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for me, it's never ok to have a multiplayer only game solely because if and when your internet goes down there is absolutely nothing you can do with that game. Meaning it won't even bootup. I wouldn't mind too much if it had bots you can play against for practice like those unreal tournament games did...
excluding a single player campaign is a lame excuse for quality. It's not like they release a rainbow 6 game every year and are under pressure to put it out on time...... #27
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@roswee... Maybe you do but i'm quite fond of the Dance central games. Have 1-2 on the 360 and i've heard good things about it on xb1. I plan on picking up a kinect around black friday. #7.1.1
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I'm somewhat new to xb1, got mine a few weeks ago. Was recently reminded of the game sharing feature which is a great way to get free games as well. Can anyone tell me if it works with ea access? Meaning if i have ea access and they don't can they download games via the gameshare feature like you can with a gold subscription? #1.2.3
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I agree, although i've never bought a season pass...i think they are more suitable for games you have finished and are completely bored with playing. Then 1-2 yrs down the road if the pass is still available and at a discount do i find them worth buying $5-$10 for a season pass a yr later is worth it to me and a good way to resurrect a game. #5.1
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Not sure about the 1st part or if it's something you're assuming they do. As for the 2nd part when you preorder it's merely convenience since you can download the game right now and it will simply "unlock" at 12:01am the day of release. (9:01pm if you live on the west coast), that way you don't have to wait hours (or days like me) to download and play. #4.1.1
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You can find them on ebay for about $60 though. #7.2
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By contrast, that would take me around 4-5 days with my 3mbps connection. :(... So no digital for me for new games, unless they're the smaller arcade games...i wouldn't pass up a good digital deal though and simply wait out the few days until it downloads. #3.2.1
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I got one last month and i strongly recommend it...even though many in here will disagree. All in all it will depend on the type of games you like to play. There are a few things that one console has or does better than the other and you can message me if you want me to break it down for you because if i do it here then they will all jump on and give you reasons not to get it, just because. #3.3
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It's an ok bundle i guess. Although i would make it really appealing by throwing in the 2 tomb raider xbox arcade games as well. OR one of the other xbox or 360 games on top of that...
if you're going to call something a bundle then really bundle it i say... As it is it's not that big of an incentive since...
a) the definitive edition is currently free for gold members (you can still get it without owning an xb1)...
b) you don't have to look hard to fi... #20
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My sentiments exactly. I wouldn't give up gaming on a console over a pc. My actual pc is a pentium 3 linux which can barely run a game demo of anything let alone the latest games. Why whould i spend 100's of dollars upgrading this or that card on it when i can easily just plug and play on a console and KNOW that my game will run smoothly?...
Not to mention that ever since phones became smart and tablets easy to use, pc's have become less relevant on a yearly basis. Microso... #1.5.4
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@thecommentator... Not all 360 games support the cloud. I tried transferring my high scores of pinballFX2 to the x1 and it says "not transferable" or something to that effect. Oddly enough, i can transfer the settings though. #1.3.2
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Well i was basing it on my experiences on the 360. I guess they changed it for the xbox one since i wasn't aware you can save apps on an external drive. #3.1.5
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@thepope... I'm talking about once you get it there is no turning back. You're stuck with it until they release the official version. #3.1.2
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Well i can. I did the preview program twice on the 360 and although it comes with a lot of new things it is often riddled with bugs that you just can't avoid. It's not like you can opt out of it either. I'd rather get it when it's finalized for full release. Great, for those that want to test it out beforehand. Glad there is less loading times between screens now. #3.1
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I see, well the only thing i like about those themed xboxes are the separate sound effects they make when you turn them on and off. Still not enough to trade my box in for one though, unless it came with 1tb and a special controller that is, still, i doubt i would get more than $350 for mine so the upgrade wouldn't be worth it to me...maybe in a few yrs when the price comes down it will be...

as for color, i like having cheap choices like these... 14d ago by optimus | View comment
I didn't know that it was a hybrid drive but regardless it's still 1tb of storage on top of the $150 elite controller which would cost you a lot more if bought separately. I take it skining your box wouldn't satisfy you then? Outside of the color, what's special about the halo bundle?...just curious. #29.2
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Because he wants to gloat and rub it in that it's not a full exclusive. It's what they do...he'll probably throw a major hissy-fit when the commercials begin to come out and it says "exclusively on xbox" not knowing that nobody ever advertises "timeed exclusive" on any product...at least none that i've seen. #16.1.1
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Why don't you just put the money toward the elite bundle instead since it's the same price? You get the elite controller as well as a 1tb solid state drive which that alone goes for close to $400 or more. Only drawback is that it doesn't include any games but there are plenty of good used games out there for $20 or less to compensate for. #29.1
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There is another option...i think it has similar features. It was announced a couple of weeks ago i think by a company called Razer. I thought it would be cheaper cause it's wired but it's not...could be eventually though. #8.1.1
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According to the tech that replaced them, he said he got a lot of customers bringing there's in with the same problem.
He said that those early playstations had a hard plastic lens which when dust would settle on it (easy with a pop up lid) it would embed itself on the hot lens once it cooled down causing the laser to not read it correctly and producing the skips and freezes...
personal gripes? I guess you can call it that since there wasn't a tech shop at every corner... #2.1.1
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