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LoL, mine is good until 2024!

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porkChop is correct with his "launch batch had a 68% failure rate" comment ~


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Blacklight Retribution
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Metro: Redux
Sniper Elite 3
War Thunder
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
Project Cars

Just to name a few that are not only 1080p & 60fps, but are almost ALL higher in resolution AND frame count vs the XB1 counterpart (if available being a mul...

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Love that I can disable them on the PS4. Now if the adverts actually lowered the price of say PS+ a bit then I would probably utilize it but since there is no benefit to me for their adverts, then they get a resounding OFF position from me.

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The FOV is too small and I honestly wonder if Hololens will ever be able to utilize a wider FOV because of the position of what each eye can see relative to each other ~ I.E. Stereoscopic Vision is only possible in a narrow area because of peripheral/central vision, and anything outside of that area is not able to be properly utilized because of focus or the lack of stereoscope being available at the distance the opposite eye can't physically "see".

An easy way ...

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@ fermcr

So let me get this straight ~

You say that because you have to pay for PSNow it is not considered exclusive along with PSNow being available on other platforms makes it not exclusive?

Yet you had to pay for the Xbox 360 disc as well as they are inherently from another platform...

Uh yeah, sure. That makes a WHOLE lot of sense.


Going by YOUR "definition" it absolutely a...

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Never said ANYTHING about doom to the industry. It's as simple as I said it ~ Why limit your potential customers when you can have both and cover the maximum amount of consumers with your product. Business 101, more available consumers you can cover = larger market share you can achieve for sales. It's not all that difficult to understand or grasp. No reason to be such an alarmist.

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@ 2cents ~

I have to laugh (yes at you) because all I did was simply give PROOF of how it was same last gen in favor of/for MS. Yet you claim "bias" now, all the while throwing weak childish insults and claiming you KNOW exactly the kind of gamer I am OR what consoles I have experience with...THAT is the definition of immaturity, bias and fanboy (at it's finest) for all to see in your own black & white words.

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...or how about Netflix which offers a solution to both types of consumers (just as gaming currently does already).

Why limit your potential consumers vs placating EVERYONE for maximum sales all around?

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It may not be Disc based media that is around forever, but some sort of PHYSICAL based media will absolutely be. As you can never have a 100% digital only platform simply because as a business you will be limiting your complete audience/consumers right from the start. And no company is going to commit that kind of suicide to themselves by instantly limiting the possibilities of a huge amount of potential sales. Just look at what happened to MS with the pre-launch of XB1 and their reversal fro...

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@ 2cents & kstuffs ~ Read my reply just a few comments down to see just how wrong you are.

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Yep @ CernaML, it sure seems certain types of gamers around here have conveniently (more like willfully chosen) to forget all of those Eurogamer Digital Foundry VS Face offs last gen (31+ at last count that I remember) that made the absolute BIGGEST deal out of single to low double digit resolution differences like 636p vs 640p compared to this gen where it's something like 50-100% (or higher) pixel density numbers! Here's just one example ~ 967d ago 9 agree0 disagreeView comment

Uncharted 1 wasn't a slouch either when it first launched ~



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Person (a) makes point about a game and its decline/trend in review scores

Person (b) makes SAME EXACT CORRELATIVE point about a game and its decline/trend in review scores

Person (a) covers ears, closes eyes, cries "LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa that's not the same you're off topic"

Same point different game means not the same. Sure...Yeah...OKAY...that seems about right.


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Then you have either a terrible memory or a selective one because it was probably more abundant than this gen. Here's something I posted a while back about just this thing ~

"The roles were reversed ~ last gen with all the EuroGamer/Lens of Truth (lies that is) Face-Offs & VS articles that came out (more than 30 that I remember on just EG alone) but the difference there was that Xbox "supporters" made the biggest deal about a truly negligible resolution...

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A simple guide to Piracy ~ http://hollythelibrarian.co...

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Totally understand & I'm with you on that, but since my G25 isn't compatible with the PS4 and I'm still unsure of the future and full support of the T500RS (want the 3rd pedal etc) on the PS4 I have been reluctantly relegated to going back to a DualShock...and it's been a bit of a while now (close to 10 years I believe) since I have made the switch.

"Back in the day" I tried wheels for the PS2 but was severely disappointed about the lack of FFB b...

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If a company wants to support however many consoles they want, then they should dedicate the proper amount of time needed to do the game right (on all) and not blame it on how many consoles are out there...remember it was their choice to support "X" amount of consoles to begin with. So they ultimately only have themselves to blame when it comes to time allocation.

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Reminds me of the old term "Vaseline Filter" certain gamers used last gen when they could "absolutely visibly see" the differences between 360/PS3 multi-platform game even though they were MUCH closer in resolution. Something like 640p vs 636p or 600p vs 540p, whereas this gen it's switched and truly clearly obvious to the naked eye, but with a MUCH larger difference (to the tune of 50-100% or even higher pixel density resolutions)...funny how it works this gen.

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The amount and kind of misinformed stuff people say on N4G is down right astonishing and comical at times.

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