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This game reminds me of them old Kinect red ball demos,

....but in this case, this game is gana give me blueballs.
😂😂😂 #1.3
Sony's gana wait till after the holiday shopping spree, (spike them sales even more with this news)
Then shut him down, and take legal action if needed after. #1.1.5
In other words,

"PlayStation 4 version was pushed forward in it's release date" #1.7
"TimeSplitters 2"

Take that COD fans.... #1.5
For me personally, I don't mind micro transactions/DLC....for games I really did like. And it's always you're chose@ the end. Wish this game was on the PlayStation 4 #1.5
The rematch will pull larger amounts of $$$, to the point that the fighter/UFC/ pay-per-view will have to make a rematch. #6.2.4
Boxers throw kicks now?? #1.2.14
I'm curious if they apply the same logic, on the male characters.

just so the game is not sexual just towards women.

Hahaha "add some crotch parts from men! Lol #1.5
Lol! Forza in all its years, is known for its low @ss sales.
Glad DriveClub is better in graphics/style/sales!

Forza is second rate racing hand downs from the 360. #6.3.6
There like "let's make a console killer"
With a "pc like console...?"

The only time consoles will ever go away, woyluld be if Netendo/Microsoft/SONY stop making them. And offer it as a service. #5.1
If there are games made for girls, I would say there phone games. #1.4
My chose is to have "built in battery"

It's like asking if I want it cordless. Which is also a "yes" #1.12
Wish this article would provide some XboxOne numbers.
You know, for comparison.
Haha #5.5
Great to get some launch titles! Can't wait for more to be announced. #1.3
He's not talking about the story, it's talking about the movie being showed like a horro movie. And ends up being like a drama movie. #1.1.3
"Reminds me of when destiny launched and sold more on X1 because of a similar deal. I think that deal was sponsored by M"

Wtf you taking about?!

Sony was the only one that can/could sponsor the game @ the time, and "sold more on XboxOne"

Haha. #1.4
( sinking ship ) #1.6
Can't sale them, so give them away @ rap contests.

"Them consale sale war bor" #2
With article like this, wish they would provide some facts. Like show the % of XboxOne user that have/use EA access. #1.6
This vídeo/ announcer sucks!! Most of the time music is playing over his talking! And the little that is hurd, his voice sounds lazy as 4uck. #1.1
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