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"i got ban for the used of "720p" seven twenty/siete veinte..... t(-_-t)"


this is too much, tear's came out my eyes!!!!! #1.1
there all use less, with out games...

Jump/eat that mushroom buddy!!!

haha #1.2
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@ kenshiro.

ya, seriously??? Why?!

I see a huge amounts of disagrees.....but really??


It's just a online name................

(and REALLY no sob story's about how family and friends have died over this...cuz it has kill some of my family too)

the amount of disagrees, gives me MORE reason to get it! haha #1.2.3
i want to be called Cancer,

(online match)

"he killed me, his name is cancer.....ya that's right....cancer killed me"

n_n #1.2
I'i wo-wo-wood, "BUT BUT" IT has terrrrrrible drops in FPS...!!// #3.1.6
What new games are coming out on an XboxOne???

And not your "wait for E3 cry"
And real games, not some rumors.....??? #2.1.3
Sony makes top rated music and block buster movies, not just some T.V /sitcoms shows...haha

O thanks"
Kendrick Lamar

I didn't know they made Braking Bad! That's a great show!! #1.1.1
tell us more about how GTA V runs on it!!!!!!

hahaha.... #2.6
@ WeAreLegion

lol...what movie is that? #1.2
Well it's obvious you can't tell.....your stuck in the 720p camp. #3.4
dam!!! just with a quick look @ the spider, and the animated Spider-man cartoon came to mind!!!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3... #1.1
just look @ the list of games for the original Xbox and what was taking over to the 360....

you will get a clear idea about how Microsoft will take remaster exclusives from the 360 to Xbox One.

(don't get your hopes up) #1.2
and all this, without the use of "clouds" #1.1
I am convinced that if your not using cloud/internet connection. You will hardly ever get your games to run 1080p/60fps on a XboxOne. Hell, some will probably force you to have a live/active account to run most games....

It's being forced on Xbox fans, live with it....or just keep making up story's about how good it is.

lol... #1.1.8
Xbox only owners trolls yearly war-cry:

""""Just wait for E3!!!"""" #1.1.6
your questioning if the person in the video is a boy/girl...?! (when its clear she's a girl)

now I question you, Are you not STRAIGHT that you have not had enough intercourse with females to know this?!?! #1.3
be being a PlayStation4 only owner, agree with the top 4,
and I hope Microsoft adds Gears of War.

:D #5.1.2
When gamers buy an Xbox One, they get the controller that can perform every action the console is capable of. The camera has a mic built in to allow gamers an ALTERNATIVE way to get the console to perform certain actions. Seeing how the console is NOT dependent on the Kinect sensor, it really should have been an optional add-on sold at whatever price Microsoft felt in their heart was right...

the games don't need the Kinect to be enjoyed, why would gamers want it? More impo... #1.6
i did a little search, and boy that didn't help!


haha.... #1.1.4
Going to order the hard drive covers!! 2 to do some custom finish to them.
:D #1.1
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