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For a 40 year old virgin like your self it is. #1.3
6d ago by onyoursistersback | View comment | Personal attack
Aré they really priced right/good? Don't Amazon charge for shipping? #1
@the dark one.

Do I personally think they would invest in time/money? Lol...hell no.

I'm just saying it's like the same approach developers did with KInects

"Not a chance" #1.3.3
This is interesting tho, 3rd party games will always be like this? 1080/900p. With cloud support on the XboxOne they can reach the same level as a ps4. It's barley being showed on new "exclusive" XboxOne games. What I'm saying is

"will 3rd party developers be lazy and never try and use cloud support or even on XboxOne lack of sales....make them turn the other way to support it??"

Sorry if I'm off topic, but it kind of relates t... #1.3
sound like its getting pushed alright.....
"Pushed back on it's release date again" #1.9
I will get some hate for this but:

The boss battles are weak in this game compared to MGS4!

Game dose feel short, for its series story driven game.

Back on topic:

I need some amo drops and large amounts of rpg/ grenades /C4 was needed....it's just very different from the regular stealth game play from this game. In this mission and the last one/boss fight.

You go full Rambo on them. Haha #1.1
Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 was what made me a gamer to this day!!! Love when the

Was said before the game, heart broken few games do this in this day. #3.1

Hope to see more use of it, in new games. #2.7
You probably got most XboxOne games on pc to then. #5.1
I'm surprised the midia has not say anything thing about.
Her being "quite"

Lol....what I mean is

"Bitch be quite"
Haha #1.9
That is some crazy depth in the game!

"Love it" #1.2.1
Lol!! You know what I find more funny, and the media has yet so say something about it. Is that she don't talk...like at all!
Lol.....what I'm trying to say is

"Bitch, be quite"

Lol #2.3
"A-all" #3.7
Love how much dept the game has! Weapons/Mother Base/items/partners (animal/men) gear....and too add all of that has options/customize to each them selfs.

Love how all that is cramed in there and there's still the online multiplayer that's still to come! #1.1
What about the lack of Kincet games/support on XboxOne? Now that's what you call
"Lack of support" #5.3
Got my installed,

Off topic....starting get this little cough

"Cough cough"

Dont feel too good within 2 days... #1.4
Why so many disagrees? Haha

I just had worries that the game was short. But it's good to know its not, so today and next tuesday is a great time to be a PlayStation 4 owner. #2.3
Is this game a full retail price? Or is it just in the psn network? #2.1
some "ZONE OF ENDERS" please! #1.1
Who owns "zone of Enders?" Really want a new game. #3.1
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