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read the content in the article not who its made by #60.1
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this article says it all...

Don't be playing into the flamebait that these websites are trying to catch everyone in. Stop being ignorant fanboys and become gamers. #59
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Meh in all honesty you all sound foolish talking in certainty .... pretty sure the systems changed in august/september last gen as well so don't be surprised.

Instead of being weird D bags concerned about power everyone should be excited to get new games and wait till the consoles are released to pass final judgements. #66.2
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they will be fine.... under that rumor a majority of devs dont know or have access to the second gpu yet.... but once the end of the month comes we will all know where everything stands.... until then its just he said she said. #66.1
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You all sound like a bunch of crazy people talking about trust and loyalty over pieces of plastic and corporations .... its sad and pathetic... be a gamer and play games.. stop trying to push agendas on either side....

Reality check both companies don't care about you they care about your wallets..... #35
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You are all acting mental... if you ever seen the movie 23.... you are all looking for meanings from the numbers so you will manipulate them to fit what you are looking for. #35
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He is worth $15 billion..... pretty sure he will be fine. #8.1
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just a heads up.... Japan was never on the list in the first place. #24.1
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I dont understand people didnt think xbox live had value... but now that they keep adding more features into xbox live to make it have more value people think that all of these functions should be free... it just doesn't make sense to me. In reality it would be awesome if everything was free but it isn't .... if you don't like it don't buy it. #43
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reality check people we don't know how many systems are preordered for each system or how many will be available for launch which is what will skew the pre orders of games for both systems... as far as we knew PS4 will have more units available at launch and more units were available for pre order.... so it should have higher pre orders in games.... I don't know why all of you are half retarded and don't understand logic....

Hopefully both consoles will do great s... #26
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yeah thanks! I just put up the games for sale but yeah maybe I will make an edit to include dlc. Thanks though appreciate it! #1.1
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Cool story bro.... now the question is how was the article? #1.1
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Go use your points on a good arcade game and stop complaining.... I just went and bought State of Decay #24
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Wash your hands...... #27
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-- Reported by the community --
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smh I knew id wake up to see people making articles over this.... lol grow up people he had the wrong number on tv... nothing to see here #24
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damnnnn this is long LOL #1
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Jeez is this really news? A site that's over 3 million on Alexa doesn't want to cover a console?

It would be more important if it was a site that actually has a user base is simply fishing for hits.

I swear N4G is getting worse every day #18
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I realize every single day how much most of you come off as retarded.... I don't know if its sad for the gaming world... or just the world in general... shame #135
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Makes sense if they are using an early build of their software and UI...

Why do you guys think Sony didn't show their fully functioning UI? Because it wasn't ready.

Get a grip people be gamers and play games #26
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