenient if they were cards instead. After you put them in your game the only other use i see for them is as a Christmas tree ornament. #1
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I wonder if this will change market strategy for the big 3... Britain can be left last in terms of game releases and consoles. It could also increase developers creating more dlc for their games which could hurt all sales around the world. The coming months should be interesting in terms of sales overseas. #7
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Glad they threw in the Injustice season pass. Now i can dust it off and put a few hours back into it. #3
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Well if you're feeling that way now at 29 then as an older gamer i can tell you you're going to feel even more tired of gaming later on... Most of the friends i have that were constant gamers (including myself) don't play as much as we used to if at all. Seems the older we get the less time we have to play due to work, kids, the mrs. Or other things that take up our time...

I still play, but not as much as i used to...like you i have no interest in mario kart or s... #26.2
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I'm leaning towards it now that nintendo is selling it for $200 (refurbished)... Plus people forget that it has that homebrew channel which opens up hundreds of possibilities, and there are those games from the previous systems that i passed on since i haven't owned a nintendo product since the n64... As far as i see it, there are plenty of games to hold me over until the next zelda or metroid. #25
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That's right, i thought she looked familiar. I always wondered what happened to her. She certainly aged well...but she does have a point though. #2.1
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You probably got disagrees cause you said your ps3 is just sitting there. Here on n4g you are expected to sleep, shower, and have dinner with your playstation even if you have no use for it...to say you would trade it for a microsoft product is taboo and grounds for prosecution...in case you haven't noticed. :p #25.1.1
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Well i was around for all those generations and for me i would have to go with the 4th generation; or as i call it, the 16-bit era...it was the only era that truly was a major leap from the previous generation. It was the era that finally brought the arcade experience to the home...And there was some pretty stiff competition not just in companies and game software but the industry as a whole...
the slew of gaming magazines, advertising, commercials that took blatant shots at one anoth... #22
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I still use my 360 and there is not enough on the other systems to make me want to switch at this point in time. #7
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Wait so there is a track editor in gta online?? I guess there are a lot of things i don't. Know about since i only play the campaign. #2
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Being that i have most of those tables on my 360 i'm very disappointed by this outcome since this is one if not the only game that i go back to regularly and can spend hours on it. I'm all for supporting a developer of this caliber but to pay full price for each table is ridiculous...

I would have preferred if they offered new tables for the x-1 and give us some kind of transfer fee for the old tables we already own on the 360. Like i wouldn't mind paying $15-20 t... #9
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I think it is being overhyped. It has 4 out of the 5 top stories on n4g which all roughly talk about the SAME thing....i can't remember the last time a remastered game got so much attention. It's not like they're adding new levels and a new ending. #16
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This is just another cute game that will fall by the way side. It looks too complicated for the kiddies and too damn cute for us older gamers. Not saying it will be a bad game, just a game that will be looked over for the other more popular games...
Overall i think nintendo is missing a great opportunity by not capitalizing on what's lacking in the industry right now... Rpg's and jrpg's... There was a time when nintendo was the go-to company for that genre... They may not... #8
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I could have sworn i read somewhere when the camera was announced that it had 3d capabilities yet the article makes no mention of it. Was that something they scrapped at the last minute? ...i'm not really banking on project morpheus as i believe it will be too expensive for consumers and will have very few games, 2 of which will take full advantage of it...i'll take the wait & see approach. #2
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I never thought of youtube as a source for game videos. I tend to go to more specific sites like gametrailers (it's in the name, duh!). Personally, i can't stand people talking over their gameplay cause i'm trying to hear what's going on with the game itself. Granted they are not all that way but i don't feel like clicking through a slew of bad ones just to find a good one....

Whether it's bad for the industry it's hard to say. Some people like to... #11
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Wow, you mean these happen every so often? Sony just shifted the wind in their favor for me... .99 cents for a game is a heck of a lot better than the $5-15 deals microsoft gives me. #15
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I was going to hold off on this game until i saw some gameplay footage but if Psycho Sid is going to be in it then i'm sold....really don't care much for sting, he'll be in it for sure since he signed on with wwe earlier this year. #4
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People don't seem to realize that is a british article and makes no mention of sales in other territories. Regardless though, of course the kinectless x-1 will sell more because it's $100 cheaper. Not to mention that there aren't that many games that take full advantage of the kinect anyway so there really isn't much incentive to buy it...i know i'm more inclined to buy it without now that i have the option. I'm still holding out for better games though. #7
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No wonder it's hard to find, it only happens on dec 25th and nobody would think to hold both trigger buttons during the load screen to see it...it is a nice gesture to his wife though. #4
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