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You guys are all looking at this wrong. If this deal had not been nixed, we would have never gotten the wonderful messes that we Zelda's Adventures, The Wand of Gamelon and The Faces of Evil.

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@michellelynn0976: Kind of hard for Sony to hold Nintendo hostage when it was Nintendo who agreed to go into a deal with Sony to make a disc based console. Nintendo just didn't want to give Sony a piece of the profits, in regards to games sold.
In order to get out of that deal, Nintendo went behind Sony's back and signed with Philips.

Oh for fuck's sake...

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Lack Ops IIII

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They want FX!

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I don't.

Levine didn't work on 2 and it's a step down from 1 and Infinite. But, that's just my opinion.

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Wait...are you telling me Schrodinger was dead?

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Wherever the beautiful women are at.

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Games make children violent! PC is dead! Single player games are dead! Too many open world games!

...kinda tired of hearing this kinda stuff over and over.

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I like this. A common complaint of Kratos' character, in previous games, was he was very one note. Rage, rage and more rage. I love the depth that they have added in this game.

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Whoever picked up a copy, you're a lucky bastard.

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@CrimsonWing69: Almost half a million physical sales for a remaster? Yes.

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Very happy its selling well. I absolutely adored the original. Will most likely not play the remaster, but I'm happy it's selling.

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Unless they find a way to copy the scent of a brand new opened disc, then no.

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@Heelix: Don't forget the porn. Hardware sales were strong but software, not as much because of the two p's: piracy and porn.

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If true, weird that they would tie it in with BO4, since it was developed by THAT Infinity Ward, which feuded with Treyarch.

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@maybelovehate: Brooooooo!

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Staring Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.


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Jaffe was always a fun interview to watch. Hopefully, he and the rest of the people at the studio find employment soon.

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