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A simple guide to Piracy ~ #1.1.16
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Totally understand & I'm with you on that, but since my G25 isn't compatible with the PS4 and I'm still unsure of the future and full support of the T500RS (want the 3rd pedal etc) on the PS4 I have been reluctantly relegated to going back to a DualShock...and it's been a bit of a while now (close to 10 years I believe) since I have made the switch.

"Back in the day" I tried wheels for the PS2 but was severely disappointed about the lack of FFB b... #1.1.1
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If a company wants to support however many consoles they want, then they should dedicate the proper amount of time needed to do the game right (on all) and not blame it on how many consoles are out there...remember it was their choice to support "X" amount of consoles to begin with. So they ultimately only have themselves to blame when it comes to time allocation. #1.1.2
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Reminds me of the old term "Vaseline Filter" certain gamers used last gen when they could "absolutely visibly see" the differences between 360/PS3 multi-platform game even though they were MUCH closer in resolution. Something like 640p vs 636p or 600p vs 540p, whereas this gen it's switched and truly clearly obvious to the naked eye, but with a MUCH larger difference (to the tune of 50-100% or even higher pixel density resolutions)...funny how it works this gen. #1.2.13
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The amount and kind of misinformed stuff people say on N4G is down right astonishing and comical at times. #19.1
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@ FlexLuger said ~ "I had to replace my x360 3 times. Simply took it back to gamestation.they would exchange your console for a new one, there and then, and then send the faulty back to MS"

And that right there is a PERFECT example of how RROD's helped count as a new sale. #1.1.29
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The only "50%" that MS stole was from the 50% of people who had to re-buy a 360 because of RROD. #2.1.3
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@ Angeljuice ~ Actually the 360 launched with only a 90 day warranty here in the US (not sure about overseas)

Link ~

Additionally they knew about RROD on the production line so even with this article I don't believe them

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And the PS3 had the best looking games period. Games like GT5/6, God of War 3, Uncharted 2/3, Heavy Rain and The Last of Us to name a few are UNTOUCHED by the 360 last gen. Your multiplatform example is completely biased/loaded as they don't show the true capability of a system. Especially when mulitplatform titles showed something like a 20-40p difference, compared to the clearly visible 720/900p vs 1080p difference this gen. #7.1.3
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@ meanthyme ~ I absolutely believe him as I had a similar (if not worse) situation as him. Here's my experience/ordeal ~

I had my 360 fail 6 times. Granted I was a special case (though I have read of others) that got royally screwed in the FACT that when the 360 launched (in the US at least) it came with an industry first of being sold with ONLY a 90 day warranty (which now we all know why) and mine failed just after that warranty period thus MS would NOT cover I... #1.1.15
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@ Peace_Love_and_FPS ~ I think you mean Boston, but yeah I agree. #2.1.7
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Well Said BlackTar187, a more perfect example could not have been made about the misinformation that still continues around here (and the net in general tbh). Way to prove EXACTLY the point he was making Septic in clear black and white, word for word. #2.4.8
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The roles were reversed ~ last gen with all the EuroGamer/Lens of Truth (lies that is) Face-Offs & VS articles that came out (more than 30 that I remember on just EG alone) but the difference there was that Xbox "supporters" made the biggest deal about a truly negligible resolution difference in pixels.

Things like 640p vs 636p or 600p vs 540p that amounted to single to low double digit percentage differences, whereas this gen it's switched but with a MUCH l... #21.1
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Same here, I pre-order from BestBuy and get 20% off plus a $10 reward credit on top of 2x rewards points and other misc bonuses. I always pre-order now but only put $5 down as a deposit and pay off in full when I pick it up (just in case there are issues with how the game runs as it gets closer to release). #1.2.2
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If you are in the US you should check out a BestBuy Gamers Club Unlocked membership. It's currently $30 for 2 years but you get 20% off NEW titles and most have a bonus $10 reward for pre-ordering. So you can get a brand new game for $48 (just the 20%) or as low as $38 when pre-ordered. Plus you get 2x points that add up to reward certificates (basically in store cash) and lots of additional discount's, deals and promotions. It's paid for itself for me many times over when I grabb... #3.1.1
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VR can do AR just as well with a simple camera add-on to the HMU to provide the same video input AR uses to "see" the items it's using to draw/display onto. So no VR is not limited, it just depends on the utilization/implementation of it, which comes down to what is needed by the end user for the task necessary.

As for the topic at hand I wonder if Hololens will ever be able to utilize a wider FOV because of the position of what each eye can see relative to each... #1.1.17
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There's always one "doesn't get the joke guy" ^^^ #5.4.2
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I believe the same thing (surprise holiday 2015), especially with all the Logitech G29 "hush hush" buzz as it still retains the real-time adjustment dials for brake bias, TCS & damper that Polyphony worked in conjunction with Logitech specifically for the GT series. The timing is just about right.

That coupled with this "surprise package for PS4 players" comment (source ~ 86d ago by Oner | View comment
This is especially interesting with SharePlay in mind! #1.2
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Exactly MC, well said. Actual, real world, in use today ~ like right now. Not later, in the future, we're working on it etc... #21.1.1
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