Where The Fat Women At?
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Meh, I'm happy with XBOX Live. Only broke people worry about $50 a year. Most people spend more then that on BS DLC. It's worth it. As a person who owns both a PS3 & 360 personally it's worth the price. Hell in all honestly I've never payed $50 or $60. They are always on sale for like $35 at Walmart, Amazon, or Best Buy so whatever. But the fangirls will bitch on.

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I was never a Star Trek fan, but I thought the game looked pretty decent. Guess I'll pass on it or wait to catch it for maybe $10. Reminds me of Gears of War a bit.

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Conviction was the worse Splinter Cell yet. I liked it, but it wasn't true to it's roots. If they keep it original & not try to be anything but Splinter Cell I'm all in.

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They could do better, but what would be the point when weak ass gamers accept anything. I stopped supporting them years ago. Refuse to buy an EA product until they change their ways of Online passes, Day 1 DLC, and BS DLC.

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A bunch of bullshit... just like this franchise has become.

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The last one was a total piece of shit. This doesn't look a bit better.

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lol are people not tired of going through the revolving doors that are rumors? one minute the system is backwards compatible the next minute it's not. One minute it's always online the next minute it's not. One minute it's always online the next it's not... PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP & SHUT THE FUCK UP! THEY ARE JUST RUMORS! Most of you are Sony cock suckers & wouldn't buy it either way.

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If this is true I will def be buying it day 1!

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America gives women too many rights... I don't mean like equal rights, I mean special rights. I see it all the time they push this women are just as good if not better then men agenda all the time, but as soon as she gets slapped by a man she's "inferior". Make up your simple little minds America.

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Are people honestly shocked by this? You act like an asshole on the internet & make the company you work for look bad this is what happens. Sadly too many people fail to realize this social media is not for you to go on tyrants about your personal life. Because at the end of the day nobody gives a flying f*ck. He got exactly what he deserved. He was a bad egg, and bad eggs get tossed.

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What's a Wii U?

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It's a d*mn shame what they did to this franchise...

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DLC has been abused for far too long. It's time we as gamers say NO MORE! I don't know about anybody else, but I'm tired of buying a game only to realize I have to spend another $20-40 just to enjoy it fully.

This is what they did with Virtua Fighter. You had to but customization features for each character. What kind of crap is that?

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What the hell have they done to this franchise? It's nothing like the first two. They should have named this anything but Saints Row. I know it was DLC, but when thq went belly up they should have scrapped this project. this will surely taint the SR name.

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Great comment! As for the people who will & have called this comment ignorant STFU! Nobody is more ignorant than you all who refuse to accept peoples opinion on the matter at hand. I get so sick & tired of this lifestyle being forced down peoples throats.

Worst thing is most of the people who get offended when people speak their minds aren't even homosexuals... It's like let people have their opinions. Not everybody will agree with homosexuality, and it's ...

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I don't know I blame it on a lack of creativity. I am the type of person I will not spend $60 on a game that is only 5 hours. That is not worth it. That is the biggest problem.

You get these rip off companies like EA. Who will release a game like dead space for $60, and it can be beat within one sitting. So of course people will ask for MP. Then because the game doesn't call for it they will get bored & leave it alone, but in the end it all comes back to the lack...

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I was happy to hear 2K picked up the franchise, but was sad to hear they were keeping that crappy development group Yukes. They need to bring back AKI, and ditch Yukes. They haven't made a decent fighting game in years.

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people's sense of humor seem to be out of tune.

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It's just like in America... Most of the "Beautiful People" are pretty average looking or borderline passable.

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Agree totally. I'm a hardcore wrestling fan, but not of the golden age. I'm an attitude man through & through. O also hope they finally listen to the fans this year, and give us the 2002,2003 Rock. They never got the old school version right.

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