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Your soooo funny.

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None of my Xbox's have broke on me. I love how when PS3 fanboys can't think of anything witty and vaguely intresting to say they just type 'H0w m4ny x-b0xs hav br0k3n 0n u?'

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Is canadian. All I have to say really.

Canadians don't have much to be patriotic about so they defend the crappy console (PS Fweee) with their lives...

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Why would they show it if its scripted? Besides I doubt they got them celebs and made them rehearse playing Natal for just 1 video.

Personly I think it looks amazing. I can't wait until next year when this comes. The future of gaming is looking good...

And to those who say the PS3 motion controller is better, 360 has also got a motion controller coming, aswell as Natal. Search Squeballs into Google. There we go, Microsoft has won the console war. Peace out.

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I'm happy! Coldplay and Kaiser Chiefs and Kings of Leon! YESSSSSS!!!

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