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Now I don't want to play the game. :(

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Reminds me of when Yuji Naka would be seen at Nintendo events and Miyamoto would be spotted at Sega's.

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Looks like the Battlefield 1 themed controller with a dash of orange.

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Can we get some cool looking wired controllers?

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Cancelled games are nothing new.

I remember being awed by ps3 game trailers last generation and then waiting...waiting...waiting and then they got cancelled.

Eight Days (that one really hurt)
The Fixer
Getaway 3
War Devil
Coded Arms Assault
Heavenly Sword 2
Strelka Stories
etc, etc...

I love games, period. But, the bottom line is, they get cancelled for one...

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Also, de-emphasized TV and put the focus back on games. It wasn't the only thing MS could do. They could've been bullish and stayed on that course. I think Phil has been doing a fine job.

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After all he did to fix the mess that Mattrick and the other suits did? No, he shouldn't be fired.

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Hmm...I wonder what's the story behind this.

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Personally, I prefer Bf 1. I can't say for the other two because I haven't played them. However, all my CoD playing friends either still play BO III or moved or to Bf. None of them like IW.

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To be fair, Phil wasn't in charge at that time. That was Mr. GTA Tattoo, Peter Moore.

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Publishers and retailers. Publishers set the prices and prices can not go too low or retailers get mad. Retailers matter because they stock the games and consoles. Mad retailer = less shelf space.

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@Jmanzare: Even though, they still can see what worked and didn't work.

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Seeing as the only Final Fantasy I've enjoyed since the SNES was

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The closest thing we have is VGChartz ( I know, N4G hates VGChartz) and these are the numbers.
Infinite Warfare: 5.8 million
Battlefield 1: 5.74 million

But we have no idea what the Steam and Origin numbers are. But, we know there is a stronger Battlefield community than there is a CoD community on PC, so the numbers might be even, or Battlefield could even be ahead.

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@Dan_scruggs: Actually, it needs to because of quarterly reports and investors.

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@G2OWLY: That's advertising. What are they supposed to say? The semi-ultimate game console? The somewhat awesome games console? The second best selling console? Don't get wrapped up with words that companies choose to use when promoting their product.

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@Ranma: No, I'm totally serious. For VII, we've seen a, PSN re-release, a PC re-release, a ps4 re-release and an iOS re-release. VIII? When it first came out, I dug it, at first. But the story totally lost me at the end. VI is my favorite, but I'm VERY happy to play IX again.

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I can do without VII and VIII, but this is a wonderful collection.

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