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The logic some people are using against Sony is hilarious!!!

"I don't have Internet or good/fast service @ that, BUT!
I have a large 4K tv and a library of 4K movies!"

Get you're priorities first!

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How much are the head sets running for?

And all this add in sounds great!
Will probably end up getting a steering wheel too if I get the headset.

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Start a petition, 😂😂

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Go to EGM, there site is always up to date on the newest gameing news.

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Looks like they finally ran out ideas for DLC for this game.

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Prove you're screen shots of games playing on the Scorpio.

Most the stuff you say is stupid,
You talk about a great list of games from Microsoft this holiday, and yet say you holding off for the Scorpion?

What do I do with the games, hold them in my hand unto the system is out?

You insert them games to the PC?

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The way i see it, Mircrosoft is putting all its beans on the success of how the scorpion sells!!

Xbox division has no other options to go. No hand held or other Xbox products.

If sales are low, it's that much easier for them to go and keep with PC support.

I will say this
"XboxOne owners did pay 150.00 for a controller"

That's a hint that they can sell a powerful system @ a high price. ...

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What's the list of games that this game comes with?
Sonic 1/2/3? Sonic & Kunckels?

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I was told there is still a LED light/strip when turned on? Is this true? Have yet to see any lights like the og ps4?

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I don't know about you or them other gamers. But I'm not waiting 9 months.

Are you gana stop playing games until then???

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What a waste of money

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Hell ya! Now we on even ground.
Gana be talking so much about a ps5 on Scorpion/XboxOne articles now.
/ sarcasm

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I find it hilarious that XboxOne owners are realy gana be here on N4G for like 18 month. Doing nothing, but bash on Sony ps4➕articles?!?

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Funny how it's usually the other way around right?

Sony's online is down, cuz of hackers.

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@ KeeweeViper

Have not Hurd of any ☁️ Power.
Or the game CrackDown...?

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Better then that "cloud power"

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They need to finish off Sony and launch that power of the clouds!

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Ya but Microsoft can always just flip the switch and run the cloud program and surpass anything Sony's Ps4Plus can ever offer.

"Said no one ever"

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Funny how Microsoft has not been in SONY's position in top sales for years!

And her is an article trying to tell you Sony is in a bad spot.

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@ KeeweeViper

Most ya games are available on a over power PC. If you have the cash. Why trip over an XboxOne????

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