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"i got ban for the used of "720p" seven twenty/siete veinte..... t(-_-t)"


Looks good! Glad to see some skins added to the purchase of the character. #1.1
$$$$$$!!! #1.2
"Microsoft sits on SONY's nose, and they say they love it when we lie about sales" #1.9
" ironic " your one of many that would say that, now you're here with your yearly war-cry

"Wait fir E3!!" #3.1
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That same issue happen to me "did suck" but they still worked fine, you just see that small nasty crack there...but that's about it.

Hope Sony makes new models. #2.1
last night i was using torr (without Ferra on my back)
and i was able to keep my opponent in the air with simple 3 upper cuts.

And i think i could of been able to keep it up, if i wanted too. #1.4
"didn't care much for it then, don't give a 4uck about 2 even more so with its crappy reviews on 1" #1.1
no joke, most last gen season passes are better then any offered this gen.....
. #1.4
Don't worrie, their probably DLC. #1.8
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaayyy yyyyyyy......
topic #5.1.8
"dam it, where is Super-Man when you need him?!" #1.1
You don't expect DLC's and seasons pass for that game?!?

Lol, your a fool!!!
"Dark Vader DLC son" #1.2.2
this new DLC just made this game even greater!
great to see some American Muscle!!! #1.2
How about any gay leads? More and more games are supporting it. Most new games have to have something "gay" about it.
Lol #1.2
"Goat on Goat action!" #1.1
Is this map free? I hope so #1.1
I would get a (cheap/used) XboxOne just like I did with last gen, with the Xbox 360.
" proudly just for Gears of War!" #1.2
The yearly Xbox owner war cry,
"Wait for E3!!!!"

Lol, #1.3
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4uckin stupid waste of time/article!
-_- #1
there having online issues (as i type this) this is NOT backlash for the fatalities. #1
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