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"here every once in a while."


Have this game on my tablet right now and you know how some games if you play them today they end up not as good as you remember them? NOT this game. #5
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it's new to me since i finish the game generically and i don't play online so i don't know about any cheats...he said "when you have a plunder...", what in the blue hell is a plunder?? #4
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Swap it out with what? you can't put a regular hardrive in the 360 can you? #2.1.2
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I tried liking it. But the pacing was just too slow for me... I hate having to progress in a game only to have it come to a brief halt every few minutes because of some long piece of paper i have to read... Yes i know i can skip it but then that defeats the purpose of having papers scattered around...
I felt that way with bioshock (1 of the worst games i've ever played), final fantasy 7, and star wars the old republic, all bored me to no end. I tried to play them and like them but... #5.2.1
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Got it for $1.83 from amazon a couple of years ago and i have yet to finish it. Wish i could have gotten my $1.83 back as i tend to get bored with it. Collect this, collect that, read this and that. Shadow guys here, shadow guys there. repeat, repeat, repeat...boooringgg! #5.1.1
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My favorite iteration of the Ultimate One has always been in Wrestlefest. He was my staple and then i would pick any of the others. It was quite a thrill when i finally beat the Legion of Doom....
from now on "...from parts unknown" will always mean Heaven. One of the greatest to ever play the game...glad he finally is at peace and is entertaining the wrestling fans in the big ring in the sky. #8
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you would be right if the show was produced by nbc and didn't air on CBS. #76.1
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they haven't had a halo night in years, in fact they hardly play together ever since they brought the other girls in...if i had to guess, he will talk Amy into buying one so he can get the other, or since she is desperately trying to get intimate with sheldon every chance she gets she could end up buying both so he spends most of his time at her house...

i don't care what anyone says, this is one of the funniest shows on tv. unlike the stupid modern family and just ab... #72.1
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@shinmaster... i'm guessing it will be x1 only because microsoft does indeed sponsor several cbs shows already...hawaii 5-0, csi, and a few others. #1.1.17
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@SNOOKIES... what hate? it's the number 1 comedy in the country and "sheldon" won 2 emmy's for it as well as people's choice awards...what hate are you talking about?? #1.1.16
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You people are over analyzing this...i see this as a plus. If i have my doubts about a game i would go to metacritic to see what kind of reviews it got. I also check amazon's user reviews, but if i had the metacritic score displayed then i won't have to go to the metacritic site. It's a matter of convenience really. #11
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E3 just got interesting for me for the 1st time in a long time. I'm sure this guy will try to make a big impact come showtime. #82
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I believe this was my 1st purchase for the supernes back then...it's one of the reasons i felt the supernes was better based on the sound alone. It's like they jammed a full orchestra inside the supernintendo. This game didn't abuse the "mode 7" effect that so many others relied upon...i'm really surprised this game wasn't resurrected over the years. #7
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Being that i haven't owned a playstation since the ps1, your point is pointless to me...i don't have a gamefly account and have no need for one seeing as how i have had a netflix dvd (unviewed) for over a year now. #34.1.1
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Since i let my gold run out a couple of months ago cause i'm not much of a multiplayer gamer and my bandwidth is too slow for decent streaming, I have been quite bored as of late and i never played this hitman so i may just renew just to give this one a spin. #34
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Compared to the vr headsets of the 90's these latest attempts are still too big and bulky for my taste... I think once one of these companies manages to condense the technology to the size of a small pair of goggles or better yet, glasses; only then will there be a viable interest in virtual reality... Right now, i just see it as another (recycled) fad like all those 3d tv's that were being pushed last year. #4
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sweet i never new these were out there for free...who needs a gaming rig? not me. #7
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i don't believe Rodimus headlined any transformer videogame since that is what we're talking about here. Besides, the world hated Rodimus, which is why they brought Optimus back from the dead and he went back to being hot rod... ironically, i prefer galvatron over megatron, but they are one in the same anyway. #2.1.1
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"revealed" as if we were expecting another leader. Can you really have a transformer game without optimus?...a good one anyways? ;p #2
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I'm the same way, 20 hrs is about 2 weeks for me on a game provided i play it everyday. but if i don't then it could expand to about a month or more, i believe i spent about 2 months or so on red dead redemption and that was without doing all the side missions...whereas i spent 5 hrs on modern warfare 3 and i was done, i felt i was a bit ripped off cause it only took me 1 afternoon.

I don't like playing games that rely on multiplayer to get their value since i bar... #6.1
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