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i love how this game is giving me that old "Ghost Recon" game play from the ps2/Xbox.

More about gun-play/stealth, and not tech.

i know this game has tech too, but its showed less in this game.
In a way, like SOCOM on the ps2/ps3. #1.3
true, i have used a 4 year old "Microsoft arc" blue tooth keyboard ....issue free. If any, it uses a usb port. #1.1
question, i don't have a XboxOne,

I'm thinking of getting an Alien-ware Alpha 1.
mostly cuz my laptop is dieing out.

Is the XboxOne becoming more and more like small pc's?
or am i just reading/getting all wrong with there updates? #4.1
Most gamers must feel ashamed of there looks then, #2.3
For use on the tv its self.... #1.2.1
Just get it too, it holds a lot of value/cars #1.2
hell ya!!!!

can't wait for some info...my first time with this game online was terrible, i approached the game like it was a run and gun game-play. after coming back 5 month latter with an open mind. the game just stuck to me, to the point i was playing it daily.

Miss it when they took the servers down, hope this game last for years! #1.1
Buying AMD/pc chips, to pull in sales on another system instead of focusing on there own console?


"If Nintendo can recapture its audience again"

Placing bets on a rival company too...

I guess if your only focus on income...and not making great games. Haha #2.3
The game is so much fun, I question if the boost has different abilities? My friend said some have more speed...? #2.1
Didn't even know Microsoft and Nintendo was even there...
Movies come to mind, more then games over @ that event.
I did hear about the Nerd HQ/SONY over the radio. #1.1
You mean you work in "Santa Monica" developing lame offends on people in websites.


On topi, have not played much games in the last month. Thinking about getting this game. As long as it's not full price @ 60. #1.5.4
This could be off topic but,

When you make a purchase online off amazon. Do you ever get a chose to pick digital over physical copies of games? #1.1
"this game, started my addiction for games!!!"

just the sounds them self, makes chills on my skin.
"loved it" #1

Back to topic, why is this article on a 360 tab? Isn't this game only for XboxOne/PC?? #1.4
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what?! that's a "Story pack"
that is lame if they are. #1
"2016 only? so it no longer coming this spring or what?

really? last time they said spring 2016"

im guessing you ment to say "2015"
if not, you'r really late on you'r info #1.8
is this game coming to pc too? im asking cuz of the use of mod's. #1.1
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you make no sense, if you use BC. you need to have the physial disk in your hand!!!

why would i have/keep ps3 disk....without a ps3?!?

make a stock pile of last gen games, and wish of an update to play them on a next gen console!?!

lol, aside for that....making a stock pile of other console games????? >_<

"just here, waiting with my 360 games, to play on an XboxOne in hope of BC. with logic like that...no wonder... #2.3
where? can you send me a link.
"im interested in this alloy thumbsticks" #8.1.1
You willingly waited for it 2 years, because the game has been out 2 years ago.
Don't bull5hit about wanting to play it. #3.1
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