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"here every once in a while."


yes, this was an obvious cheat code of some sort, (they even mention it in the article)... it's pretty clear when you see the bike going up the side of the building as if it belongs to spiderman. can't say i've picked up grand theft auto 5 since i finished it but this gives me an incentive to check it out again. #3
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I read a while back that Microsoft had something big planned, along with releasing the 1terabyte xb-1. I‘m expecting another price cut for the 500g... bundles don't really impress me cause it‘s usually with a game I don't want. #4
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There was a God of war and limbo movie to compare them too? Otherwise, they shouldn't be on the list. #4
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The review is premature. He says that you are "forced" to play a game when you boot it up but I found this to not be true at all. If you press B (360) it gives you your other game mode options. Plus it indeed has commentary, except for the black top mode... still haven't gotten used to the controls since the last time I played was with 2k11... it‘s ok so far but I don't find it that different from 2k11. #3
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That is a good list. Those were definitely games that had the most replay value for me. Ironically I can't say the same for 85% of the games I play today....go figure. #6
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@dannielle.... yeah really, it's like bungie hopes we don't eat, sleep, bathe or drop a load in the bathroom anytime soon....they got some nerve putting all these extravagant achievements on top of the regular achievements. Cause that's what they really are but they want you to feel like a boba fett wannabe by calling them bounties.... when I 1st heard of these bounties I actually thought they were actual bounties to collect ala' red dead redemption....maybe the game will end... #9.1.2
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Is ultra street fighter the $15 upgrade that came out early this year? Can I still get omega mode if I don't have the ultra version? #3
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That's what I do, just playing the story and see what I get. I'm at level 7 though. #9.1
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....and my answer to those steps are:

1) highly unlikely
2) you gotta be kidding me
3) I‘ve had the game since week 1 and have about 9 hrs so far and you want me to put in 110? Ha! That would take me like 1 yr or more.
4) possible, but not likely.
5) I'm at around 220 enemies so....ha! Dream on.
6) got about 30 of those so again....ha!
7) whatever this vault is, sounds like it's quite a task....a frustrating one.
... #9.1
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I don't know what PvP means and I think I tried the crucible level and all it is is a bunch of multiplayer modes...but my point is what is the point of leveling up once you finish the story?? I understand you get better gear but what is the point once the story is done? Does it open up other parts that you couldn't get to before? Do you play the whole game over at the high ranking you are at allowing you to plow through it the 2nd time?? I know bungie has plans to extend the game wit... #7.1.2
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Someone fill me in cause I'm at level 7.... aside from getting better weapons and gear what is the point of leveling up after you finish the story? Is everyone talking about multiplayer matches? I'm really not into multiplayer so if that is all that I have left to look forward to after the story ends than I will be trading in this game soon enough. #7
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the main problem i have with iphones in general is the memory and battery, meaning you can't upgrade them. well you can upgrade the memory but that would mean shelling out another $200 for another phone. my phone, i can just run down to the store and buy a 64g microsd card for less than $30 and call it a day...
my phone is fairly old compared to what's out there currently (or what's coming) but it does everything i need it to do and a lot of things the iphone can't. if... #28
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i was going to skip this game for the sole reason that it was online only and the problems that would come with that, but since i got it for $25 i figured i'd try it out. but i do see myself returning it within the next few weeks, that is if i finish the story by then...i figure i could get $40 for it and get a non-online-only game. #63
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I guess people are hating on the game cause they expected something revolutionary or at the very least leaps and bounds what they did with halo and in the end what they came up with was simply a decent game...not horrible the way many are making it out to be just OK, hence the 6 and 7's. #17
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I read somewhere Microsoft is planning a huge surprise for the Xbox just before the holidays which many believe will be another price cut...not only that, but the 1Tb hardrive will be coming with the next call of duty, so I think I will wait. There really isn't anything on either system that would make me run out and by them now. #6
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Why are you so defensive? Were you the one recording it??...hilarious,...even if what you claim is true, which i doubt seeing as how they are holding the camera way above eye level. In a CONVENTION. They could actually be more discreet by putting it in landscape and holding it in their hand with just the camera lens exposed...face it, they just weren't thinking....and neither were you. #4.1.1
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I swear, people that record with a phone upright are total idiots...phone companies should just disable recording if not in landscape, that way it's idiotproof.... the game looks great, day 1 buy for me. #5
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I think only Michael Jordan himself could afford these...what is the point of the hdmi port? Can you plug it into the PS4 and use them to play NBA2k15? Or better yet, plug them in and change the color to the team you want on your sneakers...I mean, give the price tag purpose if we‘re going there. #3
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Nintendo has done much better than this in the past. I couldn't tell what the game is about. I know there is some fighting in it and that's it...not really the way I would promote a game on a system that's struggling. #4
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@paprika...It‘s actually JordOn, so your joke doesn't work. #1.2
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