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Developers need to turn into Doctors now???

Motion sickness is a side effect of getting that more immense in the game. It will pull some off/others in for that immense feeling.

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Sony showed real games don't know what you mean by "press conference"?

Don't have nothing against what Microsoft showed @ e3, I think it was good. But their show was more like a press conference....

I mean come on, the show was about 2 new systems and how they was different from each other. And tell you/convincing you which to purchase in the future.

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This game is reminding me more and more of the old ghost recon. Loved that game. I hope there is single player offline.

Love the feeling of a large map and having the choice to go all stealth or guns blazing.

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I believe it, it'll stop talk/hype of the scorpion one after e3.

Then Microsoft will be pushed has to show off their system.
"It's a win win on both ends"

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If you believe you're self that crap. You must be a steam machine owner!
And as you can see now a feature like that is not gana sell much or is important.

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Lol!!! Laughed way too hard. And accidentally press disagree.

Sonic's a #savage!

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The guy asked for a dam handout, and now you defend his lack of effort and ask to "people need to give him a break"

Hope people get the opportunity to get reimbursed kick starter/game purchase.

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Where aré you guys getting that 299 price tag???? Microsoft website has it for 399!
@bellow "thanks"

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What the 4uck!!!

How did Sony give that crappy ass trailer?!

When the gif is crazy!!!!

This was Sony's lowest part of e3, but after what I watched....this should of been showed onstage!

@Majina, didn't see all of it. Just the trailer.

That gif is hella impressive!

@Errorist "guess I did" 😂

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Not true, Microsoft own site has it for 399...
Are there some cheaper ones with smaller hardrives?

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Stay in school "badboyz"!!

😂😂😂&# 128514;😂

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Looks clean ass hell, if the price is right the sooner I pick one up.
Want me some gears of war action!

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The game/developers ask for a ha spit/kick starter... And then hit with us to pay for this?! "Hope not"

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Lol! Last week there was an article about "

"Uncharted 4, month later can we stop talking about it now"

...and yet, her we are.

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The game looked like they try too hard to sell it as a mega man clone. And I never really didn't like that approach on the game.

Then after they started there kick starter, the little hype that I had for the game died with that.

I think it just limits the developers ideas/ and motivation and making a great game.

Not dissing any kick starter games, just this one.

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Hummm.... Wonder if the Crystal model, glows with you're controllers LED's?
Would be dope.

Edit: well just glow with color, don't really want them to be all lit up.

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Sales say otherwise, I think Forza needs to step it's game up.
That game is away slacking true race car experience.

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The only thing I think was missing for UnCharted 4 was for Chole(think that was her name)
Would of made an appearance since she was so many times before in the series.

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"Driveclub does not deserve to stand out among the competitors. It is a multiplayer PlayStation 4 game, and the theme is about a driver club where a lot of people live and die. The infrastructure, however, is user-friendly."

DriverClub where a lot of people live and die...?!?!"

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