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why do people automatically assume there will be a game of the year edition...if I worked at warner bros. (not saying i do) and i were planning a $40 season pass that is posed to last 6 months after the game releases i wouldn't think of releasing a game of the year for that game knowing it will take away from the season pass sales...just saying. #16
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i can play ANYthing on my phone to my tv cause my phone has an hdmi output. (people and iphones, when will they learn) ;P #1.2.4
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funny seeing articles like this and people in here complain about dlc, season passes, etc. as if you are forced to buy them. in no way do they prevent playability of the game. it's not like they prevent you from reaching the last level of the game if you don't buy this or that weapon, costume, villain... for every 2-300 people that complain about it there are 2-3000 that buy into it. and THAT'S the reason developers create them...
i for 1 rarely buy them if at all and STI... #28
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Assuming you don't have a 250g 360 or ps3 slim you still need to trade in 2 consoles... "trade in ANY working xbox 360 or ps3 and receive $75 coupon. Trade in a working 250gb xbox 360 or ps3 slim and receive a minimum $100 gift card." #3.2.1
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No it does not because you would actually need to trade in 2 consoles to get the $175 deal....

Gamestop had a similar deal a few weeks ago except you only needed 1 console.

http://www.twinfinite.net/2... #3.1.1
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I guess you fell asleep at the wheel...here is a similar ps4 deal that was posted on n4g a few days ago.

http://www.playstationlifes... #2.2.1
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a friend of mine will be producing the microsoft announcement at e3 and the only thing he was able to tell me (aside from another gears and forza game) is that they are resurrecting an old popular 360 game...i can't imagine what it could be. #12
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Out of all the ones on that list i only recognized about 27. I'm sure it would be less than that if you don't include the dlc songs...which i hardly ever buy. #3.1.1
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I bought a real guitar recently and thought about buying rocksmith to learn how to play, i only wish it had more songs i'm familiar with. #3
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Interesting article as i didn't know the install time was that big on xb1...i don't own either but when i do it will be just 1. I'm still on last gen and the gen before that and i'm enjoying my time there thank you very much. I still think today's games aren't that good enough for me to shell out 400-500 bucks to play them. #39
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Hardcoregamer is a little behind. This was last week's news. Several article on n4g about it that came and went. This should be marked as a duplicate story. #9
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Kal-v3 hit it right on the nose. Being that i'm also an 80's kid (and to some extent 70's) selfies didn't come about until the digital age. More specifically until they started putting front facing cameras on cell phones...

yes, back in the age of film cameras film was expensive to risk holding a camera awkwardly to turn it around and try to take an accurate picture of yourself.... Can't believe Dragonknight is comparing a "selfie" to a painter p... #2.3.5
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...and there is yet another reason why external is better. As you said, games are getting bigger as well as the updates and dlc. You can plugin a 2tb drive into the X1 on top of the 500gb that it comes with...i agree they should have come with huge drives to begin with but that would have added to the overall cost of the system, probably putting them well over $500.... I don't doubt that the next generation of consoles will come with a 2tb drive at the least. #6.1
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Well i don't have either as i'm still holding out for another price drop and better games. I do like the idea of plugin drives as opposed to internal swapping. 1. because external drives are getting smaller and smaller. 2. Because you can unplug and take it with you to a friend's house and not drag around your big box to play those games. You just don't have that flexibility with internal storage. #4
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I never heard of that train hx game. Looks more like a demo of some kind...eitherway i'm all for emulation on the 360. It would certainly bring new life to it once it's over and done with. #6
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obviously freddy will be next. he was in the last one and it's only logical to have him since they did a movie together. #16
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this either makes me want to go play destiny (i stopped playing ever since far cry 4 released- lv. 17) or go see Aladdin again...i'm torn. #4
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what a load that is...IF that were indeed true then wouldn't the colts have had the same advantage as the patriots since they used the same ball?? and i suppose all the referees were in on it as well since they also touched the ball...get real. there's always gotta be something...
and to this day i don't know how people associate plain dumb luck with a "curse". although if it's true then i guess those seahags will lose the superbowl then. #2.4.1
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I thought i read somewhere that the wiiU came with a homebrew channel and nintendo didn't mind what you did with it... ah well...
as far as backwards compatibility goes. it has been proven that gamers are a fickle bunch and although they ask for it they eventually end up not using it. as was the case with the ps3 eventually removing it and the 360 only having a short list for it...even when you develop a small device specifically for backwards compatibility such is the playstation... #6
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I'll save everyone the trouble of clicking... It doesn't say anything that we don't already know or hasn't been discussed or mentioned in hundreds of other articles...here is an excerpt of how "well thought out" this article was...after it concludes that it could go either way in it's summary it starts...

"Whichever console you own, we’re set for a turbulent year, and this time next year we’ll be in an even better position to comment on whic... #4
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