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Lol! Guess I lost my user name then.

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I have not had interest in Ghosts Recon games since the Xbox/ps2 days. But this Wildlands has pulled my attention hard.

Watchdogs 1 sucked, of course there gana try to say this one is a great game! Lol!

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Lol!! It's clear in one image that there shot her in the a$$. As the gun is aiming there when the body is dead.

That is not the developmenters Falt that there users are freaks!!

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What the hell you talking about gold/silver and bronze stuff???

You're way off topic on the article like always!

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Nintendo: Mario/Zelda
Playstation: Kratos/Drake

.....some don't understand the article or something, all this talk about halo?!?

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Keep holding that dry candle, the wax is all over you're weak arms.

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If this is true.
then I have not held an Nintendo console, and much less there controllers in 15 years. And less them ever held any of my money...

If you think making games hard, makes better games. You're a simple minded fan.

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My "honest opinion" Nintendo should just stop making weak systems and always be behind on specs, and just jump on being simple third party only support.

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That's a question I have about old 360 making its way to the xboxOne. Will they have there online part/servers? If so, that's great news!

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Agree 💯% with the list.

"Nothing but junk!!"

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You play games to better society?!?!?

If so, how do you treat chickens????

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Developers need to turn into Doctors now???

Motion sickness is a side effect of getting that more immense in the game. It will pull some off/others in for that immense feeling.

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Sony showed real games don't know what you mean by "press conference"?

Don't have nothing against what Microsoft showed @ e3, I think it was good. But their show was more like a press conference....

I mean come on, the show was about 2 new systems and how they was different from each other. And tell you/convincing you which to purchase in the future.

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This game is reminding me more and more of the old ghost recon. Loved that game. I hope there is single player offline.

Love the feeling of a large map and having the choice to go all stealth or guns blazing.

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I believe it, it'll stop talk/hype of the scorpion one after e3.

Then Microsoft will be pushed has to show off their system.
"It's a win win on both ends"

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If you believe you're self that crap. You must be a steam machine owner!
And as you can see now a feature like that is not gana sell much or is important.

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Lol!!! Laughed way too hard. And accidentally press disagree.

Sonic's a #savage!

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The guy asked for a dam handout, and now you defend his lack of effort and ask to "people need to give him a break"

Hope people get the opportunity to get reimbursed kick starter/game purchase.

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Where aré you guys getting that 299 price tag???? Microsoft website has it for 399!
@bellow "thanks"

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