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PSN game? It's a full retail title for PS Vita and PlayStation 3. Anyways, looks phenomenal. However now that Atlus is the publisher, I know waiting for this to come to Europe is going to be a nightmare.

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Sony am cry.

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Yes. It's the supermarket's fault that Nintendo's products are not selling. Not Nintendo's at all.

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I wouldn't be too sure. Sony has next gen Killzone coming, and Microsoft will 100% have a next gen FPS coming, probably a new IP. If CoD doesn't step up, those games and BF4 might eat its lunch.

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Useful video

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This was confirmed quite a while ago. When the game was first announced to be coming overseas even.

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So it's going to call a huge resurgence of Japanese RPG's in the west? It's going to sell over 10 million copies? It's going to get a huge multi million dollar advertising campaign? I don't think so mate

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GTAV will kill the other two dead, commercially. Watch Dogs, if Ubisoft deliver will, at least from a gameplay perspective, shit on the other two from a great height. Whether or not that indeed happens remains to be seen.

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Looking forward to it

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Oh stop crying. This isn't detriment to your enjoyment of the game. People have opinions, get over it. I'm still hyped, and I'll judge whether it's a 6.5/10 on my own

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Gears of Bore Judgement. A wholly unnecessary sequel, much like God of War Ascension. However, if I was to be positive about anything, it'd be the quality of this review. Good work Arekkz Gaming. Job well done.

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Yeah except for, y'know, the games that you can only get on PS4, let alone the games you can only get on console that PC misses out on. Not to mention a familiar service/ecosystem. What a stupid thing to say.

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I must say, this is some magnificent spin. Bravo. You just lost what little credibility your no name site possibly did have.

@Benjaminkno. Er, no, they're not. They're selling Wii U at a loss.

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People need to stop talking about Cliffy B as if the only thing the man has designed is Gears of War. He also designed Jazzjack Rabbit for christs sakes. One of the THE best DOS games back in the 90's when I was a kid. Unless most of you here are 15 years old, you should know that there's more to this man than Gears of War. Show some respect.

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They sound bitter that they were unable to obtain any next gen console deals. I'm sure if Nvidia had components in there over AMD they'd be singing from the rooftops about it now.

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As long as all of the OS level social features they touted are there on day one then I'm not bothered. Too many times do Sony promise things that don't end up coming into fruition. All I want is for all the streaming/social features to work day one out of the box and I'm good to go.

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I don't see what the issue is. We saw the controller, we saw the UI, we saw key features of the system at an OS level, and Sony even released a detailed spec sheet detailing what the machine has inside it. Does it matter that much that we didn't see the plastic casing that simply houses all of that? No, not really. We'll see it at E3. Jesus.

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Easily one of the best PS3 exclusives this generation. Up there with Uncharted 2, God of War III and Valkyria Chronicles in my humble opinion.

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How Call of Duty 4 isn't on there is beyond me. While I'm not a CoD fan, I find it hard to believe any enthusiast gamer would deny the huge impact that Call of Duty 4 has had on the last 5 years of first person shooters. Didn't only influence the genre moving forward from a gameplay perspective, but also a market perspective.

I don't think we would of seen nearly as many FPS as we have if Call of Duty 4 didn't blow up like it did back in 2007.

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The console wars are beginning. The fact that this hit 2008 comments which is a lot rarer on N4G these days, and the general tense atmosphere between Sony and Microsoft these days, well. Brace yourselves.

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