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Why would that be a factor? Nintendo showed the wiiU at e3 a few yrs back and that didn't turn people's heads much.

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Personally, i would like to see more cloud computing features in game...discounted compilation games either digital games or older xb1 games like they did for the 360...also, grab full (not timed) exclusive gaming rights to revamped old games that people have been wanting or new ip's from big publishers...shock everyone by announcing a credit of not 10% for digital trades but 30%.....the loophole in their previous announcement regarding the survey being that it was ”exploratory"

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Because they are under the impression that they can put out practically anything and people will buy it...they probably figure if apple can do it, so can they...
I'm betting that if they announce this at e3 that a boatload of ps4 users will consider trading/selling their current ps4 for the neo version just because it has higher specs.

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Well they do that because not many look at red dead revolver as the 1st in the series being that it was a very different game, it was a long time ago and wasn't that much of a hit title...personally i think they shown pretty much all there is to show in the old west...don't know what more they can add...i just want to see a well laid out and compelling story. I don't really care for multiplayer much.

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I don't get the whole appeal of achievements or live scoreboards...maybe since I'm an older gamer it simply has no appeal...
I really don't care how far along my friends are in a game or how many points they got in that game. If it's for gloating purposes I would gloat for beating them when I play them, which isn't often.

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You don't see the bigger picture...suppose you fill up your 2tb drive in 2-3 yrs (Less for some) you're having to get yet another bigger drive. Sure, easy enough you say...

BUT how long do you think it will take to TRANSFER all that info and games to your new hardrive?...
I estimate close to 15 hrs, maybe THAT'S a pain in the rear if there ever was one...

In contrast, on the xb1 I just bought a 1tb slim drive no bigger tha...

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@forum pirate,,, you make no sense, you can't claim they are not legendary when you admit to not watching wrestling much if at all...i don't watch golf and if they made a golf game of legendary golfers i could probably name just 2. In no way i would discount the rest if i never heard of them...

As far as this list goes. I think it's a good list, even if i haven't watched wrestling in about a year or so outside of a few clips here and there. I couldn't name...

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@starchild... Yes it does to me because if i sit down to immerse myself in a game and control things within that game then i don't want said game to "break" that feeling. It's one thing if it's a 2min scene that pieces things together but these are just over 20min from what i understand and if they are key elements of the storyline then skipping them would not be the most ideal way of playing the game.

Hell, it's one of the reasons that made me disl...

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When this game was announced as having a tv show to follow i was under the impression that it would be seperate from the game. Meaning it would stream on a weekly basis either on xbox live or youtube. I wasn't expecting it to exist within the game and interrupt the that i know this, all the more reason to wait for a used version of this game at $20 or less.

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It's not all its cracked up to be... Once i finished the story i had no reason to play it again, just like every other gta game before it... On top of that, i don't like repetitive side missions that don't really add anything to the story. Didn't bother looking for any space ship pieces or spend hours looking for big foot...i do enjoy the games as a 1st playthrough but they contain no replay value for me. The mistake they did was allow you to finish the game from the last sav...

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I could probably get it today if they broke the street date in the uk. I live in cali and the retailer i go to tends to break street dates all the time. Sometimes as far as a week ahead without getting in trouble... However, the mixed reviews for this game has made me wait until it's available used.

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People have blown this out of proportion. In major Nelson's podcast phil was talking more about upgrading through firmware updates than actual hardware.

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One of the very few games that i played constantly. My star player was Agua. He would knock it out of the park at least 8 times out of 10. He also rushed the mound easily if he got hit. *good times*

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Microsoft won't do that. Hell, the reason sony decided to have a subscription fo multiplayer is because they saw how much money Microsoft was making from it...i'd rather see Microsoft reduce the price to maybe $20-30 for the year.

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It'll have the 360 store on xb1 for purchase but it doesn't say if you can download the free 360 games with gold. So far the way to get them on your xb1 is to go through the 360 or go directly to and download them to your xb1 from there.

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Everyone that's complaining of this being a ripoff don't want to see the bigger picture. They make comparisons to new retail games BUT what about those digital games that are $20 or less? If you got 10% would it still be such a bad deal?...

you could easily trade in 2-3 of those games that have been sitting in your hardrive occupying space for the past few years for roughly $10 in credit and buy yourself that game or season pass that has come down in price after a few...

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Guess you didn't look at the article cause it clearly shows the sale price next to the regular price.

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It boggles my mind how people continue to get bent out of shape about resolution as if that cripples the game or something. Goes to show how people can be spoiled over the years...i still fire up my old xbox from time to time and the games look great. But this is coming from a guy with an hdtv and an sd dish receiver.

You'll get no complaints from me unless this game is actually bad in terms of story and gameplay. Which doesn't seem like it will be.

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i don't really like baseball but i sure played bottom of the 9th alot back then. didn't matter if it didn't have the league license. it had the player's license and that was good enough... honorable mention to bases loaded. i may give this one a shot since it's been so long for me.

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I'm not so quick to say it will be a success. After all, they said 3d was going to be huge back in 2014; and it was,...for about 5 minutes. I see this as another technological fad...even the wii lost it's appeal after a couple of yrs...and the only reason it lasted as long was because the price was right.

This starting at $400+ with extras will make a lot of people look the other way, especially during the Christmas season when they can use that money to buy a lot mor...

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