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@TankCrossing: You mean they don't?!? ;)

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You should find an emulator and try the original Battletoads.

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Everybody only remembers the extremes.

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Can't wait to play this on consoles.

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...but tell us how you really feel.

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@SirBradders: It works vice versa. Someone on ps4 could tell a friend on Xbox about all the great exclusives and sway them to pick up a ps4.

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When WWII was revealed, it perked my interest. Seeing the trailer swayed me even more. Watching gameplay...ummm...War looks interesting, but...well...maybe it was just my expectations.

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Phantasy Star. Not the online game of recent years, but the sprawling RPG that started on the Master System.

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That was more like a single drip.

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Beats Delaware. "Hi, we're in Delaware."

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Am I alone in saying, I don't care?

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In space.

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In the Russian army? Yes.

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That....disappointed me. It sucks when the "science" guy has no science in a skit.

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Depending on what's in the multiplayer, it could give the series a bump, but I seriously think the yearly releases have burned out a lot of the hardcore fans.

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He's a B actor, but for some reason, I'm thinking Christopher Lambert.

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@opinionated: I asked for information and links that I could read up on how the FCC's plans for deregulation benefit me, so I would like to read them.

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@opinionated: I like how I've been labeled an irrational socialist by asking a question respectfully. I should have used more slurs.

Shouldn't you be all about discourse, if I'm irrational? Shouldn't you be posting facts and links to refute my irrationality?

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Could you share some information and links on how Pai's plans benefits us?

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I've never had a problem with that kind of story telling. Keeps things at a nice pace.

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