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Peaked?? Surely you can't be serious. It just came out and they barely have any games for it and you say it has peaked? ...the Switch won't peak until about 2020...provided that developers are hard at work making games for it.

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Interesting, i recently did a job for konami for their youtube channel last month for this game and it looked fine to me. They gave us a feast for lunch and when i told the execs that i stayed up in the wee hours of the morning playing bomberman on the super nintendo with my friends in college they offered to send me a game of super bomberman R. But i didn't have a Switch to play it on so no deal...I found them to be nice people and very gracious to say the least.

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What a stupid rant. He's saying we had a bunch of games at the end of the last generation compared to what we have today. Really?? Comparing a new gaming generation of 3 yrs to one that lasted nearly 10?? Seriously???....

He also states that they are "forcing" us to upgrade...since when? If that were true then all my games would suddenly stop working. Both companies would announce every future game to only be playable in the pro/Scorpio version which thay haven...

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That's a pretty cool list to me. So much so that i may plug in my modded original xbox and play them. 😋.... Although, i have to say that not all the snes games can stand the test of time. I tried playing Actraiser A couple of yrs ago and the graphics and gameplay just don't cut it anymore. Minus the orchestral music.

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Ive been waiting for Ori to come down in price for a long time. Looks like it's time for me to jump in. (see what i did there?😋)

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I would say that red dead redemption's new nighmare is the best dlc of any game ever because it is essentially a new game with a new story, characters, and cutscenes and it is as long as the original game itself. To this day i have yet to finish it...i know that grand theft 4 had 2 big dlc stories but from what i understand (never played them) they could be completed in about 8-10 hrs. Red dead expanded on that idea in a major way. For the $20 i paid for the used game of the year edition ...

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Well, i hardly ever play multiplayer anything so buying dlc for the purpose of playing multiplayer is pretty much non existant for me... Even when it's for games that i enjoyed, things like extra weapons and levels that don't affect my progress, meaning i can still finish the game without it don't serve as an incentive...

The only exceptions i make are for "game of the year" editions which include most if not all of the dlc content on the disk...and ev...

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i never buy dlc...unless it's less than $5

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i stand by my statement...;p... you are only seeing (or assuming) a very small portion of a much bigger window. I really can't say much more than that since there is a possibility i may be working at e3 for Microsoft.

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I can guarantee that the whole "But it has no games"...."It has no exclusives", etc. Will be squashed at e3.

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i would name it the Xbox Stinger...that would coincide with the Scorpio engine.

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i liked the 1st 2 games and i was really hoping for a 3rd. hopefully they will reconsider after e3.

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And just like that it's gone...(well I can't find it.)... I'm surprised they were this quick about it considering it was hidden within another app. Then again, it doesn't help having a video tutorial on YouTube splashing the name of the app in the 1st 3 seconds of the video.(idiots)😡

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How is it not free? Looks like it is to me.

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I don't get it. Bush beans?😕

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This is great; I'm guessing Microsoft will let it slide until Monday because they're taking the time off for Easter. 😜...the fact that it's hidden may also prolong it's discovery. Provided people on n4g don't run off to spill the beans.

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people forget that this is being tested in the preview program and nothing is set in stone so the 2 hr policy could easily change in the end.

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good grief. how I yearn for the days of "Sorry Atari" and "Genesis does what nintendon't"...or crash bandicoot outside Nintendo headquarters yelling "Hey plumber boy!"...this PC era we're in with gaming totally sucks...(and I do mean Politically Correct and not personal computer. although i guess it could apply to that too.😋)

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the biggest complaint people have about​ early access is the lack of games and variety. now Microsoft is giving that to people and it's still not good enough? not to mention that it's open to silver members as well. they are not forcing anyone to pay a year. some games can be finished in under a week or a few hours. if you're the type that only plays new games and nothing else well you have the option and the money to go do that with no problems...

a guy like m...

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I'm really surprised they didn't continue with this series or at the very least do a remaster or compilation... it's one of the best games I've ever played as well as the best Star wars game. unfortunately, I never got around to finishing Jedi academy as that one grew stale early on...I still have it somewhere in my hardrive so maybe I'll give it another shot.

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