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Seems like he doesn't know how to play. Played this at fanexpo. You fire thermite rounds and use the flare to ignite then. It also has a chain reaction if you continue to fire into the explosions. Its honestly a little to easy but its a demo.

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Tax, again and again? sorry but I just bought darksiders on PSN like two or three weeks ago for 19.99. no tax. Maybe living in canada has something to do with it but I've not paid more than the shown price on PSN.

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Bradly cooper would be a good flynn maybe, but drake? i don't think so.

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It's like no one remembers XBL being hacked, down for two weeks, and credit fraud occurred in dec of 08.

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cool story bro

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Correct ^

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Hows it feel to be wrong?

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Heavy Rain, was visiting my best friends ever in the US of A. hilarious time, bought it at 12am because he worked at the Game stop there and they did midnight releases sometimes for just any game coming out, then made a quick stop at the wal-mart and bought a 24 pack of Dr.Pepper, was fantastic. Called Ethan a bad dad the moment we started beating the kids with toy swords and tossing our wife's mothers plates all over the table and then tell her we were doing it carefully. or rocking the ...

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cool, they gave x-box games six axis capabilities with their neat camera toys.

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you raff you ruse

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Chuck Norris has never laughed.... Until Kevin Butler came along.

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X-Box turns off

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