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Vr is a viable medium for movies and such but for gaming it is still a niche market due to the price (Regardless of current headsets coming down in price) you still need a beefy PC or console to run vr not to mention the accessories needed still makes it utterly expensive for the average consumer...

AR would be a better integration for gaming which Microsoft is still working on with halolense which is currently still too expensive for consumers, but they did say they are w...

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I wouldn't compare the virtual boy to anything vr today since there was nothing virtual about the virtual boy it was just red 3d images...and they perfected that technology with the 3ds in that you don't need any type of glasses to see the effect.

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Never did, never will....unless scores can be redeemed for DLC or digital games. Until that happens, then no.

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I for one don't mind a partial list, especially one that is voted on by the fans...on the one hand Sony had a point when they took it off the ps3 in that not everyone uses it after a few months. Which I believe holds true.

i think that having a partial list gives people an incentive and allows the ones that didn't get to play these "popular" games the 1st time around play them now and see what was so good about's similar to when a movie you h...

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So does this mean there will be a restructuring done on what is actually considered duplicate? I know I counted well over 15 articles on "how to build a vr enabled PC that's better than Xb1-X" soon after E3...

Also are we allowed to disagree with Reports on pending articles? Cause in the past there have been warnings given for simply disagreeing with reports and giving legitimate reasons for it. Which I find rather unfair. Basically if we're not allowed to...

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Oh whoopie, a halo pillow here and there, a Forza sippie cup, a couple of digital games, maybe a couple of months of Xbox live every now and then...obviously I'm exaggerating, I'm sure he's gotten better prizes than that...or at least I hope so for all that time spent playing.
My point is to spend that much time playing games and lose personal productivity just to get a few prizes that can be easily obtained on the Microsoft store doesn't seem really worth it to me......

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How is this even news? Do they pay you to have a high gamerscore?...I never understood the appeal of getting achievements and gamerscore other than to say "I have no life and play games all day." answer to that is "good for you; you wanna cookie?"

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Didn't care for achievements then, don't really care for them now. Today's kids are just spoiled if not having achievements suddenly devalues a good game.

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This is actually a good marketing move since that game alone would probably sell the many other games were never released after being finished? They could very well do the same next year with a mini n64 which would probably outsell the mini nes and mini SNES the pace they're going it wouldn't surprise me if they're already planning that for next year I'm sure.

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This will probably force people to buy the games on disk in order to save space... Yes, I know the game has to be installed anyway but installing from a disk is a lot faster than installing from a download. Which if you have a data cap on your internet service than that could be a regular problem for could probably fill a 2 TB drive with just 10 4k games and all their updates....

it would be nice if the one-x gave you an option to download 1080p or 4k like they h...

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I tend to not buy another game until I finish the one I just bought which could take months and probably the main reason why I don't buy new games but 2-3 times a year...when they're free or heavily discounted (under $20) then I make exceptions. I.e....I have yet to play metal gear 5 because I know it's a game that would keep me busy for a good 5 months and it will pull me away from my current games. Fortunately, by the time I finish my current crop of games I'll probably find...

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I'm only a 1 console type of guy because of the reasons stated in that it drains your time and your wallet...many yrs ago I had more than 1 (Dreamcast + n64) but that's only during generation transitions when one console is on it's way out most of the games can be had for just a few dollars at that point, so it's easier to play games you passed on due to lack of money. ...

This generation however, The Switch is slowly changing my mind on supporting just 1 co...

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I read another article that said it starts on Thurs. And today is wed. (In the u.s.) so check back tomorrow.

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There have been several articles making the pc comparison and already proving that you would be getting quite a deal at $500. But seeing as how you can play your existing games on it then it would basically come down to whether or not you have a 4k TV already...if you don't then you might as well go for the S instead and consider the X if and when you get a 4k TV.

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I think Consoles will still be on 4k well into 2025. 8k resolution is still an expensive technology with not many TV's supporting it just yet and not many if any at all TV programming providing it...just think how long it took 1080p to become the standard resolution....any console built to deliver 8k within the next 3 yrs is bound to cost well over $1000....but we won't need to wait long to find out since Atari announced they're jumping back in the race with a new console of their...

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I believe Phil said in plenty of interviews over and over again that it was about giving people options and not letting the others hang up to dry. There are people out there that want the extra resolution and power because they already have the equipment to support it....

Microsoft is not suggesting or forcing anyone to upgrade which is why the games will work across the board...does it matter much that they don't have 100 exclusive titles to throw at you at once? Not t...

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And you STILL don't get it. I'll explain it to you real's-a-SATIRE article; the site is called PRANKSTER101!! The only thing missing is Aston kutcher's face on it! Get it now?!

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Apparently, people aren't going to bother reading the source site.

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What's funny to me is that PS fanboys never saw a problem with paying $600 for a ps3. Even when Sony heads said (paraphrasing here) "if you want it that badly then get a 2nd job."....the nerve, and yet some even came out and said "that's a good idea." And there they were camping out for it on release day....I didn't see anyone making pc comparisons then.

I remember when people were praising backwards compatibility then Sony said "we don&...

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