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Love how much dept the game has! Weapons/Mother Base/items/partners (animal/men) gear....and too add all of that has options/customize to each them selfs.

Love how all that is cramed in there and there's still the online multiplayer that's still to come! #1.1
What about the lack of Kincet games/support on XboxOne? Now that's what you call
"Lack of support" #5.3
Got my installed,

Off topic....starting get this little cough

"Cough cough"

Dont feel too good within 2 days... #1.4
Why so many disagrees? Haha

I just had worries that the game was short. But it's good to know its not, so today and next tuesday is a great time to be a PlayStation 4 owner. #2.3
Is this game a full retail price? Or is it just in the psn network? #2.1
some "ZONE OF ENDERS" please! #1.1
Who owns "zone of Enders?" Really want a new game. #3.1
i get that same feeling with Borderlands....
and its just as great. regardless of which game gives it to you. #1.1
650 equals "budget Gaming Pc"
....but never "Gaming Budget" in my book. #3
For me personally I don't mind, I want a compact size tho! That way I can take it with me to Mexico (go down there monthly).

Hell, I wish both Sony and Microsoft made those option. With/without disk drives....
That way we have options and @ a cheaper price. #1.8
Never base it on looks. Just with the use of a hammer, bow and arrow, and the ability to shoot from the palm of there hand. (Iron man) #1.2.3
Theres only 3 characters.... Haha. Can't be that hard to figure it out. #1.2.1
by adding Iron'man, Thor, and Hawkeye #1
@ article,

Metal Gear Solid V saids

"keep you waiting, hu"
still, believe me...i will be online in Metal Gear Solid V too! #1.4
the Atari and the PS1 look good...but with all skins, there only temporary. #1.1
Is the full game need to get this?

Because the way they advertise it, they make it look like a stand alone from the game/price too. #1.3
Why don't they try and give the game free. And they just sell each car @ a price.

DriveClub ( free Version) lets you use DLC car packs. With out having the full game. #1.1
I was having an issue with my ps4 for 2 weeks. It kept beeping every 3 mins and I would insert any disk. And would just eject it out.

I got to the point that I unplugged it and forced a disk in it hard and all the way in. (I know the risk I was taking)

I replugged it in....no issues after. 😁. Just rebooted the system and is running 100% now.

"Glad cuz I'm ready for Metal Gear Solid" #1.4
I was just there today. Bot a Samsung 32" 5003 series 5 for 270.00.
Is a large improvement over playing on my Alienware monitor. #1.5
I wouldn't worrie much about spoilers in the article, the game never came out much of a story.

I do like hiw they added Iron-man, Thor, and Hawkeye in this new DLC. #3
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