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I believe it's new players who don't know or ignore the resupply/heal/revive mechanics. I hate watching youtube clips of CoD players playing Battlefield cause they usually end with "...Yes! I got a positive K/D."

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@rdgneoz3: And that is what Activision is counting on.

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Remember, MW is the game that "started it all" (Please note the air quotes). It is still held in high regards, faults and all. I'm holding out and banking on Activision selling them separately in the future.

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The most infuriating is squadmates who won't drop ammo, health or revive.

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Squeakers. I hate squeakers.

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It does, but I think Activision foresaw this and required MW to be bundled with IW.

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I'm skipping this remaster because I don't have the time to start all over again.

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I think CoD still outsells, but the gap shrinks and IW fails to match BO3 sales.

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Battlefront had the power of the Star Wars brand.

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You have to complete a match.

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We could really use some cool War Stories from the French and Russian perspective.

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Thought it was the Amiga port.

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You play with demons?!?

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@Barricade: Black? Nope. At first all the destruction was cool, but it was very scripted. Also, the story was incoherent and enemies took many bullets to the head before dying.

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1 and 2, yes. 3 was ok.

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@Livecustoms: It's a second hand emotion.

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Just hurry up and release the GOTY edition.

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I've always known the difference. Sucks they've taken that away from PC players. It's just that the title and comments make it seem like something else.

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We've had the ability to rent servers since Bf3 (I'm talking about consoles). Why is this an issue now?

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I don't get it.

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