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Less in a two man races, Microsoft get them tiles.

"Co-winners/Co-losers/lo -sers"

Get them titles!

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That's what I'm saying,

That title trying to give a "winning" title to XboxOne?!?

"Co-winner" in a 2 man races is also saying co-loser and loser too.

Get both them titles Microsoft.

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I hope! This game ends up more like the old ghost recon games! Like back on the ps2/Xbox. Not all this mombo jumbo with high tech shit...

Love the news of getting solo offline and haveing huge open maps. Can't wait! 🤓

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Them all cockeyed!

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@therandomine, Na I just bot a slim. No vita no VR headset and no ps4 pro. So "Na" I'm not a sheep.

"I don't like you, and much less support you.

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I play games to avoid seeing to many naked females in my life.

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"Woohoo!!! Woooooo...!!!!
Buy a Nitendo Switch!!!!


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The word "patch" has a hold new meaning in games now.

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Are any of them games exclusive?cuz if not, why would I wait when I can have them same games on PC "now"

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Stopping flowers

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She likes fish.

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Ya I got a call and was told ready to pickup after 9pm. Cali times, ya it's kind of weird

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Got a call from game stop. Gana pick my up today.

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Just to be safe, went to Gamestop and pre ordered my.

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Not needed much. I'm sure Sony did research on how use it got compared to streaming movies.

I'm sure streaming out weight it.
Research is always done for any business/company.

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Same boat! I'm just need to buy a monitor. Not interested much on a tv. Don't watch much mindless media 💩

....or the vr headset.

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All thiz pro updates are great and welcome news!
Can't wait for my pro next week.

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Lol!! Right before that video I was hit with an XboxOne ad!

I feel that video will be takin down soon, for speaking the truth

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