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The art on the front page already won, show's over. seriously, i can't top that :(

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It looks very well done. best looking exploration title yet of this year Imo. underwater exploration can hold off for now, till a remake of the original titles comes up.

It defiantly seems better as a reboot to the franchise than Angel of darkness was.

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she does swim in little pools of water in the game if you haven't noticed.

there's no swimming probably because she has no gear to go deep under water. they did say she has no survival gear or that includes not having a "deep sea diver's" lungs.

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the first game was DX 9, this should be using DX 11 tech.

Any game using "DX 11" like features should be considered "next gen" for consoles because the previous gen technically didn't have it.

just to be able to have tessellation at 1080p would be a god send for the next generation.

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Nathan from Uncharted 3 was actually never explained.

it was said to have made a few cut backs from the E3 build.

Uncharted 2 Nathan was around 37,000 polygons
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Bayonetta from bayonetta 2 is said to be over 100,000 polygons with her 4 guns.
She was 53,910 polygons with her 4 guns in the first game.

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there was no agreement or promise to beguin with. it was an error on steam's site.

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Microsoft was quick to stomp this rumor, just like sony would have. though i wonder now about the next gen console rumors and how they aren't geting stomped.

makes me wonder.

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I Could have sworn i heard good things about halo 3 a while back in the other thread that started all this.

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