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"I F@$#!^& Hate People..."


I personally dig the story + content overall of Powers and can look past the few instances of the odd "less than optimal quality of execution" aspect...Similar to say if a comic was drawn well but had some poor color choices with a strong story to keep me interested in reading the plot to the end. #1.14
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I've said it before and will say it again ~ N4G needs a -Bubble selection of "Misinformation" or "False information"... That would severely limit situations like these and/or other complete BS info from getting very far. #3.5.4
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mcstorm said ~ "@nix you do know that the RROD was fixed with the Jasper model of the 360 which was about 1.5 to two years into the gen and the 360 was only around 15 to 20 million then so your stats are way out..."

Sorry to tell you mcstorm, but all the Jasper did was re-name RROD (a general hardware failure) to E74, 79, 71 etc.

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N4G needs a "false/incorrect information" down bubble vote option for when something is completely and utterly factually wrong... #7.1.4
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Correct, Aaron Greenberg confirmed on Twitter it is limited time only. #1.1.1
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According to a these are listed as US.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Centennial Edition C6
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7
Hennessey Venom GT*

And the newly added

These are listed as in the game but not playable
Caterpillar 797F
Mack Granite

* ~ I'm not sure if you could/should consider the 2012 Hennessey Venom GT but maybe the argument could be made it is? #8.1.2
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I believe averagejoe26 was referencing N4G's review scores which is a broader sense of what was happening on the net more so than Metacritics closed system ~ #5.4.2
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Article topic title ~

"Reality Check - Did Microsoft just make VR obsolete?"

Simple answer is No. Because VR can do AR while AR can only do a limited version of VR. #1.1.10
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You really can tell who has a PS4 (or pretends to) and who doesn't around there is a very simple way of finding someone who has DriveClub (even if your friends don't have it) and that would most likely be willing to SharePlay it with you ~ just use/select Live from PlayStation and ask the person broadcasting via Twitch or Ustream if they would be nice enough to do so. Problem solved. #1.1.9
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I don't know how people can't believe that tracking a "sold through" SKU/UPC is impossible. I mean honestly when you have companies that can track stock/items like Amazon, UPS, FedEx let alone Walmart, BestBuy (and more) that can tell you with a simple online request if something is shipped/tracked or available in stock at your local store THAT IS THE PROOF IT CAN BE QUANTIFIED.

Seriously ~ What do people think? That it's the 1950's and that there is... #2.3.11
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You have a valid point Kingdomcome to an extent...BUT as with the Xbox 360 & RROD as the saying goes ~ "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". So in this case I have to say sorry, because character and history goes a long way in life...and there is no one to blame but themselves for the actions that a person (or company) takes. #13.1.2
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LoL at those touting XB1 "sold" more games when they were GIVING AWAY 1, 2, 3 even 4 games away that they add/count as "sold"...Truth be told Sony did the same with 1-2 titles but to say XB1 "won" clean & fair without that factual clarification is disingenuous at the least. #9.5.7
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Topic title & "supposed" discussion ~

"Analyst: Xbox One Strong Sale Will Continue And Installed Base Will Equal PS4's In 2015"

Me ~ #1.1.9
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Absolute FACT that certain types of gamers care not to admit. #6.6.1
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@ JakeD ~ "Lmfao you are delusional they have already caught up to those 13.5 million sales worlwide bye bye sales gap"

Ignorance truly is bliss in your eyes isn't it?

If not PROVE your supposed can't because it is absolutely false. #1.2.4
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@ Immorals ~ If you are going to use a quote to try and make some sort of poignant "example" then at least get the quote right...

Point being that during an interview with Japanese economic website Toyo Keizai it was Ken Kutaragi that was misquoted about the PS3: "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

Working more hours =/=... #6.1.2
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Story quality? WTF?

Like this website? NO

Sorry (actually I'm not) but if you purposely choose to report something COMPLETELY inaccurately then you are not speaking the truth, and thus have weak principles, low ethics + no credibility in my eyes, and that's not the kind of information I care for nor am willing to support. #1.1.11
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I believe the translation would be ~

"Dude! <I am> re buying <it, since I> sold my xbox copy for a next gen version."

I thought angelsx comment was funny. But that's just me. #3.1.2
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@ HiddenMission

There is an exception to your rule ~

"The big 3 use sold through to customer to illustrate customer base. They use ship to retailer to obscure the actual customer base and all 3 do this when they're not in 1st or beating their competitor. "

Sony is that exception. They have shown to be the one that consistently shows Sell Through even when behind. The previous gen of PS3 sales figures released proves this. Which... #1.3.5
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Some people just don't want to hear it though matter what amount of facts, links, documented history or otherwise you can prove. #8.5.1
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